247 Degrees F – 2011


Directed by Levan Bakhia, and Beqa Jguburia this independent intense thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat how would u like to be in enclosed space for long hours of heat would you last long? I don’t think I would… starring Scout Taylor-Compton as Jenna, Christina Ulloa as Renee, Travis Van Winkle as Ian, Michael Copon as Michael, Tyler Mane as Wade, Rene Etore as Beau, Tornike Gogrichiani as Jamie, Jeremy Inabnit as the Man in Woods, Igor Lukin as Wade’s Double, Ibrahim Idowu as the Club Security 1, Michael Zaalishvili as the Club Security 2, Michael Andrew as the Policeman 1, Beso Natsvlishvili as the Policeman 2, George Dugashvili as the EMT 1, Mamuka Mazavrishvili II as the EMT 2, Vaja Kokrashvili as the EMT 3 (as Vazha Qoqrashvili), Four friends travel to a lakeside cabin for a carefree weekend, the fun turns into a nightmare when 3 of them end up locked in a hot sauna. Every minute counts and every degree matters as they fight for their lives in the heat up to 247°F. The only difference that I know of difference is that this actually happened…


The true event that the movie is based on happened in Georgia, where this film is made and filmmakers are from. 4 friends were in the sauna, one left for the toilet, locking his friends in – exactly as it is shown in the movie. He never came back, and when he woke up he didn’t remember that he left them in the sauna, and started to search for them elsewhere. Fortunately no one died since they managed to turn the heater off, but they had to spend over 10 hours in the decreasing heat, until they were found.


I for one will often pick up films that say based on true events just because often they tend to be better even if independent… I thoroughly recommend this film even though it started to drag, for others painstakingly you watch the 3 go mad and grit your teeth… whatever you do don’t go for the bathroom during this one!


House Of The Wolfman – 2009


By David Strege

Written, produced and directed by Eben McGarr when I heard this film was coming out I was looking forward to it especially since the great grandson of Lon Chaney Jr and Son of Lon Chaney the original Wolfman was going to be in it extremely excited starring Dustin Fitzsimons as Reed Chapel, Jeremie Loncka as Conrad Sullivan, Sara Raftery as Mary Chapel, Cheryl Rodes as Elmira Cray, Jim Thalman as Archibald Whitlock, John McGarr as Barlow, Michael R. Thomas as Dracula, Billy Bussey as The Wolf Man, Craig Dabbs as The Monster, Beano as Peter, Rod Spencer As Leopold, Ron Chaney as Bela Reinhardt, Freddy John James as Footman #2 (as Fredrick James), Christopher M. Jimenez as Footman #1 (as Chris Jimenez), Saba Moor-Doucette As Vadoma, Anne Marie Selby As Singer (singing voice).


Good evening… I am Dr. Bela Reinhardt… I am your host… You are the first to arrive this is Barlow he will take your things…


Kinda done in the style of the old dark house 5 strangers are invited to a castle under the pretense that one may inherit it. Little do they know what dangers await at the House of the Wolfman.

With creaking floor boards an already rich hunter from the wilds of africa, a kid fascinated with books, a snobby college man, creepy butler, and rooms being watched by phantoms there is ultimately a tie to Frankenstein and a battle between the monster and Dracula that have some pretty awesome effects for an indie horror film paying tribute to the universal films of the 30s and 40s.


Along the way this group of stragglers strangers unearth the dangerous plot of Dr Reinhardts plan the dominate the world with his creation of the undead… with his mother giving warnings of doom…


The beautiful Emira Cray already making an entrance ads a bit of sexiness to the descending madness portrayed excellent British accent I must say love a women who can speak so eloquently and still be so coy…


Ultimately this was worth the effort and I was sorry to hear the actor who played the Dracula in the film passed away during the filming process so in a way I’m glad I have seen his portrayal of the continually revamped king of the undead his stage theatrical presence was felt and I’m sure in certain circles he will be sorely missed.  Filmed in black and white this is an excellent independent horror film to open yourself to maybe a bit of the acting is cardboardish and corny but I think it couldn’t have been acted better with probably the budget they were on… I think it’s worth it…



Sanctuary: Quite A Conundrum – 2012


Written, directed, and Produced by Thomas L. Phillips winner of the best film New York international Film Festival 2012, winner of the best horror/thriller feature films bare bones film festival 2013, also winner of the best horror comedy from the Chicago horror film festival 2012 this film is full of surprises and comical performances for that which comes from and indie film. Starring Sasha Ramos, John c. Lucas, Erin Nicole Cline, Emily Rogers, Joe Coffey, , Chris Greene, Anthony Rutowicz, Catherine Trail, and Julie Piechovski it starts out with a 52 year old man having an affair with a women not getting into his sex moves or comical talk and then tells him to get out calling him pathetic.


While leaving the old man throws the used condom in her face classic!  After kicking him out the best friend of hers stops by while she’s working out you see her doing some sexy moves to some music, we find out woman has a sister and then they chit chat about what happened and a party later you can tell the friend I’d like a really stuck up chick.  So the friend tells her friend she’s invite this guy with her current man that seems really hot to the party the sister to Mimi the woman smacked by the condom happens to be going out with the son of an overly enthusiastic praise Jesus bible thumper on her way to calling out the church bingo.  So the two sisters the son and the other two young men start having a good time.


Later in the pool all of a sudden the old man pulls a gun on Mimi and her friends makes her say what she said in front of all then shoots himself now they gave a naked Deadman in the pool little do they know the hot wife is sitting in the car they tie her up and later runs hits her head on the corner of a counter, we find out mimis sisters a lesbian and there’s a killer amongst them as well.


I feel this was a well played well acted enough stay at home movie that it deserves a spot to be more noticed than it is between the preachy wife the frustrations of the women struggle to get the sisters boyfriend with a noticeable boner and drag him from the still naked Deadman in the pool just funny all around… some decent song choices too not your normal elavator music… what do you think?


Nocturna – 2014


Directed by Buz Alexander starring Estella Warren as Belinda Moldero, Massimo Dobrovic as Carlo, Johnathon Schaech as Brisbane, Billy Blair as Mauricio Moldero, Mariana Paola Vicente as Lydia Sonata, the film is done quite well, however, I think they need to work on their sound setup a bit. It seems like they just use one sound source in the entire room they’re filming instead of having it near the various actors for their dialogue.  The film is about two new Orleans detectives as they become embroiled in a centuries-long feud between two secretive factions of vampires while investigating a runaway child’s case. The child has a mark marking her as the property of the vampire faction she belongs to. Torn between their everyday lives and the dangerous lure of immortality, the detectives must race to destroy the evil Moldero clan. As they take the marked child to the faction she belongs to on Christmas eve they have a run in with the moldero clan they are offered protection by the opposite vampire clan to find out where the rival clan sleeps, hunt and destroy since the marked girl is in danger of being turned immortal being a blood child to be sucked off of for vampire survival.  As the plot thickens Brisbane tells the detectives Wingage a man in a wheelchair shot himself after giving the detectives information to find the hive of the Molderos.  Through out the film wolves seem to be the on the prowl to guard over the detectives. One partner wants out so he visits a strip club to clear his head… while apparently drugged he has vivid dreams of both clans along with the little girl being taken away along with vision involving Brisbane.  Now the main detectives wife was supposedly killed by the creatures… they find the hive on the property of a Deadman found in the trunk of the car given to find the Molderos by the other clan. 

Inside they find them sleeping in darkness along with the children being kept as blood banks leaving the beautiful Belinda Moldero the beautiful Estella Warren from Planet of the Apes 2005 to burn.  Out for revenge the Molderos are angry… Brisbane tells them burning their queen is the ultimate mistake which could start open war.  The faction helping is ready to be rid of the now useless duo but now the lead detective is turning into what his wife was killed by.

In order to save Kristina and the woman Brisbane made Harry Ganet played by Mike Doyle must become the monster he so despised in order to stop the ultimate battle between an age old battle.

As far as the make up its pretty cool the effects of the vampires when they use mind control is great but I find myself wishing more of the vampires from the clans were used than just those that were in power was looking for more action than a political vampire film not what I expected.  It’s also very slow in parts but the character of Brisbane was well likable especially when The he warns Harry that the Molderos will hunt Lydia and use her to get to him. Altogether I liked it but it almost lost me along the way…

Frankensteins Hungry Dead – 2013


Directed by Richard Griffen this tale of Frankenstein starts out with a group of high-schoolers on a class trip to a wax museum. images-25Watch as each become the latest victims of the evil doctor Charles Frank, played by Michael Thurber who is attempting to create the perfect human being from the reanimated parts of previous unlucky patrons – reanimating an army of undead mistakes and experiments as the teens try to survive the night.


 Now I found this film to be a little funny especially since his assistant was blown up accept for his head name of Fritz played by Sean Carufel great commentating between the two main characters and I believe Fritz was the original name of the helper of Victor Frankenstein from the early Universal film Starring Boris Karloff… the other thing was after the credits the heads of the two lovers fighting back and forth as heads cute lol.


The other more apparent subject you might also want to be aware of is two of the victims/students are openly gay and there is a love scene between the male couple if this is not your cup of tea at least you are now aware…


Not the worst film, not the best but I feel it has a cheeseness about it that might also be up many horror fans alley. Cheers everyone


Jaws – 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival


by David Strege

Directed by Stephen Spielberg written by Peter Benchley it was a surprise to be honored to see Jaws on the silvers screen with my new friend Chris which was also his first time which is something to hold dear and cherish.

When a gigantic great white shark begins to menace the small island community of Amity, a police chief played by All That Jazz Roy Scheider, a marine scientist played by Mr. Hollands Opus and Close Encounters of the 3rd Kinds Richard Dreyfuss and grizzled fisherman played by Robert Shaw set out to stop it from reeking havoc on a town run by a mayor set on keeping the beaches open since the town runs on tourists.

Though I own it there’s nothing like seeing it among what would appear to be people who’ve never seen the film behind me there were shrieks when Bens head appeared unfortunately there was a man who seemed to laugh maniac through the whole film slightly disturbing but other than this was a unique experience alone… you shout Barracuda they think Shark!

The Green Inferno -2015


Directed by Eli Roth this cannibalistic film is raunchy by nature no pun intended the fact I found about the film is it was Co produced by none other than Paranormal Activities Jason Bloom sounds great?


So it starts out with a group of student activists traveling to the Amazon to save the rain forest and soon discovering that they are not alone, and that no good deed goes unpunished. You have Your classic rich UN officials Daughter Justine whose daddy I remember played in an early 90s TV show called The Sentinal, anyways we see her slightly crush on the Student activist leader Alejandro who once they get to the amazons we find out his true colors and ultimately becomes the most hated character in the style of Cannibal Ferox and Cannibal Holocaust I found myself disappointed in the gore factor and nudity I expected more of Mr. Roth though the ripping apart of the fat friend who incited Miss Richy, to the group to begin with was graphic the and the digging of the eyes out with bones was gruesome and the ripping apart of the first body but I still feel the level of the gore could have been hightened.


On a lighter note I found the film’s comedy more amusing than anything else like one girls over exaggerated crap in a corner, the tarantula crawling on the penis of the comic relief character of the group but the camera could have shown it in its own grotesque way instead of panning away and you hearing his screams instead.  To me when the women could have been more violently stripped and tortured longer to have that lasting effect instead you see almost no total nudity I’m sorry maybe I’m a male but if I were to make a movie such as this I would totally want to be the one looking away going ewe but I didn’t and I have before.


Sitting back thinking about it I feel it could have been better and gored muchmore but I enjoyed it more or less.  Is it everyone’s cup of tea? Maybe not but I’m kinda on the fence on this one I guess I’ve seen worse much better?



Written by David Strege


Directed by  Ewan McNicol, Anna Sandilands also partnered by Milwaukee Movie Talk,s Chris House and Stephen Milek this year for the festival.

‘Uncertain’ Documentary Follows Three Men in East Texas Town of Same Nameby Chase Colston June 10, 2015 4:19 PM

If you’re from East Texas or  filming their documentary, ‘Uncertain,’ which follows three men in Uncertain and their journeys through life while the town faces a crisis on Caddo Lake.

‘Uncertain’ is a southern gothic tale set on the Texas/Louisiana border in a town called Uncertain, population 94. The town sits on the edge of a vast, swampy lake that is being choked to death by an aquatic weed, upsetting the natural balance and the town’s only source of livelihood. As the town struggles to survive, three men each battle their demons. Wayne, an ex-convict who becomes obsessed with killing Mr. Ed, a gigantic boar he hunts as part of his quest to stay sober. Zach, a young diabetic with big ideas but few prospects, is struggling with alcohol and fighting the cycle of poverty for a bigger life. Henry, an aging fisherman reluctantly letting go of his youthful ways, reflecting on a long life, and making peace with one fateful moment thirty years ago.

Within their stories lies humor in the peculiarities and absurdities of life (including a UFO abduction), and the rhythms of a small American town so tucked away “you’ve got to be lost to find it.”

The movie premiered at the renowned Tribeca Film Festival in April and is still being shown at film festivals around the world. Newsweek has already named ‘Uncertain’ as one of the best documentaries of 2015.

According to the movie’s Facebook page, the creators are hoping for distribution at other theaters and through physical copies later this year. They are also planning a showing in Uncertain as a fundraiser for the community and Caddo Lake.

Now I on a personal note was hemming and hawing at whether to like the film or not since documentaries are not my strong suit it’s rather hard for me to get interested in someone just explaining things to me but I enjoyed the hunt of the boar, the young man’s struggles and humor of his youngness, the older African American mud fisherman and his family that wouldn’t except his way of life all seemed to have one story that put them in the crimelight so to speak it had its humor most definitely.

 A keen observation of a sun-dappled and still-watered swamp, Uncertaincontemplates a frequently overlooked and enigmatic town whose lake, and only real source of income, comes under threat from an aquatic nuisance of the botanical variety. Perhaps unsurprisingly for a site so-named, there is a lack of consensus about the Texas town’s origin: whether the result of a surveyor’s confusion when marking an early map, or steamboat captains’ belief that docking there was an unknowable, impossible task, an auspicious beginning is offered for the unsettled and yearning inhabitants.

With beautiful, vivid imagery and a haunting mood, this observational documentary presents the particulars of the town as seen through the eyes of residents that include a fishing guide with a thick, southern drawl and a dangerous past; a former addict with a vendetta against a local wild boar; and a young man decrying small town decay, but ultimately trapped by it. Uncertain offers a nuanced look at a quirky town and its residents during tumultuous Change.

Movies Galore viewed these Short films at 2015’s Voices Heard Selection at the Milwaukee Short film Festival!

By David Strege



This film was directed by a local favorite Rubin Whitmore II starring Joseph Lyons, Moe Pull, Kerric Stephens, Michelle White, Shawn Jolley, Venise Watson,based on actual events of a recent crime committed by as local cop.  I’m on the fence about the issue myself but this being said you can feel the emotion on both sides of the spectrum as the Pastor of the church after the funeral consoles the family with a message.  The Police man involved in the shooting of an unarmed teen tries to explain he made a mistake but not the reasons they believe. Now I can’t entirely remember the speach but there was a young woman who was a sister of the victim and the speach she gave summed up a lot of the emotion for I feel both sides of the situation… emotional and unexted life after death gets my vot…



Directed by Danny Villanova Jr. And Starring Diego Lodor this 2015 short film is a lot of fun being it got a lot of laughs I feel that this is almost a message to parents since children of don’t listen and go ahead do what they are prone to do anyways.  But on Christmas eve when u hear bells jingle and movement heed the advice and my suggestion Kill it! Santa gives a curious child a warning of what’s under…



Directed by Darren Cole and starring Tyas Mower, Jason Carey this 2015 short was probably my least favorite due to it seeming like the kids were not really interested in acting that we’ll to portray the thought involved in the message of the film it wasn’t until I read what the film was about in the program that I found out it was supposedly tolling the tribal children of the obijwe nation after a underage party but the basic idea of the story is drinking can get you killed.FB_IMG_1442777042604


Directed by Jezse Galante and Starring Arturo DE LA Mesa, Neil Venues in a sense thus to me had an almost scarface type feel to it being that it’s taken from the perspective of a convict who took a fall for something he absolutely didn’t do and because of his bond with family family he’s doomed to exist anyways, but you can see he gained a respect for the act he performed and I think he regretted the time spent in prison since he didn’t leave town when expected… all together it had a feeling of a look back about choices he could have made… not bad.



Directed by Bonnie Janelle, and Starring Moe Pull, Sharron Anne, Anthony Todd this film was slightly depressing in nature for it takes place in an obviously broken home and a young man named Dezire.  His mother is stuck in a repetitive abusive relationship cycle, his stepfather is physically abusive to him as well as her and as the story unrolls the boy is speaking to a counselor of sorts about how to the beatings of his mother he learned to play the drums.  Visually you can see the stepfather is against his learning to drum and has a puss poor view on being involved with his wife’s family definitely and interesting story check it out hmmm…



Directed by Hisonni Johnson while starring Dio Johnson, and Ski Carr this film involves the story of an ex con and boxer who discovers his health is failing so he comes home and fights for his father’s new whom isis training, me this film is about a legacy, eith the unhealthy boxer going out the only way he can… fighting!FB_IMG_1442776910245SPARE CHANGE

Directed by Kenny Lawrance, starring Kirk Housey, and Ty Love this story is amazingly honest and complex when a known ritzy rich beautiful woman known to be a rude person is found drugged in an alley way by a humble homeless man offers her shelter and defends her from harm as a pay it forward kinda act brings her back to her home unharmed.  She in turn went out of her way to find him and give him some money he in turn refused it he just wanted her to remember the kindness… we are left to believe this built a great friendship between the two and was excellently portrayed.



Directed by Sergio Espinoza, starring Ty Write and Amanda Schultz this laugh out loud original comedy of a fledgling romance between one woman one man on a date with personal baggage and another man who in the past dated the women all three having baggage of their own with comical commentary intermixed to make an on the level beleivability of how romance goes these days definitely worth your time I want to see more what about you?



This film happened to be my second favorite of the second set of films for the night, directed by Amar deep Kalek, starring Angela Wamwui, and Ernest Hundreds this film was of ancestry and culture films in Africa of a young woman in a tribe stuck in a traditional marriage she didn’t want but the meaning of the title actually means the fur or hair above a woman’s parts are ripped as she is circumsized for her husband, rich in story and view you could see a story of a woman caught in a culture and the story of her escape from this horror this film is a must see.

Paparazzi – 2004


By David Strege

Having worked with Mel Gibson before on some behind the scenes footage and gag reels of Lethal Weapon 2 and 3 Paul Abascal directed this pivotal film about the downside of publicity. Staring Cole Hauser , Tom Sizemore, Robin Tunney, Dennis Farina, Daniel Baldwin, Tom Holland, Kevin Cage, including cameos from Chris Rock as the Pizza Boy and Matthew McConaughey as himself and Mel Gibson the Producer as an anger management patient which is kinda funny since he’s had quite some angry drunken outbursts of his own but I have much respect for Gibson as an actor and Producer in this film as well as other accomplishments.


 The Story begins with rising star Bo Laramie, obviously a family man he is starting to enjoy life in the spotlight.  Every actor and actress knows that with success comes publicity but there are lines that should not be crossed that are evident in this film.

When Photographer Rex Harrison starts raking photos of Bo’s son at a family Soccer games Bo asks Rex politely as a matter of security to stop, the man doesn’t take no for an answer and snaps off some more after the game, Bo notices walks over steaming while Rex Snaps Photos and after a few snide remarks Bo hits Rex whom falls to the ground and says ‘oh your gonna regret that’ slides the van door open and a bunch of his photography cronies snap photos of  Bo and Rex’s injuries, next morning it’s all over the news that Rex sues Bo and wants a public apology Bo doesn’t budge so it begins…images-182

That night at a bar Rex Harrison Hooks up with a Sweet woman named Marcy in for a thrill but not what Rex and his Cronies have in store for Bo.  Laying in wait after an event with his family the group of photographers gang up with Marcy in tow in vehicles using cameras to blind Bo’s view on all sides causing him to ending up reversing his car then getting hit by an oncoming car killing the driver and putting Bo’s son in a coma.


 Marcy has sex with Rex, he video tapes it and threatens to expose it to a senator she works for to keep her mouth shut or else.

Ultimately this film is about a respected rising actor, how his family is harassed and how he fights back there’s one Line spoken by Dennis Farina the lead detective that I think defines the movie all in one, ” There’s one thing I do know Mr Laramie if anyone did anything to my family I don’t know what I’d do…”

Since I also believe this film came about because of what happened to Princess Dianna as well I feel the paparazzi step out of line and cross certain levels of persecution way more than they should and in a way show what one man could do to fight back the only way he really could with so much red tape and publicly humiliated though he was.

How far would you cross the line?