Movies Galore takes a look at director Jonathan Straiton’s “Night Of Something Strange” from 2016

Written by David Strege

img_3371Brought to us by WLP Films director Johnathan Straiton Of the film “She Kills” with SRC and distributed by Hurricane Bridge Entertainment come this totally fucked up, wacked out film called “The Night of Something Strange” which I find interesting that Ron Bonk of Sub Rosa Cinema has a writing credit behind as well not the only one but still…


A janitor played by (Johnson) decides to have sex with the body of a Jane Doe in a hospital morgue contracts an STD and brings it home to his trailer park wifey which then he proceeds to rape her giving her the STD which by then both are party to becoming the living dead only sexually charged…


Carrie and a group of freinds are planning a trip to a lake when on their way they stop by a rest stop where the so called Janitor had bloodied the bathroom contaminating it… which then Carrie contracted the STD and so on and so forth…

Dirk (Harrison) an army drop out and localbad boy is dating the a girl from school Pam is crunched from afar by Carrie’s Bestie Christine (Kasek) and also on his way in his sweet ride to the lake with his girl… the rest stop also had this weird creepy lady at the counter that also contracted this STD…


Not only do they all stop at the same out of the way hotel but these viral carriers have followed them and they are in for a night of more than strange happening…

On the other hand there is another twist where one of the characters is part of a cannibalistic family… will anyone be able to survive this weird sex crazed apocalypse… I think I’ll remember the cashier for years to come said an odd creepy line…


There is certainly a lovecraftian take in the conception of this film as to the nature in which the brains of these living dead creatures happens to be in the place where sex organs lay.

I think and feel if you just watch the film and enjoy it it is absolutely a fun film it jumps all over the place in a twist I won’t mention but is definitely worth the watch and the own.  There are some creature effects that certainly are outlandishly creepy as well as mysteriously laughable but isn’t that the point? If your down for some sick, sexually charged reanimation of the dead kind of movie this is totally your film! Bully in a beefcake really? Yeah right haha. Check it out I recommend it, not going to be everyones flavor but I enjoyed it.

Starring Trey Harrison as Dirk, Rebecca C. Kasek as Christine, Wayne W. Johnson as
Cornelius, Michael Merchant as Freddy, Toni Ann Gambale as Carrie, Nicola Fiore as Pam, John Walsh as Jason, Janet Mayson as Betty, Tarrence Taylor as Brooklyn, Kera O’Bryon as Sue, Wes Reid as Eugene, Billy Garberina as Woody, Al Lawler as Sunny, Kirk LaSalle as The Mailman, David Meadows as Officer, Brinke Stevens as
Teacher, Alexis Katherine as Samara, Brett Janeski as Meatball, Jennie Russo as
Female Corpse.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Adam Krause’s Viral Clown Short film “Gags” for 2016!

Written by David Strege


On August 1st, 2016 a viral sensation of a 6 foot tall creepy clown carrying black balloons was sighted. Which went international in the news and brought about fear in the town of Green Bay.


Later it was found out that it was all about the promotion of a short film directed by Adam Krause of Script 4 Films productions.

Even though Gags is not real it still makes you wonder about the fear that it instilled but also probably went further than director Adam Krause had intended.

The film begins with a transcript that the footage you are about to see was archived footage about three missing persons that are or were related to a police investigation into the sighting of nicknamed Greenbay Clown “Gags.

Jon, Sara and Ashley go off in search of this so called Sensation but they don’t expect to be followed home… or the events that followed… but something’s happening to Jon and it’s not funny…

i think for found footage this was a well rounded short film definitely has that aura of creepiness about it.  And though the phenomenon involved in the promotion of the film scared quite a bit of people in Green Bay… wasn’t that the fucking point I mean it certainly attracted interest.

I do also think the actor and actresses did play their parts well.  And I look forward to what Mr. Krause can produce in the future. Also on March 31st, 2017 you’ll be able to get a chance to see it if you grab yourself a ticket to go see this phenomenon at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams film festival I enjoyed it and I hope the horror fiend in you will too.   I hear it’s also planning to become a full feature too so check this out if you can for sure! Enjoy!

Starring Cory Allen Estreen as Jon, Taylor Huff as Sara, Ashley Magnin as Ashley, Eric Heuvelman as Gags.

Movies Gal take a look at Brian Barsuglia’s short film “Champaign Dreams” from 2007!

Written by David Strege


Since BLB MEDIA and SoCal Productions is coming out with another film on VOD and DVD I thought I’d go back before Aaron’s House and Zombie Farm by Director Brian Barsuglia as you can find “Champaign Dreams” on the special edition Directors Cut of “Dementia: An Experiment In Terror.”

A man we later find out is named Bobby walks to a hotel room with a weapon inside a newspaper to an unknown victim.  Sean is a mentally challenged young man with a disability and walks in at the wrong moment, meeting an unexpected Killer.  He lives with a freind Sandy and just got a medal from special Olymics…

Unfortunately for Sean who doesn’t know any better he has his last meal…

I think this film is about regret even though a job had to be done in order to retrieve an amount of money from an employer… I also think that this film portrays how a man with a disability can be gullible as I myself have aspbergers syndrome can relate especially the moment Sean has a bottle of Champagne in his hand and he figures out how to open it before…

The film suggests it could go either way i certainly enjoyed this short.  Hope you all have a chance to see it certainly not a bad little film.

I don’t let my having a disability inhibit time from writing the films I like to share about so I hope this doesn’t take away from whom I am to you…

In fact here it is found a link on YouTube

Starring Steve Braden as Victim, Javier Morga as Sean, Simone Palmer as Sandy, Che Zon as Bobby.

Movies Galore takes a look at Michael J. Prosser’s “The Dividing Hour” from 2003 as it makes the claim was on Roger and Ebert’s top ten favorite indie film list!

Written By David Strege


Working under the production company Play Ground Films distributed with Indie Films in 2003 is Director Mike Prosser’s “The Dividing Hour.” It was also supposedly on Roger and Eberts top ten Indie Film list supposedly…

A man is dreaming of a boat rowing with a skull talking about almost cutting himself with the water…

With horrible sound To the film making it somewhat muffled, a group of four freinds Josh, Zach, William and Dean are on their way to Seattle to meet up with a girl named Sherryl. Of course there is always that annoying freind and stoner… being Dean… Seems at the rest stop back aways one of them had a taste for a golden arm… which made him fall asleep and turnover their car…

Along the road a dude in a truck named Al picked the boys up and took em to a house up the road to have them use the phone. The house itself looks unfinished… but apparently once they get up to the house a young woman in a dated dress greets them by the name of Dawn.  Phone is out dated and dead so for the short time they are stuck.


We learn that Josh and Zachary lost their sister and parents in a car crash… And strange things begin to happen… first food appears where it wasn’t in a fridge, a figure was in the woods then wasn’t and a man sits and stares an open stare…

Meanwhile Josh has a dream in the woods that his bother may be dying and is chased by an imaginary enemy. Asthe film goes on Dean reminds me a little of The Fonz but more of a douche than class.

Josh ends up going off to find a telephone and runs into Al again a happy go lucky trucker in the right place, right time.

I mean Dean is probably the most Rememberably as he’s high talking about the karma of Looney Tunes… but the film is so so terribly slow…

 I’m not so sure it was entirely my cup of tea the first time I watched this a year ago but there were some defining moments and is starting to slightly grow on me just the oddness of it all. All I know is I watched it with my fiancé and she didn’t like it lol.


I’m not sure whether to recommend this film at all but it’s the place I think you go before heaven or hell in “The Dividing Hour.”

There is a slight twist, a rape and some violence, as to why they go where they go I guess you’ll just have to watch it for yourself… as when they finally get to the creature it’s certainly lovecraftian with a bit of animation enjoy!

Starring Greg James as Dean, The Gimp as
Monster, Brad Goodman as Peter, Jillian Hodges as Dawn, Jay Horenstein as Al, Garrett Pool as Face in the water, Brian Prosser as Zach, Michael J. Prosser as Josh, Max Yoakum as Lewis.

Movies Galore takes a look at Chicago director Ricardo Islas’ feature “The Zombie Farm” from 2009!

Written by David Strege


 Working with Maxim Entertainment and Paradigm Pictures Ricardo Islas returns to the horror field once again with “The Zombie Farm” a Latino Zombie Film this is actually the first film of his I came across and is not to be confused with Brian Barsuglia’s Zombie Farm either.

So it looks like a man comes home drunk and beats his wife Ana (Munoz), which then is when several women tell their stories of abuse to camera woman Pilar Franco (Catano) whose supposed to do a Latino cultured theme of video like with dancing or something…


While at home she watches an advertising for a funky looking infomercial on a local healer guru scam artist Roque (Montesinos) as it appears the strange is about to get stranger…

As well the woman from the beginning comes to Roque for help he can not give so instead goes to see a macumba whom giver her a potion in a drink that kills her husband and brings him back as an undead Ghoul.


Meanwhile Roque seams to get under Pilars skin and calls off helping create an infomercial for his Scam.  Things get even more twisted when Ana is haunted by her dead husband when she knows she saw him die when she came for Roques help again they went on the run.


Pillar on the other hand realized what trouble they were in and came to help as they found out unwillingly that the woman of Macumba was running a farm of controlled Zombies…

I actually thought that this was a unique story, I also felt the dialogue between Pillar and Roque was quite humorous and entertaining even though I thought it a little odd from con man/ to charm.  I think the voodoo Macomba lady was certainly a different character for the fact that woman’s roles don’t always take the form of evil as a psychotic leader.

I think and feel that this film comes in second so far under Ricardo’s To Kill A Killer if that’s too much to tell about it oh well. It’s not that it scared or terrified I feel it was more work towards a dialogue that can be likeable I mean Roque isn’t or wasn’t exactly masculine in muscles if you know what I mean?

I certainly recommend seeing at least a once time around you have to be an idiot if you don’t enjoy something from this feature. Enjoy!


Starring Adriana Cataño as Pilar Franco, Nadia Rowinsky as Mana Luna, Khotan Fernandez as Antonio (as Khotan), Monika Munoz as Ana Maria, Roberto Montesinos as Roque, Eduardo Ibarrola as Senor Augustin, Mariana Da Silva as Sonia (as Mariana Rivieri), Nair Kuzmik as Ligia, Eric Le as Asian Zombie, Eugene Kwarteng as Zombie for Mama Luna, Robbie Bush as TV Executive, Karla Garcia as Reporter, Kenneth ‘Cumbo’ Taylor as Man with Tarzan Hat, Mark Buford as Bus Driver, Gloria Breaux as Dona Angela, Carl Cox as
Grandson, Rubens Mesa as Forencic Scientist, Ricardo Islas as Senior, Rosa Isela Frausto as Abused woman 3, Yvonne Nieves as Abused woman 2, Radica Radovic as Abused woman 1.

Movies Galore takes a look at Chicago director Ricardo Islas feature “Lockout” from 2006!

Written by David Strege


Not to be confused with Chicago director Ricardo Islas returned to us in 2006 working with Alpha Studios to horror distributed through SGL Entertainment with a film titled “Lockout.”

So the film begins as a man is driving along a rural highway out to a deserted place where he thought he was working…

The man is talking to someone on the way and as he pulls up he calls out to a Mr. O’Neal, no answer… resumes his way through the home to the basement… an arm falls down we see the man scream into the rolling credits…


Still weirder Dan follows the same woman who scared Chris into the home of a blind man which ends up a homicide, taking call girl to a spooky level… not only that but Dan picks up a hitchhiker whom turns into a bloodied body after passing a certain point in the road… leaving dan in a state of shock.

I think that if this film didn’t seem like it was filmed at times seems like it’s certainly not widescreen so your watching it in a box-like shape making it look like the film is stretched which could turn one off, I believe it definitely has an eerie vibe though… I also believe that the change to a few Asian actresses was a nice touch bringing diversity into the mix.

Will Dan and his family be able to handle the fear and the strange woman who invades their home while Dan is still wrapped up in his own vision of things… how can one help his family if he is so very scared himself… I definitely recommend to see this feature as I think it has its own twists used with suggestive horror, almost Gaillo. Enjoy!

Dan (Desautels) is in the office of The Boss (Carmona) where he is told that he is fired as it seems they have no use for him as he doesn’t speak Spanish And can’t relocate even though he’s been with the company for years… there is a moment captured where Dan looks into the face of a homeless man as I think it’s not whom he wants to become.

Chris (Dulay) Dan’s Wife’s sister is a dominatrix by trade almost sick of being the fetish of fat businessmen’s dreams. So Dan suggests that the family moves to rural Wisconsin.  Obviously a big move on everyone it is unsettling…

They arrive at what looks like the house from the beginning of the film in early afternoon. Dan checks the home and in the basement notices a leak.  Meanwhile Chris has brought some drug paraphernalia out along with her vibrator as she oddly masturbates to her parents making love.

Strange things are beginning to happen like Chris gets a client that is already being tortured by another…

While dan is engrossed with the leak in the basement… Dan’s Wife ignores Chris’s desperate call for help. Someone seems to be following Chris. I think what’s weird is the town seems somewhat desolate of people…

Starring Kris Desautels as Dan, Cyn Dulay as Chris, Claire Lanay as Rowena (as Claire Davenport), Jenny Sanchez as The Killer Woman, Max Da’Silva as The Blind Man, Salomón Carmona as The Boss, Spirit Phipps as The Hitchhiker, Bryan Turner as
Plumber, Chris Margetis as Detective 1, Bato Prostran as Detective 2, Franco Reins as The Doctor, Pat Germano as Rowena’s Client, Ruby Gonzalez as Pharmacist 1, Nancy Gonzalez as Nurse, Antonio Zúñiga as Pharmacist 2, Ivan Rodriguez as Upset Driver, Lori Ann Gerdisch as Mrs. Bennett, Veronica Balingit as Dan’s Mother, Julia Marcos as The Secretary, Ruth Terefe as
Woman in Coffee Shop, Jennifer Volium as
Dan’s Real Wife, Matt Vitiritti as Little Dan, Conan Simmons as Homeless Man, Marina Muzychenko as Dan’s Real Sister in Law, Penny Zurbrigg as Mom in Parking Lot, Giuliana Islas as Little Girl in Parking Lot (as Giuliana Ayala), Kashiram Patel as
Deli’s Owner.

Movies Galore takes a look at Scifi/Horror anthology “Hobo With A Trash Can” by Directors Mark Charles Adams, Tonja Atomic, Lloyd Emmons, Steven Grainger, Christopher Kahler, Kyle Leonard, Claire ‘Fluff’ Lewellyn, and Vincent Marshall from 2015!

Written by David Strege


So now My Galoreans I’m finally getting to some of the films I’ve been wanting to review some since forever but last year I’d come across this little micro budget and in the back of my mind thought I was going to pick up a copy then but lo and behold a couple of weeks ago finally bought a copy.

“Hobo With A Trashcan” from Bloody Brit Productions is just as goofy as the title suggests but as it’s an Anthology which is normally a collection of short films drawing normally from a theme or title story, director Christopher Kahler plays the main character Hobo of the main film where all these other films are connected with in a city in the segment  “Welcome To Retroville.”

So the film starts out with this animation not that unlike you would see in front of an arcade game people dancing to trippy out of this world weird music before it zeros in on a hobo pushing a shopping cart.

In “Welcome To Retroville” directed by Claire “Fluff” Llewellen a typical homeless man is searching through trashcans and scrounging for food but each item he comes across is connected in some way shape or form to the stories about to unfold…


The the segment “Frying Saucer” directed by Christopher Kahler the hobo is hit in the head with a frying pan and goes into what looks like an epileptic seizure but has a vision of a stay at home wife of a business man whom seems to have created a frying pan that works wonders made from you guessed it, outerspace…

In the segment “Grab Bag” directed by Steven Grainger, the hobo has another episode while some cops put a bag over his head as they’ve arrested him under suspicion of murder while in this vision a small midget man goes around feeding an unknown master that lives inside a grocery bag…

In the Segment “Condomdemned” directed by Lloyd Emmons and Kyle Leonard, the hobo picks up a dirty condom and has a vision of a kid in need of money who goes to a guy who gives him a camera to watch him go on a date with a girl named Crystal and film the whole thing only Crystal is dying to see him… and that he is just a patsy…

In the segment “The Apple That Bit Back” directed by Mark Charles Adams the hobo finds an apple in the cell he’s being kept in as he takes a bite has another vision… a couple of room mates with british accents are watching an action film and talking about fruit when apple decides to go on a killing spree…

In the segment “The Hungry Ghost” directed by Tonjia Atomic after touching some thrown away Chinese food the hobo has another vision of young man in a hoodie as he interrupts a crap game of poker that’s going on in a Chinese restaurant only heads will roll not dice…

And in the final segment “Dr. Hanger” directed by Vincent Marshall a girl goes in to have a back door abortion…

Now as I understand it each of these directors were pretty much given a buck to come up with an item then film around the item and fit it to the main storyline. I feel like the three strongest tales were “Grab Bag” , “The Apple That Bit Back” and ” The Hungry Ghost” there was absolutely some comedy portrayed in “The Apple That Bit Back” that is corny enough and weird enough it fits. My only problem with the anthology was a spot where the hobo (Chris) was in daylight when he supposedly had the vision when he was sleeping in the kept room he was in so was he dreaming he had a vision? I wasn’t sure but ithink they all just had fun putting this together on an almost no budget.

I think that filming together with other directors is also a way of therapy as the short film is hard to sometimes sell as a whole they are better equipped with ending up in an anthology such as this.  To me you cant go in expecting a million bucks just enjoy this for what it is a fun twisted way of looking for truth.  I certainly Recommend this film at least once in your life… and see if you can see aliens… enjoy!

Starring Marc Arturi as Elliot Goodfellow (segment “Frying Saucer”), Tonjia Atomic as Sad Ghost (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Don Ayers as Sandwich Eating Guy (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), James Baack as Men in Black 1 (segment “Frying Saucer”), Yuri Barcenas as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Jay Blyth as
Jay (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Tina Boivin as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Christina ‘Million’ Brown as Mad Ghost (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Troy Burnett as Dr. Hanger (segment “Dr. Hanger”), Ron Clark as Punk Man (segment “Grab Bag”), Anthony Cooney as Men in Black 2 (segment “Frying Saucer”), Amber Rose Cowles as Emmy Andrews (segment “Dr. Hanger”), Ed Critchley as Eddy (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Michael Crowley as Smug Ghost (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Joe DeBartolo as
Chief Bullock (segment “Frying Saucer”)(segment “Welcome to Retroville”), Kathryn DeChicio as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Catherine Dennis as
Rosie Cheeks (segment “Frying Saucer”), William Hawk Edwards as Diner patron (segment “Frying Saucer”), Jordan Emmons as “kid walking by” (segment “CondomDemned”), Michael Fritz as
Lefty (segment “Grab Bag”), Steve Galayda as Businessman (segment “Frying Saucer”), Adam Gibson as Black Anton (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Sandy Gulliver As Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), John Helfrich as
Ray (segment “Dr. Hanger”), Greg Johnson as Carlo (segment “Frying Saucer”), Christopher Kahler as Bo (segment “Welcome to Retroville”), Frank Kam as
Detective Harry Bent (segment “Welcome to Retroville”), Michael Katzenberger as
Bill (segment “Frying Saucer”), Keith Kelly as Diner patron (segment “Frying Saucer”), Brian Kinkade as Brian / Ted (segment “CondomDemned”), Lillian Lamour as Martha Glock (segment “Welcome to Retroville”)(segment “Frying Saucer”), Richmond Law as Head Ghost (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Josh Leonard as “J” Josh (segment “CondomDemned”), Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn as Mindy Goodfellow (segment “Frying Saucer”)(segment “Welcome to Retroville”), June Llewellyn as Mum (segment “Frying Saucer”), Shauna Marshall as Campaign Manager (segment “Dr. Hanger”), Kari Mayo as Miss Greiner (segment “Frying Saucer”), Janet Mayson as Norma (segment “Frying Saucer”), DC McAuliffe as Home Chef (segment “Frying Saucer”), Michael McCune as Businessman (segment “Frying Saucer”), John McDonnell as Fried food consumer (segment “Frying Saucer”), Crystal McElroy as Crystal (segment “CondomDemned”), Sarah L. Morgan as
Emergency services #2 (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Thom Oswald as
Al (segment “Frying Saucer”), Edwin Park as Waiter (segment “The Hungry Ghost”), Donovan J. ‘Chocobunny’ Poole as Black Man (segment “Grab Bag”), Steven Powell as Emergency services #1 (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Andy Rich as Officer Bobby Penn (segment “Welcome to Retroville”), Alexandra Roach as Diner patron (segment “Frying Saucer”), Mike Rocha as Evil Little Man (segment “Grab Bag”), Schätze as Stray alley dog (segment “Welcome To Retroville”), Cassandra Sechler as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Rob Sepulveda as Businessman (segment “Frying Saucer”), Phil Stephenson as Dr. Marks (segment “The Apple That Bit Back”), Joyce Swolley as
Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Kelli Tidmore as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”), Vivian Tolar as Little Girl (segment “Grab Bag”), Hannah Walker as
Diner patron (segment “Frying Saucer”), Beth Zurkowski as Housewife (segment “Frying Saucer”).

Movies Galore Interviews Emir Skolanja about his feature Films The Butcher, Flesh of my Flesh, The Plague and his newest Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute check it out!

Written by David Strege of Movies Galore Of Milwaukee an Interview with Director Emir Skolanja!


MGOM: First let’s begin with your name, where your from, and What were your inspirations for becoming a director of independent films?

ES: Thank you for this opportunity.My name is Emir Skalonja, I was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Europe) and I came over to USA when I was 13. I’m 29 now.

I read a lot; I grew up on Stephen King, and read him to this day. I also listen to a lot of Black Metal, bands such as Dark Fortress, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Marduk, Rotting Christ…I draw a lot of inspiration from the bleak and nihilistic lyrics from those bands. Also, with the crazy world we live in, and all the pain and suffering around us, it’s not really hard to draw inspiration, however morbid it may be.


I also look up to George Romero, Eli Roth, Robert Rodriguez, Sam Raimi…I like those guys. I like what they do and how they do it. You know, they are all budget filmmakers and damn they deliver a great product. You gotta love what they do. And they are good at it.

MGOM: Why did you choose horror? Or at least the genre your creating in Independent Film?

ES: I love getting a reaction from people. And horror is something I grew up with it. The first horror film I ever saw was A Nightmare on Elm Street. I like shocking people. I do a lot of gore and that’s an easy way to get people to react. When we screened The Butcher, we handed out barf bags hahaha

MGOM: What kind of challenges did you have in making “The Butcher”?

ES: The Butcher was a grand scale film, for me at least, and applying all effects and managing a cast of 3 extremely cold girls (it was 38 degrees in the warehouse) was a lot. But they were all great troopers and gave it their 100%, couldn’t be more proud. But yeah it was tough filming such elaborate gore scenes on a very tight schedule. My great effects and makeup friend Sean really did a great job building all props and making them pop on screen.


MGOM: “Flesh Of My Flesh”?

ES: Flesh of My Flesh was tough because of one thing…the end scene had eleven characters and we were on a farm in a middle of nowhere and it just started to rain. Managing everyone at once, trying to get them on the same page while keeping our eyes peeled to the sky for the rain was tough, but I look at it today, and can say it was extremely fun. We had a big fire built and everyone one was gathered around, in corpse paint and what not.

MGOM: “The Plague”?

ES: Weather, once again. When you are on a slim/tight budget, you are exposed to the elements of nature. We had 2 dozen zombies and we had one last shot to film and it started downpouring. A few guys rushed to my side and held a tarp over me and my equipment. That’s what I call teamwork and dedication.

MGOM: “Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute”?

ES: This one was pretty easy, it took place mostly indoors. The cast and crew were all great, everyone was on the ball and ready to roll. I am fortunate to be surrounded by great and dedicated people on all the sets, on all my films. My wife keeps me in check and is great to work with. She is in a lot of my stuff, except this one. I’m good friends with most of the people in my film and always become friends with newer cast I meet.

MGOM:  Did you have a favorite scene or shot you remember that you can share from “The Butcher”?

ES: Oh man, The Butcher was the placenta scene. I won’t give away too much, but man, we filmed itand were like, “Can’t wait to see what people say to this.” The scene involved a coat hanger, a newly pregnant girl…you can do the math hahaha.


MGOM: “Flesh of My Flesh”?

ES: For Flesh of My Flesh, definitely the end. I did the film in black and white and the last scene took place in a clearing in the woods. Had many people as cult members, gathered around the fire. The colors and everything looked perfect and really captured the mood of the film.

MGOM: “The Plague”?

ES: The Plague, my favorite scene is when two characters, brother and sister are surrounded by the zombies and they have to fight through. It was just great, took couple of tries because I had like ten or so zombies at once, plus I got to direct my wife in hand to hand combat…turned out great, I think. “Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute”?If I say, it would be a huge spoiler, but part of this scene is…on the poster of the film so beautifully created by my distributor, Daniel Koehnen.

MGOM: Where did you happen to film “The Butcher”?

ES: The Butcher was filmed all over the place. My wife’s cousin’s bar, a warehouse, my friend’s Sean’s house (again he is the wizard behind the gore) etc.

MGOM: “Flesh of My Flesh”?

ES: Rochester, Buffalo, um…somewhere in between Rochester and Buffalo, NY, on a farm. The owner was amazing. Told him what I wanted to do, he said to knock myself out, and have fun. Hahaha I meet a lot of great people on my journey.


MGOM: “The Plague”?

ES: This is a fun one. The Plague was filmed on a historical site of one of the biggest toxic dumps in Eastern USA. Love Canal, Niagara Falls, NY. Google the whole story, but the short version of what happened here was, in 1940, this little town became a dumping ground for chemicals, and people weren’t told about it. Years later, 70s and 80s, all this crap started oozing through people’s walls and stuff and people started getting super sick…I mean hospitals loaded, people dying, terrible side effects and what not. Well in early 90s the entire place was razed to the ground and very little remains but you can see old sidewalks and driveways…streets overgrown, no trespassing signs…the whole nine. Loved filming here. Cops didn’t even care hahaha.

MGOM: “Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute”?

ES: We were fortunate to acquire a house for free, Sean is great at finding new places to film. It had the look of a poor prostitute’s house. I was like, perfect, this is it.

MGOM: Who were your make up artists for “The Butcher”,”Flesh of My Flesh”, “The Plague”, and your newest “Confessions of A Homicidal Prostitute”? And how were your relationships with them during any of these productions?

ES: Sean Saramak is my all makeup and practical effects guy. He does most of it, I only do zombie makeup with him. He’s great because he does such a great job, so I can just focus on crafting my shots. Our relationship is great, though…seriously, we feed ideas to each other and we come up with some sick, sick and twisted stuff. I asked him the other day if he would think a masturbation scene with a crucifix is too much, he goes, “Nah, let’s do it.” Hahaha so yeah, keep that in mind, we have a sick short film coming out in March.

MGOM: How do you think your characters or effects turned out after production for “The Butcher” andor “Flesh of My Flesh”?

ES: The Butcher was more effects driven than Flesh of My Flesh, as Flesh was more of a drama, psychological horror (I know surprise). I thought The Butcher effects were good, but could have
used a little more tightening. Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute is where these great effects shine, in my opinion.


MGOM: “The Plague” and or “Confessions of A Homicidal Prostitute?

ES: The Plague was mainly zombie makeup, but we had a very juicy gut eating scene and a head stomp. The Plague was also the first time we used digital effects for fire, smoke and city scape destruction, as well as blood splatter, courtesy of my friend Sarah Poley. She did a great job doing digital effects.

MGOM: Did you have any problems casting for any of these four features of yours? And how was your relationship with your casts and the rest of your crew or crews for “The Butcher” and or “Flesh of My Flesh”?

ES: I am great friends with all the people (well most of them). Main girl in The Butcher was Sean’s sister, Meghan…it was odd because, you know, brother, sister…and in the film, they go on a date. Sean played the Butcher hahaha. But yeah, all great people. Yet, you know, with indie, it’s tough. A lot of people work on volunteer basis, because they love what they do, you know. I had several times where I had to recast two or three days before because something came up. But everything works out in the end. I have people who remind me of that!

MGOM: “The Plague” and or “Confessions of A Homicidal Prostitute”?

ES: The Plague was tough. I had my wife in mind from the beginning, but getting zombies was a chore. People drop in and drop out. If twenty say they are coming tomorrow, eleven show up. Then you gotta work with that. But that’s ok, it was a good turnout. Even rest of the cast was great. My good friend Devon and her boyfriend Josh were great as these oddball psychotic killers for hire who find themselves in the middle of a zombie outbreak. My friend Rich played my wife’s brother in the film and their chemistry was amazing. I just tell my wife if she needs to get mad on film, just to think of how annoying I am to her hahaha. Flesh of My Flesh was the first time I worked with people younger than 18. I worked with 2 girls, Michelina, who had a lead role, and Kira, her co star. Michelina is 17 (then 16) and Kira was 15. Great girls, lots of fun filming with them. Very easy to work with.

MGOM: Is there anything else that you’d like to ad? If you have some possible new film in development why don’t you tell us a little about it? If not will we see more of your talent?

ES: I am all over the place. I was fortunate enough to meet some new friends, who live in UK and GERMANY. I met Matt Freckingham on the book of face and this great guy who is a filmmaker himself and all about gore, introduced me to Daniel Koehnen who is re distributing all my films. See, my films used to be through Legless Corpse Films, but are being re distributed one by one by Underground Gorellector Films, owned by Daniel Koehnen from Germany. Great guys, seriously. But yeah, The Plague is available again first week of March and Confessions of a Homicidal Prostitute last week of March/first week of April. We have a twisted short film coming out middle of March called Ave Satanas…keep and eye on this one. Also I will be collaborating with Matt Freckingham from UK, on a film that he began writing not that long ago, and also collaborating with author T.J. Weeks on adaptation of his book Horror Squad. For all the indie and budget filmmakers, keep grinding and doing what you love. Someone is always watching. These are some of the most accepting and greatest people I ever met. Thanks so much for this opportunity to share my work with you!

MGOM: Well Mr. Emir Skolanja we thank you so much for your time and for letting me dig deep inside your wicked independent mind!

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Emir Skolanja’s “Confessions Of A Homicidal Prostitute

Written by David Strege


Brought to us once again by Director Emir Skolanja of Fox Trot Productions and Producer Sean Patrick Saramak as well as another film that will come out with Daniel Koehnen’s Underground Gorellector Films Soft Case Dvd Edition in the next coming months…


So a prostitute played by Kay Baun has an abusive pimp and a fucked up life of giving men her body, so she sits down and tells all as we are taken on journey of retrospective of how this young women is turned into a sadistic killer.

First we see an amount of what kind of relationship she has with her pimp when she doesn’t come back with money he beats her continuously… after a thorough beating one day she snaps and kills a customer, ripps his insides out, proceeds to eat a bit of his intestines then wears his face skin as she goes after her pimp next… and so on and so on…


This is definitely a revenge/torture kind of gore I can see that Kay Baun is really getting into her role.  As she goes from electric screwdrivers to saw blades on her intended victims…in a sence she becomes the first female killer driller…

Though the telling of this film is slow I think and feel it works for this prostitutes’ tale.  I think it takes some balls to say everything like what you did was actually just a normal everyday life.  I actually think the best scene is the last victim where I think and feel shows her most psychotic side as you can personally feel that she’s truly flipped her lid.


I feel this has a place out there I’m sure there are so many women that have lead this kind of life and wanted to take and try to get out of said life by taking out all the pimps and tricks in their lives…

I enjoyed it for what it is and hope you all enjoy it when it comes out! I’d recommend it.

“We’ll teach them, We’ll teach them the right way to treat women.”

Starring Kay Baun as Homicidal Prostitute, Krystal Shenk, Kara Rollins, Adam S. Litton , Michael Balch as Pimp, Rob Mattison, Al “Fattie King” Baker as Customer, Joe LaMattina

Movies Galore of Milwaukee takes a look at Director Emir Skolanj’s feature “The Plague” from 2016

Written by David Strege


Fox Trot productions Director Emir Skolanja brings us another film originally distributed with Legless Corpse Films and as well will be distributed with Daniel Koehnen’s Underground Gorellector Film’s DVD Softbase Editions of The Plague, Flesh of My Flesh, The Butcher and Emir’s Newest film “Confessions of A Homicidal Prostitute.”


Using the help of visual aides such as pictures and hazmat suits as well as a clip from a protest about danger to Children from environmentalists the film takes place in Love Canal, Naigra Falls, NY.

A couple Jill (Metzger) and Jack (MacDonald) are practicing shooting having a blast teaching one another… next a grownup brother Tom (Ruiz) and sister Becky ( Nicole Skolanja) have a meal together chatting about their love lives…


There’s also a religious zealot (Snug) reading I believe from revelations whence we first see him… there is also a random Mercenary Søldier  off killing Zombies as they carry their detached organs roaming around… running into Jill and Jack as they run from the undead victim of theirs returned from the dead somehow they meet up with Becky and Tom in an endgame with the political babbling Religious Zealot which I believe?  Brought out Emir’s political beliefs without saying whose side he’s on truthfully.  There was a lot of hate going on both sides this last election so I believe The Plague is part political statement part Zombie film but also a chance to watch the wife play a role :).


Did I enjoy the film? I think it had its moments.  The make up was great the action was kind of slow on the pick up and there were long moments but I see the kind of film Emir created.  I think for a long time people believe there will be something like this in the end… Ali did and I didn’t I’m on the fence I did enjoy the viewing of it.

I think his strongest Character was Becky though she was pretty fearsome with her Knife.

I wonder will you visit Love Canal, Naigra Falls, NY anytime soon? I do recommend more action in the Sequel Emir. Enjoy! Reguardless I think Emir as a film maker is growing in talent.

Starring Kay Baun as Zombie, Kailyn Burke as Zombie, Greg Hinaman as Zombie, Fattie King as Zombie, Adam Litton as
Mercenary Soldier, Rob Mattison as Zombie, Joshua McDonald as Jack, Devon Metzger as Jill, Lori Dolan Meyer as Zombie, David Michael Monk as Zombie, Mary Monk as Zombie, Cecily Rodriguez as
Zombie, Rich Ruiz as Tom, Krystal Shenk as Zombie, Nicole Skalonja as Becky, Jason Snug as Religious Zealot.