Movies Galore take a look at Sterling Entertainment’s follow up Sequel to anthology “Things 2” from 1998!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Sterling Entertainment working with Bovine Entertainment this is a sequel anthology to “Things” from 1993 directed by Mike Bowler, Dennis Devine, and Steve Jarvis.

A sequel anthology told in the vein like that of Creepshow and Tales from the crypt…

The Wraparound tale was directed by Mike Bowler: A writer lures a pizza boy at least that which he thought was a pizza boy instead it was a young woman who came to the door as he begins to tell her a few new scary stories… but once told realizes he’s not the only one who collects things…

In “Thing From Nanchung” directed by Steve Jarvis: a woman is having an affair with a man and plans to get rid of her husband by unleashing a mysterious creature in a box…

In “A Thing From The Lab” directed by Dennis Devine:  Angela is a photographer works on a set of stills as she thinks about some killings (and her father) that have happened down the street, meanwhile a Sargent is tasked to finding the killer of a man’s Daughter who’d become an apparent victim mutilated and rained of blood… is the killer just a man?

To be honest I enjoyed the way these tales were told more than I din the first as both of these twicetold tale anthologies seem like they are in the vein of like creepshow and tales from the crypt like telling… this one is almost lovecraftian but I slightly wish we saw a little bit more of the puppet like creatures…

I did feel like the editing in the first tale was a little choppy the acting mediocre at best but your in for some corniness as it’s definitely made for you to just sit back and enjoy instead of criticising it’s altogether a cheezy flick…

I enjoyed it  you can tell it’s low budget it’s not a great film but it’s supposed to be bad enough to be cheezy and fun so chill sit back and enjoy it for what it is…

Starring Emily Devine as Young Angela, Angela Eads as Angela, Jim Donald Ellis as
Detective Clark (as Jim Ellis), Joanne Rubino as Model, Robert Michael Ryan as
Cop, Jason Robert Stephens as Cop, Richard Ward as Rich Mason.


Movies Galore takes a look at Sterling Entertainment’s Anthology “Things” from 1993!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Sterling Entertainment and Bovine Entertainment this is the first anthology directed by Dennis Devine, Eugene James and James Woeffel.

First of all you have to remember Dennis Devine is behind a really cool Rock n Roller  flick from 1989 called “Dead Girls” so there is definitely some low talent behind this enjoyably corny twosome tale with a wraparound story…

In “The Wrap-Around” directed by Eugene James: a high class looking woman with a southern Stepfordaccent ties up her husbands lover and procededs to tell her what appears to be some creepy tales and baits her to review the tales told so she can keep her life…

In “The Box” directed by Dennis Devine: Three Cat-house ladies move into an old theater they’d just bought but a certain man who wears the hat a Mayor black wants them gone so sends his Thing in a Box he’d found in the mines to get rid of them… only didn’t know doing so would blow up in his face as the tables turn on this greedy man in black…

In “Thing in a Jar” directed by James Woeffel: a young married lady starts to day dream about her husband Leon hurting her she’s not even sure loves her the same way… and yet insanely jealous drives her to decide to leave him for good… with the help of her freind Beverly… only she’s caught in a scheme created by one of her nightmares….

My only vice about this second tale is the fact Leon has an Australian accent to me it sounded goofy for Leon a cold blooded killer of a husband just a little off with his Eric Roberts type look, but other than this I think and feel that this first twosome anthology was a fun film in places.   Not only do we get a taste of the sinister but in a sense it’s done in a creepshow like style… though the first tale was my favorite of the two…

In a sense revenge is served… I enjoyed it!

Starring Kinder Hunt as The Wife (segment “The Wrap-Around”), Maegen as Jane (segment “The Wrap-Around”), Jesse Hernandez as Jack (segment “The Wrap-Around”), Olivia as Hooker #2 (segment “The Wrap-Around”), Kathleen O’Donnel as Tulip (segment “The Box”), Neil Delama as Mayor Black (segment “The Box”), Kelly-Jean Dammeyer as Daisy (segment “The Box”), Scot Pierce (segment “The Box”), Judith Montgomery as Sherri (segment “The Box”), Bob Frey as Ernie (segment “The Box”), Owen Rutledge in
(segment “Thing in a Jar”) (as Trey Garris), Courtney Lercara as Julia (segment “Thing in a Jar”), Debra Stevens as Beth (segment “Thing in a Jar”) (as Deborah Stevens), Jeff Burr as The Coroner (segment “Thing in a Jar”), Mike Tristano as Detective #1 (segment “Thing in a Jar”) (as Michael Tristano), Miles O’Reilly as Detective #2 (segment “Thing in a Jar”), Donna Stocker as Garage Girl, Ann Christensen as Garage Girl, Majken Harden as Garage Girl, Christine Haber as Garage Girl (as Chris Haber), Linda Roberts as Garage Girl (uncredited), Robert Michael Ryan as
Teenager (uncredited).

Movies Galore takes a look at long awaited Horror film title from Concept Media’s Shawn Burkett “Don’t Fuck In The Woods” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


You know there’s something I’ve always enjoyed about Concept Media Films direrctor Shawn Burkett and that is i believe his sense of humor Ive kind of followed along his career somewhat maybe not from the begining but ive been impressed with what hium and his fellow directors have been able to accomplish… the sound is always impecable and his taste in music is definitely there and is apparent in every film hes been apart of…

Now from what i understand during the filming of “Don’t Fuck In The Woods” the area they’d been filming in was suddenly condemned while in the state of filming and due to conflictin actors and actresses schedules it looked like the film was Dead in the water but you know what?

That didn’t deter Shawn or the rest of his cast theyu pulled it off and what fun it looks like hehe.

Beginning of the film we have a couple in the woods getting down and dirty about to well.. you know do that ol’ hump and grind when a creature comes out of nowhere kills the dude and you see the girl being dragged off the screen… I think the part about the creature i like is number one its not CGI’d bullshit number two: its kind of between well… remember that tar creature that killed Lt. Tasha Yarr on Star Trek: Next Gen.? and remember the Swamp Thing well its their kid and hes not happy hes not the one getting all the action in his so called woods.

Any who Lacey and Meg a lesbian couple are wondering why they’re going on a weekend spur with that Jock, that Cheerleader, and that Stoner friend’s of theirs… a weekend of camping, getting laid and relaxing… up to join the two we’d first seen…

I think I even like that one of Wisconsin’s own Hannah Herdt who plays Parker (Don’t Go To The Reunion) whom we catch debating on what a true scream queen really should be, I feel is a perfect clash against our slacker Stoner friend Mac as he lust after the lesbian girls and surprisingly is one of the ones still alive halfway through…. lol but I think if you Shawn hadn’t of had Jossart in for comic relief? I don’t think this film might have floated so well together.

Ultimately this is a Monster\slasher film and creating that blood filled atmosphere of fear and sounds of the creature were great… with that campy woodsy atmosphere we all enjoy in a slasher… I think the cast had fun it certainly wasnt scary but it certainly has a gore leval and is rememberable to me…

I certainly enjoyed the title and the film tremendously and think it definitely lived up to its name… I recommend it…

Starring Shawn C. Phillips as Sammy, Nadia White as Lacey, Brandy Mason as
Meg, Roman Jossart as Mac, Brittany Blanton as Jane, Chris J. Neal as Customer #2 (as Chris Neal), Ayse Howard as Alex, Joe Vollman as Wildlife Preservationalist, Kayla Stone as Ash (as Kayla Morgan), Deryk Wehrly as Jason,  Brian Cornell as Conor, Hannah Herdt as Parker, Scott Gillespie as the Creature / Luke, Roman Jossart as Mac, Savannah Howard as Video Store Thief.

Movies Galore takes a look at Finland director Joonas Makkonen’s “Bunny the Killer Thing” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Step over Bunnyman I think Findland has got ya beat in Bunny the Killer Thing… all I can say is this film was a total trip.

Directed by Joonas Makkonen with Black Lion Pictures it’s now on a limited edition only to 1000 Blu-ray combo pack with Raven Banner productions …


The film begins with a writer and his either girlfriend or wife are driven up to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for him to write but before they enter are attacked by three assailents in ski masks with a very funny tazer reaction…

The writer then wakes up chained in front of a man in a lab coat and his somewhat igorish character as he is now an experiment… transforms into a gigantic sex craved bunny… escapes…


Meanwhile a group of freinds get together to go out to the same cabin whilst a group of men plan a heist of sorts… one girl gets drunk… one goes all spastic lesbian throw in a young man wanting to loose his virginity and wa la ad in the huge furry hulking bunny whipping his dick around yelling “Pussy!” “Fresh Pussy” and a pair of bumbling officers from the Finland police force you have a fantastically fun film.


Not to mention a furry party and explosions I could see how this could have been a very low budget film so I’m glad this film was funded to the amounts of blood gore and effects the way it was,  this is what I consider to be top of the line and is now on my top ten favorite films for being hilariously corny and Gorey and sickly perverted in all the right places.

Not only do I think that this film was raunchy it had just the right amount of crazy if not more so that went along with the storyline… I’m looking forward to a sequel to this madness and hope it gets more sadistic as I feel this sex crazed bunny worshiper of a director will find an audience… well fucking done!


Ps I didn’t even tell my most favorite part ud have to see it to believe it!

Starring Enni Ojutkangas as Sara, Jari Manninen as Mise, Orwi Manny Ameh as
TimVeera W. Vilo as Nina, Roope Olenius as Jari, Hiski Hämäläinen as Tuomas, Vincent Tsang as Vincent, Katja Jaskari as
Emma, Olli Saarenpää as Jesse, Marcus Massey as Lucas, Gareth Lawrence as Mr. McRain, Marko Moilanen as Daddy, Erno Michelsson as Sonny, Maria Kunnari as Julia, Henry Saari as The Older Police Officer, Juha-Matti Halonen as The Younger Police Officer, Aleksanteri Jaakkola as Hillbilly, Juho Jaakkonen as
Hillbilly, Niina Ylipahkala as Party Girl, Marika Pekkarinen as Party Girl, Ani Aaltonen as Party Girl, Milla Karjalainen as
Party Girl, Ari Karhunen as The Screaming Man, Päivi Komulainen-Vuoti as Seller, Mia Ehrnrooth as Lara Jessica Svensson, Miika J. Norvanto as Taxi Driver, Petri Nygård as The man who’s head gets shot off, Anniina Koivisto as Mr. McRain’s woman, Tuomo Marttinen as Hillbilly, Joonas Makkonen as Hillbilly, Ari Savonen as Man with a Orange Mask, Simo Räsänen as Man with a Black Mask, Harri Korkiakoski as Man with a White Mask, Harri Marttinen as The Shaman, Ranne
Shaman’s dog, Pörri as The rabbit, Matti Kiviniemi as Bunny the Killer Thing, Alisa Kyllönen as the Shaman’s Daughter (uncredited).


Movies Galore takes a look at French Director David Thouroude’s Silent musical tragedy “Le Prince des Cieux” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


I’m not sure why I picked up this film in English meaning “The Prince of Heaven” from Director David Thouroude of SantaRita Films but I felt compelled to check this film out as I know I’m totally into silent films and from what I understand some films are made in fact to be more of a visual art form like that of Kenneth Anger and his “Lucifer Rising” and or E. Elias Mirages “Begotten” so I figured I’d check out this montage and give it a chance to see if I could describe it the best I can…


We are not sure of the young man’s name is in the film but we see (Abdou M. Bodji) eventually sit down in front of a camera as we see various images that seem to flit through his mind of death, loss, dugs, the things drugs can cause… a cornucopia mind trip a morbid thought process as we see moseleums and candles… fires and images of a lost soul and the beast in which all these hells can create….


I’m not saying it’s a great film but it’s certainly an interesting set of images collages together…

Starring Abdou M. Bodji with music by Billy Dranty.

Movies Galore takes a look at “Turbo Kid” Directed by Francois Simard, Anouk Whissel and Yoann-Karl Whissel from 2015!

Written by David Strege

2016-03-28-00-18-53-2068100793Funded on Indiegogo and unfortunately I couldn’t afford to contribute to their campaign at the time but this movie surprised me.  Penned as Mad Max on a BMX bike it lives up to its name with a clash against what being a true hero is all about in an existence secretly governed by robots in a post apocalyptic world as we open up in to the world of the kid.


Directed by Francois Simard, Anouk Whissel, and Yoanne-Karl Whissel this team brought about a landscape ruled by a baron wasteland of sorts a world on the brink of an illusioned apocalypse where a we meet a young man who lives in his own shack in the middle of nowhere reading comic books and collecting Comic books from a bygone era of magazines.


Pretty soon the kid meets up with Apple agirl that at first follows him around and annoys him but ultimately becomes his best freind later on but through defending him in a battle against these sick looking robots with superior weapons.

Eventially it comes down to the kid to save this wasteland from the evil of this bad ass  dude by the name of Zeus who seems to have his own band of skully miscreants in hockey mask-like uniforms that threatens the existence of human kind.

When I saw this I thought this was a fresh story great acting and could definitely tell the talent was there along with having a character in there that slightly acted like Indiana Jones a little I fealt the gore factor in two of the fights was brilliant in its portrayal of resistance and the effects of the weaponry of the Turbo Kid far out mind blowing altogether this was a memorable film plus you can’t go wrong with Ironsides fucking brilliant!


Starring Munro Chambers as The Kid, Laurence Leboeuf as Apple, Michael Ironside as Zeus, Edwin Wright as Skeletron, Aaron Jeffery as Frederic, Romano Orzari as Bagu, Orphée Ladouceur as Female Guard, Steeve Léonard as Scout, Yves Corbeil as Turbo Général, Evan Manoukian as Young the kid, Anouk Whissell as The Mother, François Simard as The Father, Tyler Hall as Bounty Hunter, Martin Paquette as Giant Warrior, Pierre Sigouin as Frederick’s Brother, Yoann-Karl Whissell as Bald Guard, Christian Picone as Guard #1, Éric S. Boisvert as Guard #2, Abdul Ayoola as Guard #3, Thomas Luccioni as Guard #4, Sam B. Cloutier as Guard #5, Maxime Lapointe as Guard #8, David Loiseau as Guard #9, Nicolas Archambault as Guard #12, Jean-François Ferland as – Guard #11, Ara Ball as Guard #13, Sylvain Lemaitre as Guard #14, Hazgary Colin as Sentinel, David Rigby as Odd-looking Man, Louise Ménard as Old Lady, Bruno Corbin as Transgender Prostitute, Jason Eisener as The Cook, Sylvain Legrand as Turbo Rider, Félix Sylvestre as Zeus’ Chauffeur, Marcello Bezina as Bird Clan Leader, Alex Stine as Prisoner #1, Patrick Kerton as Gladiator #1, Rob deLeeuw as Gladiator #2, Andrée Anne Godbout as Skeletron BMX Guard #1, Kim Cormier as Skeletron BMX Guard #2, Jodie Rimmer as Mother (voice), Geoff Houtman as Father (voice), Luke Haigh as Guard #12 and #14 (voice), Samuel Brisson as Zeus’ BMX Gang Member, Nathaly Thibault as Zombie.


Movies Galore Takes a look at Sean Weathers anthology “Vault of Terror II: The Undead” of Full Circle Films with directors: Jerri Landi, Charleton Jacob Jacques, Gregory Kurczinsky, and John Renna and Julian Dickman from 2015!

Written by David Strege


To be honest Sean Weathers seems to be using other Directors to Market his “The Fappening” which may or may not mean that it was selling well enough for him but With his “The Fappening” film being the wraparound tale shall we begin… and since I’ve already reviewed the Fappening I’m not even going to mention it again through here till the end…

In “He’s Not Looking So Great” directed by Gregory Kurczinsky Two couples also freinds are running through what appears to be the Zombie Appocalypse when suddenly one of the males decides that right then is the time to break up with his girl…


In “Friends in Dark Places” directed by Charleton Jacob Jacques Two arguing parents are worried about their son still sleeping in the other room with another prescence…

In “Sepulcher” directed by Julian Dickman, there just always gotta be that one asshole at the end of all things including the zombie apocalypse…

In “The Butcher Game” directed by John McDermott a group of highschool kids are kicking back around a campfire when out of the blue a killer with a machete in a baby face mask slices and dices them all…

In “Demonic Frequencies” Directed by Jerri Landi a woman is tending her garden when she tunes into a frequency from Hell… that only she can hear…

To be honest I enjoyed watching all of these segments though the dude who was an asshole in “Sepulchure was kind of annoying lol. Plus it was obvious dude was hitting elbows and not a face even though face was bloody…


The most intelligent tale here was freinds in dark places I believe where a child was talking to his demonic self/freind….

I mean which of you would be stupid enough to break up with ur chick in the middle of the apocalypse? Not me hehe

The object of a low budget film is to show what you can do and how you can portray a story on absolutely zero bucks and I think these directors did though there’s no real scare moment I’d recommend  “Demonic Frequencies” as it happens the director of cult classic Bronx “Krackoon” and “Bloodmarsh Krackoon” on the usage of his wife I believe hehe might as well have the devil possess her eh but seriously not a bad way to portray these films impressive… but I believe Sean was just trying to piggy back with the rest of these much better directors I hate to say this I think he tries but somewhat fails.

Starring Lloyd Kaufman as Walter Plinge (segment “The Fappening”), Erika Smith as Kim Kardashian (segment “The Fappening”), Tina Krause in (segment “The Fappening”) Rachael Robbins in
(segment “The Fappening”), Sybelle Silverphoenix as Jennifer Williams (segment “The Fappening”), Sean Weathers as Alan Smithee (segment “The Fappening”), Joel M. Reed as (segment “The Fappening”), Amoni B. As Ripley (segment “The Fappening”), Adonis Williams as Jason Vorhees (segment “The Fappening”), Jerry Landi as (segment “The Fappening”), Tamar Warner as Rosemary (segment “The Fappening”), Sky Claudette Soto in (segment “The Fappening”), Mino Jones in (segment “The Fappening”), Vlad Zee Dragan in (segment “The Fappening”), Steve Karlin as Gabriel (segment “The Fappening”), Melo
Clarice Starling in (segment “The Fappening”), Mr. ShoBiz in
(segment “The Fappening”), Diana Urgiles as Barbra (segment “The Fappening”), Simone Washington as Sidney (segment “The Fappening”), Devun Watford as
Kinison (segment “Friends in Dark Places”), Peter Bundic as Emery (segment “Friends in Dark Places”), Kevin Flatley as
Russell (segment “Friends in Dark Places”), Flora Karas as Nadine (segment “Friends in Dark Places”), Max Jay-Dixon as Chuck (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Kat Lindsay as Natalie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”) (as Kathryn Lindsay), Melanie Litton as Cricket Bat Zombie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Mallory Logan as Mary (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Cicily Prestridge as Brown Dress Zombie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Tim Sanford as Scuba Suit Zombie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Don Sauvage as Screwdriver Zombie (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Matt Story as Brad (segment “He’s Not Looking So Great”), Bob Bozek as
Jim (segment “Sepulcher”) (as Robert Bozek), Christopher Brechtel as Brent (segment “Sepulcher”), Amie James as
Amy (segment “Sepulcher”), Brenda Rickert as Carol (segment “Sepulcher”), Yor Naybor as Babyface Killer (segment “The Butcher Game”), Denis Silvestri as
Bobby (segment “The Butcher Game”), Paula Vernon as Cindy (segment “The Butcher Game”), Alyssa Lando as Sarah (segment “The Butcher Game”), Alex Gisondi asChandler (segment “The Butcher Game”), Matt Amore As Lance (segment “The Butcher Game”), Anya Landi as Cheerleader (segment “The Butcher Game”), Kristen Landi as Jordan (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Sal Amore as Cult Leader (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Sara Rosenberg as Crystal (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Melisa Vlasaty as Buffy (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Alan Stentiford as Zombie (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Scott Barile as Jake (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Chris Esposito as Luigi (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Nicole D’Ottavi as Karen (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Lisa Giordano as Peggy (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Diana Landi as Phone Conversation Woman (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Toni Auleta as Phone Conversation Woman (segment “Demonic Frequency”), Greg Hinaman as Infected Killer Zombie (segment “Sepulcher”).

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Tom Nagel’s debut feature film “Clowntown” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us from Millman Productions in association with Zorya Films and a Steel House Production director Tom Nagel (of short films, The Hitman – 2013, Relentless – 2013, and The Retrieval – 2014) released his full first feature film About a family protagonist clowns that terrorize an abandoned town.


In the begining of the film we see a beautiful young babysitter telling scary stories to her charges but after putting them to bed is sliced and diced all the while noticing the Clown memorabelia strewn about the home… fifteen years later…

Four freinds Brad, Sara, Mike, and Jill are traveling on their way to a concert when they stop by a sleepy cafe for directions.  Brad has plans to propose to Sara his buddy Mike being the comedic relief character of the film.


After Sara gets leered at by a trucker while giving them directions a local Sherrif tells them a route that may be faster and they get on their way… a little while later Jill realizes she’d left her phone at the cafe she calls it and makes plans to retrieve her phone in the next town by a vague sounding dude.

After patiently waiting the go back to their vehicle, realize a wire’s been cut and it’s then the first Three clowns make an entrance as the Clown protagonists chase them into a camper meeting up with an old man who helps hide them for a little bit while Jill’s beenkidnapped and held somewhere else….

I think this was a relatively decent ad to the Slasher genre though it didn’t really have many scares, there were a few more clowns than just the main three like a girl Clown one slightly lookedlike a white haired version of Alice Cooper that has a creepy hiss…


I also notice Nagel made this a family affair which often is more fun as a cast to involve though because you know eachother might also get irritating as cast members lol

There is one role though that sent a few chills as the role of the mother of the clowns… she sounded so Erie and disillusioned about protecting her children as she sat there cackling…

I’d put this in about the same class as “Beware of the Klowns” which i have reviewed before by Tom Wolak recently not that’s it’s a simLiar story line but the feel that this film gave me was the same.

I recommend this film for those who enjoy  Clown films but it does Runs tad slow and is also a slow burn but I didn’t feel all too scared by the clowns…

Starring Brian Nagel as Brad, Lauren Compton as Sarah (as Lauren Elise), Andrew Staton as Mike, Katie Keene as Jill, Jeff Denton as Dylan, Greg Violand as Frank, Maryanne Nagel as Myrtle, Tom Nagel as Billy, Kaitlyn Sapp as Jamie the Babysitter, David Greathouse as Baseball Clown, Chris Hahn as Machete Clown, Ryan Pilz as Crowbar Clown, Beki Ingram as Girl Clown, Alan Tuskes as Axe Clown, Christopher Lawrence Chapman as Sheriff, Thomas A. Nagel as Jake, Dyan Beder as Waitress, Nathan D. Goins as Little Ricky, Ava Joy Anselmo as Little Megan, Jami Kinton as Newscaster, Darryl Lewis as Drunk Man, Isabella Sofia Menna as Bikini Girl, Franklin Purtiman as Businessman, Katlyn Nagel as Missing Girl, Ken Stachnik as Chef Kubrick, David Kirst as Diner Patron, Jeff Miller as Guy leaving bathroom.

Movies Galore takes a look at Acid Bath Production’s Horror Comedy “Bite School” Directed by James Balsamo from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Acid Bath Productions in 2014, not the first or last film by James Balsamo (Cool As Hell, Killer Waves) this is an SOV horror comedy that not everyone will get or enjoy but it’s full of slapstick stupidity that some of it you’d have to just shake your head at its so fucking stupid but… as some of you may not of noticed I tend to enjoy the stupidity in a film…


As it turns out James Balsamo plays Multibillionaire heir to a rich fortune but spends most of his inheritance on women, booze and cars but his grandfather (Hershel Gordon Lewis) has had enough and kicks Tony to the curb unless he can procure his highschool GED.  Not only that but his sometime girlfriend who seems kind of a snob to begin with,  leaves him as he is kind of a slacker and hears in the news that he may loose his fortune hehe


Well again he squanders his fortune and expects some of his freinds in high places to bale him out.  Butch Patrick and Ron Jeremy make an appearance as freinds whom Tony owes and so on and so forth…


As well there is a Vampire princess Elizabeth who is bored out of her mind but goes in for a class of Bite I mean night school as I believe she’s seen that Tony is attending and at first looks at him as food… and a Vampire tracker I believe by the name of Saul after the group as well…


not only that there’s a vampire count looking for Elizabeth as she’s the rightful heir to be Vampire Queen but his lead Vampire Assistant is power hungry. Besides this there’s a Vampire Hunter and three priests known as the Holy Trinity hunting the vampires…


There is a lot going on in this film as the story line is slow to evolve but it eventially comes to a hault I’m not saying it’s a bad film but I hated the audio had an echo but I enjoyed the nudity,  as well as the comedy of Tony’s freind he goes and stays with as the Lesbian Mafia is after his but… another use of wigs, puppetry and practical effects.


Was that bat that was supposed to be the beast Tony was to kill a kite? Lmao you just have to be able to enjoy stupidity to enjoy this lowly underbudgeted piece of Comedy…

Definitely got the point Tony owed a lot of money that’s for sure I’m pretty sure this didn’t or doesn’t deserve an oscar but the slapstick stupidity and repetitiveness can not be ignored.  I did laugh a couple of times and did enjoy the holy trinity gang so I guess I liked it lol

But I don’t think everyone could sit through it as I did I got the humor and the vulgarity now shall we attend Bite school?

Class is now in session!

Starring James Balsamo as Tony, Paul Fears as George, Ron Jeremy as Ron, Mandy Cat Kitana as Vicky, Roy Frumkes as Mr. Fleck, Butch Patrick as Butch, Billy Walsh as Gregor, John Dugan As Henry, Frank Mullen as Vinny, Jonathan Moody as
Ben, Veronica Freeman as Elizabeth, Edward X. Young as Count Cladu, Jasmin St. Claire as Dana, Sarah French as Kelly,
Ophelia Rain as Beth, Genoveva Rossi as
Suck-A-Rella, Dustin Boltjes as Dustin,
Vincent Leong as Mr. Woo, Sonya Richards as Shelly The Vampire, Jeffrey J. Scott as Principal Hesh, Leo Pond as Leo, Kevin Crook as Kevin, Austin Cooper as Dirk,
Rob Kellum as Zack, Carmine Capobianco as Uncle Pookie, Roberto Lombardi as Tim,
Stu Block as Craig, John Link as Rocko, Tyler Cooper as Johnny Paparazzi, David Peel as David Peel, Ari Lehman as The Key Master, Sarah Martin as Cookie, Patrick Sheridan as Greg, Robert Youngren as Father Bob, Bob Socci as Father Ethan Wayne, Brian Steward as Goon, Geoffery Von Gore as Vampire, Robert Arensen as Father Marlon, Swan Olivera as Swan,
Karl L. Sanders as Ron, Mike Baez as Smokey Bones, Peter Cooper as Vito, Rick Jimenez as Martin, Vincent Notice as Darnell the Vampire, L. Anna Lenz as Charlene, Dave Stein as Mickey the Bum,
Marc Heller as Saul, Jennifer Valdes as Vampera, Anne Barschall as Batty Edna,
Jason John Beebe as Al the Vampire.

Movies Galore takes a look at U.K. director Lawrie Brewster’s “The Unkindness of Ravens” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


I imagine that soldiers of war of war coming back from any war whether it be fighting in the Foreign Legion, Vietnam, The Gulf, or fighting ISIS in these modern times of war have difficulties coming back and transitioning after seeing Brother offer brother fall in battle… many experience what is known as PTSD.

Directed by Lawrie Brewster bright to us by Hex Media, Dark Dunes Entertainment along with 3rd Monkey Productions and Lights Out Production who brought us “Lord of Tears” also known as “Owlman” brings us this story of a man struggling with his demons…


Andrew (Jamie Scott Gordon also from “Lord of Tears” cast) Is a vet dealing with problems of seeing visions of Ravens, visions of his Army buds and even a version of himself warning of the coming visitations of his hauntings.

As like one goes into withdrawal from a cigarette or not having one drop of liquor we watch as Andrew tries to take a vacation as he is now a photographer wanting to capture the beauty of the country side and takes a much needed Vacation.


What does one do when ones own mind wages war with oneself to begin with? This was both a horror film but the watch of a physical meltdown of a man who witnessed the bloody death of his platoon, lived to be haunted wondering why he was left… Spirit clawing at him to imagine the lost souls of his fallen comrades had transformed into an army of Raven Warriors Causing Andrew to become almost Raving mad.


Though there are moments of slowness that was made up for with the Scenery of the Scottish Countryside, the visuals of this film are absolutely stunning and plenty of emotion to portray so much Guilt…


This is certainly a mind trip that was worth the ride and wait to see and hope others will feel the same… I think in time also this will become known as an arthouse kind of Film as well as it touches base on levels of sanity that have only been broached my a mere few… on the reality of how war effects ya… enjoy!

ps I was one of the contributors 🙂

Starring David Izatt as Lost Soul, D.T. Wilson as Hostage, Jamie Scott Gordon as
Andrew, Craig J. Seath as Lost Soul, Nancy Joy Page as Old Lady, Andy McDonald as Lost Soul, Leon Carrington as Raven Warrior, Benjamin Ferguson as Lost Soul, Amanda Gilliland as Angela, Iain Leslie as
Pte Leslie, Farooqi Muskwati as Rebel Commander, Dougie Clark as Lee, Jamie Harrison-Grundy as Rebel Soldier, Daniel Casey as Craig, David Ross as Lost Soul, Ross Campbell as Rebel Soldier, Derek McIlhatton as Pte Mcilhatton, Raphael Zanders-McNeil as Rebel Soldier, Michael Brewster as ‘The Ravens Are Coming’ Lost Soul, Scott Wilson as Pte Wilson, Mark Hunter as Pte Hunter, Doug Robertson as
Raven Warrior, Keith Robson as Pte Robson.