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Movies Galore takes a look at director Ansel H. Faraj’s feature “The Last Case of August T. Harrison” from 2015!

Written by David StregeIMG_7351

Brought to us by Hollingsworth Productions director Ansel H. Faraj comes a detective story inspired on H. P. Lovecraft’s short stories of the world of Cthulhu distributed by Alpha New Cinema aka Alpha Video aka oldies dot com.

While August Harrison, a retired private eye, is in the company of his visiting Artist son Jason, Jason asks his father to look into the case of a freind of his.


This freind ends up being a women name of Eleonor Williams doing research and a young man Drake Johnson that has some footage of hers needs to be found evidently important to her research of shall I say worlds within worlds a totally different molecular plane… not only that the mystery steeped as Eleonor seems to be working with a professor Richard Hobbs.


When nothing turns up and even the young man he’s looking for seems to not even exist online he goes to Eleonor and tells her there’s nothing more he can do.

But then he gets a call from Drake to meet him so he does and he tells August that Eleonor is a witch and they want this footage so they can contact these creatures hidden in the celluloid that are the old ones Cthulhu and all that jazz the monsters H. P. Lovecraft wrote about are real… shortly afterwards Drakes eyes were ripped from him in the darkness by some unknown creature…

Williams and Hobbs are after the film but it was stolen from him but Jason his son has also not been answering his calls… in some dreamlike state it appears he has some vivid dreams of lovecraft and the creatures that which he is calling upon…


Ulimatly the private eye ends uphaving to choose whether to kill those that would even attempt to connect with these creatures in the celluloid but can he save his family from it before they too are taken in the dark…

I think this was an interesting adaptation of a Lovecraft tale… had its weirdness and an almost Gaillo feel when it came to the visions and the world of the Mythos creatures in the Celluloid… definitely built a creep factor and for the minimal amount of effects that were used they weren’t overly done and it was believable.

I think that if your a horror enthusiast or a dark Shadows lover you enjoy this film as well as One more Dark Shadows actress Lisa Blake Richards has been added to the cast of the Hollingsworth Productions… I recommend this film for you to see for sure I don’t think there is any bad acting in Ansel’s productions just a slowness of sorts that builds and has that BBC feel to it… theatrical… seek it out if you can I enjoyed the tale what I saw of it…


Starring Jerry Lacy as August T. Harrison, Maggie Wagner as Eleanora Williams, Lisa Blake Richards as Susan Harrison, Kelly Erin Decker as Nurse Morningside, Nathan Wilson as H.P. Lovecraft, Eric Gorlow as Jason Harrison, Max Landwirth as Drake Johnson, David M. Graham as
Professor Richard Hobb (as David Graham).



Movies Galore takes a look at director Ansel H. Faraj’s “Doctor Mabuse” and “Doctor Mabuse: Epitomar” from 2013 and 2014!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Hollingsworth Productions director Ansel Faraj and distributed by Alpha New Cinema of Alpha Video meaning oldies dot com is a film noir for the ages on Fritz Lang’s legendary character Doctor Mabuse for the modern age…

In “Doctor Mabuse” the thing that’s different is Ansel was able to get a hold of three of the original Dark Shadows actors and actresses Jerry Lacy, Christopher Pennock, the still beautiful Katherine Leigh Scott and the still beautiful Lara Parker at the age of 19 and as the film begins with Mabuse’s Head and we hear Lacy’s voice I can begin to see why Ansel saw Mabuse in  Lacy though not as vindictive as the Reverand Trash he still holds a powerful voice on the screen.  I too was and still am a Dark Shadows Soap Opera which I myself own the entire series have always wanted to meet the cast of the series but Ansel has fulfilled me to be able to see these great character Actors and Actresses in another macabre-like setting.


As it is we see Mabuse run into a man named Tom giving him a message that he has returned… but also to figure out who might be the first adversary to rise up against him being told it was Inspector Carl Loheman.

The Inspector is tasked into looking into the whereabouts of Mabuse by going to see a Madam Von Harbau and Madam Carrozza about the matter… and when the camera panned to Lara with the green glow of her eyes I can still see Angelique in her as she speaks in tongues to the Inspector…


Much of this world is dark, colorful and mysterious as the Inspector tries to unwravel the pieces of the case his predecessor left behind.

AS we find out Mabuse is a master mind at manipulative mind control in getting into your head…  as he stumbles into certain characters such as Dr. Clem who made a mysterious machine, Christina Novello a sex symbol as well as a pawn to lead Lohemann in circles…

To figure out the plan for Doctor Mabuse’s Utopian world “Epitomar” for Mabuse is dying…. and needs a successor…


In “Doctor Mabuse: Epitomar” Mabuse has now taken over the body of the good Inspector Lohemann on his greediness to shape his utopian world the only thing that could stop him is a key.  A key that the world of Supernaturalists intend on keeping from his reach.  Mabuse is also haunted by the spirit of Madam Von Harbau who is still working against him and bringing about his downfall from power… Enter Rotwang (Corrigan) an almost Renfield like creature whom is in charge of some experiments with Mabuse’s deathray machine and has made some indescructtable as well as a controllable army…


Enter a new young lady Lucy with powers of the supernatural and to invade ones mindand speak to the dead, that the powers of Good will resides in as humanities last hope against the plans of the mad Doctor.  Not only this but Mabuse has turned paranoid for someone has stolen his doctrine.

Ultimately I have enjoyed these two films for though I may be biased as I was a fan of Dark Shadows and it’s actors I do believe these films will be liked by those that have been fans of that soap as they are somewhat dramatic.  There is also definitely a darkness to both of the films.

I think the acting was impeccable and that it shows these Dark Shadows remnant actors and actresses still have that awesome stage prescience. I certainly recomemmend that you who are interested check this collection of Mabuse films out.  Yes they are slow but I enjoy the subject matter behind both. What do you think? The fact this was mostly filmed in a small garage both and done on small budgets and able to get these great actors to commit to these films is an astounding achievement and impressive…

For “Doctor Mabuse” from 2013 Starring Jerry Lacy as Dr. Mabuse, Nathan Wilson as Inspector Carl Lohemann, Kathryn Leigh Scott as Madame Von Harbau, Lara Parker as Madame Carrozza, Bahia Garrigan as Christina Novello, Linden Chiles as Inspector Norbert Von Wenk, David M. Graham as City General Oscar Lang (as David Graham), Julian Grant as
Edward Hull, Derek Mobraaten as Tom Smith, Annie Waterman as Madame Hecate, John C. Smith as The Apocalypse Man, Vivian Brasch as Lady Levana, Mihran Konanyan as Cag, Matthew Greene as Grey

For “Doctor Mabuse: Epitomar” from 2014 it stars Jerry Lacy as Dr. Mabuse, Nathan Wilson as Dr. Mabuse, Kathryn Leigh Scott as Madame Von Harbau, Lara Parker as Madame Carrozza, Christopher Pennock as Professor Konratz, Bahia Garrigan as Christina Novello, Dane Corrigan as Rotwang, Kate Avery as
Maria the Robot, John C. Smith as
Cesare Krauss, Kelsey Hewlett as Lucy Ulrich, Thomas Adisi as Michael Ulrich, Douglas M. Eames as Stanton (as Douglas Eames), Kelly Erin Decker as Gabelle, Elyse Ashton as Teresa, Annie Waterman as Madame Hecate, Nicole Garciabas Anna LaSoeur, Noel Braham as Joseph Rogue, Jackson Gutierrez as Haddo, Heather Savoy as Crimson, Chris Tyler Link as Jacques, Jane Drewett as Kali (as Jane Monroe), Andrew Leighty as Rex.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Ansel Faraj web series “Theatre Fantastique” from 2014 – 2017!

Written by David Strege


From Hollingsworth Productions director Ansel Faraj of “Doctor Mabuse”, “Doctor Mabuse: Eliopomar” and “The Last Case of August T. Harrison” creates this anthology using his unique method of shadows and dream like kaleidoscope theatrics.

In the first take called “The Madness of Roderick Usher” Christopher Pennock of Dark Shadows fame plays a very convincing patriarch of the head of the last member of the house of usher who’d done something terrible to his wife Madeline… where he invites a man to take a body away… during a storm…

In “The Descent Into A Maelstrom” based on an Edgar Allen Poe tale of a narrative of a man who ends up on a ship that drags him to his death then wakes up thinking he’s still among the living…

In “The Happy Home of the Murderous Mahones” a husband and wife bicker constantly shooting murderous words at eachother but innocently kill someone in the process of trying to kill eachother.


In Madame LaSoeur” a paranormal investigator and his wife hear about the reality of Madame LaSoeur’s talents being real in her sessions and witness it first hand as a man disappears.  LaSoeur invites the investigator back the next night to give him a further explanation and her quota that she must fulfill…

In “The Family Wolff” two employees that meet in an asylum who are in love happen to decide go to his family Christmas to meet his side of the family… on her insistence which she thinks were only mental patients when they told her he was a vampire….

In “Nosferatu Beyond Death” is mostly a silent film that pretty much has Nosferatu a very decent make up on him too but apparently this Nosferatu goes after a human female who seems to be the spitting image of the woman whom made him into what he is…


In “A Poem of Poe” this is a narration of the Edgar Allen Poe Poem “Annabelle Lee”… but also shows how haunted Poe was… and a possibility of the thoughts behind the poem…


In “Hitchcock Blonde” starts out with A ghost host name of Masseur Le Phantom as a young woman auditions for a director whose favorite film is Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo… an interesting concept of control…


In “Masque of the Red Death” based on an Edgar Allen Poe tale again Masseur le Phantom introduces as a man with some type of Plague exasperates on a desert plain… this short film is part animation of a prince named Prospero who had a masquerade ball on one condition that no one wears red… but someone did… robed in it… and death was invited…


In “Mrs. Hall’s Mysterious Guest” again we are introduced by Masseur Le Phantom about unwanted Guests but in this tale a Mrs. Hall is writing a letter to someone about a new quest wrapped in bandages and the strange sounds that keep her awake… also scaring all other guests away… until she confronts this guest…


In “The Haunted Home of the Murderous Mahones” the Mahones are back when they think that there’s something I like about these two I don’t know what it is but they invite Madam LaSoeur over with her assistant and as Mr. Mahoney has an episode turns out the nurse from “The Family Wolff” episode is also back… for a wacky finale…

You know I love that Ansel is bringing back these Dark Shadows character Actors it’s like he’s living a fantasy dream of mine but I loved watching all of these episodes.  Some of the films got a little gaillo which can be slow and shall I say trippy but each one of these short films were unique and I think that this was a great way to connect his weird short films in this two seasoned set.

I think horror fans would and will enjoy at least one aspect of this series I know that me myself being a Poe fan as well as a Dark Shadows fan is what drew me to this director’s work to begin with.

I certainly recommend that you check this series out of you can I enjoyed it for what it is…

Starring Christopher Pennock as Jacob Mahone / Mr. Stamp / Narrator / Roderick Usher / The Captain / The Mysterious Guest / The Red Death / Zebulon Wolff (8 episodes, 2014-2017), Kelsey Hewlett as
Alice Maurier / Annabel Lee / Celestine / Emily Stapleton / Nurse Emily Stapleton / Prospero’s Guest (6 episodes, 2014-2017), Elyse Ashton as Madeline Usher / Mrs. Hall / Ms. Marshall / Prospero’s Guest / Rowena Wolff (5 episodes, 2014-2017), Nathan Wilson as Jim Hollis / Mr. Rains / The Phantom of the Opera (4 episodes, 2014-2017), Eric Gorlow as Johnny Stoker / Mr. Griffin / Prince Prospero / The Director (4 episodes, 2017), Richard Halpern as Monsieur le Phantasm, the Ghost Host (4 episodes, 2017), Kelly Erin Decker as Madame LaSoeur (3 episodes, 2014-2017), Annie Waterman as Jessie Mahone (2 episodes, 2014-2017), Sally Kirkland as Louisa Mae (1 episode, 2014), Vivian Brasch as Isabelle the Prostitute (1 episode, 2014), J.R. Cox as Mr. Simon, the Undertaker (1 episode, 2014), Douglas M. Eames as Morgan Wolff (1 episode, 2014), Matthew Greene as The Henchman (1 episode, 2014), Jackson Gutierrez as
Reynolds (1 episode, 2014), Jerry Lacy as
Dr. Henry Markway (1 episode, 2014), Chris Tyler Link as Jamison Wolff (1 episode, 2014), Derek Mobraaten as
John Stoker (1 episode, 2014), Molly as
the Cat (1 episode, 2014), Lara Parker as
Mrs. Markway (1 episode, 2014), Lisa Blake Richards as Mrs. Diana Stamp (1 episode, 2014), Heather Savoy as
Isabelle Wolff (1 episode, 2014), Kevin Shayer as Nosferatu (1 episode, 2014), Kate Avery as Christine Daee (1 episode, 2017).


Movies Galore takes a look at director Joseph DeMuro’s “Tales of Dracula” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Wolfbane Productions and distributed by Alpha Videos of Oldies dot com, is a film in black and white directed by Joseph DeMuro in a tribute to the monster films of Universal…


The film begins with a narration by Von Helsing primarily sometime after the story we know where Helsing supposedly killed Dracula played by (Johnson of Night of Something Strange later) … as it would seem a certain Father Boris stumbled across Dracula’s Lair which made him return to the soils of his homeland in Romania.


Enter Creighton Reed in his search for Peter Frankenstein and enter a village girl   And her father who met this Creighton along the way. Creighton is in search of a cure for a curse that has rendered him a slave to the fur under a full moon…


The village girl runs into Dracula’s latest victim… and Peter Frankenstein has a daughter Victoria carrying on the legacy of Baby sitting her brother the Frankenstein Monster who has upgraded him to indestructible through the blood of the king of vampires himself and Dracula isn’t too happy…


Not to mention that Van Helsing is still tracking the monster he’d vowed to kill to the ends of the earth … I think this was a great adaptation I loved the black and white film, I enjoyed the transformation of the werewolf definitely wasn’t bad and the cgi that was used was used only when needed and not overlyikebour latest Marvel disaster films. Johnson wasn’t a bad Dracula either his voice how deep it was slightly surprised me but it gave him an edge.

Only thing is they left it at a cliff hanger ending so the sequel must happen if it does.  It was slow at moments but it made up in the end thanks to their camera man I believe working with their shadows making it an almost homage to Early german expressionism.

I enjoyed this film and its story line so I want it to continue and I think horror fans will love this film for its nods and its characters were decent enough to be rememberable… the acting was pretty awesome but the set and scenery was amazing too I wonder if those were real locations… I recommend this film extremely to anyone who’s a classic film lover and hope you feel the same…

Starring Wayne W. Johnson as Dracula, Greta Volkova as Ilona, David Merrell as
Daniel, Dwight Kemper as Anton, Cassandra Hayes as Elsa, Courtney Bennett as Dr. Victoria Frankenstein, Joe DeMuro as Frankenstein’s Monster, Tom Delillo as Creighton Reed / The Wolfman, Laura Brink as Ingrid, Doug Hess as Fritz, Jay Novelli as Father Boris, Mickey Ray as
Von Helsing, Chris Lyles as Victor, Anna Ponce as Rhenna, Jordan Garren as
Tavern Patron #1, Stan Babola as Father Thomas, John Montgomery as Eugene, Benjamin Dunnett as Andre, James Bullis as Stefan, Anthony Yajko as Father Sandor, Destro as Dog.


Movies Galore takes a look at Director Lee Sholes feature film “Excind” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Fat Cat Productions director Lee Sholes this was a film that was pretty much funded on Indiegogo and I happens to put money towards getting a copy which was pretty cool at the time.


According to the film a fairly young group of paranormal investigators from Northern Lakes from Minnesota as they decide to go out and visit the Olson Farm which was a location of Three missing victims and murders in the 60’s where they meat up with a Sherrif Ward who pretty much shares with them exactly what went on play by play through journals and newspaper clippings.


Now the Olson Homestead is in North Dakota… apparently no one knows what happened to the Olson Couple but the bodies of the three missing people along with other various human remains…

The investigators include Carla Evans, Chad Thomson, Wade Norris and Eric Hall   As they undertake an investigation that was supposed to take only about two hours and record voices and ask questions. During the investigation Wade who seems to be the jokester of the group sees a shadowy shape in the form of an animal and hears whispers but again there seems to be nothing… also before they began, a human skull was found outside and  just about when they were about to leave Wade saw a light on so they decided to do one last questioning.


This said when things began to pick up when footsteps and noises began to be heard and Wade then became possessed by a spirit of some sort that says their upset and coming for them…

I think that horror fans would enjoy this film definitely a drama as well as a sort of different atmosphere though a found on footage likeness I think the acting was pretty decent on all accounts I also enjoyed how the Sherrif kind of built the atmosphere as well with the tale of somewhat went down along with evidence.  I enjoyed it,  liked it and recommend you see the film!

During Sherrif Warrens explanation there  was definitely a cannibalistic vibe of the murders whether they were cult related or not the spirits won’t let the group leave…. the voice that takes over Wade is definitely creepy.  I can see how some should have turned this film off midway because there was a quite long bit of nothing happening but there’s something about how things escalate with Wade in this film… the degradation his body goes through seems insane and the static of the camera feed seems to work to show his Demonic transformation.

Though this was somewhat slow for a moment I liked this feature because of its weirdness and the panic that ensues.

The only thing I don’t understand is I put money into this feature and the director took me off as a freind so even though I enjoyed his feature that was kind of like a fuck you and I won’t be putting money into his future projects I pride myself as someone who likes to get to know the director’s I know and love. I loose respect for directors who take your money and can’t be sociably freindly with the fans. I mean grant it I only put 20 dollars to get the film but if you spend money you begin to take pride in the projects you fund and when I fund I fund with what I think is a good project.  I’m not whining by any means but I added the director to get to know told him I’m a reviewer and I pride myself as being an honest film reviewer to me the least the guy could have done is waited to hear my review… writing these up has come to really matter to me. I was proud at the time to contribute to this project so learning that I was no longer on his freinds list makes me feel like my contribution didn’t mean anything so I guess I’m disappointed fan wise of that blatent respect but certainly something to learn from even though I am a hard core collector.

Starring Dave Andrews as Robert Carr, Louie Babcock as Wade Norris, Philip Bumgardner as Rancher, Amy Byzewski as Carla Evans, Jason Carey as Alan Stewart, Mark Diers as Sheriff Warren, Eric Goodrie as Chad Thompson, Ben Heit as Howard Olson, Michael Lien as Larry Williams, Charese McClary as Doreen Olson, Melissa Schwingler as Joan Walton, Robert Simon as Eric Hall, Michelle Stahlecker as Gina Campbell.


Movies Galore takes a look at Director Michael Ramova’s feature “Panteon Woods” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Revolver Studios director Michael Ramova is a found on footage werewolf film that I was asked to review awhile back I’ve just been so bogged with funding different features and work Im now taking a look at the film…


It focus’s on Riley Rey (Farr) as her Cinematographer freind and Sister Rebecca Rey (Vicci), who seems like a more natural talker by far… as they go off in search of the legendary werewolf of Panteon Woods.  They team up with Gregory Blackrot (Wotkun) a professional tracker to find footage to this Shanna or Shannock… Shanook? not sure yet on the name I’m sure its one of the two.  And I had to look up the name it’s Chanoc which as thgey progress with they’re interviews of people about Chanoc which by the way it was really hard for me to figure out the exact name they were saying without having me to look it up and I really shouldn’t have to the name should be pronounceable and be able to be understood but… the next lady says the creature possessed her body sexually..


What is interesting is the name Chanoc is actually not mexican as the girls somewhat joke about but is actually hebrew and related to the name Chanoch which means “Initiated”. but getting back to the tale at hand…

So Blackrot and the REey sisters arrive at Panteon Woods and honestly it appears the tracker is a decent old guy just a little dirty but honest… after a night of a few pebbly like sounds witnessed by Blackrot and nothing else Rebecca does something drastic and suits up unbeknownst to Blackrot into an Ape suit and the professor/tracker accidently shhots the suited Rebecca down.


After convincing Riley to continue onwards they run into a situation with what appears to be a man tied up and a woman screaming… when Blackrot gets caught in the crossfire Riley is on the run from something even more dangerous than the creature she was trying to hunt down…

I feel like this film was meant to be about a monster but ended up being a more humanic terror concept going on…  There was definitely some bad acting between both Farr and Vicci between Rebecca’s boob jokes and Greg’s flirting that kind of made for decent comradery.  Honestly I was expecting more of a scare, i get how ok accidents happen and being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be a frightening experience but you really don’t understand where these people in the end came from and whether there was really a creature to begin with.

I was expecting a creature that shapeshifts and feel like the title and the story leading up to the ending was false advertising…. there was some pretty rock formations and some interesting caves with running streams and waterfalls but I’m left confused…

I’m not even sure I’d recommend as I’m still trying to understand what this was entirely about I guess i’m hoping there’ll be another film to explain what the heck I just saw…. I guess there were a few pieces of dialogue I enjoyed but ultimately I’m not sure that I was a fan of this film… least that’s my thoughts…

Starring Heather Jane Farr as Riley Rey, Joe DeBartolo as Professor Memelovsky, Chris Swensen as Susan Sandwater, Nixon Vicci as Rebecca Rey, Steve Christopher as
Mark, Richard Wotkun as Gregoy Blackrot, Frank Sjodin as Axel Crow, Ali McGarel as Janet, Mike Welch as Wilfred Drummond, David Sanchez as Johnny Ortega.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Corey A. Thrush and Shawn Burkett’s feature “A Shameless Revenge” from 2013!

Written by David Strege

A Shameless Revenge

Brought to us by Thrush/ Burkett Productions in association with Concept Media LLC is a feature film from 2013 about a man whom works in construction and gets a bad rap…

A Shameless Revenge4

Joe DeLuca’s girl leaves him because he apparently has no future and his co workers make him do their bitch work things are looking up though as he’s met a girl he can’t get over… thing is she gave him his number but she never answered his texts, nor gave him any response and he wants to know why.

A Shameless Revenge3

The response he gets is that it was just a nice time that it wasn’t going to work out and to leave her alone.  By this tyime Joe was obsessedso what he does is almost a practice choke on a hooker before he ends up invading Maria’s privacy and tries to strangle her…

Now this film doesn’t have much to it or much action but there’s something about the way this is narrated by Thrush that i Enjoy about the film especially the ending which I don’t really want to tell… lets just say this does lead up to a wtf moment which made this a pretty decent watch.

A Shameless Revenge2

I think I’d definitely recommend this film, this was what they’d call a slow burner there wasn’t a great amount of action nor was there a great amount of blood but there was a kind of a build up there for you to see that he was absolutley mental and as I normally put it had a Michael Douglas Falling Down moment… I’ll leave it up to you horror feinds I enjoyed this film.   The acting was decent as well check it out!

Starring Corey A. Thrush as Joe DeLuca, Lorin Dineen as Maria, Mike Reeves as
Construction Worker #1, Scott Gillespie as Construction Worker #2, Kelli Ann Rynders as Anna (as Kelli Rynders), Shawn Burkett as Johnny, Jadie Marie Goodpasture as Prostitute (as Jadie Goodpasture).