Movies Galore Takes a look at director Dakota Bailey’s newest film “The Acid Sorcerer” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by R. A. Productions director Dakota Bailey from Denver CO, Is the third  feature film in the Dark World of his drug infested societies was he tried to make a little darker at least in feel called the acid sorcerer.

So the film begins with a character called smoke played by Dakota himself well actually has an evil alter ego Leach, who appears to be some kind of hooded black Spectre, that ends up speaking up to him and basically controls him and what he does and he is unable to stop his actions but like My Master Satan and American Scumbags, The Acid Sorcerer intertwines and connects a series of stories together.


I noticed misspelling and it was shot really well, he takes in a bit more of the surroundings of where he is filming and uses objects in a way to tell his story like posters on the wall or things of this nature.  Leach then tells smoke to go kill a man for drugs and then piss on his corpse and .so he does.We should realize that under the influence of drugs probably acid smoke is influenced by his evil self probably his personal demon Leech as he cannot control the urge to kill. Next we see that we have a man And his knocked up lady friend Vermina, that is a desperate enough kind of man to sell his own pregnant girlfriend who loves to be on meth in order to get the drugs she needs… And yet is also jealous if she actually loves being fucked by another guy.


Next we are introduced to a cross-dressing serial killer snuff film maker by the name of Nikki So not only do we have smoke who we see Rise to become a serial killer we have another serial killer here Nikki who kills her victims as she films them not far from being sleazy… Since she trades are snuff films for drugs in the end always this connection with an addiction to whatever drug is on the street so I’m wondering if in reality there is a strong presence of drug dealing in the city of Denver… That maybe might be the inspiration behind and we see a little bit of what the character Nikki might be seeing on her drug trip. ..


While Vermina’s  man discovers that his lady friend that he has knocked up is cheating on him behind his back to get the money for her drugs With her latest trick, Nikki enjoys the drug and appears to be hooked as she prepares for her next film. On the other hand ecstasy a prostitute that has found out that she has HIV And gets contacted by Nikki as she ultimately drugs and murders ecstasy… The rest of the film Somewhat shows of retrospect of a thinking pattern at least of smoke so it shows smoke going through what looks like a funhouse of sorts and then ending up add a church the same church that Vermina’s Man ended up after he murdered his loved one and it seems like both wanted retribution but in this world there is no hope and there is no God there is only fucked up, Death and addiction.


I have to give credit to Dakota for creating some of these characters and connecting some of them together, for there is end underline of a message throughout his films that these worlds of his are connected to a drug controlled world.  a world filled with prostitutes and Street people a constant struggle, the struggle to keep an addiction and to keep from killing,  along with the birth of killers through bad habits.   For some reason I found this mind trip of a film entertaining, American scumbag was which I believe has been his best film so far,  and seeing the film again, I can see what he meant by it being darker for there are some darker elements.   The other thing that I like Is that it was  filmed in black and white again maybe not like American Scumbags and I’m sorry to keep  comparing but it’s kind of hard not to when one film came before another. If you enjoy films of this nature then I suggest that you as a viewer go and seek this film out.   I would actually say that so far American scumbags is actually Dakota’s best film I would put The Acid Sorcerer, this film, in the middle and then I put My Master Satan on the bottom if I were to say from best to worst not that I’m trying to put them in any kind of category or order but if I were to that’s the order that I would put them in.   Each of his films is made up of several different stories within the same world. I do however suggest that you give his films a chance if you haven’t I enjoyed it for what it was.

Here is the trailer for the film:

Starring Dakota Bailey as Smoke, Larry Bay as Ronny The Roach, Nick Benning as
Nikki, Fred Epstein as The Cemetary Worker, Darien Fawkes as Crawdad, Brian Knapp as Eyevin, Natasha Morgan as Vermina, Selene Velveteen as Ecstasy.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Stephen Biggin’s debut film “Witchtown” for 2018!

Written by David Strege


So this was actually one of my highly-anticipated Productions that I had something to do with an involved in at least money wise written and directed by Steven Biggin from Witchtown Productions from Ohio in association with Planet K Studios as well as H.G. Studios for the year 2018.


The film begins with an infomercial for detective called Mr. law played by Robert Carllio who sounds a bit like Robert Stack from Unsolved Mysteries at least to me so in a sense I’m kind of getting like a  Dragnet feel what it comes to this detective and his cases which obviously he investigates cases that are somewhat X-Files-ish.


The main story involves  two bumbling occultists  going by the name of The Professor (Kenczewicz) and Patches (Biggin).   Every Thousand Years a Nephilim has the chance to give birth to a baby giant that is supposed to dominate the world but that is not what the professor believes. the professor has kidnapped with his monster like goons that he has brought from the netherworld from which a dark book has come from and treats them as his servants. In fact the film gets quite political. 


Patches notices this and realizes that his somewhat leader of this cult has become somewhat obsessed and overrun by these Goons of his,  so while the professor kidnaps victims In order to scientifically experiment on female victims in order to birth the perfect Nephilim child Within a victim’s womb,  patches steals the Scrolls in which that take him to the alternate world where the goons come from so that he can find this dark black magic book that will ultimately release the Nephilim on the Earth without the professor knowing.   In this other world patches finds the sword of the wizard of Abdul Alhazred Where with the power of the sword it appears that he has defeated the werewolf guardian of the book.


Meanwhile back on Earth the professor has run into some trouble of his own where are the fetus he thought was a failure fell in some toxic liquid,  which ultimately brought the Nephilim or at least the spirit of the Nephilim into this fetus which attacked the professor again and again getting larger by the moment.   when the professor realize that is Scrolls were missing this is when he went to that other world to fight patches  to take the book from him and try to use the power for its own.   but there is a government on this world that protects this world’s magic against the Earth and they are both in over their heads will they be able to escape the power and the hold and the obsession to dominate the world in time to save themselves from a life away from Earth from the evil that they have Unleashed?


I thought for being on a very low budget Steven Biggin  has quite an imagination, I believe that he Got a lot of his inspiration from Evil Dead for there’s this book of evil that is trapped in a land that is not on Earth and these other beings on this alternate world so obviously wearing trash bags I still thought that they brought a lot to a small production.   so I thought the character of Mr. law Hokey I think he was meant to be that way,  I also thought the different variants of goons doing different things was relatively cool it kind of reminded me of walking into a mental ward of these creatures.   I thought the special effects in here were pretty decent for what they were.   I enjoyed  that the film was entirely in black and white and I felt like it was a little bit Grindhouse, I like that it was a little bit more of an adventure as well as a horse and a comedy because the two constantly argue and the constant bickering back and forth is kind of what keeps the film Lively.   I certainly enjoyed the I’m glad that I am a producer on it I was very pleased with the production so I think I can definitely recommend this film to all the horror fans out there who might want to possibly see this film.   If you are a fan of such a film in the vein of films such as evil dead or being its own film I said yes that you seek this them out as it is still trying to find a few festivals to hit so definitely check it out.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Joe Beck as Magestrate/ Masked Figure In Kidnap Scene, Mr. Bestimes as Basement Goon Against Law, Jennifer Biggin as Mrs. Black (Campbell), Michael Biggin as Mr. Black (Art Chess), Stephen Biggin as Patches/ Hooded Man Interactment/ Goon On the Phone, Robert Carllio as Mr. Law, Joshja Kenczewicz as The Professor/ Kidnap Goon Scene #1, Jared Kenczewicz as Goon with Knife/ Goon with Pitch Fork/ The Wolf, Jennifer Mowery as Kidnap Victim/ Piano Goon/ Goon in Park #1/ Kidnap Scene Goon #2, Patty Mowery as Kidnap Goon #3, Scott Mowery as Kidnap Goon #4, Rick Olejownik as The Wizard Abdul Alhazred, Brandon Rodriguez as Dick Cutter/ Occultist in Re-Enactment/ Man Changed to Goon/ Goon With Daggers/ Goon With Broom/ Wolf Fill In Shots, Tyler Walton as Goon With Axe/ Goon With Machete, Amy Woerner as Bartender, Mikey Zolciak as Goon Eating Soup/ Pinball Goon/ Toy Truck Goon, Olivia Zolciak as Goon on Bouncing Ball/ Goon In Hall #2/ Goon Looking At Chemistry, Eric Zygela as Goon Playing Trouble.

Movies Galore takes a look at directors Sergei and Yuri Ivanov’s feature “The Strangers” from 1998!

Written by David Strege


I didn’t know what to expect from this film, brought to us by Vista Entertainment Directors Sergei And Yuri Ivanov is a film called The Strangers from 1998.


This film begins with what looks like a romantic evening between a man and his lover things get rather erotic and it seems they are playing a little role-playing, when suddenly he bites her and then she gets upset and mad and then runs from him only to what looks like being stabbed to death.


Trent (Bent) works for a hotel up in the mountains, There appears to be a residential whore name of Ruby (Betz) and And stepsister to a sweet innocent girl named Pearl (Marks) which I believe her father runs the hotel which Trent works for.  Trent is pretty much the handyman around the place but he also brings in wood for the fire and make sure the grounds are kept up nicely, A caretaker so to speak. There’s also a cook Or butcher I’m not sure which named Angus (Martin), on the premises That seems to be into clamping his nipples and jacking off while he’s hanging himself on a rope,  not exactly the kinkiest of pictures.  The underline thoughts in the film is that Trent has been infected with some kind of werewolfism,  which I believe that he turned his wife.


But his wife and her new man have tracked him down and found him to try to convince them to join their pack. As we find out Pearl is not as sweet and innocent as she likes to portray herself, Has Ruby in her seem to have more of a sexual relationship then of Sisterhood. When trench refuses Ruby’s advances, Ruby goes out on a hike with Angus they as well have and erotic experience in a tunnel. When Ruby and Angus end up going missing,  Trent begins to believe that he is responsible for Ruby’s  and a=Angus’s disappearance.   Trent’s wifeNot only wants him to join the pack but he wants her to impregnate her with an heir To possibly ultimately lead the pack if you will not lead since the man that was brought with his father was staked.  It’s interesting that they use steaks to kill the wolves when it’s normally a vampire thing.   


I honestly don’t feel the stakes in the heart of these wolves to kill them is a werewolf thing I think the direction was like they were trying to make a vampire film with a werewolf film.  There wasn’t much of a transformation moment  more flashbacks than anything else.   I enjoyed the relationship blossoming between Pearl and Trent,  that was slightly cool,   I thought that the part where Pearl, watched her step sister died was actually rather dark I wish there would have been more light so you can see what was happening because you really couldn’t.   it was hard for me to enjoy this film In all honesty. The only money that they seem to put into the film in any way shape or form was at least some decent teeth for Ruby in the end.  And some partial makeup for Trent.


 I guess for me and maybe it’s because I’m a guy but there was a really cool erotic scene in the Moonlight when you got to see an ass shot of Ruby from behind that she’s making love to Angus. I think this is one of the first films that I’ve come across that I haven’t entirely liked.  It’s not that the actors didn’t act all too well the acting at least on most of the parts was okay, it wasn’t the best but it was okay, It felt like an some moments it was trying to be a softcore porn , And others it was trying to be more darker.  I wouldn’t recommend this film right off hand It was rather forgettable and I apologize if I am negative about this film. I guess if you wanted to seek thi s film out I’m not Going to stop you I just wasn’t an entire fan.


Starring Richard Bent as Trent, Shana Betz as Ruby, Victoria Hunter as Jade, Jennifer Marks as Pearl, Matt Martin as
Angus, Jimmy Lord as Carson, J.J. Denton as Sheriff, Joe Durrenberger as Buck, Peter Cohl as Deputy 1, Charles Solomon Jr. as Deputy 2.


Movies Galore takes a look at David Palmieri’s film “Axegrinder” from 2006!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by David Sterling Entertainment and directed by David Palmieri from 2006 is a film called Axegrinder.

The film begins as three masked Men, two and Clown Masks,  one in masquerade,  as they enter a home where a mom and Dad are sleeping and a young boy as they end up butchering the boy’s parents front of him, giving him a mask and a weapon telling him don’t know the reason when he’s older.

Next we see a somewhat Gothic chick running through some words when she is attacked by a deviant, as this deviant rapes her a man wielding an axe chops him to pieces and though the woman exclaims that the Axeman has saved her life he continues to kill her.

Then we have a group of six friends Laura (Daniels), James (Todd), Bobby (Morales), Donna (Peo), Shelly (Roberts), and Mike (Edwards) who are getting ready to go on a camping trip to wherever this guy called Freddy Palmer evidently butchers people who go into his Woods.  Laura wants to do the Dirty deed with Bobby, and it seems Donna is going out with Mike and James is trying to flirt with Shelly the only babe left single.  meanwhile a couple of female campers are having a little love nest, and some forest rangers are making their rounds.

What’s interesting as I was watching Brad Sykes Camp Blood before I started watching this one and the story lines are somewhat similar we have a group of friends end up going on a camping trip there’s a story  of a psycho in the woods the differences are they start telling the story of the Ax-man in the woods way before they even arrive to the campsite and two,  the Survivor of the people who killed did end up in a mental institute In both films but in grinder one of the girls that have been killed ended up showing up in the mental institute looking like she was dead  wielding an ax end calling herself a nurse for whatever purpose.  I liked that the film flashed back a bit to Frank Palmer’s childhood again too, shows you a side of the killer as a child…

I personally could relate to how Shelly treated James as growing up in high school many of the girls that I went to High-school with often teased and played hard to get exactly like her,  which often myself left me totally aware of how high and mighty some girls can really act.   Though I am pretty much married myself I remember how much younger I once was and remember how there were many great looking girls that seemed really nice at the time but I always dated someone other than me. No I’m not trying to look back I’m just trying to describe some of my experiences they haven’t always been kind.

For this film, I thought the girls were actually really pretty, I thought the acting was pretty decent as well I didn’t see anyone stumbling over any lines or anything else  it all seemed natural.   I honestly didn’t recognize Jed Rowen as the guy behind being the ex grinder under the under the Mask,  for some reason I thought the man underneath the mask was actually an African American,  but when I found out it was Jed Rowen I thought that’s got to be some great make up in order to disguise that it almost looked like he was a different color skin.

According to the story that Mike told a man called Frank Palmer was supposedly be mad crazy ax man who  would kill anyone who would come into as woods because he considered the woods his property,  Mike’s father was part of the investigation involved in his original capture and he was let go because there was no evidence proving that he killed whatever people had been killed.

I thought the biggest cool effect of the film was when Frank Palmer’s head was chopped off Frank Palmer’s that is and then the body got up and started still killing people Oh, I thought this was the best part of the film to be able to do that in the end independent film and make it look slightly real was definitely enjoyable.  I thought this film was fun and campy and thoroughly enjoyed it.   I certainly recommend for a fun party night  it definitely wasn’t a bad independent horror film  and it didn’t leave us out on any of the gore. I suggest that if you’re any kind of a fan of this kind of film that you definitely see this out.  I only mentioned similarities because after watching fairly similar films you start seeing things you can compare not that they are the same films.  I enjoyed the film though… 

Here is the trailer:

Starring Cassie Daniels as Laura, Chris Todd as James, Jennifer Peo as Donna,
Freddy Morales as Bobby, Berna Roberts as Shelley (as Bernadette Perez), J.P. Edwards as Mike, Jed Rowen as Freddy Palmer, Randal Malone as Murdered father, Mitch Toles as Ranger #1, Stephen Alan Brown as Ed, Scott Bogatz as The Hunter, William Alva, Bob (as William Alford), Jeff Connell As Christopher Zatta
(as Chris Zatta), Darby Daniels as Jogger / Nurse (as Susan Hale), Elischa Freeman as
Insane camper, Vivien Latham as Freddy’s mother, Robert O’Connor as
The Axegrinder, Gina Valona as Lindsay (as Gina Vallona), April Betts as Hilary
David Kalamus as Ranger #2, Michael Q. Schmidt as Jester (as Michael Schmidt).


Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeff Leroy’s film “The Screaming” aka “Scream Again” from 2000!

Written by David Strege

The Screaming

Brought To Us by David Sterling Entertainment Is a film directed by Jeff Leroy from the year 2000 called “The Screaming” or has also been titled “Scream Again” which as it begins we see an infomercial for a teaching of sorts which looks kind of  cult-like called Crystalnetics, Which actually slightly reminds me of Dianetics  which is actually a book that was written by L.Ron Hubbard the science fiction writer of the Mission Earth series and Battlefield Earth which is connected to Scientology and is a modern-day cult that Tom Cruise and John Travolta are both part of. From what I understand solid Scientology is about somewhat of the history of our ancestors for supposedly many many years ago our ancestors were six ft tall Indians which supposedly some ancient alien named Xenu came down And spread what did they call thetans which were passed down to each existing member  of the original Scientology organization.  And from what I understand emotions can not be part of this Higher level of understanding so these Scientologist orginizations go around with these e-meters squashing the emotions of their members into being brainwashed to doing exactly what they want, when they want and if you question one of these members of the Scientology Clan, They  avoid your questions and pretty much ignore and evade to an extent where conversation with one is almost impossible for they are all part of one Collective mind and existence. I’m sorry, I’d rather speak for myself and think for myself for that in a nutshell is my summary of Scientology and of Dianetics.  That being said I will move on with my review of this film.

What’s also a little comical is that the book that we see in the beginning here is written by someone by the name of R. R. Deepak  which I wonder if it isn’t to play on Deepak Chopra who is also another new age Fundamentalist. So what it seems like is happening is a young woman seems to be trying to escape from this Temple that is probably run by these Crystalnetics cult members, as we see this young woman run from a room, down some stairs She is followed by people dressed in black silkin hoods,  and as she is running from them they are stabbing her with small daggers. But she does not Escape as some creature that looks like it has a long umbilical cord that is thick almost tentacle-like, wraps around her throat and we are led to believe that she is no more As we see eclipse of this creature hanging upside down in an elevator.

Bob Martin (Biliancio) is a struggling college student trying to make ends meet when he rents from A very beautiful landlord by the name of Crystal Traum (Winburn).  Bob finds a Crystalnetics book inside the room he is about to rent and even though he can tell that Crystal is in perfect physical shape it gives the book back to her and tells her it may work for her but it’s not for him, she still offers that she does row boats every morning at 6 a.m. and that he’s welcome to join.   Bob is also a smoker obvious that many of the people that seems to be living in this town are against smoking  so they asked him to quit every time they’re around him. To me, coming from a smoker who has dealt with dislikers of smoke for many years I can relate. especially in a country where all of a sudden smoking is prohibited from public buildings and from bars, I mean I remember when I was able to smoke in certain buildings but not anymore because people have deemed it unhealthy And that’s  all fine and dandy but I myself am like one of those last gunslingers.  I mean if someone ask me to quit smoking around them at reasonable request I will but I find it annoying that I have to as a smoker.  I also don’t think I have to quit.  It’s a 50-50 chance that I could get lung cancer, I know people who have smoked their entire lives and they don’t have cancer.  If I want to quit, I’ll quit  but not because someone else made me including the law.

Bob is trying to get a grant an order to get a grant he’s got a create a paper or essay  with quality that means something and as he is trying to create this thesis he seems to be having fantasies about his new landlord.

Meanwhile there is an actor by the name of Dusty Chase (Gannon) who seems to be the  poster boy for the Crystalnetics videos,  we see him drive to young ladies to a secreted room or rooms where in one room they conduct a ceremony that involves drinking and then another involves the creature that which they call Deepak  their leader who also partakes in this drinking of blood almost lovecraftian and bat like, A bit like Dracula on steroids with tentacles.

When Crystal and Manny (Barris), specifically Manny,  challenge Bob that she can break him from his smoking habit she makes good on her promise. so the next morning 6 a.m. begins running with Crystal and soon his health starts becoming better. not only this but he started writing a thesis using words from Deepak’s writings  and was able to finally get grant.   Meanwhile A Detective Ketchum (Swobel) has been following a case where the bodies were drained of blood, but as well he had met Crystal 20 years ago so he warns Bob against Crystal.

when Bob makes the connection that the cult is connected to the Manakea cult  that disappeared many years ago and that they were blood drinkers, Bob begins to fight back by slipping back into some of his old habits.   will he be able to escape the clutches of Deepak and Crystal and the followers, in time to save his soul.   Joe Haggerty makes an appearance as a Crystalnetics  book salesman  which was somewhat enjoyable.   He always did play some kind of weirdo.

I thought the creature infection here we’re actually relatively decent.  It’s horrible when you’re watching films that have been  totally relying On CGI effects.   Though now I suppose the creature looks fake and it may look fake to other people but I enjoyed the look of the creature and I think for the imagination it wasn’t bad.   I thought the acting in here was relatively decent as well.   I also liked the play on the religion aspect. I’m not a fan of Scientology nor and their beliefs.   Nor would I recommend their beliefs on anyone else.   I also think the dialogue was intelligent as well I mean with quotes of Nitschke and Freud  alike you have to be well-versed in different quotes from different essayist’s.  So I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and definitely would recommend to watch for all you Indy film lovers out there.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Vinnie Bilancio as Bob Martin (as Vincent Bilancio and Vincent J. Bilancio), Wendi Winburn as Crystal, Elizabeth Barris as Manny, John F. Goff as Jerry Steiner, Tim Gannon as Dusty Chase, Curt Swobel as Detective Ketchum, David Lipson as Jack (as Dave Lipson), Daniella Green as Sarah, Linda Serbu as Carla, Erin Horne as Brenda, Tanya Taskila as Katy Cummings, Joe Haggerty as Crystalologist, Debbie Monroe as Nun / Teacher, Kelly Boczek as Student / Kid, David Billotti as
Infomercial Spokesman, Florence Lipson as Woman on Street.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Sykes film “Camp Blood 2” from 2000!

Written by David Strege

Camp Blood 2

Brought to us by David Sterling Entertainment is the second film in Brad Sykes Camp Blood trilogy called Camp Blood 2 from 2000 as well. This sequel seems to definitely be of lower budget then the first film but as I’m watching the beginning I actually thought that it was acted rather well.


As the film begins we have another young couple in the woods probably going to eat a small lunch by the name of Jeff (Gould) and Rose (Corrigan).  Jeff tells Rose about how the woods nearby is called Camp blood because of a killer clown roaming the woods, so it goes off tells her he’s going to be back puts on a clown mask but when he comes back her throat is already slashed and then he gets knifed…  how romantic.

Tricia from the first film is having a nightmare about being in the woods and being chased by a clown who Rises up from some kind of grave while she’s still in The  mental that she ended up in from the last film.   She still doesn’t believe that she didn’t kill all these people that they say she did but there is no proof of the existence of the killer clown that had turned out to be there female guide in the previous film.  One thing that I noticed is that the mask is different a little bit more creepier then the one in Camp blood.  snapshot_171

What’s interesting about this feature is that a director, a film director wants to make a movie about the killings that Tricia (Ritchkoff) was involved in by the name of Worth Milligan (Clancy) and you close out a script called Within the Woods. this title happens to be the third installment in the Camp Blood trilogy Which strange as it may seem David Sterling for some reason will not even acknowledge that this is indeed Camp Blood 3.

What Worth Milligan offers is a chance for Tricia to tell the story of the murders from start to finish by being involved as a technical advisor on the film and in the Final Cut. So after some thinking Tricia agrees to do the film with  Milligan, unfortunately one of the actresses gets murdered so another young woman Stills in her spot and then they travel out to the location that it actually happened at not just any location Camp Blackwood.


Trisha is having moments of flashbacks while she is working with the director and Shemp (Ken X from Jeff Leroy’s Hunting Season) the director’s assistant and also the man who is supposed to be playing the clown that is attacking people until them,  also seems somewhat whacked as he does put on the cloud mask and scares her.


When they get to the location Shemp is drunk,  the PA seems like he’s a mental patient  and they tried to shoot a scene but Shemp ends up punching one of the actresses out instead of a fake punch. I have to say but even though a lot of this film is a lot of recap from the previous film,  there are quite a few kills that are involved in the present-day situation that were the heck of a lot more gruesome and grotesque then in the previous And I’m enjoying the vibe especially when the killer in the clown mask shows up and just stands there and then Cuts this guy to shreds end in the next moment and next a killing where he sticks  his knife entirely through to the back of this girl’s head and you can see the knife inside of mouth and at the back of the head so that it looks like the knife has gone all the way through and he’s just taking the night with the head of the girl on the blade.


Ultimately one by one the cast members along with the director gets killed and the Killer is one of them. I think that this film even though I add like Camp Blood Very much for its backstory,  I immensely enjoyed this one more for its kills.  I thought the Kills we’re unique and different which made this film more on the gore side of things so I would definitely recommend this  sequel for all of you underground Indie lovers. It’s not that scary but it was a worthy sequel adversary for it’s continuation of story.   I  I have enjoyed both films in the camp Blood series and I look forward  to watching the rest even though they weren’t all entirely directed by Brad Sykes. Once again the main actress I thoink pulls off a decent performance of the crazy and I liked the story she retold by the campfire in here it was great.  I suppose if you are up for looking for him Sterling plays a mental patient in there somewhere….

Here is the trailer: (even though this seems to be a mock trailer)

Starring Jennifer Ritchkoff as Tricia, Garrett Clancy as Worth Milligan, Missy Rae Hansen as Adrienne Palmer (as Missy Hansen), Ken X as Shemp, Mark Overholt as Lance, Jane Johnson as Timothy Patrick Todd, Patrick Thomas as Patrick (as Courtney Burr), Lisa Marie Sturdevant as Lola (as Lisa Marie Bolick), Tim Sullivan as Dr. West, Brannon Gould as Jeff, Natascha Corrigan as Rose, Le Ana Masiello as Ashely Dupree, Bret Ellington as Orderly, David Michael Sterling as Inmate #1 (as David Sterling), David S. Sterling as Inmate #1 (as David Sterling), Jay Trapnell as Inmate #2, Sissy Hyde as
Inmate #3, Brad Jacques as Man in Audition, Steven Worley as Zombie Clown (as Steve Worley), Danny Rayfield as Clown, Ron Ford as Hunter (archive footage) (uncredited), Mark Polonia as Man Leaving Casting Studio (uncredited), Sonya Joy Sims as Vanessa (uncredited).


Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Sykes feature film “Camp Blood” from 2000!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by S & J Productions Along with David Sterling Entertainment is a film directed by Brad Sykes that started a franchise that has become rather popular called Camp Blood from 2000 a low budget SOV for the lover of VHS how do you feel about clowns?


A young couple is out traveling the woods one seems to be a photographer the other is looking for specific Rare Bird.  they ultimately do end up making love and when they hear this Rare Bird Vic played by Vinnie Bilancio  gets up and goes in search of the perfect shot of this bird when he gets knifed by a killer and a creepy clown mask. His nerdy bird lover,  topless goes off and search of him when he doesn’t come back and ends up getting chased down tits flying, Eventually she stumbles and falls in a river and gets stabbed to death has her blood is seen traveling the water…


Meanwhile Steve (Taylor) and Tricia (Ritchoff) are planning to go on a weekend camping  trip to Camp Blackwood which is apparently where this beginning scene happened as Tricia before they pack up and go has red up on a missing woman where her car was found at the same camp that they are going to. as well their friends Jay (Young) and Nicole (Zolt), Nicole Who seems to have packed her entire life into her suitcase and obviously has not gone camping before otherwise she wouldn’t have brought so much stuff are also going as they hired a guide just show them through the woods.


Anything that Joe Haggerty shows up in is bound to be entertaining And here he plays a overly unseemly eccentric man named Thatcher which acting over the top, he’s  comical as the man who warns them about Camp Blackwood being known as Camp blood. Not to mention they’re guide Harrison, turns out to be a female which wasn’t what they expected they were expecting mucho, Macho experienced guide probably looking like a forest ranger instead of a  chick in a bandana And when asked about the clown and the reason why the camp was called Camp blood, she evaded the questions and acted like she didn’t know a thing about a clown.


So when they’re all sitting around a campfire telling ghost stories Harrison begins the story of the clown, about Stanley Cunningham and His coming home from a long day at work to find his girlfriend or fiance Mary Lou Maloney in bed with another lover  for afterwards  he had donned a clown mask  taking them to the woods and later their bodies were found he was never to be seen again and Legend has it he still roams the woods to this day and it was 20 years to this very day that this killing that happened on… I think the  actors and actresses in The film were actually really awesome,  I mean when I first saw this I didn’t expect the twist that that it had there was definitely blood there was definitely a little nudity but not a whole lot to call it us exploitation film, but it definitely had a Campy atmosphere.  I think this was a great homage to the films from the 80s.  


I definitely feel the lead actress play the spot on Madness that she portrayed.   For the budget that this was on this is Certainly one of my favorite slasher films at least  of the shot on video genre.   I’m looking forward to be entire series thanks to this  film I can see why it’s got quite a following at least in the indie-world.  I’d recommend this note for the  horror fan out there, it’s not that it was scary or anything but it definitely had the campy atmosphere and I think it captured at least a story-line that could be built upon. to have characters that replayed characters I thought it was unique to have go on if you haven’t seen the film I suggest you seek it out for yourself.


I think the only saying that I can say anything in negative about is the fight scene between Steve and the Clown when they were on  some craggy looking rocks,  where I think I seen was replayed when he was asking who the was,  the other thing I think I could say negative is how quickly  the Panic rose after they found out Harrison their guide had at least what looks like been burnt to a crisp.   Other than this I think what lies here is a very well-rounded slasher flick that’s I feel is underrated for the time that it came out.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Jennifer Ritchkoff as Tricia, Michael Taylor as Steve, Tim Young as Jay, Betheny Zolt as Nicole (as Bethany Zolt), Courtney Taylor as Harris, Joseph Haggerty as Thatcher (as Joe Hagerty), Meredith O’Brien as Sally, Vinnie Bilancio as Vic, Ron Ford as Gus, Tim Sullivan as George, Ivonne Armant as Mary Lou Maloney, Randy Rice as Mary Lou’s Lover, Shemp Moseley as The Clown.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Dean Garris’s short film “Hot Questions” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Deano Pictures director Dean Garris and written by Alexander Julian III  Is a short film that change your my attention that is a thriller.


Now I have seen two different cuts of the film the first clocks in at 12 minutes. 23 seconds as a leading detective in lie detection tests who is fairly confident that his machine never lies.  A convicted felon by the name of Albert has been brought in for questioning who  thinks everything is a game and that he is always two steps ahead what it is when he guess the questions become a little personal like as to whether is Method effective wife or been in this home is when things get really thick and heated… In this verse cut that I don’t believe you see  in it’s Final Cut…. You see the detective shaving going into kisses wife and bring her coffee while she tells him she is lucky to have him and he just says the same thing back…


In the second cut AT 8 minutes 42 seconds,  the film skips forward and we are already in the midst of the interrogation, and we see a clip of the detective being told outside the interrogation room how sick the individual is but both are straightforward and to the point and make you suggest  that Albert is just a psychotic as he is imagined as when it comes down to the last question a man who believes in the machine that is capable of ascertaining the truth, and the truth that detective Fante  was certainly not ready to hear….


I think that this film was shot really well, I thought the situation was intense it had me on my seat from start to finish and I understand in the end why it was cut.  you were given the sense in this case sometimes there are criminals just that,  monsters that can get away with things even before they are brought to Justice and you almost wonder If becoming a law abiding citizen isn’t another approach to the situation. I thought the acting and here was definitely good  and as I said it did have me on the edge of my seat at least for a moment.   I recommend this short film if you haven’t caught it on its Festival run as I believe it is still running its circuit. I thought Eisenson as Albert played the psychotic man brillaintly.   Definitely look out for this actor. This role was intense.


Starring Jeff Briggs as Dom Fante, Vince Eisenson as Albert, Svetlana Pavlova as Janice Fante, Alexander Julian III as Police Cheif.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Jon Van Slykes short films “The Bananas” from 2011, “A Sex Tape Attempt part 1” from 2009, and “Your The Best: A Sex Tape Attempt part 2” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Third Choice Ensemble films director John Van Slyke,Working with Dirty Jobs Films the production company run by Ross Bigley and Mutant Barmonkey Productions is a short film  called The Bananas From 2011.


Slyke’s always seems to have some odd comedy Involved with his films and this is one of them. A man named Robert played by Kennedy is narrating the story where a friend used to be a friend named Dave, started leaving bananas everywhere they hung out, He never did find out why, nor did he ever see Dave again but he did end up meeting the love of his life.


Can I watch this again I have to give a little bit of a chuckle, this is weird, I believe abstract and come be taken as is or added to But I generally enjoy or have enjoyed Dan Katula’s Characters in Slyke’s films you kind of have to see it to believe it.  It’s kind of like a cycle repeats itself kind of short film.  I dug it so I definitely think if you haven’t seen it and you’re short film lover and you like films that are local from Milwaukee you should definitely seek the  film out you may actually enjoy it.


Starring Dan Katula as Dave, Robert W.C. Kennedy as Robert, Judi Masnak as Woman, Cheryl Roloff as Margaret.


Brought To Us by Third Choice Ensemble films director John Van Slyke,working with Dirty Jobs Films, the production company run by director Ross Bigley And I’m not sure of the years of these films entirely but YouTube Hosted the year 2009 so that’s what I’m going to assume that these films were filmed at least the year.


Slyke’s always seems to have some odd comedy Involved with his films and these two are two of them the first being A Sextape Attempt.

The film stars John Van Slyke’s  as a man was trying to videotape his significant other and himself on their first time making love,  but as life would have it the man does not know how to keep the tape rolling nor did he realize that he was Tipping over a very important moment in their daughter’s life.

Starring Libby Amato, Dan Katula, Robert W.C. Kennedy, Jason Powell, Jocelyn Ridgely, Jon Van Slyke.


In the second attempt Your The Best we see John once again playing I believe the same man same couple, attempting another video and once again he does not realize that the camera wasn’t even turned on But also Is a failed attempt but these are adult situations with amateur adults want to spice up their love life with a video but are unable to with their bad videotaping skills.


Honestly these are abstract short films probably made for fun with friends but I enjoyed watching them they were comical and entertaining and I believe the third  choice ensemble actors that involve themselves with John Van Slyke’s films are seasoned and some of the best so definitely check these films out if you can find them they are rather hilarious.

Starring Libby Amato, Dan Katula, Robert W.C. Kennedy, Jason Powell, Jocelyn Ridgely, Jon Van Slyke.


Movies Galore takes a look at Christopher Kahler’s short film “Christmas With Billy” from 2009!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Marquee Motion Pictures And Drunkenflesh Films Productions director Christopher Kahler from 2009 Where it seems  a burglar of some sort a man with a gun so to speak, ends up taking hostage a mother and her child on Christmas Eve.


It is the conversation between Billy and is unopened present and this man that makes the short film as it is filmed in black and white I like it even more, more or less because this is a very human story.


Though I can tell this is filmed on a fairly low budget I believe that the three characters being Billy’s mother the man with the gun and Billy along with the one officer that we see on the outside to suggest that there are more than one officer outside training their guns at the house and then the final realization that in the end even though this man is at his desperate end, the people that he is held hostage only want the same thing and that Billy probably has a very similar background as the man with the gun.


I thought that Kevin playing Billy  the child was exactly what made the film the way it was, when you’re that young you have a sense of Innocence and wonder  that when your older You can somewhat lose that Wonder and then the Innocence can be forgotten.  This is absolutely one of my favorite independent shorts that I have seen. now I know it’s not Christmas right now but I could watch this short film over and over, because of the fact that even in Dire Straits a man who has committed wrong can make the right decision. If you are short some lover you will definitely enjoy this phone if you haven’t seen it. I think this film is underrated if it has not been seen or shown at any festivals it should have been. I recommend that if you have not seen this film definitely try to see this out.

Starring Kimberly Amato as Officer Aelita, Kevin Grzybowski as Billy, Thom Oswald as The Man With The Gun, Dawn Schneider as Mother.