Movies Galore takes a look at director Ross Bigley’s Short film “Doris Gives Good Therapy” from 2009!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Dirty Jobs Films director Ross Bigley from Milwaukee this short film is Comical in the awkardness as it was an official film selection at the Wildwood Film Festival.


When your going in to a therapy appointment your going there to get help on explains the problems you have and possibly some guidance on things you could do differently… you certainly don’t expect your therapist to talk back nor belittle you with his or her issues but that is exactly what Dora does to this man…

I think the actors in here definitely played their parts… Libby Amato I’d certainly love to have seen her play this character in a larger role… Thing is it was very unprofessional lol… as far as Dan Katula I don’t think he could have pulled the unsuspecting client any better than he could have certainly worth a one time watch in a WTF moment that’s for sure.

I enjoyed this film even though it was shorter than I anticipated well done Ross!

Starring Libby Amato as Doris, Dan Katula as Man.

Movies Galore takes a look at director’s Vincent Maslowski’s short film “The Wonderfuls” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Written and directed by Vincent Maslowski for a UWM film class from the Milwaukee area this tells the story of threee characters that are evidently keeping a girl locked up inside a box in a house of her own as they apparently are these weird Musicians who have created an album of three songs.


What I find interesting about this short film that it has some animation to the film as well as a concept that everyone’s world is being watched or is inside another box… and sometimes you can kill the only entertainment around when your stuck inside a home with only one other person.  I think this film is unique and an oddball humor of sorts with Rank/bass like animation but I think it comes into its own and should be sought out to see… a little bit of puppetry as well I believe… I enjoyed it but it is as I said odd and very strange. Enjoy!

Starring Eric Braun as Xylophone Man, Cory O’Brien as Girl, John Toth as Guitar Man.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director’s Skip Shea and Mike Messiers short film “The Actor” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Skip Shea and Mike Messiers this short film “The Actor” from 2013 stars David Graziano as an actor from New York that comes and sits in an empty theater and muses about his mistakes… his life choices and his regrets…

He speaks of his love Christina whom at one time he’d loved her but his ambition got the best of him…


I think I like this film not only because it shows that this actor can realize where he went wrong but also because it shows somewhat of a hauntedness that I think all actors and actresses can relate to…

I think it also helps that I’ve seen David in another film that was later and I think he does a decent job as an actor.  I believe the film might of been called “Delusion” which eventially got picked up by Epoch Cinema.

For the short film Enthusiasts I certainly recommend this film you can find it easily on YouTube definitely seek the film out it was enjoyable…

Starring David Graziano as The Actor, Christine Perla as Christina, Diana Porter as The Coach.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Ridley Scott’s feature “Alien: Covenant” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


So I now take a look at Director Ridley Scott’s New Kane vs. Able against the Aliens film Alien: Covenant with 20th Century Fox with Scott Free/Brandywine Productions for 2017….

Alien from 1979 was his first venture into this universe of his Aliens that created a phenomenon originally with actress Sigourney Weaver.  Then in 2012 he re-enters this world with Prometheus where Critics raved about it but afterwards fans started to see stiff reactions and acting when they should have reacted differently but a very unique idea spawned forth that humans were actually Evolved from Aliens.


Now in Alien: Covenant we see David (Fassbender) an android created by Peter Wayland (Pierce) as they discuss his creation almost as father and son but the relationship is certainly stiff as most scientists in films that create something almost human tend to think of them as something that can be controlled.


We are then taken out to space as we are introduced to a passenger and cargo ship called Covenant where over 2,000 passengers carrying embryos of every spiecies from earth are on their way to a paradise planet already mapped out to them.  The ship is pretty much being looked after by Walter (Fassbender) another android and the ships computer when a nebula of storms is reported and an energy serge swipes through the ship disrupting the crew that lay in hyperspace tubes and killing a few in the process.

Daniels (Waterston) right off the bat looses her partner Branson (Franco) as he’s blown up in his hyper sleep tube.  Oram (Crudup) tries to retain some order as captain and nearby the ships computer “Mother” finds a habitable Planet as they are fixing their ship and they hear a distress call with coordinates leading to this planet.


Once setting a course to check the planet out with warnings from Daniels and down on the planets surface, the crew begins getting attacked by what looks like a fast acting disease which basically produces baby Alien creatures that evolve  rapidly and eat to evolve it seems… Not only that but the Android David from the previous film is their host on this planet and when it’s found out that David is in league with these creatures it’s not only a battle of Wit against humanity but also against the Aliens waiting for their leader… by using hosts…

I think that the acting in this film was definitely by far better than the acting that was done in Prometheus.  But there was a moment where Daniels was dangling off of a craft I could definitely tell was a CGI background.  The films Aliens were a little unique as they were somewhat translucent in evolvement but I seem to remember that they were bigger than they seemed here. Maybe they were just not fully grown that’s it….


I also think it helps that there weren’t that many actors involved I noticed only 26 which normally on a bigger film in a horror film from a mainstream franchise uses a hell of a lot more actors and actresses…. I miss the creature effects extremely though.

T think that a Michael Fassbender is the reason why I enjoy the film the most playing two different sides of a coin though David seems more laid back and human there’s a dark side to his nature that is quite narcissistic and being so feels he is above reproach which ultimately we see in the end…

Ultimately I Enjoyed this new addition to the Prometheus world in the Alien Franchise my favorite line being “eventually even monkeys learned to stand erect!”

I recommend this film to horror enthusiasts but often wonder if fandom gets in the way of enjoyment to this franchise and have they run its coarse?


Starring Michael Fassbender as David / Walter, Katherine Waterston as Daniels, Billy Crudup as Oram, Danny McBride as
Tennessee, Demián Bichir as Lope (as Demian Bichir), Carmen Ejogo as Karine, Jussie Smollett as Ricks, Callie Hernandez as Upworth, Amy Seimetz as Faris, Nathaniel Dean as Hallett, Alexander England as Ankor, Benjamin Rigby as
Ledward, Uli Latukefu as Cole, Tess Haubrich as Rosenthal, Lorelei King as
Voice of ‘Mother’ (voice), Goran D. Kleut as
Xenomorph / Neomorph, Andrew Crawford as Neomorph, Javier Botet as
Xenomorph (uncredited), Steve Doyle as
Engineer (uncredited), James Franco as
Branson (uncredited), Juke Hardy as Engineer (uncredited), Scott James as
Engineer (uncredited), Billy Mansell as
Engineer (uncredited), Guy Pearce as
Peter Weyland (uncredited), Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (uncredited), Benjamin Taylor as
Engineer (uncredited).

Movies Galore takes a look at director Tiziano Cella’s feature “Subject 0: Shattered Dreams” from 2015!


Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Media Dab Director Tiziano Cella and Distributed by SGL Entertainment on his first feature directorial debut into a lengthy feature from short films…

So the film begins as elevator Concertino music plays through a voyeauristic rear window peep show in the credits as we hear a man leaving a voice mail… as in the next scene we see a naked woman waking up next to a naked man, realizing the man is dead and covered in blood starts to scream…


As it turns out the woman is Laura Williams the wife of Robert Williams whom is trying to get a new project to be invested in. Roberts partner seems to be involved with one of the investors and it seems whatever project Robert is involved with also involves the murder of the dead man in his wives bed…

On the other hand there is a junkyard involved as well… a beautiful young secretary with a boyfriend and a young man seemingly infatuated with her named Joshua.  Joshua is a little strange as he seems to workout to loud classical music disturbing his some what pretty chinese neighbor.

The Subject spirals out of control and ultimately this is a story about how you can not control every experiment, that no one is in control but once the monster is out it can not be stopped.  I really liked this film though the story had some slow bits to the plot It has a somewhat reminder of Bourne Identity likeness but an originality creating its own unstopable killer.  My problem only problem with the film has nothing to do with the film per say but the actress who played the young secretary though she was beautiful and you do see her naked she looked undernourished to me as you can see her rib cage which I am sorry to say it is very unattractive at least to me.  On the other hand I very much want to see more of the female police detective covering up evidence in more of a lead role.

Other than this I think David White and Tiziano Cella’s meeting between master and puppet was the best part of the film and was certainly an interesting twist.  I recomend this film for other Horror enthusiast’s and if you enjoy a slow burn I think this is your film.  Enjoy!

Here is the Trailer!

Starring David White as Robert Williams, Tiziano Cella as Joshua, Cristina Lizzul as
Liutenant Cristina, Yuri Antonosante as Giorgio De Rosa, Stefano Patti as Pickpocket, Martina Palmitesta as Katia Morelli, Jonathan Silvestri as Inspector, Daniel De Rossi as Daniel Brooks, Giuseppe Ragone as Giuseppe Torre, Lauren Jane Matic as Lauren Williams, Susanna Rose as Isabelle De Gaulle (voice), Cinzia Susino as Marleen, Salvo Di Natale as Drunk Man, Simone Paradiso as
Liutenant Simone, Isabelle Awity as Isabelle De Gaulle, Qiuyu Liu as Joshua’s Neighbour, Laura Fimognari as Katia Morelli (voice), Viviana Rondinone as
Pizza Boy’s Mother (voice), Carlo Fabiano as Pizza Boy, Lorenzo De Angelis as Customer.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Z. Smith’s new feature length film “Befouled” for 2017!

Written by David Strege


Some films are experimental, meaning they are normally supposed to be made for ones own artistic amusement and not necessarily to be horrific but turn out this way in the end as I take a look at Z. Smith’s new feature film at a run time of 64 minutes… Coming out on Underground Gorelector’s label… As he’d edited the film and directed the film himself with images…

if you like films like “Begotten” or “Orozco,  The Embalmer” or “Aftermath” like films or even Kurt Anger and his Magic Lantern Cycle of films… this might be up your alley…

From what I saw of the film it goes from Black and White to some yellow ultraviolet rays to some multiplicity of a man boiling chicken to toiletry in some kind of Sadistic way I presume… but ultimately you get a sense of the very disturbed and if this is what you like?  Then check it out! For its coming into a very classy VHS Clamshell case from Underground Gorelectors and hitting the streets very soon!

Did I enjoy the film? Well I at least enjoy trying to describe it a little it was definitely trippy and I think it will be popular among the artsy horror types so I think I’ll recommend it for people to check it out and see if it is up their taste in venue… It won’t be everyone’s tastes but I’d certainly like to see more of what this man can do… enjoy!

Here’s the trailer!

Movies Galore takes a look at director’s Chad Fuller and Matt Green’s short film “Hell’s Half Acre” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Fuller & Green Productions the same team of directors of the short film “The Switch” from 2016 known as Chad Fuller also an actor as well as Matt Green also an actor.

I like how the film begins almost in sepia not entirely in black and white… where it looks like a farmer and his family we’re working their day in the hay when two criminals Charlotte and Zeke stumble across their farm murdering his family in cold blood not before the Owner of the farm shouted a curse that if they touched his family he’d come back from Hell to enact his revenge…


The next part of the film is basically about two different parties a paranormal group who’d heard about Hell’s Half Acre and a family that appears to live on the cursed and supposedly haunted grounds…

After watching the film I can say wow… such an 80’s influenced slasher film.  Definitely blood that looks like blood and someone who knows how to use camera angles to suggest the acts of killing… definitely going to be I think a favorite for Splatter enthusiasts the acting was great on all angles in my mind.  Sometimes I find in indie films actors and actresses can look and sound so unenthusiastic as they aren’t all paid to do so but not here.

I think that having a historian that that set the presence and mood of the legends had a play in what was to happen next as well. I mean the killer kind of reminded me of The Town That Dreaded Sundown quite a bit but I think this was creative in its own… I think if this film hasn’t hit festivals it should definitely be viewed as it is one of my favorite short films so far of 2017. Great job guys!

Here’s the trailer!

Starring Lee Vervoort as Zeke, Cindy Maples as Charlotte, James Stokes as
Killer, Chad Fuller as Eddie, Nathan Austin as Deputy Darnell, Evan Logsdon as Billy, Matt Green as Sheriff Green, Robin Wyatt as Strange Man, Andy Grace as Greg, Nathan Carson as Wyatt, Elmer Jones as Confederate Ghost, Alonzo Pennington as Alex, Apollo as White dog, Siena Welch as Historian’s granddaughter, Tabitha Deheart as Mother #2, Shannon Stockin as Lacy, Samantha Thompson as
Mother, Kathy West as Debra Jean, Trenden Shelton as Ghost Boy, Karol Welch as Historian, Kathy Clayton Girvin as Mama, Dan Vermeersch as Nut Knox.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Tiziano Cella’s short film “Maledetta Cuba” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


Also known known as “Damn Cuba” this is a short film directed by Media Dab Productions Italian director Tiziano Cella from 2010.

Basically the film is about a brother making a phone call to a brother about a fantastic night he’d had in Cuba.  My problem with the film is it was really short but it did have a surprise ending.  The film showed me what you can portray with multiple screens to make it seem like one actor was actually two different people. The acting I can’t really say much as there isn’t much to talking on a phone or just sitting up straight on a bed…

I must say that there are still people who grew up with certain relationships being taboo and I think that the surprise in the end was to show a reaction to the man’s sleeping partner.  Did I enjoy the film? I enjoyed watching the film to an extent.  I’d half recommend it as there are certain WTF moments that age old concepts of whats right and wrong are often boxed into what’s socially accepted in society. I’ll say its an interesting film. Enjoy!

Starring Valerio Dalessandro, and Giuseppe Garasto.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Tim Everett’s Western short “The Bounty Hunter” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Bravo Whisky Charlie Films director Tim Everett from Scotland in association with Sitrup Productions and Travel Far productions is the tale of two sides of the western coin.

On the one hand we have some men running from the law with prices on their heads,  on the other we have not one but two Bounty Hunters…

I think this western tale was neat to see as it reverberated and reminded me of when I used to and still do watch westerns that have a tad bit of Justice in a lawless country.


You have here “Gentleman” Johnny Fletcher a man on the run, reportedly having killed some farming families or family but in his mind he’s been set up by another man and just goes to show there is a bit of lawlessness at least if only mildly suggested. As well as Trigger we meet along the way…



There is definitely a storyline that can be followed and I think if this film was entered in some festivals I think that people will dig this film as it has a rustic feel.  I think that The Bounty Killer has an honesty and carries his role as if it was natural.  I enjoyed this film and wouldn’t mind seeing more… I’d recommend this to western fans for sure. And as it is a proof of Concept film meaning meant for a larger film concept I’m definitely looking forward to sEeing that if it ever gets made.  Enjoy!

Starring Rock Chase as The Bounty Hunter, Grace Toso as Charlie Justice, Eric Morris as “Gentleman” John Fletcher, Mike Dixon as Tagg “Trigger” Galley.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Francheska Arroyo and Albert Roberts short film “Hell’s Circus” from 2016!

Written by David Strege

Hell's Circus (2)

Originally shot at night with Sitrep films director Albert Roberts of “Test Group” a zombie film specifically acted by war verterans and Francheska Arroyo who also stars in the film as Christa…

As it would appear a group of friends get together to enjoy some time out in the woods and tell stories around a campfire. Little do they know that they are also sharing the night with some very freakish clowns leftover from an era when freak shows were the entertainment of the night.

Hell's Circus (3)

For a small little Gore short this actually has some humoresqueness to the characters that I think people will like.  I think that the acting in this short film is rather good partially because this film was made as if a bunch of friends decided to have fun with a camera.  I do think the fact that they had Albert Roberts on the set that there is an energy to the film that which those Who’ve seen “Test Group” can ascertain that Mr. Roberts is making a dent and a name on his end of the indie industry I commend him for working with Veterans that have been in combat still to this day.

Definitely lookout for this film in festivals if you see it! As for Arrayo she has certainly made a mark in horror to this being her first directed short film she couldn’t have done any worse that’s for sure… for a while they were streaming the film online as a web series.  Look out for Francheska Arrayo”s short films “The Urban Children” and “A Prelude to War: Star Wars Fan Film” enjoy!

Starring Francheska Arroyo as Christa, James D. Collie as Clown #5 (as Jd Collie), Braden Draucek as Clown #11, Tim Everett as Clown #1, Mistie Gibby as Emma, Hilary Hightower as Clown #14, Nova Hudson as Clown #7, Bonnie Lambeth as Clown #2, Patrick Lamont Jr. as Brian, Josue Lamonte as Clown #4, Siergio Larry as Lars, Valarie Lopez as Tammy, Greg Martin as Clown #13, Ted Parker as Clown #9, Stephen Wright Payne as Clown #10, Peter Rowden as
Matt, Ernesto Ruizperotti as Clown #8, Siergio Siergio as Lars, Indiana Sifuentes as Clown #3, Charles E. Tucker as Clown #12, Casey Wagner as Clown #6.