Movies Galore of Milwaukee takes a look at Director Ali Akbar Akbar Kamal’s debut Feature “Godforsaken” filmed in 2020 But leasing on digital platforms in 2021!

By David Strege

Distributed by Terror Films and directed by Ali Kamal with Manama Films and Tailored Films as production company’s is his debut feature found footage film “Godforsaken” filmed in 2020 but I imagine that due to pandemic timing didn’t get its digital release on time so now get ready because it is now getting a release on April 8, 2021 Among these been to being Tubi, Prime, Google Play Etc.

Starring Chad Tailer (also filmed in his hometown as I feel this actor has had a huge hand in getting this film funded) as Chad Taylor An independent Director and student of Film returning home to film a documentary with friends when events that happen turn a little weird.

Along with his female companion Lisa (Rondeau) and his cameraman-bud Dom (Derose) they attend the funeral of Chad’s childhood friend Chris’s (Kelley) sister I think, ceremony about to begin among the gathered when the corpse rises out from her coffin.

First a creature then becoming a thing of miracles making Cripples walk and curing diseases this then becomes a film more like Jonestown meets Zombie Apocalypse. For all it’s fakery I enjoyed the film for what it was.

Definitely has its roots in Blair Witchery ways and goes mad when necessary for sure brings that oh shit moment to the table where it’s needed. Most memorable point in this film was when healed to walking freind Chris came down those stairs after the group sees his folks (Chris’s) laying deceased on a couch and thereafter…

Atmosphere is creepy with effects believable enough so I wonder what others might feel about the film but I recommend at least to see it before you judge!

Here is the Trailer!

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