Movies Galore takes a look at director John Bowker’s “Dreamwalkers” from 2000!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Pipedreams Entertainment with F & C Productions, a Scott /Sherlock Productions but directed by John Bowker Is a film called Dreamwalkers from the year 2000.


The film begins as a man speaks of Dreams always being the same. As the camera rolls in on what looks like an open space of dead grass mad at down,  a man is kneeling near what looks like a woman who is laying on top of a white cloth over some kind of flat object, Which might be a table kind of reminds me of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe when Aslan was tied to a slab of Rock only to die but then rose after rats ate at his ropes that the White Winter Queen Had had her henchman tie around him. This woman is wearing a black dress with what looks like a white veil fragment.Like Snow White without her casket and Her Seven Dwarfs.

Suddenly there is a man in Black,  black trench coat, black hat, Black shirt, black trousers, black tie, The woman disappears and then both men begin to fight the other man winning as it seems that this man in Black is some kind of wizard with magical powers.


This is when the man wakes up but we find his name is Paul.   Paul has been trying to record his dreams on VHS what’s crazy is he he’s got all these machines hooked up back to back and I remember having lighten extensive amount of VHS machines exactly like this to dub tapes of my own, And you don’t need all those machines when you have Blu-ray players and DVD players along with other advanced technology but I can understand since this was trying to portray something like the 80s.


Hall cannot record his dreams but he is determined to figure out how to so the next night when he could not sleep, he turned over accidentally hit the set up that he had with the VHS players and computers which somehow shot him into the world of limbo which evidently should not have happened so the man in charge of limbo send him back through adore that  leads to his world if he follows a specific path are there are nightmares at every turn.

Meanwhile back in the real world his boss or co-worker Erin notices that Paul hasn’t showed up to work which is unlike him. Paul on the other hand after being left to follow a path back to his reality  hear’s a scream,  which he goes to investigate which turns out to be the nightmare of a young girl which Coban the man in Black controls (the fact that Coban incorporates Jason and Leatherface into his character is hilarious). Eventually the girl wakes up and  Coban realizes that Paul can feel in the nightmare world.   so Meg the dream wizard sends  Paul’s Dream Woman  Tanya after him to try to protect him from Coban’s games of nightmares,  but Coban Is Crafty and brings  Paul’s best friend Brandy into the dream world to lead Paul straight into a nightmare trap.


Then Coban tricks Brandy from the safe Zone of Mig’s ultimately try to scare Paul even more and the FOB, female of beauty,  that goes by the name of Tanya decides to follow Brandy and Paul Into Coban’s world of nightmares  even though  Coban tells her that she will begin to feel love, hate, and pain exactly like the humans that he plays around with. Will Tanya be able to save Paul and find Brandy in time before Coban captures them,  and will Paul have to choose between life and death of his  lifelong friend and his lover?


if I was being critical of this film, There is a scene within the nightmare trap where Paul has been sucked into a room with a king size bed, where these hands are trying to reach out to grab him from beneath the bed.   Off to the side you can see the face of a woman behind wannabe arms reaching across the bed just for a second.   I don’t believe was supposed to happen.  As this is an independent feature I’m not surprised that there are mistakes so you just have to watch, enjoy  and hope that you enjoy the story and enjoy the adventure.   I like that this had sort of a fairy tale ending as the story kind of offers hope.   though I was not in the entire fan of the actress playing Brandy this time around though I know this is  an earlier film then Inbred Redneck Blood Suckers,  being that this is probably her first film, she probably didn’t realize that she needed a little bit more enthusiasm when she was saying her lines but that’s okay I think everyone did their best at the time.   I can see that this film used some CGI effects in it’s beginning stages as it was relatively newer at the time,  so I can see some of the effects working for the scenes used in.snapshot_246

Though the acting was a little hokey, I enjoyed the story and the plot line I also think it would be cool if some of our dreams became reality so I can follow this concept. I think for being an earlier production of Sherlock’s  and I believe the first feature of John Bowker’s that this is a fairly well-rounded them except for the small mistakes and the under acting a fairly decent shot on video which was almost a fantasy film in a way.  I enjoyed the film if you enjoy films of this nature and the production values are considerably small then you might enjoy this film too. I guess one other thing I will mention does that the cover art was designed by Filip Hanzek from Croatia,  I only knew this aspect of the film because once I posted that I’d picked up the film Filip  had contacted me to tell me that it was his design and asked me what I thought of it.   Definitely Seek the film out if you haven’t watched it. This was Joe Sherlock’s first acting gig also, I enjoyed his character and think he did as well.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Shannon Barksdale as Tarnya, Kimberly Bowker as Tammy, David C. Duncan as Arron, Rob Merickel as Coban, Felicia Pandolfi as Shelly, Stephanie Shanks as Erin, Joe Sherlock as Mig, Eric Singer as Paul, Molly Sullivan as
Carrie, Holly Thornhill as Brandy, Kylene Wetherell as Zombie.

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  1. This wasn’t Joe Sherlock’s first acting gig, he acted before in Dimension of Blood and Monster in the Garage and lots of his own stuff. Check out his Skullface Astronaut website!



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