Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeff Leroy’s feature film “Creepies” from 2004!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Amsell Entertainment and Sterling Entertainment and distributed by Maverick Entertainment is a film directed  by Jeff Leroy who appears to be one of the kings of the low budget Cinema in his own right and I believe that this was actually one of his better films even though the CGI was entirely fake-looking that there were rubber spiders and the acting hokey.


But really, when it comes down to watching films like this you really have to have an imagination of some kind. The film begins as it appears a spider escapes from a laboratory and military personnel are trying to gun down this scientifically Genetically mutated spider.  We have Joe Haggerty showing up as Sargent Benson, I believe even though the film starts out with the military going after this spider, it goes back to the beginning of what happened that the military had to go after this bug.  So, we see two soldiers in a science lab when one of the mutated spiders that was in a jar broke from its habitat, biting one of the soldiers.


I like the creature effects in this film, like when the soldier that was bitten, there was a wound, and when it opened up a spider crawled out of it and made you feel like this was actually happening.  When some spiders crawl out up a canister and you see the shadow of the bug, hearing the darn thing crawling around it certainly made it feel like there was an invasion of sorts. Spider webbing has covered the entire base, as a small Platoon that is supposed to meet up with Colonel Graves inspect the premises. If you’ll notice that one of the privates by the name of Philips is actor Jed Rowen who played one of the bad guys in director Paul Bunnell’s  feature The Ghastly Love of Johnny X.  That being said  the group of soldiers started to disappear.    We see a soldier bitten, he shoots his arm off and then he gets dragged into a hole. One of his fellow privates here’s the noise she’s the soldier come up through the whole with one arm and he says “Save yourself”.  


Meanwhile Colonel Graves and his group of men come into the compound and notice all the  webs and the missing canister. The thing I find unique about this scene is that the dead body of Sergeant Benson all wrapped up in web gets dragged across the floor creepily. I love how that was done. On the other hand the missing canister was sent to what looks like a recording studio by mistake.   A girl band called The Barenaked  Barbies is on their way over when the two guys who remind me of the Wayne’s World dudes end up going to check out this canister which the spiders have hatched from and bit one of them.


So on the one hand the military personnel who created the spider is trying to kill it on the other hand the members of The Barenaked Barbies along with their guy friend Dave and the Stoner record dude Steve to kick some ass and fight some spiders. I actually thought that this was one of the more ambitious spider movies On a low budget I’ve seen with creature effects, I mean yes you had your rubber spiders, but you had four different kinds of spiders.  there were mechanical spiders, rubber spiders, CGI spiders, giant spiders it was a combination of things and that my friends is not what people normally see they say they see the bad acting they see the bad effects and they can’t look past it. Plus it did help to have some very pretty ladies on board.


I thought the story-line was decent enough, and I thought the acting wasn’t that bad there were some lines that had to do with rock and roll that I thought were unique it was just random but something to just throw out there in the midst of this comical invasion of sorts. and I think Steven the stoner looking recording studio guy the fact that though he was bitten, kept on acting like there was nothing wrong man.  One thing I thought was creative is that when one of the spiders was going up the side of the building you actually saw a CGI made egg sack which was fucking brilliant imagery at least for its time.   on a film like this you have to look past all of the bullshit  to see the hard work that I believe went into the film.   I enjoyed watching this film I think that there are other fans of this film. End it if you like low budgeted horror that is a tad bit comical I think you would enjoy this feature. I certainly recommend it. It won’t be everyone’s film or kind of film but I’d like to put this film in the top section of my favorite spider films because of its ingenuity. Not to mention a possible government cover up. Enjoy!


Starring Lisa Jay as Michelle, Jeff Ryan as Dave, Phoebe Dollar as Brinke, Calley Edmunds as Linnea, Ron Jeremy as Officer Spudic, Garrett Clancy as Sgt. Clancy, Eric Flenner as Jake, Joe De Angelis as Steve, Corbin Timbrook as Parker, Robert Ambrose as Wilkins, Carl Washington as Pvt. Taylor, Vinnie Bilancio as Pvt. Wilson, Joe Haggerty as Sgt. Benson, Savvy Brown as Ms. Ray (as Savanah Brown), Joe Myles as Pvt. Flyswatter, John Fava as Codispot, Jon Christian as Erkens, Jed Rowen as Pvt. Phillips, Matt Emery as Capa, Jack Sparling as Bud, Mitch Toles as The Paramedic, Paul Hellweg as Col. Hellweg.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Paul Bunnell’s “That Little Monster” from 1994, and his “The Visitant” short film from 1981!

Written by David Strege


I am surprised that I didn’t look into the previous films that director Paul Bunnell and his Ottermole Moving Picture Company who brought about the futuristic sci-fi musical The Ghastly Love of Johnny X which stars Will Keenan of Tromeo & Juliet fame. Until I’d interviewed Paul and realized within him astounding drive and the will to succeed, even though he has watched other filmmakers stride by, he wanted to do his film or films right by finding the proper distribution.


Several years back Elite Entertainment had picked up his film That Little Monster which was originally scripted for the 1980s TV series Monsters Which is unfortunate as the producer that Paul had pitched to at the time really loved the idea. Unfortunately his producer connection died unexpectedly and his successors weren’t as interested. But director Paul Bunnell, with his drive to succeed and create what he intended, decided to make the film regardless.  He went out and bought some 16mm Plus-X film
stock and made his film in black-and-white.


Knowing and being friends with the director Don Coscarelli of the Phantasm film franchise, Paul connected with Reggie Bannister at the time and approached him with a role in That Little Monster and so he made the film.

That Little Monster I would definitely put up there with David  Lynch’s Eraserhead almost as a masterpiece in itself and is very experimental.  The film begins with an interview between a young girl named Jamie played by actress  Melissa Baum who is a foreign exchange student and applies for a babysitting job.   Reggie Bannister plays the character called Twelvetrees who is the butler to the Mr. and Mrs. Willock, of which Jamie is being interviewed as a potential babysitter for their little offspring.   What she doesn’t realize how strange the couple is and how even stranger the baby is.  The child must take a certain kind of formula at a certain kind of time.  


The parents of the baby are rather weird indeed.  In fact, before the Willock’s  leave for their masquerade ball, the geeky father, played by actor William Mills breaks out in a rockin’ tune like that which you would here being sung in the 50s.

Director Paul Bunnell was and is very fond of Bob Hope the comedian so when Jamie sits down and watches something on the  TV it is a clip from an old Bob Hope comedy.  But there is something you should know at the time; Bob Hope wasn’t accepting any more television roles and  when he contacted Bob Hope Enterprises asking for a cameo, he was told no.  

Paul had something up his sleeve though. Paul had collected an abundance of Bob Hope memorabilia, sand decided to walk into Hope Enterprises to speak with Bob Hope’s daughter and offered to donate a lot of memorabilia for the (still unbuilt) Bob Hope Museum.  They said yes and Paul had Hope and history was made with what would become Bob Hope’s last appearance in a movie. Check out the end credits to see that cameo. And that’s how you make film history you don’t give up.


At the time director Paul Bunnell had also approached actor Angus Scrimm for a role, but was unavailable, so he suggested Forrest J Ackerman, who did cameos in films such as Evil Spawn, Return of the Living Dead 2, and Dead Alive. Forry agreed to play Edward Van Groan, a fake horror host for the intro claiming “no babies were injured or placed at risk in this picture”, which was great.


I think this film is a masterpiece because it was very much influenced by Lynch at the time, but the tale of this baby, which was in fact purely monster being coddled by even stranger parents after knowing full well going through babysitters like birth control, was definitely a unique story. In a sense it was almost Lovecraftian because even The Dunwich Horror had birthed a monster and in a sense that creature was merely just a child as well. I liked that the film also has a backstory and that the father has a creepy garden where he buried previous babysitters.

Yes, this film isn’t for everyone, but the imagery is creative. I feel this film gets lost on today’s audiences as they do not have respect for abstract thoughts, which is exactly what That Little Monster is. It’s kind of like a nightmare made reality and I love the madness in it.   I think that if you haven’t seen this film you should find a copy of it and treasure it.   I will keep this film very close in range with my copy of Eraserhead. I definitely recommend this film for those of you who enjoy this type of thing.

Starring Melissa Baum as Jamie, Reggie Bannister as Twelvetrees, Andi Wenning as Mrs. Willcock, William Mills as Mr. Wilcock, Forest J. Ackerman as Edward Van Groan, Wolper Willcock as Baby (Wolper Willcock).

The Visitant

Also as a bonus feature on Elite Entertainment’s copy of That Little Monster is a short film that was well-received when it came out in 1981, called The Visitant. This film, shot on in legendary super 8mm, involves a father who drove drunk and finds himself  in a state of paranoia as he seems to be caught up in a very surreal world.   He witnesses his daughter standing at a grave, stating that she wishes whatever hell this man is experiencing. He pretty much doesn’t know it’s him, but that she wishes that he ultimately gets punished for eternity for what he’s
done. The only thing is he doesn’t know exactly what he’s done. The world that he finds himself in I believe is purgatory and his soul was caught in between the land of the living and the land of the dead.   I thought the actor who played the father wasn’t bad at all.   This film felt like the tail end of the 1970s, even though it was filmed in the 1980s, but was a very honest and very real and compelling look at the consequences of what could happen if you did drive drunk. At the time I believe that Bunnell was really into The Twilight Zone and this plays like a
Twilight Zone episode.   But it was his own idea and that is what I like.


Again I loved it. The madness that was portrayed in this film. I loved its weirdness and I’m surprised that not a lot of distributors have been interested in making a deal with this director’s films. I do hope that Paul eventually achieves his dream and that his films will find a proper place on a proper shelf with a proper company.   But I hope that the public does seek these films out, for I do believe they have their place and there is a spark of creativity that is still within this filmmaker to try and make his dreams happen. If you are a fan of short films that sound like this type of genre, then I encourage you to seek these out for your own collection and appreciate them for what they are.   I’ve certainly enjoyed getting to know Mr. Bunnell, and I am honored to call him a friend because I have much respect for the films that he has created even though there were moments that it seemed like some of his projects would never see the light.

Starring Ron Linares as Visitant, Susan Rinell as Girl (as Susan Blackstone), Kashi Way as Boy, Dory Forma as Ghoul, Paul Bunnell as Runner (as Paul Mack), Peter Renaday as Narrator (as Pete Reneday), Richard D. White as Supporting Ghoul, Terrance Hines as Supporting Ghoul, Jerry Danielsen as Supporting Ghoul.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Ryan Stacy’s debut feature “Midsummer Nightmares” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


It’s been awhile since I picked up the spell it came in like a 6 Bill pack of films from Concept Media Films so I’m sorry I’m just getting it to it now but this is director Ryan Stacy’s Midsummer nightmares From 2011.

So the film begins with Liz and her group of friends getting ready for a Halloween Bash of some sort obviously some plans in the works. One of their friends Holly  calls and says that she’s getting ready for the party when she gets this Anonymous call From someone who mistakenly thinks this Holly’s number was a sex line. not the end of the conversation he really says I’ll see you soon…


Next we see a scene with her mother or stepmother I’m not exactly sure where it seems like she is very controlling. She can’t joke or swear on the phone with her friends let alone it seems like even after her father has died is kind of treating her like she should grow up which maybe she should but I’m not entirely sure she should pack up like most of her things that she her mother that is Dean’s of s*** that isn’t useful in her life. Granted when I was a child my mom and dad would always threaten to come in with a green bag throw everything out if I didn’t clean up my room, of course that’s when trash bags were green. In any case when her mom goes off to the store Holly is inherently alone in the house when a man in a mask and a hoodie chases after her and murders her…


After overhearing her friend Holly see me link get harassed by someone and then getting a strange phone call from her Audrey is concerned about her friend the next day. a new neighbor named Rob, Bob or Robby seems to incessantly appear out of nowhere And try to be friendly.


Audrey has a fight with her boyfriend Gavin and well Gavin and Reese are over at a friend’s place setting up the party Gavin gets a message to meet her meaning Audrey add to the gazebo.

So it looks like there’s going to be one hell of a Halloween party but there is one person from the past that I believe will be the surprise murderer as people begin to die… I enjoyed this film it had taste and had some decent  acting.   I actually thought that the neighbor Rob and Liz wasn’t too bad there was kind of a back-and-forth conversation the seem like it was more intelligent side of things. I think this is a good party film,  one to bring out to show with a decent group.  As I’ve said before with Concept media films I believe that the music choices behind their films are spot-on for the film it’s not overly heavy screamo type music which would make it so annoying to hear in the background no offense unless it’s a club scene or and some kind of a Gothic bar or a rave it makes no sense to have music that no one will understand what it says in the background. The acting was really decent all around too.


I think this is a tale of betrayal and how someone can hold on To feelings of Revenge for a long time.   And how New Beginnings of friendships can be helpful.  I think there was a nice twist to the spell that helped it out there was a moment that it had dragged but I rather enjoyed  the film as it is.   I certainly recommend This feature to all you horror fans out there it wasn’t entirely scary as it was entertain and it wasn’t comical as far as easy to enjoy the drama going on.

Starring Jessica Mayes as Holly Peterson, Julie Sherwood as Audrey Small, Kelci C. Magel as Liz Landon, Chad Collard as
Reese Nichols, Garrett Freeders as Gavin Cross, Scott Gillespie as Rob Matthews III, Corey A. Thrush as John (as Corey Thrush), Amanda Collins as Michele, Karen Stacy as Mrs. Peterson, Autumn Richardson as Meredith McCoy, Patricia Garner as Chrissy (as Patricia Gardner), Stacy Freeders as Danielle Waters, Ryan Stacy as Ross, Joe Vollman as St. Lenny, Lisa Davis-Freeders as Tina Cross.

Movies Galore takes a look at director “Sandy Collora’s newest short film “Shallow Water” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


When I was looking for cool campaigns to fund I came across this campaign for a feature that was going to be directed by a very talented short filmmaker and director of a science-fiction film Called “Hunter Prey” That sounded really cool. Now the campaign for the first run was not funded but when he actually funded it to turn in to a short  film he was able to come up with the money to do so and I’m glad that he did.


Sandy  Collora working with Montauk Films is very much a visual director. The film begins as a woman who looks like she is part of a military group is running through the forest away from something that is chasing her.The woman runs into what looks like an abandoned Shack or hut But the reason why I say visual is because while she was running there were bodies of what appear to be her team being mutilated along the way that is to say eaten and we don’t entirely see what they were eaten by or what type of creature it is, until the very end.


Now if you were to put the creature from Creature from the Black Lagoon and mix it with Predator I believe that you would have some kind of a idea of what this creature might look like. But when he brings the tale about face and you are seeing the creature that Sandy has created full suit and all there’s almost a royalty involved in the creature. Shot extremely well I enjoyed watching.


I believe in creating this as a short film This very much brought to life what’s Sandy might have had in store for us if it had been a feature. even the kickstarter rewards for fantastic but that is because I believe he was marketing for a feature film. I’m really glad that I put money into this film to help get it made. And I think if you are a short film lover out there who enjoys horror short films like this which have creatures I should be on a longer feature but can be scrunched to fit a time frame will definitely enjoy this short film. I definitely recommend this film for people to watch and definitely check out actress Lisa Roumain her acting in here was brilliant as she is beautiful and her homage to the scream queen of B movie type was spot on certainly seek this film out if you can.

Starring Lisa Roumain as Diane, Jason Liles as Creature / Elder, Kurt Carley as Creature, Todd Christian Hunter as Creature, Matt Cable as Creature, Dale Pearson as Creature Head, Jacob Roanhaus as Creature, Craig Peterson as Creature Head, Wyatt Stanley as Creature Head, Gabe Cooley as Creature Head, Dave Ploessel as Creature Head, Paul Romanowski as Creature Head.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Michael Viers short film “Shades of Pride” from 2011!

 Written by David Strege


This short film was directed by Michael Viers a very talented  young man who runs Accidental Concussion Films a production company of his own making.  now I don’t understand weather or not he Helm this project under that production company but I’m going to try to describe with him in my own words.

As many small town folk are many are very proud of the very things that they own whether it’s been passed down from generation to generation end it doesn’t matter how much you know are you don’t know but the film begins  on a farm next to his grandchild a gram father is cleaning his gun by the name of Charlie Moss nicknamed shotgun.

a man in a suit and tie shows up by the name of  Bloom As it seems there’s a problem about him building a deck on his land even though it is his land. end response Charlie and no uncertain words tells the man to get off his land if he does not want to eat lead in front of his grandchild.


I think this film goes to show the different color of pride and I think the man that played Charlie (Beck) Played his character to a T there is a streak of feelings that one can feel for the things one has worked for in life by the sweat of his back and a man should be able to do with his land or property exactly what he feels he should be able to do with it without anyone having to but in and try to take that away from him.  I think the film was shot really well.  I am unsure about it’s reception but I believe that having met him I believe it probably did have a good reception when he released the film to festivals. I think that if you were short film lover that you would definitely love  this film and should seek it out if you can.

Starring Patrik Beck as Grandpa Moss, Linda Cieslik as Grandma Moss, Guy Holling as Warren Bloom.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Derek Braach’s feature film “The Icing” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


So this is the first production from  Cheevies A production company out of Illinois I believe Color Run by Derek Braasch which even though they have their own company website where they sell this film on I actually bought this film from Legless Corpse Films which I am sad to say is no more. I considered Chad Armstrong friend and I am sad that he won’t be able to see this review it is a tragedy that knows no words.   That being said This film is about a hitman Named Finn Scott Who is a Hitman and assassinator and I got to say for a small budget they’ve definitely got the action paced in this film.


Normally I’m used to this like all out drama and a slow pace in low budget action films but surprisingly this is action paced.

We start out with a narration From Fin as he’s just about to enter what looks like a hotel or a dining room of sorts. as he’s bringing a suit in he is accosted by a beautiful lady was trying to get into your evening dress and they have a little bit of a sexual conversation. But then two of the waiters end up throwing on ski masks and try to kill someone within the room. and Finn Scott chases after the 2 men. So we find out Scott is an ex cop also one of the bodyguards protecting Senator Sam Bellows. Scott gets a phone call that sets up a meeting. at this meeting Scott and another man in the Mist have a conversation over a matter of 100 G’s. Scott’s interested and the man tells him when he know something he’ll let him know.


Ultimately we find out that Scott is a haunted man. Haunted by the love of a woman that left his life.No Scott first bumps into Marilyn  as the woman he’s helped put a necklace on turns out she is Senator Sam bellows  so-called grieving wife.   but since the get-go Scott and Marilyn Seem to have a steamy encounter every time they meet. when he goes to  question her he ends up telling her about the woman that he used to love and when Marilyn  comes back into the room and see Scott with a gun to his head they end up having some steamy erotic sex.  once Scott realized he’s been mooked and playing played as the Patsy he ends up calling in some favors that him and his old partner who ended up being the man in the Mist used to know to go up against the person  behind the original hit as the senator has been killed.


I thought the acting in here was really good for the low budget film that it is I feel like this has kind of like a mechanic kind of attitude.  As it seems like Scott and the people he knows are like Jacks of all trades in their line of business. Is that I think all the actors did a decent job normally you have at least one or two with it don’t really sound enthused it being on set to act for an independent feature but everyone in this film seem to be very good actors enough so that it doesn’t look like it’s a low-budget feature.  I’ve been into watching a lot of horror films lately and this was a nice reprieve from watching the low-budget horror that I watch. I love watching all     genre of films And I should probably watch more of these more often the thing is some of the stances that come in some action films are hard for me to describe I don’t always know like if there was a boxing or wrestling type of action film what type of moves does might have been. I enjoyed this film and I certainly recommend it to those who enjoy the Hitman type of action films that are out there.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Tony Marino as Fin Scott, Kelly LaMont as Marilyn Bellows, Jeff Harrigan as Mick Cavanaugh, Anthony Bonaventura as Iceman, Gary Sugarman as Vic, Brian Broscoe as Clyde, Dave Sylvester as Damon Cain, Jim McMahon as
Rogan Carmichael, Katie Cleary as Shelly White, Toni Buena as Miki (as Stoni Buena), Matthew Bender as Heath Phillips, Nick Bender as Sports Announcer, Derek Braasch as Drunk punk, Ed Braasch as Baseball Coach, Julie Braasch as Airline Ticket Attendant, Elizabeth Susan Carter as Joey’s Girl, Ryan Highland as Thug 2, Sienna Macedon as
Officer Morris, David Meyers as Prison Guard, Levi Pack as Eddie LaMans, Darren Parker as Prisoner, Patrick Paul as
Thug 1, Mark Sartain as Joey Saldante, Jim Vernon as Bully.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Michael Hegg and Joe Sherlock’s film “Inbred Redneck Vampires” from 2004!

Written By David Strege

Inbred Redneck VampiresAlright so obviously this is a collaboration of directors ideas distributed from Sub Rosa Cinema originally called Inbred Redneck Bloodsuckers but for marketing purposes went with Vampires instead now run by film distributor Ron Bonk but directed by Michael Hegg and Joe Sherlock from Skullface Astronaut Productions from 2004.


The film begins in a club scene of sorts or a house I can’t fully tell which at the moment with what seems like a vampire queen of some sort and her blood drinking servant Wendall whom seems to be a better actor than she is an actress in her fake Romanian accent but she is pretty.

Apparently they have to flee the scene as some other darker creature has been spotted. So Wendell the blood servant and his mistress end up hijacking a rednecks vehicle And in so doing turn that redneck Billy Joe Bob into a blood sucker which one seed gone home started turning is inbred family into other bloodsuckers.


Next we are introduced to the family of Pisser’s, Ma and Pa Pisser, Eva Pisser and Junior Pisser right so Junior so far as dumb, as Ma Pisser has indefinitely  won a  decorating contest which adds rednecks seem to do around here is open up there mail rather late so that she didn’t realize they were coming exactly today. Only thing is the Pisser’s home  is in sad shape and Claude the French designer has arrived in the middle of the trap shooting Festival which Ma Pisser has won  the last 3 cooking contest against the Petersons who live across the way.

Forget about being politically correct or thinking that one person will go one way when they go an entirely different direction but this is about to be a romp of good fun.


Not only do Billy Joe Bob and his wife go off on a turning spree but the comment area between mistress and servant Are somewhat comical as she the mistress the vampire that started it all treats her servant like shit even though he wants to be part of her ilk. My only problem is that I haven’t exactly caught the name of this mistress while watching the film and even though I’ve read the names of the credits it’s hard to figure out what her name is. What’s interesting is they mix all the different tropes that have to go with what we think a true redneck is you know that stereotypical stupid son of a bitch who only drinks, shoots Coons, and eats beans in with a mix above vampire invasion turning the town into just a bunch of stupid vampire drinkers. Not to mention farting competitions.

I know some of the special effex in here are corny and you can definitely tell they are fake but they seem to make it more comical then because they are fmessing up. I think this film is funny I  think the characters that were made up in here With  redneck vampires that killed themselves stupidly and others that bite the biggest butt in the ass to turn each other insane.


I don’t care that I didn’t figure out who the main vampire mistress is I enjoyed this film it’s laugh-out-loud wacky it’s not scary And definitely has a sense of humor you kind of have to go in to the film open minded and just enjoy the ride. If you are a fan of horror comedies and redneck humor this is the kind of film that I think you should seek out to watch just for some good laughs and probably a good film to put in for party favor. I certainly enjoy this film it’s one of my favorites lately that I’ve watched. I’d recommend this film  for a night of raunchy humor.  But one thing I’ve noticed with films that have something to do with Joe Sherlock is that he tends not to just go with the normal skinny mini actor actress and accept the people who have more than a little bit of weight on them into his cast.

Starring Dee Alsman as Peterson, Eunice, Emily Andrews as Ariel, Erin  Arbogast as
Luanda, Shannon Barksdale as Ronnie Sue (as Shannon), Sha Boseley as One-Eyed Lurlene, Joe Boyd as Tripe Days Attendee #1, Bill Bradford as Cletus, Austin Brosn as Tripe Festival Boy, Bob Brown as Shower Man, Bobby Brown as
Bar Patron #4, Makayla Brown as Tripe Festival Girl, Trish Brown as Darlene, Amber Carillo as Missy Sue Peterson, Josh Clegg as Burping Guy, Carrie Davis as Ma Poissier, David C. Duncan as Jed Flannigan, Warren E.B.B. As Lendel, Michael Edwards as Earl, Jeff Dylan Graham as Lonnie Bob Joe, Brenda Ann Harris as Bar Patron #1, Michael Hegg as
Pa Poissier (as Mike Hegg), Ron Heikkila as Waldorf, Brittany Hope as Corn Dog Girl, Lindsey A. Hope as Eva Poissier, Lisa Hope as Candy, Rich Hope as Bar Patron #5, Adam Husser as Tripe Days Attendee #4, Candy Jabin as Shower Woman, Stacey Larson as Raven, Rob Merickel as Lil’ Junior, Nate as Tripe Days Attendee #5, Joe Norman as Bar Patron #2, Shelly Norman as Bar Patron #3, Joyce Olds as
Phyllis, Bob Olin as Billy Joe Barney Bob (as Robert J. Olin), Felicia Pandolfi as
Catherine, Michelle L. Rosell as Mandy, Bruce Rydberg as Tripe Days Attendee #3, Tom Shaffer as Father Jones, Scott Shanks as Jean-Claude Les Eaux, Shannon as
Ronnie Sue, Connor Sherlock as CJ, Joe Sherlock as Mayor Gabby Farnsworth, Catherine Sweezey as Toni, Trinity as
Tripe Days Attendee #6, Tammy Voie as
Tulsa, Jon Wilmot as Peterson, Frank, Cynthia Wilson as Babs Flannigan, Dale Wilson as Mr. Wilson, Alan Winston as
Billy Ray Ray.