There’s something Rotten in Aaron Carters “Dead Kansas” 2013 Apocalyptic thriller Movies Galore says…

Written by David Strege

So it’s not often Movies Galore gets requests to do reviews but I’m happy to supply an opinion if I can.

Dead Kansas it turns out was originally a five part web series but the director turned it into a feature film and well here’s my thoughts…

Glenn and his daughter Emma have just killed what they call a Rotten somewhere in Kansas, meanwhile Jebediah and his Posse Zeke and are rounding up and restless as Emma and Sally are the only females in camp…

In Act 2, Emma comes up out of her shelter and ends up having a scuffle with a rotten. I think I like the idea that they are being called a Rotten instead of a zombie and everytime a rotten is around you know because it’s in black and white then it goes back to color.  meanwhile Jebediah thinks that Glenn left them and the rest of the camp to the rotten by locking them out.

Emma is then seen driving a pickup into town to get her father to a hospital.  a band of misfits that seem to be part of a carnival in fact I believe the little guy in the top hat is or was in American Horror Story:Freakshow as Meep and Infantata. As well as Irwin Keyes who plays the Giant whose played in many recurring roles including a role on The Jeffersons whom is now deceased as of July 8th 2015 R.I.P.

After Jebediah in the end of act 2 continues to fuel his mistrust of Glenn being behind the bad things happening in Act 3 we see Emma continue on her journey to find Dr. Emerson to help her pa. Played by a different actress this time Emma is walking along side a young African American named Skinny as they talk about their different experiences him saying it hit the women first as they both got attacked by the Rottens.

Now Jebediah and his goons are still after Emma and Glenn and have found out her location thinking Glenn was among them but not before the good doctor was about to tell Emma a key ingredient to a cure was with his trusty servant Rusty played by the same actor who played Zeke in the first act.

After the kidnapping of Emma, Rusty, Skinny, and Dr. Emerson awaken feeling like they were that close to a cure while back in camp Emma is caged in her underwear to the watchful eye of Jebediah.

Rusty kind of reminds me of Kernel Sanders a bit and skinner reminds me of the faun in The Chronicles of Narnia but with hatchet and pitchfork in hand they hatch a plan with a man from the camp as he lets out the So called Rottens as a decoy as Rusty and Skinner Resue Emma From the cage…

Act 5 begins with a dream of Emma’s Father meeting her down the road cured and well…  And apparently this is a recap on a little about how Jebediah and Glenn were before the Rottens took over…

Ultimately I think this was supposed to be a longer series and take off more than it did but sadly it just became a feature film but there is some great indie actors we see as well as some seasoned actors that we saw in bigger and greater parts either way earlier or later like Squeak as Meek in American Horror Story: Freakshow.

If you’re in for a tale with freaks and Rottens your in for some definite comedy as well with some of the characters being a bit corny along with Jebediahs obsession with Glenn and his family before and after the infestation.

Bon appetite!

Starring Irwin Keyes as Giant, Ben Woolf as Squeak, Juliette Danielle as Rebecca, Erin Miracle as Emma, Alexandria Lightford as Emma, Aaron Guerrero as
Glenn, Michael Camp as Jebediah, Kevin C. Beardsley as Zeke and Rusty, Joe McQueen as Skinny, Anthony Della Catena as Leo, Adam Ledezma as Adam, Juan Martinez as
Ramone, Jose Blackman Jr. as Tiger, Darryl Dick as Doctor Emerson, Jorge Barba as Posse, Theo Boyle as Posse, Argel Cota
Posse as Marc Easter as Posse, David Senescu as Posse, Michael Senescu as Posse, Jay Olsen as Freak, Keisuke Akizawa as Freak, Jacob Lightford as Freak, Joshua Lightford as Freak, Juan Alcazar as Posse, Cal Alexander as Posse, Ed Callahan as
Pool Player, Aaron K. Carter as Bar Patron, Romeo De Lan as Leo (as Anthony Della Catena), Norman Hayes as Posse, Laurence Jonathan as Posse, Kwas as Bartender, Madison Mendez as Young Emma, Paul Menegay as Posse, Steve Mittleider as Posse, Chris Morris as Posse, Renee Mullins as Bar Patron, Diego Navarro as Posse, Melissa Nazarian as Bar Patron, Brittany Pastor as Dart Thrower, Denise Johns Rayl as Busty Bar Patron, Benjamin-Jack Smith as Posse (as Ben Smith), Jose Torres-Estrella as Posse, Amanda Valles
as Bar Patron, Bryan Matthew Ward as Posse, Laura E. White as Bar Patron.

Now Movies Galore takes a small trip back to Brazil for Joel Caetanos 2013 film “Encosto” aka “Black Magic Spell”

Written by David Strege


So what led me to this director? None other than the Brazilian anthology As Fabulas Negras aka The Black Fables for his segment “Blood Bond.” Which won three awards in 70 festivals and twenty countries.

Produced by his own company RZP Films along with working with Rodrigo Aragio on Effects Caetano plays a man apparently infatuated with witchcraft and the dark arts.


After performing some kind of ritual this man wide eyed gets startled as if someone is watching him. The man runs outside all the while paranoid looking behind him as if something is following him.


No matter where he goes though he isn’t safe… What kind of evil did he conjure up?

for 7 minutes this entertained me though I wish there might of been some talking I don’t think now that it’s needed. It was very quick and to the point and to make the man into the demony shadowish type creature was pretty cool. Great job to the special effects and how demonic you looked Joel way to go!

i recommend for all horror fans to check this out was a pleasure.

Starring Joel Caetano.

Movies Galore now goes Local and takes a look at local film director Michael Viers “Love You Still” from 2013

Written by David Strege


To be honest I’m still fairly new to the short film scene but from what I’ve seen of it all I’m loving every minute of it.

Last year or summer Milwaukee Movie Talks Chris House and Stephen Milek invited me along to two of the local festivals.

It was at Ross Bigleys annual Short Film Festival that I first met this young inspiring director briefly… But it was later at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams festival that I saw his film From The Darkness Theatre and as well as having him as a host during the program with his visual presence among other things…

After From the Darkness Theater he aspired to direct this short film in 2013 with Milwaukee Film and Collaborative Cinema.


A fisherman is out in a great expanse of water he is sad pulls into what looks like an island coast after not catching anything.

As he walks pulls in we notice the name Alice on his boat as he walks to his apparent present home he begins to remember a life in another time and a woman he used to love…

i think I enjoyed the simplicity of this film for this speaks of another loss one that time never seems to fail to remind some of us. The loss of time. Some time we can get so busy with moving up with our careers the we forget the simple acts of our loved ones that tend to be ignored or forgotten over time.

you could see this man was heartbroken by the time that was lost.

i recommend you see this film if you haven’t. I’ll let the next viewer decide whether they like it or not. Enjoy!

Starring Amanda J. Hull as Alice, Simon Jon Provan as Young John, Rick Richter

Movies Galore takes a look at “A Dubious Night” director Nelson Tony Oliveras 2014 his second short film”Loss”

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Milwaukee director Nelson Oliveras with T.O. Media Films from 2014 this is his second film as Once an Afternoon was his first .

Everyone has had to deal with the loss of somebody close but nothing compares to the loss of owns own child and the greif that comes afterwards.  How do we deal with it.  How can we move on. How can we forgive…


We see Tom sitting on a river bank deeply thinking… As the film starts.  Tom keeps having flashbacks of what we don’t know but we slowly learn that his wife Sally was either texting or talking on the phone, son Gabriel in the car, son in a coma then told that son died due to too much brain trauma.

All of this was being told to a pschiatrist as to how things were going at home.  Ultimately I think this has two morals one that you don’t text and drive and two no matter how you try to help someone sometimes the bad ends up happening reguardless the advice being given.

As Far as the acting goes I’m not a director but if I was any kind of a husband? When my wife was sitting there rocking away I’d of been a bit more conscious of how she’s feeling but then again death makes people do funny things. Also as to the journey of grief a father goes through even as far as falling off the wagon into drugs…


Did I enjoy this film? It was kind of sad it was relatively a decent look at the pain of loosing… Loosing someone so precious and innocent. I think this is a prime example of what one could go through…

I will let the viewer decide though enjoy!

Starring William Cairns as Tom, Ricardo de Herrera as Psychiatrist, Daniel Hass as Josh, Elizabeth Havican as Sally.

Movies Galore take a look at “Loss” and “A Dubious Night” director Nelson Oliveras’ first film “Once an Afternoon” from 2013.”

Written by David Strege


I first met Tony at the Milwaukee Short Film Festival for his A Dubious Night Short Film. Turns out he knows my Aunt and so did the writer Mark.

Being as this was his first film Nelson Oliveras a local Milwaukee film maker teamed his T.O. Media with Psycho Boots Productions as well as 2 Much Movement Studios to film this 2013 film.

But I wouldn’t be doing him justice if I didn’t review his previous efforts as well.

As the film begins we see two men one driving one riding all dressed in black.

The older man and younger are talking back and forth about a job we find out the older mans name is Bill, younger man Ryan they arrive at a destination.

They are Associates for an apparent mob. What these two men do not know is the woman named Ellie they are about to meet is not what they expect not what they can handle…


Again this wasn’t what I originally expected the outcome of the film. The film starts out with a convoluted conversation between a hit man and his underling protege. Then turns out to have more mystery. I personally want to see more of this is the future.

I will also remember the eyes of the one lead goon I know he wasn’t wearing any glowing contacts or anything of this nature but they were very distinct.

Well done!

I’ll leave it up to the viewer to decide whether they enjoy this roughly about 11 minute short. Enjoy!

Starring Allison Chicorel as Ellie, Daniel Hass as Ryan, Matthew Nichols as Bill Jayden Erdem as Toby, Jezse Galan as Under Boss, Luis Matos as Goon.

Movies Galore Stops in at “Papa Primo’s Apocalyptic Pizza” a short film directed by Bill Robertson from 2016!

Written By David Strege


You know this is why I started enjoying short films you never know what your going to expect but I have a tasty little treat for you from Cygnafilms Bill Robertson from 2016.


So basically the title says what in the film but I’ll give ya a synopsis.

Papa Primo is preparing a pizza when he gets a phone order and drops his dough… in walks a stammering hooded figure while a skinny young man looking like Melvin the Mop Boy, runs by outside away from some undead zombies only looking for dinner.

You can see the comedy start to be portrayed half way in and as its a short film I could see it as being a snippet to a larger film based around characters dealing with or around the pizza parlor.

I also like the Italian music flair of music behind the film.  Gives it an old fashioned sense of clarity than if you put punk music or rock.  So ultimately I liked it in the end and want to see more.

I’ll leave that up to you the viewer and hope that others enjoy it too enjoy!

Hello is this pick up or delivery…

Starring Andrew Confair as Papa Primo, Kevin Lepka as Dennis The Delivery Boy, Scott Geiter as The Doomed Figure, Richard Lawson as The Bearded Zombie, Chris Beacon as the Bald Zombie, Nathan Maldonado as the Security Guard, Zina Michelle Martin as the Blonde.

Movies Galore Takes a look at Ian Kane’s new Dreamflight Entertainment Short film ‘The Visitor’ 2016

Written By David Strege

Bright to us by Ian Kane of Dreamflight Entertainment that brought us Shades of Rememberance is this delightfully creepy short film from 2016.

We begin in a dark parking lot as a young woman Hanna is arriving home.  As she comes in the door of what appears to her apartment we hear her speaking to a freind of some recent disappearances and that she will be careful…

She doesn’t know that something has been waiting for her in the the dark…

Seeing as how it’s two actors involved with this film shows that you don’t need alot of cast members to film a movie.  I enjoyed how in the dark you could see the camera pan like it was an automatic pan not shaky hand pan as well as the dream-like view you have of the supposed entity’S vision. In reality it does make you think twice about going to bed…

I’ll leave it up to the viewer to decide though on weather you enjoy this film it’s not up to me to tell you to like a film or dislike enjoy!

Starring Sara Hedgren as Hanna, Ian Kane as The Entity.

Movies Galore Takes A Look At Rodrigo Aragao’s Mud Zombie Independant Splatterfest “Mangue Negro” from 2008!

Written by David StregeMangue NegroFilmed in Brazil in 2008 directed by one of the Directors of Brazil’s favorite Anthology called The Black Fables aka As Fabulas Negros, the film opens with a couple of locals boating down a stretch of water, the old man is babbling on about how the waters used to be teaming with life, and his companion looking bored shit, since he’s heard these stories a hundred times.

Mangue Negro6.png

We then switch to a burly crab hunter, plodding through the mud trying to find the last evasively elusive crabs. He also manages to come across a dead, rotting body. Which is great. Next we’re introduced to Luis, one of the main characters in the movie, the other being  Raquel the local Beauty or la Belle of the area, which our boy Luis has a crush on. Rachel lives with her invalid parents in a small wooden shack, her mom is bed ridden, and her dad is in a wheelchair.

Mangue Negro2.png

The local crab Merchant, whom found the dead body earlier, visits Rachel’s dad to get his new stash it is then we find ouit that the crab hunter is actually Rachel’s brother. Unfortunately, Raquel’s brother has, not only just lost a stash of crabs, but met some local undead villagers.

Mangue Negro8

Rachel’s brother, scratched and mauled to pieces, ends up at Luis’ place where he talks about being attacked by dead people. He then, dies and becomes the first undead zombie  that we see, and let me tell you, he’s not the slow lumbering zombie of old Night of the Living Dead, no, he’s an aggressive big fucker who rips his way through a door with his bare hands.

mangue Negro9

The two local fishermen that we met first, have  a run in with zombies and the old man with the same stories, ends up meeting up with Luis and Rachel and the trio have to try and escape their zombie ridden swamp but Rachel wont Leave without her parents even though she is quite warned to leave by all.

The acting isn’t  Oscar winning, but I couldn’t give a rats ass about that, the story is great, the effects are excellent for this being a cheap movie from Brazil and there’s no CGI! Ultimately the effects range from aging makeup, Which I’m quite sure the two elderly women in the film are or were probably played by men, through to the obvious zombie makeup, but there’s also some nice animatronic zombie stuff, a zombie who seems to be controlled puppet-likearring, and even a touch of good old stop-motion animation! Very Cool!

Mangue Negro7.png

I enjoyed this film and recommend for all horror film fans!

Starring Ricardo Araujo as Valde, Marcelo Castenheira as a Mud Zombie, Walderrama Dos Santos as Luis da Machadinha, Markus Konka as Agenor dos Santos, Andre Lobo as Dona Benedita, Antonio Lamego as Antonio, Kika Oliveira as Raquel(as Kika de Oliveira), Mauricio Ribeiro as Don Alba, Reginaldo Secunda as Batista, Julio Tigre (as Julio Tigre)











Movies Galore takes a look at forgotten bizarre animation ‘Marquis’ from 1989 take a look…

Written by David Strege

What is interesting about this french 1989 animation is the person behind which the film is about.  The famously imprisoned Marquis de Sade.

Directed by Henri Xhonneux filmed in Belgum, France with the animation help of Roland Topor who’d previously brought to us in 1973 his work on le Planete Sauvage known to us in english as The Fantastic Planet, this film is basically based on the writings of the imprisoned Marquis de Sade while imprisoned in the Bastille Castle Dungeons.

In real life he spent fifteen years in the Bastille.  But here he is a dog.  His jailer a mole.  Imprisoned for defecating on a cross the Marquis was even further imprisoned and accuser of raping Justine a cow.  Many of the French guards look like roosters.  As this is before the French Revolution it’s almost funny because roosters prance and so did french royals of the times.

In any case the Marquis has a peculiar relationshionship with his penis throughout the whole film which has a face and a name, Colin.  When he isn’t whining of not being satisfied he is telling the Marquis stories of which he has written down.

What is suggested is that the Marquis de Sade was imprisoned wrongfully to cover up the King of France being the father of Justine’S Child.  Don Pompero a man of the church and High esteem as well as Gaetan de Preaubois the one in charge of the Marquis sentencing as they both discover the ribald erotic etchings of the Marquis and quickly disperses them under the pseudonym Sade.

The tagine used in the US release was “a bizarre tale of sex, lust and the French revolution.  I think that this film is well over looked as an artistic film of sorts as I believe there are parts of it that mock the people of the times as well as imitates the progressive change France was undergoing.  Not just in the monarchy but in the thoughts and erotica writings of a man they seem to enjoy throwing back in prison time after time again.

 It’s no wonder he had so many repressed urges.  From his mole jailer who just wanted to to be anal raped by Colin.  To Justine the cow who got caught up in the blackmail scheme and her unabashadly falling in love with the Marquis through his sadistic erotic writing.

This was absolutely not an animation for children as it borders on exploitation and sexploitation.  But I believe it totally deserves a mention especially since there is a huge connection to Fantastic Planet the animator behind that classic can be so dirty minded.

I enjoyed this weird vibe tale of macabre derived from the writingsame of an obviously perverse person in nature.

I also think the costumes the men and women behind the costumes were pretty unique as even t h ought they strangely resembled animals and like I’ve said before almost mock the individual they were imitating I believe they created a world of democratically libertarian society.  As well as the story of Juliette de Titane and her uprising of Revelusionaries…

I recommend this film to be at least seen to believe it it’s no joke and enjoy!

Soon people are wondering whom this Sade is for the writings have become popular.  I have to say this was the most bizarre animation I’ve come across.

Starring Francois Marthouret as Marquis (voice), Valerie Kling as Colin (voice), Michel Robin as Amber (voice), Isabelle Wolfe as Justine (voice)(as Isabelle Canet-Wolfe), Vicky Messiah as Don Pompeo (voice), Nathalie Juvet as Juliette (voice), Rene Lebrun as Gaetan de Preaubois/ Bernardin (voice), Bob Morel aS Pigonou (voice), Roger Crouzet as Lupino (voice), Willem Holtrop Willem (voice), Eric De Sarria as Jaco (voice), Henri Rubinstein as Orleans (voice), Peter Fischer as Poulets (voice), Hans Mauli as Poulets (voice), Jacques Bouanich as Poulets (voice), Jean-Daniel Boucry as Poulets (voice), Philippe Dumond as Clients (voice), Serge Blumental as Clients (voice), Philippe Bizot as Marquis/ Willem, Bien de Moor as Justine/ Juliette Gabrielle van Damme Ambert/ Bernardin, Olivier Dechaveau as Don Pompero/ Lupino, Bernard Cogniaux as Gaetan de Preaubois/ Orleans, Pierre Decuypere as Pigonou/ Jacquot.

Movies Galore Takes a look at short film “Here Lies Joe” directed by Mark Battle for 2016

Written by David Strege



Directed by Mark Battle from 2016 this short film from Sweven Films.
The first thing I felt about the story this tells is this has a girl, interrupted crazy type feel to it having been a mental patient before myself there is certainly that special kind of crazy that inadvertantly seems to exert itself every once in awhile…
Meet Joe.  Average.  Older.  About to suffocate himself… in his car as the film begins… Carbon Monoxide poisoning… or is he…
Meet Z the ultimately disrespectful obnoxiously and poetically spontaneous suicidal who thinks shes ugly in a beautiful world…
Meet Carol who tried to kill herself with multivitamins…
Meet Bill suicide chair leader for today…
I think that this film shines a ray of hope for those with thoughts of suicide as there are often darker thoughts that come with the depression…
Often unliked, pressured by a society always trying to be right… loneliness is man’s curse but can also be ones drive to be succesful.
I liked this film not only because of its Moral subject matter but because it reminds me of how human we really are.
I recommend to see this film if you can it’s inspiring…
Starring Dean Temple as Joe, Andi Morrow as Z, Timothy J. Cox as Bill, Mary Hronicek as Carol, J. P. Valenti as Terry, Kristie Stumpf Rork as Suicide Anonymous Group Member.