Has Hollywood Killed The Oscars?

Written by David Strege


After watching the 2016 Oscars I have to ask the question have we lost our moral values.  The Oscars to many has been a modecum of respect and honor to many actorvs and actresses, writers, producers, cinematographers and many others from around the globe.  I am vapalled that the film academy would lower themselves to include a race war on natinational TV.

Now I am not saying this because I am either Democratic, Republican or niether but I am all for diversity in allowing any kind of nationality whether Black, White Hispanic, Hungarian, Chinese, Asian Italian etc. But Chris Rock in poor taste may have killed what the ocscars and being a host  of a show that to deserves a hell of alot more respect than he showed which i believe he forgot what the Oscars are truly about.  Normally I enjoy his comedy but but on the stage of the Oscars in not the place to play the race card. In truth he was just unfunny and wished him to just get off the stage already and let the real talent show up.  But not only Mr. Rock was part of throwing in this war of color so was the academy. If this is the way the road of the Oscars is taking involving Politics and Racial comments I want no part of this as i feel yes there is a diversity problem but there are ways and avenues to persue this other than sharing the stage with these actors and directors and true talent that we are really here for. Here are the winners:


Spotlight  – WINNER


Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant – WINNER


Brie Larson, Room – WINNER


Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies  – WINNER



Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl  – WINNER


Inside Out – WINNER


The Revenant  – WINNER


Mad Max: Fury Road  – WINNER


The Revenant – WINNER




A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness  – WINNER


Mad Max: Fury Road  – WINNER


Son of Saul  – WINNER


Mad Max: Fury Road  – WINNER


The Hateful Eight  – WINNER


“Writing’s On The Wall,” Spectre  – Sam Smith


Mad Max: Fury Road  – WINNER



Bear Story – WINNER


Stutterer  – WINNER


Mad Max: Fury Road  – WINNER


Mad Max: Fury Road  – WINNER


Ex Machina  – WINNER


The Big Short – WINNER


Inside Out – WINNER


I feel that the best part of the night was seeing Lady Gaga perform the Song ‘Till It Happens To You’ from the film The Hunting Ground presented by Vice President Biden. The way she sat at the piano with such grace and then stood with many woman representing those women standing up against rapists in the world truly was a site to see magificent.


Ultimately Spotlight won though I will say that I think The Revenant Should have won since Spotlight was just ok.  It really wasn’t a film that stood out for me to go and see but then Hollywood tends to have a trend to go for the uninteresting Avent Garde arthouse type films. Though I am glad Leo finally got his Oscar congrats my man!

Bad Form Oscars!

Movie Groups On Facebook To Stay away from

Written by David Strege

So I Have been running Movies Galore of Milwaukee for over a year now and yes because I’m a film lover and reviewer I surf other film groups.  In my journ.eys of finding groups to talk with others and share my reviews I’ve come across some very unfriendly groups and because I know some of you do the same I’d like to warn you about some groups to stay away from.

I absolutely can’t stand it when a group that’s set up to talk of or about movies lies to you and doesn’t at all complains and deletes your posts.  In the Description of a group called Cool and Crazy Movies here on Facebook it stays that no one cares about the essay you wrote or your opinion.  Does this really Sound like a group that wants to talk about film?

I believe that I have built up a reputation as a firm and decent film reviewer.  Yes I have a disability which those of you close to me know all about but I enjoy sharing my information… the first group is called Cool and Crazy Movies manned by an Eric Krause this man was rude and had the gall to tell me I had links to sell merchandise when I only review films.  To me if you run a group specifically about film you invite opinion in to start so if someone writes an honest review you should respect that persons said opinion. He’d told me that he’d deleted my posts because they were he called it Guerilla Marketing.  There is a difference between selling something and actually giving reviews of movies and Eric Krause either doesn’t know how to read or had no respect for film as he’s full of himself and thinks that only His opinion matters.  America really doesnt need opinionated nonsupporters of film like this in our community of film.  Claimed to have a store of his own and wasnt singling me out.  I didnt see him on imdb in any movie so i wonder what store he implied lol.  What an asshat eh. A public group claiming to talk of cool and strange movies but deletes and states that nobody cares about your reviews or essays what a pice of crock and bull story.  Nobody cares for a snobbish my opinion only or tuck you kind of attitude open group? Bull fucking shit! Read the description yourself would you? He talks about many people harassing in other groups deleting posts of opinions on film is harrasment.  Hypocrite? Very likely… the biggest thing I have against Eric was his big all fat out lie that I was selling anything!

The second is called the Movie Den Manned by a certain man named Al from New Zealand those of you who know my group and know my page I do think I keep people interested enough to keep people talking about various subjects.  Now I have Aspbergers syndrome and also work from a phone that has spell check so first Al made comments to my English and my wording then he had the nerve to say I know nothing about movies and called me a dickhead.  Now I’m not trying to make a pity case but this man also runs another group called The TV Den.  I do not recommend any of these groups for anyone since none of these groups tend to be as friendly as open as their page suggests thank you and this is Dave from Movies Galore of Milwaukee!

Ghoulish Tales

Written By David Strege


Now I’m going to work on reviewing Brad Twiggs first film from 2014 Funky Monkey Films.  An anthology inspired by Creepshow and Tales From The Crypt among other Christmas horror tales…

The film begins as you hear silent night playing in the back ground then pans in on a department store Santa named Buck laying back after Christmas eve explaining that he’ll have to look for another job since a child named Susie felt his pens underneath his suit.  Apparently to his girlfriend Momo as she’s getting off of a shift bot seem like they are a pair of hicks lol.

Meanwhile it wasnt his girlfreind but an escaped mental patient who has found his way into their home. Unbeknownst to the girlfriend who kinda looks like Reba from tremors she goes and takes a shower. Since Santa thinks he’s gonna deck her halls the escaped patient walks in and cuts Santa’s head of with some shears and continues into the bathroom as he cuts the girlfriend open while she’s showering, she screams, and chokes her with her own intestines.

Tis the Season:


Next we see a babysitter Monica arrive talking the father of Logan her charge, Frank and husband of Rebecca and their son whom she’s been babysitting evidently this is the babysitters last night taking care of him before heading out of town… to New York while frank and his wife it’s their anniversary so they are going out for the night. Logan their son is excited to see Monica. Obviously we see a lot of Christmas decorations in the house, a little over Christmasy to me.   Soon as his parents leave Logan cons her into telling him scary stories and this is where it truly begins:

The Cat Lady: a tenant neighbor coming back from a run notices a stench coming from next door and calls the land lady who can’t do anything till that neighbor comes back. Apparently a woman who loved cats a little too much.  I liked this segment because in a way it paid tribute to schlock science fiction with two woman who looked like ginger and Marianne from Gilligan’s Island with a ufo in the back ground of a military man shooting a machine gun in a star trek uniform lol. Anyways the stench got to the tenant so she went and investigated herself her neighbor was getting eaten alive by her feline freinds!

The Break-in


Mike and Rob, and Pam are criminals enforcing a guy after some missing drugs so we see them shoot a guy pleading for his life.  They congregate at a strip joint to figure out how to collect their dough from a movie producer name of Ian Thomas that still owes Mike a grand for all the coke he gave him, so they concoct a plan to go in thinking dudes grandaughter who inherited the house which you have to admit is filled with cool looking movie memorabilia go to the safe steal the money and get the duck out before the grandaughter returns whom according to Mike is only a hooker. Little do Pam and Rob know she comes back sooner with a couple bites his pens off and I’ll have to say this is the worst part of the movie?


You get your dick bit off you react more than this kid did sorry Brad even I could have reacted better than this so called computer nerd lol in any case the grandaughter is a vampire kills all but one and we end up seeing the main drug dude get attacked by his own crew. There some nudity in both of these last tales but I’m not a total fan of chick’s with tats but to each their own.

In between a guy comes to the door to tell them of an escaped patient had escaped to watch out and that a neighbor down the street was sitting and leaving it in people’s mail boxes.  Monica acted like there wasn’t really any concern which was strange since anyone else would have raced back inside freaking.

Like in Milfs vs Zombie we get a breaking news browdcast by Skip Baxter played by world famous reviewer/movie collector Shawn C. Philips who makes a reference to eating twinkle a little funny since now he’s lost quite a bit of weight.

In any case The guy warning a but the killer run a into the now santa suit wearing mental patient thinking he’s the guy who wacks off to his wife and slots dudes throat.


A security guard thinks the mental patient is Buck the guy at the begining who hot his head sheared off.

True Love:

Interrupted by a commercial for  grade gargantuan Goliath body building supplement order now and you get a free tube of Dick Gizzlers pens cream lol

Working two jobs to support her loser of a boyfriend Arriana goes to pay off rent to her perverted land lord.  Arrives late to work and gets fired for not sleeping with her ass hole perv of a boss then goes to gang with her best friend James who secretly loves her. What’s funny is they watch a horror movie about a man who stabs a girl with a twirling rubber dildo.

James is approached by a strange woman who appears to know a lot about him his dreams and offers that he can make artisans love him James just honesty wants her happy for a small fee, his blood and soul… in the end the voodoo priestess betrays him to bring back her lover from the grave and takes Arriana soul instead turning her into a zombie she did promise she’d get them together…


Meanwhile it turns out the escaped mental patient is Monica’s real father as he kills Logans parents as they come back from their celebration choking Rachel with some Christmas tree lights and grabs Logan up in a child sized Stocking and walks out of the door with his daughter as if he’s collected for the naughty list.


Though there was some really bad acting involved between Buck and the geeky computer kid I enjoyed it.  This was Brads first effort so I think and feel he tried with the actors given to him as he does love horror as I believe this film was heavily influenced by Films such as Silent Night Deadly Night and Creepshow.

I think it was definitely corny enough so I give this a 3 out of 5 star rating recommend for the independent horror fan.

Starring Erin Anthony as Victim (segment “True Love”), Evan Baker as Strip Club Patron (segment “The Break In”), James Balsamo as Infomercial Spokesman (segment “True Love”), Matthew Britner as Logan (segment “Tis The Season”), Rebecca Chambers as Susie (segment “The Break In”), Mark Chaney as Chuck (segment “The Break In”), Missy Dawn as Beach Babe (segment “The Cat Lady”), Drew Day as Buck Bauer (segment “Tis The Season”), Therron Dumas as Mike (segment “The Break In”), Catherine Ellzey as Voodoo Priestess (segment “True Love”), Chelsea Grace Fox as Monica (segment “Tis The Season”) (as Chelsea Bowers), Doug Goodin as Malcolm (segment “True Love”), Kyle Graham as Cotton Candy Thief (segment “True Love”), Eamon Hardiman as Soldier (segment “The Cat Lady”), Margret Hernandez as Convenience Store Clerk (segment “True Love”), Sherry Hernandez as Rebecca (segment “Tis The Season”), Maggie Hill as Sarah (segment “The Cat Lady”), Jenny Jannetty as Christina (segment “The Break In”), Daniel Johnson as Tom (segment “True Love”), Erica Jones as Pam (segment “The Break In”), Cortney Kesecker as Stripper (segment “The Break In”), Crissy Lynn Maphis as Victoria (segment “Tis The Season”), Leslie Monk as Debbie (segment “Tis The Season”), Josh Murphy as Strip Club Patron (segment “The Break In”), Rosanna Nelson as Ariauna (segment “True Love”), Chris O’Brocki as Bruce (segment “True Love”), Mike O’Mahony as The Drilldo Killer (segment “True Love”), Patrick Opitz as Frank (segment “Tis The Season”), Shawn C. Phillips as Skip Baxter (segment “Tis The Season”), George Stover as Bart Lawson (segment “True Love”), Matthew Warner as Rob (segment “The Break In”), Kalie Webb as Showering Tenant (segment “True Love”), Jason Whitaker as James (segment “True Love”).


Written by David Strege


Now I waited to see what all the crackpot film reviewers who claim to know a thing or two about movies to write my review on Deadpool 2016. I’m not saying all are but those I’m sure there are opinions you don’t agree with either lol.


When Marvel’s comic book character Deadpool showed up in X-men’s Wolverine: Origins soon after Disney began preparing a stand alone Deadpool film that surprisingly has surpassed Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the box office.  Not that the box office is really cared about by fans or the public the film businesses base their success on how much money they make through this process.

In order to Explain Deadpool though we have to start at its origin.  Created by artist and writer Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza, Deadpool made his first appearance in the pages of The New Mutants #98, cover design dated February 1991. In the begin Deadpool was not a hero or anything close to being so but as he progressed through later comics he became almost a half hero\half villain a pull to be an aide in helping the xmen and being almost a part of them but also not being able to stop killing and doing bad things lol.

Now I had a problem with Deadpool at first as I enjoyed Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern in a previous role and I wasn’t sure if he could adapt to the role since being one super hero and Van Wilder as I still remember him being just sseemed like a long shot to me at first.

Now I believe the impact of Star Wars: The Force Awaken plays a heavy impact on all film reviewers for those who remember the comics and how he really wasn’t a hero to begin with makes a lot of comic lovers bias about the film to begin with.  This being said like said hardcover comic book collectors and lovers of the star wars film seem to make other film critics biased against Marvel’s Most Successful Antihero movie ever made.

Being Tim Miller’s feature film but not his first time working with the marvel universe, the film itself begins in the middle as the man termed as the merchant with a mouth begins to take out like 50 men with guns on a bridge but while the beginning credits role you see no names whatsoever but insults about whoever was behind the film which as I went to a screener here in Milwaukee started the audience out laugh almost to the point where I couldn’t hear the narrative which was Reynolds with his dirty dialogue lol. Now I didn’t find that beginning of the film as funny as the audience and my companion I brought with was getting annoyed because he didn’t understand why they were making so much noise lol.

But apparantly Wade Wilson was an ex military man turned assassin but not just any assassin an assassin to go kill other assassin’s an we see him meet Vanessa played by the beautiful and sexy Morena Baccarin is another assassin at least we assume as all assassin’s tend to meet at a certain bar and keep score.


In any case in between missions they fall in love but right after Wade proposes he learns that he has cancer and reluctantly falls into being an experiment of an underground scientist Ajax’s mutant creations with the ability to heal but horribly deformed.


With the aide of his Bar tender friend and the unwitting help of 3 major X-men attempts to take down the man and crew involved in ruining his life.

Ajax kidnaps Vanessa unbeknownst to Wade in attempts to hold one over on Deadpool and in the end it’s an ultimate battle to save his love.

Now I believe the X-men involved were background for the events that are to come in the upcoming wolverine movie for Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds coming of age film where I really feel he’s comfortable with… though Colossus was relatively great cgi with his German accent and Warhead as a teenager was interesting since you could tell she as well was still learning as Deadpool with his language is definitely a great influence with Colossus trying to convince Deadpool he could still be a hero yet.

Ultimately this film was outrageously comical and fresh being the first R Rated film I believe it has opened doors for the future that censorship drama police of the industry have been trying to prevent for years since ultimately trying to protect the public and thinking that films influence people behavior to an extreme Is bogus.  Movies and music aren’t in charge of actions people are…


I give this film a 5 out of 5 star Rating I thoroughly enjoyed the jokes, the dirtiness and the storyline.  I felt the X-men’s influence was there but not as strong as I feel it should have been and hope to see more of the X-men in Deadpool 2.

I recommend it for all Marvel fans.

Starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/ Deadpool, Karan Soni as Dopinder, Ed Skrein as Ajax, Michael Benyaer as Warlord, Stefan Kapicic as Colossus (voice), Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Style Dayne as Jeremy (Pizza Guy), Kyle Cassie as Gavin Merchant, Taylor Hickson as Meghan Orlovsky, Ayzee as Teen Girl #1, Naika Toussaint as Teen Girl #2, Randal Reeder as Buck, T.J. Miller as Weasel, Isaac C. Singleton Jr. as Boothe, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Justyn Shippelt as Arcade Ticket Taker, Donna Yamamoto as Oncologist, Jed Rees as Recruiter, Hugh Scott as David Cunningham, Gina Carano as Angel Dust, Cindy Piper as Chinatown Merchant, Emily Haine as Whisper Girlfriend, Aatash Amir as Whisper Boyfriend, Chad Riley as Pool Hall Goon, Paul Belsito as Fight Club Boss, Darcey Johnson as Garbage Truck Driver, Leslie Uggams as Blind Al, Kyle Rideout as Super Soldier #1, Jason William Day as Super Soldier #2, Stan Lee As Strip Club DJ, Ben Wilkinson as No5 Orange Manager, Rachel Sheen as Strip Club Worker (as Rachel Shaw), Paul Lazenby as Flight Deck Guard, Rob Hayter as Bob, Greg LaSalle as Colossus (Facial Performance), Brad Archie as Hospital Doctor (uncredited), Fabiola Colmenero as Guadalajaran Nurse (uncredited), John Dryden as Thug #2 (uncredited), David Hardware as Strip Club Spectator (uncredited), Matthew Hoglie as Strip Club Patron (uncredited), Tony Chris Kazoleas as Fight Club Spectator (uncredited), Michael Neumeyer as Soldier #1 (uncredited), Sean Quan as Ten Year Old Boy (uncredited), Anthony J Sacco as Thug #3 (uncredited), Olesia Shewchuk as Guadalajaran Mother (uncredited), Dan Zachary as Biker (uncredited).


Dracula AD 2015

Witten by David Strege


When I heard director Joshua Kennedy was Directing his own version of Dracula from his Gooey Films perspective I was excited for I have found his films to be entertaining.

I found his version to heavily use the film location on the university of P.A.C.E. in New York but that’s OK in my book.

The film starts as a janiter is cleaning up the school as he starts to leave he notices drops of blood in a stairwell he cleans it up, walks away and a high heel shoe falls.  He walks up the stairs and another falls so he hurrys up the stairs to see whats going on when suddenly the body of a women is hurled over the railing in roll the credits…

Meanwhile Professor Terrance Fordyce of theology and occults is giving a speech at pace university at the start of a ciriculum. As he ends his space that vampires are very real Ingrid Stensgaard rises to welcome him to the university as well as two cops are in his class room asking questions about the body of the girl found by the janitor and what he thought.  The professor said he didn’t know.

After being welcome the professor went to meet his sister Jennifer on a train as she was coming to live in the dorm.  Apparently her room mate and their gang of friends were interested in the dark arts and all met on a ritual basis with Ingrid.  Ingrid invited them all to sell their souls for real.

In the basement of the school they perform a ceremony and one of them has to be sacrificed.  They don’t know to whom.  It’s none other than the Lord of the undead himself Dracula!

One by one the friends start getting attacked and Professor Fordyce fears for his sister when even Jennifer reacts to the cross.  So a battle has begun.  Will the professor and Jennifers Boyfriend be able to stop Dracula and his renfield like creature and undead army of vampires before Jennifer becomes one of them?


I thought this film was great Xander pulled the Dracula off to a tee especially when he went to kiss the one girl and instead bit her the was a moment of eroticness that I believe he got just perfectly though I wish the part where Jeremy turned into the renfield-like creature was a tad longer for I feel he played a major role to Dracula in all adaptations but it is what is.  This being said I think the lovely Hannah was very beautiful as a vampire as I believe she brought some sexuality out in her character.

I also believe Kat Kennedy had a bigger role in here and it was kind of her time to shine a little and come out from under that shy shell she often tends to come off as having great job you two! If you enjoy this type of a film then definitely seek the film out, I found it entertaining.

Starring Joshua Kennedy as Terence Fordyce, Xander Pretorius as Count Dracula, Bessie Nellis as Ingrid Stensgaard, Kat Kennedy as Jennifer Fordyce, Jeremy Kreuzer as Thorley Ripper, Hannah Rose Ammon as Caroline Monlaur, Cody Alvord as Andrew Carson, Jake Williams as Joe Mitchum, Madelyn Wiley as Diana Farmer, Claire Daniels as Gina Melly.


Airline ’79

Written By David Strege


Wow on to his 7th film from 2015 Joshua Kennedy creator of Gooey Films Productions is back to show us he’s not just interested in science fiction or horror but all manner of classics as this film is heavily influenced of Arthur Haleys Airport films of the 70s.


the Story line? A captain Chuck Daniels and his crew of two are on board Airline ’79 where you have the feeling all are about to go on a long trip.  There is a priest, a nun, two guarded prisonors, a nervous ninny, an observational romantic gay guy, a female African American Doctor, a famous explorer, an ex flame of the captain, two dancers going for an audition ( one that wants to be a reporter plus thinking the prisoners were heroic lol) and a ticking time bomb.

With flight attendants and an ex employee named Tex takes a flight attended hostage he demands 1,000,000 dollars for his demotion and troubles or else he will start killing hostages. The second crew mate is kind of comical when he calculates the time they have left in kilometers and not miles.

They try to put Tex sister on to talk him down but…


It is obvious that Kennedy has a passion for the classics there isn’t a doubt in my mind I was entertained no doubt but I have some concerns on this film.

One: Tex had some lop sided wig for hair and I know he had a hillbilly accent but to be a man behind a hostage take over on a plane was too silly to believe. I love that he changed up his actors a bit and enjoyed that he involves his sister in every film.  I also think that the University of P.A.C.E. in New York get a lot of influential mention which isn’t a bad thing.


I’m not so sure this was his best effort but I also don’t think it’s his worst either.  I loved that he had an annoying passenger which the priest just literally slapped.  In ways I think he was going for a love boat theme with the love interest Lisa Black a flight attendent of the story but I thoroughly recommend this film if you love seeing a still young and learning film maker rise to attempt to bring back an interest of such classics.  It’s great to see a love in one so young.  It’s directors such as Joshua Kennedy that make me feel that interest in films won’t die out so soon.

I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating I’ll admit I did expect better from him but I give him credit for trying I did notice that he named the character in charge of La Guardia airport Art Haley in honor of the author behind the novel Airport!

Starring Joshua Kennedy as Chuck Daniels, Allie Anschutz as Lisa Black, Jeremy Kreuzer as Tex Zuniga, Cody Alvord as Dean Schecter, Hannah Rose Ammon as Veronica Winters, Traci Thomas as Ruth Hayes, Kat Kennedy as Judy Barton, Nicholas McNeil as Edgar Andrews, Jonathan Danziger as Art Hailey, Michael Rosenfeld as the Reverend Scott.


Voyage to the Planet of Teenage Cavewomen

Written by David Strege


Directed by Joshua Kennedy of Gooey Films his 3rd film from 2011 filmed in his senior year of highschool using class mates and teachers again he shows his passion for classic films except this time he pays homage to the badly dubbed Italian science fiction stone age flicks of the 70s he has purposely lip synced this film just for you!

Twin planets from outer space are hurtling towards earth at atomic rates.

As the starts a certain bookish looking professor name of Professor Brian Schector from the University of Nevada explain to us the film is based an something that could scientifically happen.  When heroshima was bombed with nuclear explosions the earth shifted a few inches from its orbit.  Newtons 3rd law was for everye action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As we watch two hurtling planets crash into a small earth ship containing Leutenant Lockhart after wards the movie begins…

Commander Scott Mitchel in DC has been notified of the planets and he has only 39 hours to take care of the situation.

Captain Matt Sullivan is called in and  sent to the two planets to evacuate the planets before earth destroys them with nuclear blasts.  Manned with his team ‘Doc’ and Tony he accepts the mission at hand.

It is as they are in space we notice the badly dubbed parts begin it’s funny watching the lips move as the words come later again haha lol.

I mean you can tell the inside of the ship is tinfoil and you can see parts are made of cds and plastic parts.  Meanwhile inhabitants of the planet absolutely gorgeous females have noticed their arrival and have informed their queen Zora.  The two races Vigans and Bavans have had an alliance for years but recent battling unbeknownst to them has sent each of their planets hurtling them to their deaths.  The Vigans are a race of females that have been with out men for centuries… Zora a female from the Vigan race is planning to open a portal to the Bavans world to over throw their queen and become the bavans queen.


As the men search the planet they begin to think the planet is devoid until they meet Tanna of the Vigans but as they are speaking Prima a younger Vigan the sister of Ylva is attacked by a creature and the men kill it which gains the Vigans Queens trust.

The men are brought to Ylva whose surprised they haven’t started fighting yet.  Zora plans to over throw Ylva their queen by siding with the bavans. But her fellow follower doesn’t agree in the end so she kills her and as she opens the portal the invasion starts early and the bavans betray Zora anyways killing her not needing her help anymore.  Guess her plans to be their queen are to be no more. Will the men of earth be able to save the vigans now from the Bavans who’s minds have succumbed to radiation poisoning from their own atomic explosions? Will Captain Matt Sullivan be able to save the Vigans before the earth destroys the planets?

The men are falling in love with their Vigan girls will they be able to rescue Queen Ylva once she’s been kidnapped by the Bavans?


I thoroughly enjoyed this film all due to the bad dubbing reminds me of watching goszilla films that modern technology has erased it was all part of the enjoyment of the films to begin with lol well done Kennedy.

I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating especially for bringing back the art of badly dubbing.  The women were pretty and some acting of Zora could have been more enthusiastic but I enjoyed the movie in its entirety.

I recommend this film for those who also enjoyed chess badly dubbed scantily clad women with possible scenarios.

Starring Joshua Kennedy as Matt Sullivan, April Michelle Gomez as Queen Lyna, Xavier Aguilar as Tony Jackson, Michael Moralez as Richard ‘Doc’ Horton, Leslie Ann Leal as Prima, Viviana L. Rodriguez as Tanna, Cassandra Dean as Zora, Ismael Rivera as Commander Mitchell, Shelby Duarte as Ylva, Ralph Haskins as Dr. Brian Schecter.