Movies Galore takes a look at director Heidi Moore’s short films “Mommy”, “Boyfreind”, “Soul Doubt” from 2012, and “Wurms” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


Before I Journey Down the film Road of  Wretched Productions director Heidi Moore’s Dolly Deadly  and even further more down the road Dolly Deadly 2 the musical that has been picked up by Troma Films Lloyd Kaufman I always begin with a director’s career if I can so I figured I’d talk about her first for short films all-in-one kit and Kaboodle as she is definitely a horse of a different color.

Mommy I don’t know whether this is the first short film that she did or the last short film that she did in 2012 but what I do know is that this was originally called M is for Mommy as I believe that she had filmed this production for the ABCs of Death anthology But like many films that were submitted many word rejected but I actually think that this was a really good short film it was shot really well I believe the character Playing the mother lady,  Sarah Heinzman As there seems to be an adult man in a crib in diapers as she is crooning to him, she eerily off Keys sings to him some kind of a lullaby which ultimately the camera angles make it look like he is eating something from the mothers open chest so I was assuming that she was feeding him some kind of poison from her breast milk and when the camera angles move away the man baby appears to be dead. I have heard about fetishes like this and they are weird but even if this man had a fetish of being treated like a baby I do not think that he had originally thought that he was going to die.  I could definitely see the character of the mother lady reenacting the role that she played in the short though.

Starring Sara Heinzman as Mother Lady, Steve Murray as Man Baby.


Again I don’t know the order that these films were filmed in but Boyfriend: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Wo-man Scorned Is a short film about a relationship between a young man and a woman the woman being a girlfriend to a young man that apparently is the breadwinner of the relationship but he is entirely too nice, which makes him kind of boring.

As some girlfriends do she outgrows his personality real quick so on a particular night when the boyfriend comes home she cooks him some kind of dinner and put something in what he eats and after a few moments you think he is dying and going to turn into a zombie but instead he comes back as a drag queen and chases this girlfriend down the hall,  the girlfriend takes one of her high heels smashes it into the drag queens forehead but regardless ends up getting her comeuppance in the end…

In a sense this film kind of shows that sometimes it’s better if you just don’t wish anything at all just be happy with your circumstances, I know that I have been on the receiving end of being out grown, unloved, and disliked for being too nicey nice thankfully I myself have been with the same woman for 10 years.  In high school I myself was very much pushed aside because I was too nicey-nice so I can relate to the boyfriend. I just don’t think that I can relate to the changing into the opposite sex part. I think that young woman who played the girlfriend played her snooty part rather well,  I do think that Daniel Simpson who played the boyfriend seemed rather younger but he definitely had the nerdy part down, this film was definitely done in a similar style to that of like John Waters so I almost think the film is a send out to the genre that he created.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Lashona Haskel as Girlfriend,

Soul Doubt

Being the third film that Heidi had filmed  in 2012 but having an association with another production company Ulexite Films which I believe is the first time that Wretched Productions has paired up with another company to do a production is a film called Soul Doubt.

The film begins with a drunk couple making out just before the door in which behind the female lives and as they are making out the, man asks the woman if he could come in she takes a quick glance sees her child just inside so she makes the decision not to let him come in probably because she does not want to see her child see her with anyone else just yet.

The next morning or the next day I’m not exactly sure which but Molly the woman who is a single mother is waiting for a text from  the man that she had been with the night before, her son Milo comes into the room saying he has drawn a picture of the Easter Bunny… and while Molly is trying to figure out what is going on with the man it seems that Milo does a little bit of an Overkill at wanting the attention of his mother.   

When Molly Gets a text back from the man  telling her to leave him alone, She ends up locking herself up in a bathroom and it looks like she’s about to drown herself but she comes out goes to a bar comes back and wakes up only to have her son say the Easter Bunny didn’t come. So what happens next is they both dress up like zombies and the go raid a public Easter egg hunt.

I thought the acting was really good, I thought the kid was great a perfect recognition of an ADHD child an overactive child with overactive imagination and a mother going through depression and having to deal with motherhood alone.   On another level I felt the film was very strange I mean one minute the mother is sad and depressed and it looks like she’s going to kill herself and the next they are dressing themselves up like it’s Halloween to go on an Easter egg hunt.  Though I think it was that weird I thought it was different and vibrant in color. I enjoyed the film for what it was.

Starring Lawrence Moore as Milo, Dana Nelson as Molly.


And now I’m going to talk about the 4th filmed um maybe not the 4th filmed but a short film that wasn’t a documentary Is a horror comedy from 2014 called Wurms.

The film involves two rednecks out in the wood,  Herb and Lumpy and Herb’s dog Domino. They are out hunting some buck and it looks like the buck is dragging its own leaves  to cover its own trail, but Domino the dog has been acting kind of strange and Herb believes that the dog has worms. the thing is while they are out in the woods the dog ends up wandering off and finding its way into a toxic spill,  it is rather noticeable that Herb is also itchy so I believe when he takes a tumble into the toxic slime the worms that had invested themselves in the dog had turned into parasites that seem to take over the human brain and it’s functions as Lumpy is soon to discover.  

Being someone who grew up with a family that used to get up at the crack of dawn and walk down a four and a half mile Trail in the freezing cold to go set up camp to watch for deer and hunt them with bow and arrow I remember what it was like,  as I was always called coughsy and my cousin was called dropsy because I always coughed so they would say that I would scare the deer away, my cousin always seem to drop his gloves so they would say that would scare the deer away as well, so knowing the comedy that is somewhat involved in hunting the fact that the shooting was supposedly spot-on isn’t always the truth so when Herb makes the comment that he’s shooting anything that moves that kind of goes back to the lackluster I don’t give a shit what I kill kind of Hunter attitude that people are always afraid of,  but for some reason when the worm overtakes Herb and you see the blood tears dripping down his face as the screen goes dark and you hear the shots go out that was laugh out hilarious for some reason. I thought the two characters acted their parts out to a T they put out what was needed I think the worms looked more like Stingray-looking slugs but there was definitely enough comic relief in the film should be totally out there and just as weird as the other three films that I have discussed. If any of these short films sound like stuff that you might be into watching,  even though these are short films you should definitely if you get a chance seek these films out to watch. I was definitely entertained by all of these films and I’m glad that I did Because then I get to see what kind of work led up to the features that I’m going to see, and it also lets me see what kind of style or genre that the director tends to film into. I think I would like to recommend Heidi Moore as one of the better filmmakers out there especially when I know she is up and coming and there really isn’t a lot of female horror film directors out there with as much verb as she is putting into her films.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Brent Boyd as Herb, Braidon Thorn as Lumpy.

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