Movies Galore takes a look at three short films from the mind of director Michael S. Rodriguez!

Brought To Us by MSR Studios which is in fact run by director Michael S Rodriguez I bring to you three short films from his Twisted mind that I wanted to describe and share with you because recently I wrote up a documentary involving Gora Chand Saha  called Gora: The Man and the Legend directed by Heidi Moore which was an interesting documentary about this man from India who had had no acting experience but was really serious about getting into the film business and somehow along the way Mr. Rodriguez said okay and fulfilled this very excited an animated man’s dream as he was so thankful for getting a part no matter how small.   now I had said in my review That because of how animated he is it was hard for me to take anything that he was saying seriously but I believe that that is exactly how he talks, over annunciating everything and making it seem like in a sense things are an adventure to him so in a sense he is telling his story of his life but spending it into an Arabian tale of his own… When I looked up what Gora had been in that he had been so excited about it turns out that he was part of Michael S Rodriguez’s  short film Night of the Sea Monkey: A Disturbing Tale from 2013.

Night of The Sea Monkey

So the film begins during what we believe is the Cold War as  President Reagan is on the tube we have a family of O’Connor’s a mother and a father and  three children one older boy Clay, one younger Toby, and a teenager girl Audrey And Toby the youngest asks his daddy if he can buy a sea creature for a dollar 25.

So the child does and 6 weeks later an envelope shows up.  After doing everything right a feeding and following the instructions Toby gets frustrated and his mother dumps the sea creatures down the kitchen sink So in a sense this is getting a Alligator 80s kind of vibe. You can tell that Rodriguez knows how to tell a story for shortly after his mother flushed the sea creature down the sink his father,  told him a story of why they never have pets, About a Pit Bull Terrier named Tibby who had the unfortunate incident of being accused of attacking an old bad of a neighbor so he had to take the dog into the woods tie her up and shoot her himself…


Meanwhile the family is grandmother played by  legendary scream Queen Lynn Lowry is on her way over for dinner.   while the father was telling the story it would appear that the sea creature Grew  from the telling of the story of mishap.

this is when things start to go wrong  Grandma O’Connor is making suggestions about grandbabies from Audrey and little Toby wants to play Checkers with her and even though the mother wants little Toby to help her with the dishes grandma makes a point that that is the woman of the houses responsibility and tells little Toby to go set the board up.   meanwhile Clay the older boy is supposed to escort some ladies to a party and Audrey makes the excuse that she is supposed to meet up with a man for a protest when it’s really to get out of the house and Shag…


When mother O’Connell walks into the kitchen and over to the sink she sticks her hand inside the water and gets bitten, she’s thinks nothing out of it and goes back over to the water and what looks like tentacles rise up out of the water and suck her right down into the synk… when little Toby walks in.    while this is happening Grandma O’Connell is watching what looks like an infomercial and several TV shows which star Gora that man from India that I mentioned earlier, drama, and a karate movie while Grandma seems to be Having a ghostly conversation with dead gramps… we then see what looks like Audrey preparing herself after she’s taking a pill for a Lover’s embrace when it looks like she was attacked.   Finally the father gets out of the shower and is told that the mother has been attacked by the sea creature and that it has grown into something big and something scary and who knows who else that it hasn’t eaten…


I really like this film as well It has an ice buildup a great little story line and characters that act lunatic like all the  right recipe for a really bad but so good be ish kind of movie. I love that the acting I loved the creature. This was an all-around fun film.  if this film sounds at all like something that you would enjoy then I would say definitely seek the film out if you can find a copy and I certainly would recommend this film to other horror fans as well. I like that much of the creature is suggestive the two red eyes underneath the bed Sheets  was a classic move.

Here is the trailer:

Starring in Night of the Sea Monkey A Disturbing Tale: Lynn Lowry as Grandma O’Connor, Joe Mannetti as Don O’Connor, Rob Edwards as Sheriff, Caitlin Herst as Audrey O’Connor, Tyler Gallant as Johnny, Stacie Stocker as Carrol O’Connor, Pat Giglio as Deputy, Sean Laguna as Toby O’Connor, Richard ‘R.J.’ Markham as Clay O’Connor, Gora Chand Saha as Henny Ben, Ronald Reagan as Himself (archive footage) (uncredited).

Lamb Feed

Working with Deep Murder Productions with his own Studio Michael Rodriguez filmed at this short film called Lamb Feed in 2014.   We have a man who is driving and talking on the phone with his significant other as he is breaking up with her even though he is the one with the infidelity problems… because he is so busy talking on the phone he does not realize in the dark that someone has put a piece of wood with spikes in the road  apparently to stop being vehicles…


So the man gets out, realizes that he has a flat,  finds the piece of wood that gave him the flat and begins to walk.   soon we see a video surveillance camera except from of you that would probably be from the person behind the camera whoever it may be. Now as  he stumbled along he found himself in front of an abandoned building and walking somewhere around the corner from this building he ran into a character by the name of Reverend Wicker played by Michael Wainwright who told  the young man that he was expected and that there was a party going on that he calls the Lamb Feed where while there a character introduced himself and spoke of something called the yearning this character is the Reverend’s  Pa and is none other than the legendary sadist Arch Hall Jr. he definitely pulls off a creepy vibe.


Given some kind of hallucinatory drug in a drink on his way in so young man starts to see images love sex violence and other imagery that can only be depicted as some kind of Madness as he joins some women on a dance floor and as he becomes more drugged a crowd begins to gather around him and one of the women goes away and comes back dragging a man in Chains known as the butcher played by Robert Allen Mukes who also played in one other fucked-up family cannibal film called House of a Thousand Corpses.  I think he was there to be big and bad and mean looking like one ugly son of a bitch, there to be a presence and a name. Ultimately the young man was chained up and became apart of the celebration.   

I really enjoyed the short film it’s not exactly a feature and it’s definitely got more suggestive Gore and definitely has that play on Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Herschel Gordon Lewis’s Blood Feast going on with a Twist of  the fact that this man that they were sacrificing was kind of a dick So in a sense you almost want him to die. I like the fact that they brought one old-school player and a few names into the mix and I wouldn’t have minded seeing more from these deluded townfolks.  

I am absolutely addicted to films that are Unapologetic even though the director apologized if he offends anyone I believe that this short film kind of went No Holds Barred I would have to say that this is one of the better short films that I have seen that have some what of a Grindhouse feel to it and anyone who is a horror fan that is out there should definitely seek the sperm out if they can find a copy. I will recommend this film to see if you have not.

Here is the Trailer:

Mukes as The Butcher, Tyler Gallant as Johnny Law, Michael Wainwright as Rev Wicker, Meghan Chadeayne as Lana, Scott Geiter as Narrator Gruesome Hertzogg, Artour Pagosian as Dreadlox, Kaci Hansen as Barmaid, Melanie Robel as The Fiance, Catherine Miguel as Jump rope girl, Luke Church as Mitchell Barnes, Luke Church as Mitchell Barnes.

Terror At Station thirteen

The third film that I want to discuss is called Terror Train at Station Thirteen filmed in 2017 somewhat recently… The film is set in the future of 3017 Out in deep space…

A system on a ship has detected a problem with the cargo bay doors So they must stop and  at an abandoned Post On Halloween night…

We have a captain what seems to be his first mate a few crew a cook and a ship scientist the captain being still on the  control room or Bridge, it doesn’t seem like much of the crew hold any kind of respect for him but they have found a creature that might have been clinging to the cargo bay doors it seems to be dormant and  laying on the table looking like it’s got some kind of a shell with tentacles lying around. The scientist makes a claim that it may be possible that the creature could solve hunger possibly in some 3rd world country so it could be a major breakthrough if they studied it.   


While the crew and the scientist we’re arguing about what to do the creature became alive and sent out its tentacles killing three of the crew, I was told by the director beforehand but this was  his Ode to films of the like that Rodger Corman might have made and Aliens and I believe that he was right that this definitely had a Sci-Fi send up to films like Alien for that film really had an impact on how Science fiction  creatures in horror films really look. now the short film was definitely done on a moderately low budget. I did feel kind of a slow pace but the pace did pickup in the end though really short I don’t think it was a bad creature effect that was portrayed I mean I wish it could have been just a little bit longer so that we could see what happened to the crew entirely but again here with everything was suggestive, and I do like that there was no real happy ending that it left you thinking that there were no survivors.   Out of the actors I will remember the woman who played Winger the most for the way she looked in the end, I will also remember the way the cook. Died but the rest of the crew except for the scientist will remain to me background characters.


I do on the one hand I believe that this short film could be worked on Into a possible feature But I don’t really think that this film was made to be more than  the length that it is for I do really believe that it is definitely heavily influenced by that of Aliens. I thought the background wasn’t too bad I know that the ship was at least the outside was CGI and what looked like space those were a little corny but you have to remember that this is a small budget and enjoy it for the ride that it takes you on.   I enjoyed the film for what it was and I hope that other fans of this genre will take that into consideration when they are viewing this film. Again if this sounds like a film that You would entirely watch them I suggest that you seek the film out if you can of course this film may still be making the festival circuit but regardless it wasn’t a bad film and you should cut him some slack it looks really well for the low budget that it was.

Here is an Outtake from the Film:

Starring in Terror At Station Thirteen: Jonathan Tierstan As Captain Strike, Lian Langford as Winger, Tyler Gallant as Dr. Welch, Tino Zamora as Trux, Cesar Ramos Zamora as Rico, Lonnie Pelley as Rogers, Ben Montoya as Mother.


Festering Frank is back in Director Brad Twigg’s Anthology sequel to “Frames of Fear” in “Frames of Fear 2” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Fuzzy Monkey Films director  Brad Twigg Is the second Anthology in his Frames of Fear franchise where we have festering Frank hosting a TV show wrapped around three or four tales  and in this instance I do believe that there are short films from director’s Nathan Hine, Mike O’ Mahoney, Jim Roberts, and John Ward…


In “Wraparound” this follows a killer that seems to be going around and beginning to kill off the people on their way or already together watching the television show Frames of Fear with Festering Frank….

In “The Last Days of Livermore” directed by Nathan Hine,  A man and woman drive to a cemetery apparently because the man was giving up remembering her but what he doesn’t realize is that he isn’t alone…


In “What’s Wrong With Mom” directed by Jim Roberts, Two brothers end up getting a call about their mother on a property that I believe is up for sale their mother is really sick and is trying to hide exactly how bad she is. The Brothers decide to spend the night and when their mother is found in the hallway just standing there not saying  a thing something is wrong…


In “Axemas” directed by John Ward, In a locked storage facility a group of friends decide to spend the night and have a little bit of a Christmas party in one of the units for the places off and deserted at night, plus with one of them having worked for the place they don’t think anyone will notice. but there is some one else in there with them someone with a red suit galoshes and a gift of death for Axemass…


In “Don’t Try This At Home” directed by Mike O’ Mahoney,So three kids end up being left home while a mother goes out to go get groceries and they stick in a movie to watch while she is gone and it gives us the title of Bliss. In Bliss we have a couple we assume our married who have gone out on a date night and the husband or boyfriend just so happens to have a couple of pills that his brother or cousin has given him.   at first his partner says no but after convincing her that it takes more than one to have a reaction she agrees.

What we see is that they both arrive home and the babysitter tells them that once seeing them she called her father for a ride and the two begin to make out and then take it into the bedroom as it looks like they have some wild sex in bed,  blowjob and all and afterwards visiting their child in its crib… what really happens is entirely a different story for she wakes up next to her husband who has a knife in his chest covered in blood… as for the children watching this little Fiasco there is an expression on their face that is pure what the WTF as the mother returns from her grocery run and find the two older kids in a predicament of mayhem as they both point to each other and say “He Did It!”


I like to think that George Stover  has brought to life this Horror Host character that can be quite corny of Festering Frank and in this role kind of reminds me of like Grandpa from The Munsters for he does seem to have that creepy mentality down.   If I had to talk about the strongest short film here I like to think that it is Axemass because that was a really strong short film that border lines on being a Christmas Slasher and I like the little bits of humor that Nick seemed to say after killing each victim.  

If I had to talk about the more artistic of the films I would have to say It would be in The Last Days of Livermore for that Cemetery in which she kept going back to because he was haunted by his girlfriend or wife or lover or whatever she may be that he cannot go on without but that Cemetery was Serene and the waning hours of the day…  my only thought process is that when dude shot himself it originally looked like it was coming out the side of his head but the wound well that wasn’t the side of his head that was his forehead but regardless it was a very believable death and I like that there was an over-the-top Gore affect played across.

If I had to talk about the most gross film I would have to say It would have to be What’s Wrong With Mom?  for it is here that we See a transgression of a virus that has turned their mother into some what of an undead creature and in the end I was getting an Aliens vibe  where we see the guts coming out and a possible virus creature coming out of her stomach. I would also like to say that the creature effects On the deterioration was awesome.

If I was going to say something about the best actor involved in the whole  project I would have to say the man playing Nick in Axemas I think you really got into the mode of his Killer Instinct once everything was said and done.  If this ontology sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you track the film down for it is soon to be getting a third installment and you might want to get a copy of it before it goes out of print.   I certainly love these VHS/ SOV styles of anthologies and am looking forward two more from this director. anthologies also allow other directors to get their work out so Bravo to going out and attempting to help get some of these directors films and their talents shown in such a creepy way.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Ashley Campbell as Sarah (segment “Axemas”), James Costa as
Bum (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Lindsey Cruz as Liz (segment “Axemas”), Joya Dawson as Alicia (segment “Wraparound”), Miranda Dudley as Dead Body (segment “Axemas”), Heather Green as Mindy (segment “Wraparound”), Jesse L. Green as Killer (segment “Wraparound”), Andrew Hall as Man (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Nathan Hine as Man (segment “The Last Days of Livermore”), Dakota Jade as
Babysitter (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Kamiko Kawada as Linnea (segment “Axemas”), Brianna Keegan as
Little Sister (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Kayla Lander as Woman (segment “The Last Days of Livermore”), Stathi Loizos as Eric (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Dakota Lynn as Zora (segment “Wraparound”), Demaris J. McManus as Mother (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Mikey Anthony O’Brien as
Lee (segment “Axemas”), James F. Roberts as Dr. Wilson (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Jim Roberts as Mike (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Karen Roberts as Mom (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Nathan Scott as
Chuck (segment “Axemas”), John E Seymore as Nick (segment “Axemas”), Tommy Sihavong as Thief (segment “Axemas”), Cori Silver as Sarah (segment “Wraparound”), David M. Sitbon as Father (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), George Stover as Festering Frank (segment “Wraparound”), Michael Andrew Thompson as Michael (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Patrick Ryan Thompson as Ricky (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), James Tomasch as Hank (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Loretta Vendetta as Woman (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), John Ward as
Tenant (segment “Axemas”), Dillon Weishuhn as David (segment “Axemas”).


Movies Galore takes a look at director John Johnson’s first feature “Shadowhunters” from 2004!

‘Written by David StregeShadowhunters

Brought To Us by Darkstone Entertainment director John Johnson who later on the Skeleton Key franchise Which I will eventually review the rest of these features down the road but before I attempted to review the rest I decided to go back to the beginning of his career with fresh eyes and hopefully a modern description of the film from my point of view and his first feature was called Shadowhunters now I have the copy that was distributed by Brain Damage films but after distribution with Brain Damage films the company dumped a lot of these films that they picked up into Pendulum Pictures a variant company of Mill Creek, 100 packs of films which were then split into four 50 packs, and then split up In two packs of 8 or 12 films apiece Because I’m not entirely sure but they could be six film packs but I have seen all of these multi packs around and I myself own the four 50 packs. As it turns out this first film of John Johnson’s can be found on the Tombs of Terror 50 pack.


This feature begins as a group of four men  Goose (Simmons), Ray(Smith), Murphy (Taylor) and Hudson (Johnson) are tracking down a creature and trying to save a woman from  a possession from this demon-like character, Malphaedor (Lilley). What I like about this film so far is that these four men seem to be a team on the side of the good against evil, as we learned that this beginning scuffle was 5 years ago so this part was filmed in black and white probably too discern that it was the past… The demon creature or whatever he is kind of sounds to me like Mr.. Smee from Hook or Crowley from Supernatural but I’m getting a sense of 1920s era G-Men In the days of Allan Pinkerton and his army of his own made men.    for in a sense in order to start putting hard criminals away America had to adapt to their own Extreme Measures as in Pinkerton and his Baltimore plot. if you know nothing about history, the Baltimore plot Was one of Pinkerton’s claim to fame where his detective agency foiled a plot to assassinate president Abraham Lincoln on his way to his first inauguration speech But as we well know they were not ultimately able to foil his actual assassination by James Wilkes Booth.


Enough of the history lesson them back to the film,  fast forward to the present day, Gooses laying low with Hudson when they get a call from Murphy to get over to Ray’s Place.  Either Ray or Murphy that begins to tell the group that he thinks that Malphaedor has resurfaced For in learning that a Hospital Was built on the fault line that they believe Harbors is spiritual energy and is in fact the location in which that they had dispersed the creature. Meanwhile it appears that the games are just about to begin as a group of sorority girls or shall I say pledges are marched into the hospital to spend the night as part of their hazing as it were with only toilet paper, Flashlights and bra and panties…  while The Shadowhunters that work for a society called the Inner Circle Gear Up to walk in on this madness…


This was just a fun film all around,  I feel like the actors and actresses had a lot of fun with their roles as there was a little bit of lunacy that had to be portrayed and I believe a lot of adult situations and killings being able to take a spiritual rape and turn it into a transference from body to body and having a little bit of twist in the end.   I like that everyone involved as an actor or an actress at least got a little bit of screen time so I feel it was equaled out. I will remember this film which is funny I enjoyed this feature better than I enjoyed the first Skeleton Key which was directed later I hate to say but the doctor in that film was quite hilarious.


John Johnson the director played the comic relief Hudson which i totally think was playing off a variation of Hudson Hawk in this feature so I definitely feel his stage presence especially when all he wants to do is use his gun.   my favorite line in the film had to do with scattered ass that was kind of a trip. though we really we’re dealing with a lot of special effects that were not CGI and blood that didn’t look entirely real I think that there was A great scene where it looked like  one of the boys heads got chopped off in a door, and then another scene where there was a choke race that was kind of comical where are the girls in charge of the hazing really got what they deserved. I felt that there was character and a history that could believed  I liked that the group’s leader was this totally serious guy who looks like he had no emotion which I believe his name was Murphy, and my favorite line from Goose is “ gone could be good or it could be Bad” there were definitely some one-liners in the film that were kind of fruity. it was just a simple submission anyways and besides you should be credited for what you’ve helped out on.  


I feel like all of the characters we’re strong in their own way so if this is a film that sounds like you would enjoy watching I would definitely say track it down for it is either alone or you can find it on Mill Creek’s Pendulum Pictures Tomb of Terror 50 pack But also right now on Amazon you can pretty much pick it up for seven bucks tops.Or if you wanted to on YouTube right now it is playing on Kings of Horror.  I definitely enjoyed the film there were definitely a lot of decent actors in this feature that I wouldn’t mind seeing again I mean come on kind of a Gangster Squad going up against a group of girls being killed by a demon that can transfer from body to body and they all just so happen to end up at the same Hospital….

Starring David Simmons as Goose, Ted Taylor as Murphy, William G. Smith as Ray (as Liam Smith), Rebecca Taylor as Sera, John Johnson as Hudson, Lincoln L. Lilley as Malphaedor, Paul Stark as Smollet, Francesca Forte as Sam, Lindsey Welch as Dara, Jason Whisman as Chris, Chris Riddick as Rob, Denise Davies as Megan, Michelle Raboteau as Marion (as Michelle Luz Raboteau), Sunshine Manderbach Johnson as Ginger (as Sunshine Manderbach), Megan Morton as Nancy, Laura Shareck as Trish, Anise Garrett as Possessed Girl (as Anisa Garnett), Denise Shrader as Bridgette, R.B. Smith as Lounge Singer, Angela Sullivan as Kimberly, Richard Smith as Lounge Guitarist, Matt Walker as Lead Zombie, Jonathan Plante as Background Zombie, Megan Schmidt as Slit Girl (scenes deleted), John VanPatten as Zombie, C.D. Jahncke as Bloxam, Nina Tepes as Brain Damage Intro Girl.

Movies Galore takes a look at three documentaries of director Heidi Moore’s fairly unique and different in their own way take a look!

Written by David Strege

Over a week ago when I said I was interested in checking out Heidi Moore’s newest documentary More Blood and having somewhat followed Dolly Deadly though not fully reviewing the film yet, at least attempting to follow it’s steady  course to Tromaville for its musical sequel for I had picked up Dolly Deadly from Legless Corpse Films in fact it was one of my last purchases with the distributor before Chad Armstrong’s untimely demise with cancer may he rest in peace. Having already reviewed the short films that I found that had preceded her feature film Dolly Deadly I found that she had already directed three other documentaries which as I believe that all  films deserve to be talked about I figured I would check out and describe these documentaries the best that I can so bear with me, documentaries are not my strong suit for they are normally about real subjects and there is ultimately inherently no real acting that I can describe.

To me describing a documentary Is more in the involvement of keeping my attention while being very explicitly to the point about whatever fax the  documentary is about. For example I have been subjected to documentaries my entire school life that are supposedly educational but have entirely bored me to death and put me to sleep because they put someone like Ben Stein in his dry eye commercials as a narrator and often having really old organ music so you’re drowning in a piss of information then that you can’t pay attention to.  Now I realize that documentaries are a great way to share information that is accurate and informational but some documentaries can be very off key and can go way off subject.

I like to be thorough, so I will try to describe these three documentaries that’s two of them have the subject matter of burlesque territory which is actually kind of cool because I podcast with someone who does burlesque on a daily given basis.

Showgirl Style

Now these are actually short documentaries the first being the longest and filmed in 2016 is called Showgirl Style.  Brought To Us by Wretched Productions in association with Kountry Kittens Burlesque which is a troupe of burlesque girls that are completely body positive meaning that they don’t always judge by looks and have to be a certain type of body weight in general but it is somewhat run by burlesque international performer Anni Boelyn, and Pollie Urathane since at least 2009, now I’m not exactly sure  when she gathered together a retreat called Showgirl Style in Twain Harte, California but it would seem that this is a great Avenue for women who want to get in touch with their sexuality get to relax and learn dance routines in a sort of meditative and natural environment. There are many ranges of women some of the mothers, retail people and some that believe that they were always feeling like they were the odd one out until they’re joined this retreat as we see there is a dance Workshop that is being taught by a young woman called Sabrina whom was another performer that was hired specifically to teach routines. Pollie’s role at this retreat was one of fitness where one of the workshops evidently dealt with keeping your body in shape and exercise.  This is where it seems the women someone felt uncomfortable because they were not used to using or doing what they called either twerking or Booty Poppin And the women ended up not feeling so awkward as they found out that it was not about how they looked and more about having fun while not feeling like prey… Miss Savvy I believe is another performer from Honalulu and runs Savvy’s Surf Shack and she was there hired at the retreat to teach these girls how to turn into a canary,  basically teach musical theater From cute Fosse numbers to Sweet Cherry’s Hey Big Spender.

Showgirl Style2

This documentary was really about how nervous some of these girls were before they  went into this retreat and how they realized in the end it wasn’t about how other people moved in their ways or how well others did  the movements or the singing of the tunes But in fact incorporate things that they already knew and have fun and relax. Miss Savvy also conducted a social media class or Workshop as it were for there is a lot of promotional value in how to get the word out on social media about your burlesque shows if you’re doing it independently or if you’re part of a troupe so in fact this is about empowering women to be able to teach them how to self Market themselves which if you’re in the burlesque field and you are already successful and I’ve had the experience like these ladies seem to have had it would seem that this retreat was very helpful to these ladies and getting them ready for the world with their Empowerment and sexuality.  

I felt that this was very informative about the behind-the-scenes work of what a burlesque woman sometimes has to go through in the sense that I could almost call  this Showgirl Style retreat a kind of burlesque bootcamp so to speak and whether this retreat is still going on yearly I do not know but it really does look like that these women who went on this  retreat learned a lot and I think there are some perspectives that I believe the modern burlesque woman could actually take away from this documentary a certain confidence that they can do just as well.

I think the film was shot well,  I felt that there were definitely some  pretty decent footage of some dance routines and some workouts and how it seems this retreat was handled. In the end I enjoyed watching this documentary and I would definitely recommend that if this film sounds like something that you would watch seek the film out if you can.   I would like to think that this retreat is actually still being practiced the women behind the workshops Miss Savvy, Sabrina , Anni Boelyn and Pollie Urathane all seems like they were very into what they do and do not seem like if they banded together again that they would quit when it seems like they accomplished so much…

Starring in Showgirl Style: Anni Boelyn as Herself, Miss Savvy as Herself, Pollie Urathane as Herself.


The 2nd documentary that I’m going to discuss is also from  Wretched Productions here we have a man from India By the name of Gora Chand Saha.  Heidi Moore calls this short under six minute documentary Gora: The Man and the Legend. not even though I didn’t find the spelling very informative,  I find that this documentary emitted a very different reaction that I thought it was actually inspiring but I also feel that this was a practice at seeing what she could film in a very short time but also because I think that in meeting Gora is hard not to take pity Upon A man so excited about finally getting into acting at the age that he is in. I would say that the biggest problem this documentary has is because Gora seems to act so weird in over the top that this almost makes me feel like this is a mockumentary that a documentary because he doesn’t exactly protrude seriousness you have to see the documentary yourself to understand.   


it’s hard for me to take Gora seriously from just seeing this and he’s supposedly been in a short film that I know that I own and I have not reviewed yet Called n=Night of the Sea Monkey:  A Disturbing Tale But there is something about it the way he excitedly speaks which comes Office to me a little bit b acting and henceforth the reason why I can’t take him entirely too seriously because it makes me feel like this story isn’t entirely true but I know that he knows telling that his way  and the way that he is talking about his life it’s more like he’s telling a story but then again this might just be the way that he is in general so because of that natural excitedness might make him the better b actor even though small the parts Maybe.


I will say that I also enjoyed this documentary if more because I felt Gora  is in fact a very goofy man and if this is the truth about how excited he is and if this is how he really is then I apologize for not fully believing him but that’s not to say this Wasn’t a good documentary exploring the kind of person that he is from his own words.   Again if this film sounds like something that you would like to watch then I would definitely say go seek it out. I enjoy the film for what it is.

Starring in Gora The Man And The Legend: Gora Chand Saha as Himself.

Tucker Noir

The 3rd documentary that I wants to discuss here is Tucker Noir Filmed in 2017 with Wretched Productions where we are introduced to Noel Julian-Anker a drag King Sweetheart from Northern California while he is Hosting Chico California’s  2016 Gay Pride weekend.

Noel goes into explaining in the beginning of the film one of her greatest influences being Vesta Tilly part of a husband and wife  routine where her husband produced the stage numbers and supported his wife as a drag King in which the husband was knighted by the Queen of England for women at that time could not be knighted.


Noel goes into explaining how all the while she was growing up she had never had the figure of a girl and did not grow breasts like the rest of the women her age,  so she always felt like the odd ball out knowing that she had a more manly physique she decided to try wearing men’s clothing one night at a club and her dressing and drag like man just grew from there and hence transforming herself into the stage name Tucker Noir. The thing that got me is that she was teased that she looked like a boy and then it seems that she took that persona just that one step further and made it entertaining  and entertainment for others. She said she came up with the name Tucker because a lot of drag queens do this thing called tucking and the way that she was going about and choreographing Dance routines we’re so Noir …

What I got out of this documentary so  To speak is that in becoming Tucker and putting on the shows that she does as this fantasy of a man that she has created A Persona in which to become something and someone totally different than herself that in fact she found confidence in while being on stage while she was Tucker and he Becomes Her backbone in everything she does on a normal given basis. Though I myself do not entirely understand why people would want to dress a different way or love a difference in gender,  I am open and aware in understanding that people will be Exactly how they want to be loved who they want to love no matter how wrong or how right you grow up believing otherwise. This is also a changing world for sexuality, There was an underworld lying in the burlesque, sense of the world that is now more than ever shining its light And being brought out on display anytime you see a show. No matter the gender nor the roles that are portrayed buy a person or actress or actor on stage it is an accomplishment to have fun no matter what and you can see from the little clips of Tucker being on stage at this gay pride festival that he is in her own element.


On a different level I enjoyed watching this film  though I am not exactly endorsing that anyone should go out and dress and drag become a king or become a Queen in the world of burlesque if this is the kind of activity That helps you on the way to your happiness then have at it and Have fun. If this sounds like a film that you would watch down the road then I suggest that you seek the film out if you can.   I enjoyed the message that was displayed that drag is about Requiring you to own your awesomeness and put it on display for everyone no matter whether you look like a fool or not so long as you entertain…

Starring in Tucker Noir: Noel Julian-Anker as Herself.

Movies Galore takes a look at 9 strange and sometimes chilling short films from director Derek Braasch over at Cheevies Films from 2011 – 2017!

Written by David Strege

Brought To Us by Cheevies Films director Derek Braasch before I delve into reviewing his film Murder by Pleasure I decided to check out his earlier  short films on up to his newest since I have already reviewed his film The Icing which was also distributed buy a Legless Corpse Films at one point in time.I’m not going to go into any particular order like I sometimes do  but I shall try to describe these films the best that I can and if I have no opinion about them I will give it.

The Lazy Werewolf

The first film that I am introducing you all to  is called The Lazy Werewolf from 2016. the beginning of the film we see a man growling behind a werewolf mask… There’s really not a lot that I can say about this film except that it is filmed in black and white, I’m not even sure if I can say that it was really any good but it was a little humorous Where we had a not so skinny man in the mask running around and scaring families and people who had food so that he could just eat their things,  running into McDonald’s only to growl at people. I guess you could say that this was also a play on Rocky a love for the Fighting Champion played by Sylvester Stallone For there was a moment where it seemed the wolf was attempting to train himself to The Eye of the Tiger.  

I found the film to be very corny but I think that this was made as a joke or at least on a personal note to the director made for humorous reasons  since this was a mask you could probably pick up in the dollar store and it was plastic so it’s not like there was any effort put into at least finding a mask that was more wolf-like and scary but for some odd reason I enjoyed it.   if you enjoy this kind of a film then definitely seek it out if you can.

Starring in The Lazy Werewolf: Mike Miller as Lazy Werewolf, Nina Trader as Adrian, Anthony Michael Pellizzeri as Mickey, Jimmy Shay as Paulie, Henry Frias Leon as Guy with Cookie / camaraman, Ian Ogdon as SMan eating chips / interviwer, Anthony Cooney as Guy outside bar, John Guy as Guy outside bar, Adam Mantoan as Guy Outside Bar, Kandace McVickar as Girl on park bench, David Meyers as Father, Hannah Meyers as Daughter, Robert Meyers as Son, Samantha Meyers as Mother, Mike Miller as The Lazy Werewolf, Sara Jane Sliazas as Shopper.

Killer Claus

The second film is called Killer Claus where we have a rent-a-Santa  getting a blowjob by a minor and then fired on his way home acute younger chick just laughed at his hat  so once this Santa played by John Guy got home he started to talk to himself and concocted an idea that Santa was going to go around and kill people.   so he did and choked the life out of a couple giving each other presents, sacked a father on his way to giving a present probably to a child, and even choked grandma… and caned a woman in the shower.  At the end of the night when you are the man in red you really don’t know who else might hate you…

Where I felt some of the humor was somewhat lacking in the lazy werewolf I think and feel that the humor was stepped up in here just for the fact that in a short span you got to see quite a few people killed on his spray that’s right Santa Claus cracked.   This was a delightfully acted film definitely was filmed on crazy and is entertaining to watch. It was actually really believable too. The acting of the main character I believe was definitely spot on for the type of character that he had to play. If you enjoy this kind of a film  then you should definitely seek the film out and enjoy it for yourself. I know this will certainly be one of my favorite shorts from Cheevies Films besides Leaf Blower Massacre.

Starring in Killer Claus: John Guy as Santa, Jessica Rabid as Santa’s little Helper, Helmuth Cote as Bartender, Jamie Cote as Hot girl in car, Emilie Rose Danno as Girlfriend, Mark Yacullo as Boyfriend, Sara Jane Sliazas as Girl in Car, Julie Braasch as Woman Making Cookies, Kandace McVickar as Girl in shower, Mike Vanderbilt as Guy in elevator.

Eyes of Deception

The third film is called Eyes of Deception This was a 48 Hour film project that was filmed in 2017.  Ryan Hammersmith played by Anthony Cooney is a man who works a dead-end job for a pest control company. His wife and himself are obviously having problems, and when he comes home from work one night with photos of him with another woman she believes that he has cheated on her.  Ryan backtracks and explain to her that it is not what it seems that it wasn’t packed him meeting a travel agent for a trip to Italy for themselves.

As Ryan gives his wife a hug we are witness to  a barrage of images where it seems that there is a friend of the wife’s that is sitting in the same bar that her husband went to meet this woman, But we watch what looks like Ryan kissing this woman and even further taking  her to a bedroom and making love to her almost like he’s having another relationship entirely… but it’s that image that you see mirrored in his eyes as he hugs his wife the brings about the title of this film.

I thought that this film was brilliant, that brings a very tough subject to the table about the lies that a husband sometimes keeps.   I feel like I’ve known a lot of people who have been cheated on myself and sometimes these people that I have known have brought about and done some other things but this film Made it seem like it could go both ways that maybe indeed that he was actually telling the truth,  or he was just trying to cover up the truth and continue to have both relationships. I also think possibly that may be the point of the film is how long could a man keep up the lies if there are any. I like the film because it was real and it could really possibly happen.   If this sounds like something that you would probably enjoy watching then I would definitely seek this out if you can. I will have to say that this is my third favorite film from Cheevies.

Starring in Eyes of Deception: Nina Trader as Wife, Anthony Cooney as Ryan Hammersmith, Tina Boivin as Mistress, Amber Hajkowicz as Wife’s Friend, Dan Menotti as Bar Patron.


The fourth film that I have here to talk about it’s called T is for Tentacles from 2011 which was originally sent into the ABCs of Death Anthology but was rejected but from that rejection eventually ended up in another anthology called World of Death series put together by Tony Wash which hasn’t quite been released to the public yet.

The film begins with a girl laying on the couch and reading a book and shortly thereafter she is playing with herself in the tub.  later as she is laying down in the bed that she sleeps in the camera goes below the bed and we see an octopus in CGI but above the bed we see creature effects of like three or four tentacles that’s strain to reach and grab at her, In a sense the tentacles pin her down and raped her while filling her cavities with white cum-like liquid…

I felt this was exploitation as well as a monster kind of a film,  I do give a lot of credit of Derek to use An actress that doesn’t fit the Hollywood Norm where she isn’t exactly a skinny mini which means that he’s not entirely a picky director.  

though the tentacles looked fake as all hell I got a kick out of the fact that the chick was actually seeming like she was enjoying the active rape that was going on even though I know that rape is in itself a very tough subject this was definitely intended to be over the top and b-ish.   This film had no intention of being serious whatsoever and I think that it was purposely meant to be a what the fuck moment. I enjoyed the film and when it comes out on physical media I will definitely pick it up but it was certainly entertaining to watch it before hand. if this sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I would say Seek it out if you can it was definitely a fun and entertaining short film  that you should definitely be on the lookout for I’d recommend it.

Starring in T Is For Tentacles: Caitlin McScandal as The Girl.


The fifth film that I’m going to talk about is called Hernandez filmed in 2012. Leo Trejo stars as Hernandez a man who will work and do anything that means go out to a specific parking lot and wait for a job and it could be anything from going out to the fields to construction work or making a drug deal.   on this particular job a man picks him up to take him back to a home and break down all the furniture and all of the toys in a son’s room. the wife of this man is crying and arguing all the time while Hernandez is breaking down the crib Which having the wife in the background sobbing because she didn’t want to get rid of any of this stuff…

when Hernandez stopped and gave the wife a stuffed animal from the box that he was carrying down this was a very emotional moment.   after the man and Hernandez finished loading the boxes in the car the man took him back to the parking lot and gave him a stack of bills but then asked if he  wanted to make some extra cash and then put his hand on his leg, Hernandez pulled the same knife that he had cut the box to get the stuffed animal from out and slashed the guy and ran from the car…

You know I almost wonder if this film was based on a true story the director and the company Cheevies  is from Chicago and there are probably very much still places that do this kind of random job stuff where you just go out stand with a group of men or women and just get picked up by any vehicle to go do any kind of work it doesn’t matter just so long as you get picked And this is quite possibly the first real reality that the director has filmed which kind of surprised me.    the directors later films are more towards the horror genre and not as dramatic as you would anticipate. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised But so far I have enjoyed the short films. That have more of a drama going on by Braasch just as much as the horror short films of his that I have been watching. I enjoyed the story behind this and if you enjoy this kind of film then I would definitely say go and seek this out.   I found the I paid more attention to the reality of the situation.

Starring in Hernandez: Nick Bender as John, Nina Trader as Claudette, Leo Trejo as Hernandez, Mike Vanderbilt as Chewy, Patrick O’Sullivan as Laborer, Kevin Braasch as Laborer, Mark Sartain as Laborer, Chris Pasco Jr. as Laborer, Caitlin McScandal as Laborer, Teri Xex as Laborer, Jacob Baxter as Baby boy.

She's Not A Doll

The Sixth film that I am going to talk about is nothing really special I mean granite it seems that a relatively overweight man is dolling up  a woman everyday which means, he picks the clothes, the makeup and seems to treat her like she is just one big human doll. I mean he does go to work  and he does seem to have affection for her and her to him especially when she looks down while he’s laying on her lap.

when the man goes to sleep she wakes up and then goes to the bathroom Has a cigarette and washes  the makeup off and I assume that this all just happens again the next day when the man wakes up but you don’t see much after this.   I feel like this film could have had more I hate to say this but I wish there was more to the story I kind of felt like I was missing something.   the acting wasn’t too terrible I mean you could tell the woman was breathing but the director was definitely trying to make it look like she was in fact at a doll  at least I think so I guess it was definitely amusing to see this attempted. I enjoyed the film for what it was but was kind of expecting more…

If this film is something that sounds like something that you would watch then definitely try to see the film out.  I on the other hand think the film could have been or had added more humor or just something else I’m not exactly sure what but if watching this film floats your boat then have it.

Starring in She’s A Doll: Jillian Jayde Hastings as Woman, Patrick O’Sullivan as Man.

The Clown Dies Before Midnight

So the 7th film that I want to discuss is called The Clown Dies At Midnight filmed in 2017.  In the beginning of the film we have a boy who is having a birthday party but no one is age has showed up so you feel kind of sorry for this little boy but where is a drunken clown called Marbles (DeBartolo) that has been hired to cheer him up.  Now all the the Clown did was kind of show the kid how to make a dog out of a balloon I kind of liked this Clown because he wasn’t exactly political correct there were some dirty things that he said that he probably shouldn’t have said in front of the kid but ultimately it’s his advice in the end that’s trying to play through towards the end of the film. DeBartolo was great and I will remember him in the role…

So ultimately we see the kid grown up dressed like a clown, so this clown is jerking off while he is placing bids at different locations.   When it’s time to pay up Two mobster factions show up on the same night and one ends up killing the other two mob guys. I like the character that the kid has grown into he’s kind of got a dirty sense of humor so when the one mob guy kills the other two mobsters,  he has to still kill the Clown so he takes the clown down to a funeral home where he gets to pick out his own casket what about when the mob Hitman is about to stick him with a syringe that’ll put him out of his misery, is about when the clown escapes and uses a slingshot and marbles to get away.  And just like in Killer Claus the use of a blowjob falls into play as an ice cream man and his girlfriend end up running over the clown in question…


I actually felt this film was great,  personally I love clowns and for some reason this short film really resonates  on a humorous level at least to me but kind of with a Goodfellas approach it’s like I was seeing Joe Pesci in a clown suit in a sense but as you can see you see Anthony Cooney the director of Leaf Blower Massacre as the funeral director guy so I don’t really think that the mob is connected with the film in general but it was definitely a comical approach And almost a Lucky Number Slevin type vibe.   

I like the acting and the storyline so if I had to put any of these short films in a 1 to 10 kind of frame not that I am because I think that is degrading but I would put the film very high up there as one of my favorites.   if this film sounds like something that you would enjoy watching I would definitely say Seek this film out I assume that it is getting a DVD release somewhere down the road or something to that effect but as it is relatively newer  I would believe that it is still running the festival circuit. The film was entertaining and I would certainly recommend it.

Starring in The Clown Dies At Midnight: Jimmy Shay as Clown, Tony Marino as Carlo, Joe DeBartolo as Marbles, Dave Sylvester as Salvino, Mike Miller as Big Paulie, Matthew Bender as Dad, Pamela Bender as Mom, Anthony Cooney as Dennis, Christopher Ketza Coyne as Clown as Kid, Derek Braasch as Ice Cream Truck Driver, Portia Chellelynn as Hooker, Brian Broscoe as Bookie (VO).


The 8th film that I wanted to discuss is called Mentis  filmed in 2017 as well. So for some reason I really like this Chicago actor Tony Marino play the mob Hitman in The Clown Dies At Midnight short film that I had talked about previously as well as The Icing which there again he played a Hitman I believe as well either that or an FBI agent regardless I like his sense of humor.   In this short film we have him playing a man by the name of Frank who waitresses at a restaurant and then one day a customer played by Ron Fitzgerald another Chicago favorite actor of mine. Who ultimately reveals himself as his Handler as Frank is given a phone that when it rings there is an automated system that says the number or code to activate something within him and what happens is because of these activations he react to situations and ends up killing his boss and a few people that evidently the agency did not intend him to kill but has landed Frank into a mental facility…

Much of the film is narrated by Tony Marino as he is relating the story so that’s what makes this short film a little bit more comical because you don’t exactly expect a Malcolm in the Middle kind of narration with kind of a Dragnet feel.   I think the fact that Frank didn’t know that he was an agent in any way shape or form was actually kind of priceless. I didn’t realize that this actor Marino was really that tall at first when he was looking down at DeBartolo who played his Boss who eventually fired him that’s when I realized how tall he was.   Also I like how you get to see more screen time of Ron Fitzgerald’s character often times when he has been in films in the past especially in the beginning of his career he would have roles that you could blink and his scenes would go by in a second. But this short film really showcases his professionalism and that he can act really good at least I thought that he pulled off his accent real well.  If this sounds like a film that you would definitely go out and see eventually I’m sure this film will stream to the public once it goes through its Festival run and you’ll be able to see it so I would say hunted down when it becomes available to the public. I enjoyed the film it was entertaining and I like to seeing some actors that I was familiar with at least independent wise. Though I do think that Derek should try to find a new face in the future not that I’m trying to get them to stop using Marino but when you start seeing a lot of an actor you start seeing way too much of what he can do and then his acting gets a little blurred so even though I enjoy Marino’s acting he is becoming too familiar I don’t know if you know what I mean but sometimes you need to put a fresh face  in even though you have a lot of go to actors you want to see more actors…

Here is the trailer:

Starring in Mantis: Tony Marino as Frank Anderson, Joe DeBartolo as Richard, Ron Fitzgerald as Curtis Ventura, Tina Boivin as Jane, Mike Miller as Bodyguard 1, Dan Gill as Bodyguard 2, Patrick O’Sullivan as Cop 1, Jon McLaughlin as Cop 2, Kandace McVickar as Waitress, Meli Kieff as Hostess, Joey Horist as Diner Patron, Marty Horist as Diner Patron, Rosann Pannarale Horist as Diner Patron, Mike Miller As Bodyguard 1, Justin Stroh as Diner Patron,  Michelle Stroh as Diner Patron.

Mutilation Massacre

The ninth film that I want to talk about is a film called Mutilation Massacre filmed in 2017 as well.   so we have a young woman tied to a tree at first we feel that she is the victim but as the film plays out in between while  a man mutilates her body parts while he reminds her of their connection…. so apparently we see flashbacks of a family around a birthday party and how a little girl seems to remember her mother and then she is told that her mother has died and she wasn’t ready for her father to move on and then her father met someone and now she wasn’t ready she decided to get rid of her mother but she didn’t just want to stop there.

she literally took her down to the basement and cut off her limbs and did all kinds of lacerations, and then continue down the line family member to family member still no Witnesses were left at least so she thought…

You know something I really enjoyed this film as well we have a character who has no problem severing the limbs this young woman played by DeBartolo in this film  he sounds like he could be your next door neighbor he doesn’t even sound creepy that’s the thing but with just his silhouette and he’s in a raincoat he pulls off the creepy rather well,  not only is the level of Gore height and in this film which I think was executed professionally but it also heightened the psychological level whereas the film progresses the way that the Killer is describing The acts of violence that the young woman had committed and once he brought her to that level of realization that she had made a mistake a miscalculation which was kind of awesome because this was a  revenge film that was also probably more honest it could almost be considered Law Abiding Citizen-like except violence does not beget violence it never does it feels good at the time but there is always consequences.

I will remember DeBartolo’s voice here in the end and I will also remember the flashbacks I thought that the director did a good job on executing the puzzle pieces involved with connecting all the pieces together because when you start with a victim who ends up being the Killer in the end it’s kind of like you don’t know which side to be on you’re rooting for both… or whichever feels more Justified.   

I definitely enjoyed the film if this sounds like something that you would definitely watch that I would watch for it down the road I for one would like to see this get a DVD release of some sort. I think I will recommend this short film for those of you that are into short films because I really did like this I loved the dark feeling to the film and shows that Derek the director can take films to a darker level and yet as in films like Hernandez and Eyes of Deception he made films that sounded real in those two like it could actually happen this situation could actually happen…

Here is the trailer:

Also take a look at our retrospect of the first seven short films we did on YouTube 😉

Starring in Mutilation Massacre: Pamela Bender as Stephanie, Joe DeBartolo as Bruce, Sara Jane Sliazas as Stephanie, Matthew Bender as Dad, Nina Trader as Mom, Jamie Cote as Marissa Vincent, Emilie Rose Danno as Marissa’s Niece, Jimmy Shay as Marissa’s Son, Henry Frias Leon as Friend at concert, Bill H. Bailey as Marissa’s Brother, Emily Berkowitz as Stephanie at 10 years old, Elysa Zittman as Stephanie at 5 years old, Helmuth Cote as Minister, Ian Ogdon as Detective, Jerry Kavouriaris as Lead singer in band, Brian Fukala as Wedding Party, Dan Menotti as Wedding Party, Julie Braasch as Teacher, Allison Chainz as Wedding Party, Matt Berkowitz as Family member at birthday party.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Dataman’s “Swordsman After Art” animated Short film from 2017!

Written by David Strege

Swordsman after art

Brought To Us by Troceleng Studios Director Dataman aka Joona Kooperoinen is the second animation project called swordsman After Art from 2017.

The animation begins as a Swordsman is  Journeying on a one way road when he comes across another man who is bawling his eyes out because  a doll of his had gotten stuck up in a tree so The Swordsman with his Speed and Agility jumped up the tree into the air and grab the  doll down for the man. the man thinked The Swordsman but warned him of his weird brother.

Well the brother had Brothers that were strange there was one that guarded a bridge with a chair for a weapon.

it is soon that we become aware that the Swordsman is after a fire headed man who had stolen smart from the town of serenity.  soon after The Swordsman Crosses the bridge guarded by one of the brothers The Swordsman is accosted by a ninja and it is over the course of this journey after this fire headed man that the same Ninja interrupts him each time.

the fire headed man  ends up going to bribe a man who knows how to fight to kick the swordsman’s ass but the swordsman is ultimately smarter and survives But sheds his identity of who he is to the townsfolk of serenity.   for once The Swordsman had been of high esteem but he had gotten one of the royal women pregnant so he was banished and Outkast and it was soon that he became an older man with silver hair and it was sent that he dyed his hair black to look younger. this story was told to be young Ninja.

Meanwhile The Swordsman when after the fire headed man and when it looked dire for The Swordsman he was able to deceive that he had been hurt by a bottle of ink an old trick of the trade but in defeating the fire headed man the piece of art that he had been tasked to retrieve had started to sail away in a hot air balloon that the red headed man had been about to escape in. While this incident has been going on the young Ninja had disappeared after the old Swordsman and when you thought that there was going to be a showdown between the two the young Ninja spoke up to the old Swordsman and called him father and as it turns out the young Ninja is actually a female so is really his daughter.

I’ll be honest though I am glad that I have watched this animation though I wasn’t as impressed with this animation as I was with Lin! Forest of Hatred.  I could very much tell that much of this animation was crayon or pastel coloring though I liked how the characters moved and that the mouths moved in sync with the words.   It did kind of feel like this story should have been a little longer like he was trying to stuff a longer Story in. It seemed somewhat discombobulated and thrown together but this being said I still love the style though I wasn’t as impressed or entertained and the story seemed somewhat choppy.

I believe that this film was doing the best that it could do to tell something of a tall tale like this.  I hate to say anything negative about a film When I still half enjoy it. Not everyone is going to have my point of view either. If this film sounds like something that you might be into then definitely see if the film out it is definitely not the worst and it is definitely not the best film in the world but it was entertaining to watch And I hope that no matter what that Dataman does not take this review at all negatively Because there is definitely a story to be told in this.  I will let the viewer decide.

Starring Tyler Armstrong as Old Dude / Crowd, Louis Badalament as Street Boxer, Dani Chambers as Nice Nurse, Dataman as Thief, Trina Deuhart as Mother / Daughter, Terry Fairchild as Street Boy, Paul Hikari as Three Brothers, Silent Jo as Kunoichi, Matti Mali as Swordsman.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein’s “Magnetic” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


You know something I have to give a lot of credit  to the directors over at Launch Over Productions for this next feature that directors Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein Have created in this science fiction drama from 2015 called Magnetic having been distributed by Wildeye Entertainment.

In a sense this is an apocalyptic film besides being somewhat science fiction I’m not exactly sure where to place this film I will only try to describe it in my own words.   we are introduced to Alice who has it seems has been evicted from her place of residence she lives in a world knowing that the world will end on December 31st From some catastrophic event.   In her mailbox she finds a note that tells her to go to a phone and receive a phone call. from there she is told by a phone call to go out into the middle of nowhere to a mailbox, To be there by a certain time for a message to arrive.   Before the message arrives we realized that she was taking some kind of pills she threw them away before she took the job. When she went to the mailbox she received the list to go out to a sheep farm close her eyes count to 10 and to walk to room 404.  For several days she is instructed to listen to a tape call these people that are printed out on receipts and tell them that these people have died and where to pick them up from. Not the mention that the instructions are told by electronica music I am definitely a fan of this soundtrack…

Magnetic 4

I thought it was somewhat comical That the directors would put their names as two of the people that Alice calls to inform them where to pick up their deceased. I feel like I was watching a version of Alice Through the Looking Glass as the Alice that we were introduced to is called up to be told that there is a subliminal message in the tapes that she is listening to and that is she is being controlled, Not only does Allix Mortis play the spider in Alice’s dream Where she thinks she is following a sheep but the spider, which here again reminds me of Alice in Wonderland whereas Alice in Lewis Carroll’s tale  she bumbles across a caterpillar instead of a spider, is telling her the sheep was following her, but she is also the woman behind the wig behind the controls that are watching Alice to begin with she is also the woman behind the phone call that wants to switch her place, the woman who tells her that she will need the pills in the future and also probably the person underneath the dog the sheep and the Wolf masks that are at a tea party which is fairly like the very unhappy birthday Tea Party that the Mad Hatter had happen in Alice in Wonderland.


Also even though Alice has been tasked  to trade places with the caller that had told her that she was being controlled once she found out that she was just a transferred memory, There were some moments where she was in these pod looking Contraptions that look like hyperspace pods,  she was dating some very weird nursery rhyme which I believe might have been in some older films as well. I will have to say that the knowledge of some of the weirdest sayings to be portrayed in this kind of a film is very odd and weird but for some reason it works I mean at times how fast and sing-songy the one version of  Alice sounds quite annoying. in the end The film is about magnetic transference and how a group of Sciences I believe because they knew the end of the world was coming they had decided to do some experiments with memories and transfer them to animals and in so doing it appears that they created some type of time travel which is kind of hard to catch because there is a lot going on in the film.   But from what I understand many of these scientists have already experienced some odd deaths although there are some names that were definitely quite fake according to one of the versions of Alice.

The part that confuses me is that there is a whole Cult of Alice’s that are banded together to worship this god Osiris or or Ra  the Egyptian sun god…. very mysterious it’s like this group of Alice look ailikes are trying to save her memory for the end of the world or at least the memory of mankind.

Magnetic 3

I would have to say that this film has  a very surreal visual dream like quality I’m not sure if I connected all of the dots or understood the film entirely for I believe that this film could be interpretive for someone else could have been interpreted the film entirely a different way but because it is so odd and I have seen the other films that these directors have put together I rather like it for I tend to like the strain the weird.   I will say that this is not a film for everyone but if this sounds like a film that you might entertain yourself with definitely check it out if you can this was definitely a trip worth seeing it has me confused… 

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Allix Mortis as Alice.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Heidi Moore’s short films “Mommy”, “Boyfreind”, “Soul Doubt” from 2012, and “Wurms” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


Before I Journey Down the film Road of  Wretched Productions director Heidi Moore’s Dolly Deadly  and even further more down the road Dolly Deadly 2 the musical that has been picked up by Troma Films Lloyd Kaufman I always begin with a director’s career if I can so I figured I’d talk about her first for short films all-in-one kit and Kaboodle as she is definitely a horse of a different color.

Mommy I don’t know whether this is the first short film that she did or the last short film that she did in 2012 but what I do know is that this was originally called M is for Mommy as I believe that she had filmed this production for the ABCs of Death anthology But like many films that were submitted many word rejected but I actually think that this was a really good short film it was shot really well I believe the character Playing the mother lady,  Sarah Heinzman As there seems to be an adult man in a crib in diapers as she is crooning to him, she eerily off Keys sings to him some kind of a lullaby which ultimately the camera angles make it look like he is eating something from the mothers open chest so I was assuming that she was feeding him some kind of poison from her breast milk and when the camera angles move away the man baby appears to be dead. I have heard about fetishes like this and they are weird but even if this man had a fetish of being treated like a baby I do not think that he had originally thought that he was going to die.  I could definitely see the character of the mother lady reenacting the role that she played in the short though.

Starring Sara Heinzman as Mother Lady, Steve Murray as Man Baby.


Again I don’t know the order that these films were filmed in but Boyfriend: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Wo-man Scorned Is a short film about a relationship between a young man and a woman the woman being a girlfriend to a young man that apparently is the breadwinner of the relationship but he is entirely too nice, which makes him kind of boring.

As some girlfriends do she outgrows his personality real quick so on a particular night when the boyfriend comes home she cooks him some kind of dinner and put something in what he eats and after a few moments you think he is dying and going to turn into a zombie but instead he comes back as a drag queen and chases this girlfriend down the hall,  the girlfriend takes one of her high heels smashes it into the drag queens forehead but regardless ends up getting her comeuppance in the end…

In a sense this film kind of shows that sometimes it’s better if you just don’t wish anything at all just be happy with your circumstances, I know that I have been on the receiving end of being out grown, unloved, and disliked for being too nicey nice thankfully I myself have been with the same woman for 10 years.  In high school I myself was very much pushed aside because I was too nicey-nice so I can relate to the boyfriend. I just don’t think that I can relate to the changing into the opposite sex part. I think that young woman who played the girlfriend played her snooty part rather well,  I do think that Daniel Simpson who played the boyfriend seemed rather younger but he definitely had the nerdy part down, this film was definitely done in a similar style to that of like John Waters so I almost think the film is a send out to the genre that he created.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Lashona Haskel as Girlfriend,

Soul Doubt

Being the third film that Heidi had filmed  in 2012 but having an association with another production company Ulexite Films which I believe is the first time that Wretched Productions has paired up with another company to do a production is a film called Soul Doubt.

The film begins with a drunk couple making out just before the door in which behind the female lives and as they are making out the, man asks the woman if he could come in she takes a quick glance sees her child just inside so she makes the decision not to let him come in probably because she does not want to see her child see her with anyone else just yet.

The next morning or the next day I’m not exactly sure which but Molly the woman who is a single mother is waiting for a text from  the man that she had been with the night before, her son Milo comes into the room saying he has drawn a picture of the Easter Bunny… and while Molly is trying to figure out what is going on with the man it seems that Milo does a little bit of an Overkill at wanting the attention of his mother.   

When Molly Gets a text back from the man  telling her to leave him alone, She ends up locking herself up in a bathroom and it looks like she’s about to drown herself but she comes out goes to a bar comes back and wakes up only to have her son say the Easter Bunny didn’t come. So what happens next is they both dress up like zombies and the go raid a public Easter egg hunt.

I thought the acting was really good, I thought the kid was great a perfect recognition of an ADHD child an overactive child with overactive imagination and a mother going through depression and having to deal with motherhood alone.   On another level I felt the film was very strange I mean one minute the mother is sad and depressed and it looks like she’s going to kill herself and the next they are dressing themselves up like it’s Halloween to go on an Easter egg hunt.  Though I think it was that weird I thought it was different and vibrant in color. I enjoyed the film for what it was.

Starring Lawrence Moore as Milo, Dana Nelson as Molly.


And now I’m going to talk about the 4th filmed um maybe not the 4th filmed but a short film that wasn’t a documentary Is a horror comedy from 2014 called Wurms.

The film involves two rednecks out in the wood,  Herb and Lumpy and Herb’s dog Domino. They are out hunting some buck and it looks like the buck is dragging its own leaves  to cover its own trail, but Domino the dog has been acting kind of strange and Herb believes that the dog has worms. the thing is while they are out in the woods the dog ends up wandering off and finding its way into a toxic spill,  it is rather noticeable that Herb is also itchy so I believe when he takes a tumble into the toxic slime the worms that had invested themselves in the dog had turned into parasites that seem to take over the human brain and it’s functions as Lumpy is soon to discover.  

Being someone who grew up with a family that used to get up at the crack of dawn and walk down a four and a half mile Trail in the freezing cold to go set up camp to watch for deer and hunt them with bow and arrow I remember what it was like,  as I was always called coughsy and my cousin was called dropsy because I always coughed so they would say that I would scare the deer away, my cousin always seem to drop his gloves so they would say that would scare the deer away as well, so knowing the comedy that is somewhat involved in hunting the fact that the shooting was supposedly spot-on isn’t always the truth so when Herb makes the comment that he’s shooting anything that moves that kind of goes back to the lackluster I don’t give a shit what I kill kind of Hunter attitude that people are always afraid of,  but for some reason when the worm overtakes Herb and you see the blood tears dripping down his face as the screen goes dark and you hear the shots go out that was laugh out hilarious for some reason. I thought the two characters acted their parts out to a T they put out what was needed I think the worms looked more like Stingray-looking slugs but there was definitely enough comic relief in the film should be totally out there and just as weird as the other three films that I have discussed. If any of these short films sound like stuff that you might be into watching,  even though these are short films you should definitely if you get a chance seek these films out to watch. I was definitely entertained by all of these films and I’m glad that I did Because then I get to see what kind of work led up to the features that I’m going to see, and it also lets me see what kind of style or genre that the director tends to film into. I think I would like to recommend Heidi Moore as one of the better filmmakers out there especially when I know she is up and coming and there really isn’t a lot of female horror film directors out there with as much verb as she is putting into her films.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Brent Boyd as Herb, Braidon Thorn as Lumpy.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Emir Skalanja’s feature “Savage” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by FoxTrot Productions and distributed by director Emir Skalonja  who I have not touched on in sometime, A director that I have followed from Legless Corpse Films To watch him shape and  progressed his independent film career on his own as he started Distributing his films on kunaki Having been known for films like The Butcher, Flesh of My Flesh, The Plague film series he has once again brought us an apocalyptic film this time dealing with cannibals in an unjust world.

The difference in this film which he calls Savage from 2017,  is that he brings the technique that he used in a film called Jericho where everything was filmed in black and white and there are various things that were colorized like the blood that came dripping from the corpses that the cannibals were feeding off of,  I also saw colorization on the skin of all the people, there was also various waste that were color probably too represent that there was a world left in ruin.


The film begins on us seeing two men in military looking uniforms fighting to the death, one of the men becoming the Conqueror sets out in search of survivors, The thing that sets This Man Apart from all of the others is this gas mask that makes him look like Bane from Batman The Dark Knight.

It is when he stops to rest is when this man in the mask reminisces how his situation came to be,  for originally it looks like he was traveling with two other women one being pregnant with a child,  which watching how much affection he has for this woman we are led to believe that it is his child. If we look at the surroundings of where they are they are in industrial like looking buildings that seem to be trashed,  leftover before the disease or whatever world ended, this could very much be in the same world of The Plague, being a similar Survival Story in the same universe. Eventually the group leaves the city for the surrounding Woods and the three stop somewhere along the way to rest and eat.   Leaving the women for only moments to scout ahead, a group of rugged-looking individuals led by a man who looks like a ranger because he has a hood with a cross and I’m talking like a ranger from Lord of the Rings kind of Ranger at least that type of a look, Even though the young pregnant woman said don’t hurt them that there was food in their packs that they could take,  this group of individuals was not after that kind of food, for the morsels in front of them with flesh still on their bones is food enough for those who have gone beyond hunger and had a taste for human flesh.


When the man in the mask returns and finds his loved one dead and the remains of the other Woman,  he vows to hunt down every single person involved in the deaths of his friends and loved one, and does one by one enact his revenge.  We do get to see a little bit of be cannibal world as this group of Flesh eaters comes across another of their kind and convinces him to allow them to share upon his meal that he has found. Shortly after this flesh eater they have come across crosses paths with the man in the mask who has pretty much sworn that he will kill  all that might have been involved in the depths of his small group of survivors that he had with him including his loved one at least I think that was his loved one.


I will have to say that the strongest character actor in this film was not the lead actor,  but was instead the cannibal in the hood, whom I believe is Jimmy Voelker who has played in Emir’s short film called Melancholia and again in Jericho. I do believe that the main actor here did the best that he could do acting wise for I definitely enjoyed the poking out the eyes of the flesh-eater that we see and the final battle between Cannibal Number 4,  I think it is a very unique Style where you can see the color of only specific things or people in a black and white setting not unlike the style that was used in Schindler’s List. I also believe that there was some character development with the female cannibal played by Lori Dolan Meyer as I believe that she quite showed That a female can fight back and be a badass and just as strong if not more even if she is on the wrong side.


I feel as though that there is more to this film that is yet to come As this is only a window into an opportunity To see what a world would be like with characters that do cannibalize as a way of survival… there was definitely a level of intensity that was shown in this film that is admirable and I believe that he took what was learned in the previous film and used it to his advantage.   I think it shows and being picked up for distribution into Blu-ray from Sub Rosa Cinema with Ron Bonk which he went after on his own so I am glad that since Blu Ray is in for a lot of people even though it’s not in for me at least not quite yet I have still not fully been turned over to the dark side, but am glad that the film has been released on this kind of format so that a lot of people can feel like they can own the film this way  as Sub Rosa Cinema Does put out some really nice releases. If this film sounds like something that you might be into definitely go and seek this film out. Go in with an open mind and enjoy the ride, don’t expect a big budget enjoy the story and enjoy the attempt. I know I wasn’t disappointed and was entertained on a level that I can’t quite put into words…

Here is the trailer:

Starring Jacob Hodgson as Man in the Woods, John  as Feral Cannibal, Fattie King as Man in the Building, Cassie Klahn as The Woman, Bethany Kosowski as Cannibal #1, Adam Litton as Cannibal #2, Kira Meyer as The Girl, Lori Dolan Meyer as Cannibal #3, Kara Robbins as Witch, Rich Ruiz as The Man, Jimi Voelker as Cannibal #4.

Movies Galore takes a look at director J. M. Stelly’s Feature “Within Madness” from 2015!

Written by David Strege

Within Madness

Brought To Us by Anatomica Productions director J. M. Steely and distributed by Legless Corpse Films is the film based on actual events that mixes found footage width 16 mm Art House footage from 2015 called Within Madness.

Filmed mostly in black and white with some clips of color we see images of women getting tied up, slashed and beaten, Where some women are being the aggressor and some women being the victim…. We are introduced to a man by the name of Donovan Summers as these are supposedly video diaries of a man who had eventually gone down the path of being the Killer or monster that he is…

In the course of us learning how he thinks he tells us about his mother in various Snippets where where it appears that it’s very possible that his mother might have been his first victim for it is here that he describes love as being equal to atonement which means to him that loving meant giving up something that either one he could not do or was unable to feel more like a punishment…

Within Madness3

In the background while we are listening to his story we begin to see a master and his slave, the master beating his slave  while the slave is seen telling the master to fuck her To have his way with her almost like a come hither egg-on so the pain we see inflicted is presumed to be wanted… which is often the case with such people who have such fetishes, the more pain that is inflicted upon the person that is being submissive the more that it wants the reason why I describe a person being submissive is that once you give in to the pain or the pleasure that one allows one to be inflicted upon,  you are almost a thing an it, in a sense you pass On into being less of a human almost animalistic of nature for you are one’s pet, submissive to one’s dominant side you are almost close to being property.

Eventually this Donovan (Story) relates to us about either a noisy dog that is a Neighbors or a Noisy Neighbor themselves and ultimately about a girl that he has met by the name of Brandy and I believe he tells us of how much he likes her at first but then he learns that she has a boyfriend and we can see how jealous Donovan becomes as we start to see that he has tied up a woman which we now presume is Brandy and we watch as he asks her why she didn’t tell him that she had a boyfriend when he thought that they were becoming a thing as in boyfriend and girlfriend especially when there was physical touching from her to him and to some people when you physically touch someone it means something to them.

when you’re not much touched in a way that has an emotional attachment behind it like even that of a touch on an arm or a pat on the back when when you’re not used to such friendly terms I can see how easily one could take it as being more, so with the various images that show up that look like they could be black and white Skin Flicks that could be considered ruffies where we see various women being tied up once again,  the way that this film made this Donovan character appear to be is a psychopath and his slow downward spiral into that just one crack that one step that one person can take into the crazy, the madness with him… as he begins to describe that demons tell him to do all of this…

Within Madness2

If you are looking for an action film or pretense of some build up to something more extreme I would say that this is not your phone I would say the build-up is actually more in the dialogue you are getting a look into the mind of this individual,  the background between the master and the slave along with the various BDSM clips definitely spice up the footage, but there is a message, a message that this man is going mad and he has demons in his mind the tell him to do these violent things, and what people will see is monster… this is a man that knows that he is becoming a killer, Or knows that he is already a killer but has decided to videotape his thought process while he is transforming  into the sociopathic nature that he has intended to share… Unfortunately because there really is no action and because you don’t really know whether he kills his intended victim which is Brandy at the moment, makes this more of an exploratory narrative which again if you’re not into listening so much as seeing and understanding some of the subliminal imagery that may have meaning someplace else like I believe that some of the imagery was to show some of the emotional pain that was strained upon by  Donovan’s mother and his suggestiveness that it was possibly him that terminated her life without really saying so…

I would like to say the film made its point, the director went out of his way to videotape his actors character’s ramblings and tried to be the found footage film but ended up being something else entirely with random imagery. If this feature sounds like something that you might be into then I suggest that you seek the film out. I enjoyed the imagery that was intertwined to tell the story that was told even though it took a while to get to the somewhat point  abstract though it may be I was entertained, as far as acting I don’t think a lot of acting goes into narrated films such as this but there was a lot of editing that was involved in the piecing together of the imagery and those images is a form of Art not unlike that of the Rorschach test… I think everyone should at least give this film a chance if you don’t like it that’s you…I will say that there were a lot of visuals that made it look gory… there is a darkness in the character that I wouldn’t mind seeing again… I enjoyed it for what is was… unique.

Here Is the trailer:

Starring Kaci Champion as Brandy, Jessica Dickerson as Slave (as Jessica Dickory), Keegan Macy as Donovan (Vision), Terry Pitre as Master, Matt Story as Donovan Summers.