It’s Your Fault

Written By David Strege


This is another Concept Media Short film for 2016 but this time not Burkett but Ryan Stacy having directed Midsummer Nightmares 1 and 2 among others this is his first branch out to a different genre than horror and according to him had fun filming it! Kinda like Reality meets Agatha Christy on acid.

Imagine if you will that you are an indie film maker and come back from a great premiere to all these snooty rich acting people and critics that are just the crappiest people with the most filthy of attitudes… but set up as a celebration of murder.

You hear what sounds like some chatter between a husband and wife saying she’ll be back soon and he loves her…

Set up like a reality show Bridget Taylor the leading actress of a film called Sock of the Century comes home from a movie premiere to find Laurel Erinsen one of the producers of the Shock of the Century film has made appetizers and dinner.

Two others arrive Monica Wells-Honeycutt one of the actresses and Allen Honeycutt the other producer making snide remarks on Laurel being producer and chef…

Kurt Davis an actor arrives and Bridget soon shows a mild contempt for laurel acting as if what she was doing wasn’t much and a bore as well as everyone else.  Allen starts in on what they are going to face tomorrow.  He thinks their all fucked. Brody Hemmerling the director is Laurels boyfriend and walks in to relieve her to help make dinner and chat with the rest. Quinn O’Shea is the writer and he’s in love with Amie DuMaurier just unable to tell her to her face.

Meanwhile at the table Bridget Tells the lofty tale of how when she was younger Allen was her first real producer and had her star in all his films and married her but then he turned to making Slasher films where he met another young strumpet who turned out to be Monica and eventuatually his future Wife.  As the tale ends Amie arrives with vodka.

It’s obvious that Allen and Monica are not happy either since they are often back and forth and he threatens to kill her if she mentions some certain unnameable knowledge.

The girls go back to chill and shoot the shit and find Monica getting high on some reefer and she definitely has some not so nice words to say of actress Bridget Taylor.  Walking out Monica starts flirting with Kurt.

Meanwhile Allen tells them he only threw down the dough to see them all fail.  Brody wrote a script for a second film that Writer quin didn’t know every single person in the room already knew about and Brody burnt dinner.  Laurel being mad at Brody walks away screams finding both Kurt and Monica fucking each other’s brains out everyone walks including Allen.  Allen reacts says something pulls a gun shoots Kurt then Monica.  Walks over to the table and demands they all join him. They do.

Then laurel dares him to do something.  He shoots Brody.  Demands her to go get him something.  He argues with Quinn about who’ll believe him he shoots Quinn, Laurel comes back shoots Allen then points the gun at Amie.  Tells Bridget she’s next points the gun at Bridget then Amie clocks Laurel on the head as Bridget grabs the gun shoots Laurel and Amie calls up Jason her lover and walks out.

The rest is done in blackness can you guess what happened next?

This was a brilliantly independently done murder reality mystery.  A flabbergasted surprise of everyone blaming each other and a directors worst nightmare.

The only bad thing I can say about this film is parts of it were a little slow and the actor playing Brody stuttered one syllable.  It’s meant to be a slight fast paced short as there is a lot going on with heated moments in everybody.

I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating and I recommend for any horror fan/ mystery lover.

What do you think happened let’s you and I play the blame game…

Starring Stacy Freeders as Bridget Taylor, Corey A. Thrush as Allen Honeycutt, Iabou Windimere as Laurel Erinsen, Joe Kidd as Brody Hemmerling, Brittany Blanton as Monica Wells-Honeycutt, Payton Krebs as Amie DuMarier, Titus Young Wolverton as Quinn O’Shea, Ian Coxas Kurt Davis, Joshua Clemons as Jason Dryver.



Written by David Strege

2016-03-16 23.36.30

Directed by Michael Norman Gale Butts of MORE-on Productions from Wisconsin I might add, this is the first film on a double feature you can get on DVD as a drive in feature call Vampire Ticks From Outer Space. I love that that his films have a campy atmosphere to them like your 70s grindhouse 50s monster schlock films of old.

We begin as Norman Gale Narrates that this film is found footage of Ivan Markins from a controversial Expedition some claim it’s a forgery others claim it’s genuine let’s see if you can decide for yourself as I describe the rest of the film…

We see trees at sunset, here a groan… a man named Wallace wakes up in the dark, gets dress throws on some music, does some pushup sets.

Goes for a morning run as we see him run through woods and parts of his town we see him go do some pushups run around a puddle twice and come back home.  His door was locked it wasn’t when he left.  Goes around back, walks in through the kitchen.  Carolyn is there apparently they have a past.  She’s there to get his help. She’d been tasked to take 5 interns to study wolves in the middle of Canada trying to find out why they haven’t populated a certain area of land.  She’s gong to be at a conference with the wild life authority and is asking Wallace to babysit and make sure they get to their destination and comfy.

200 dollars a day doesn’t sound too bad now…


So he goes and meets up with the 3 men 2 Women, Charles, Frank, Jenkins, Sara and Carolyn for this expedition with 5 camping backpacks.

We find out Wallace had been the most leading authority on Wolves at one point.

Charles seems to be the most animated and excited of the group like he’s on happy pills or something.

After what seems like 20 minutes of walking frank who’d been complaining since they first met up of being there of walking for an hour can they stop.  They don’t.  A little while later they go and set up camp.  While Frank was putting a radio or a tent post couldn’t really tell which, in the ground a Yeti made of nappy lamb wooled suit attacked him. On a low budget you try to make things as real as possible and this is just a version. The rest heard him scream and ran to find him.  One of the girls Carolyn checks him out.


She thinks hell be alright.  In the meantintime he needs medical transportation only the only radio they had was broken in the attack.

They make a makeshift carrier and continue to walk on when they come across a house in the woods.  They all scramble inside. They all think their safe… a fuzzy nappy looking lamb yeti had broken through a ply board and gotten inside and took a guitar to Charles head and killed off the rest of Frank.


Not sure what happened to Jenkins and the other two but it’s assumes they either ran or got killed.  I’m not sure what her name was I think it was Trish but the girl who played the half medic stayed behind with Wallace.


While Wallace went off to search for the others or look for help Trish went and explored the attic of the house and found a tape recording of a previous expeditionist.

Which explained about the yeti and if your hearing his recording he’s gone…

After hearing this Trish went down to find Wallace in turn came back to find her gone and then proceeded to search the house himself cautiously.  He found an old movie projection machine with some film.  While steadily getting drunk he watches a a man compares footprints and molds of yetis.


After getting quite drunk from a full bottle of vodka he goes out to antigonize the creatures as there were 5 sets of foot prints.  While throwing the bottle of vodka it appears the creatures liked to play and throw his bottle back at him so this gave Wallace a plan….


With household hammer and nails he booby trapped the home and from pipes from the toilet creates some homemade tnt.  Then set out and killed 3.  The booby trap got another and now it’s down to the last Yeti.  Will Wallace be able to survive I won’t tell everything… lol.

My problems with the film involve the trek out to the camp site there was a lot of silence that could have been taken up with banter or at least an appearance of the yeti.  Thought it a little funny on the trek you heard music like Egyptian mummy expedition music. I also think that it was creative to have the viewer think that there were 5 of these creatures by the blood being squirted into Wallace face and the burying of the yeti parts as Wallace realized he hadn’t reloaded lol. Here again as in Vampire Ticks I think that the names of the actors are needed to be known a little bit so we know who is who but I believe that Norman is growing as a director from these films as he’s added his own style especially in the end of them.  In this ending there’s part of several documentaries of actually reported sasquatch stings used as backdrop to the screen credits.  He did the same type of related documentary type in the end of Vampire Ticks From Outer Space.  Except those were related to ufos and aliens.

I enjoyed the film with its botched homemade nappy lamb looking suit.  Yes it was totally fake and you could tell but that’s part of the fun in campy films of this nature.  I believe the acting could have somewhat been better on Frank’s half but I feel the group seemed to have fun.  Plus how can you resist seeing a cotton ball yeti pack get extinguished!

I give this film a 3 out of 5 Star rating not because it’s bad it’s unique for wisconsin.

Will you go on an expedition to see why wolves won’t go to a certain area of Canada with me?


Starring Obediah Boon as Wallace, John Patrick Healy as Frank, Rayman James as Charles, April Monits as Carolyn, Crystalynn Oldenburg as Trish, Logan Arneson as Jenkins, Cara Quana as Sarah, Norman Gale as The Yeti.

The Lamb

Written By David Strege


Concept Media’s Shawn Burkett surprises us with a nice little short film that begins with an edge for 2016

A young girl wakes up in the middle of some woods and screams. We see her running hee shirt is stained with blood….

Next we see a Detective Mathews going through some papers as if he’s interviewing her being with what happened… Ms. COMBS Did you attend class…

Her name is Sara Comes she’d attended class then went home and took a bath, gets a call.  The shape of someone walking by in the bathroom, gets another call with strange voices and breathing… Tells the detective she’s been attending university 3 Months… lives with a room mate named Jessica Noble has no problem with guys, full time student.


Detective Mathews says hell be right back but before he goes asks her about the strange voices again. Tells him why does it matter…

Meanwhile outside the room he gets a call from Commander Babcock asking for developments.  Mathews tells him the girl is comatose and incoherent… Babcock reminds him how important it is to the town to figure things out to push as hard as it is needed they don’t need a modern day witch hunt.  Before he goes back in the audience hears voices, whispering.

Mathews asks Sara if she eaten anything prior to passing out to narrow down why she might of.  Ms. Combs screams why! Why does it matter! Why aren’t you trying to help me! To us it seems like her voice becomes many as her eyes glow and then banging her head into the table for extra measure… nose bleeding.


As Sara stairs up into nowhere Mathews asks if she killed Jessica Noble.  She asked why would I killed my only freind? Mathews said then why was she found a mile away from her and Jessica Blood found on her…

Sara explains staring off into the distance she was in a room with candles… people came out of the shadows… humming as she hummed and off key tone…


You the see hooded people carry a knife to a tied up Jessica Noble.  She screams they don’t have to do this… stop… they cut her throat while Sara lay on the floor unable to move as the spread Jessica’ blood on her shirt in markings as 4 maybe 5 people gathers around her chanting.  She remembers waking and running through the woods…

We appear to see her strip and bath in a stream then walk as if in a trance down a leaf filled path humming… to a road…

Humming Mathews asks does she know who killed Jessica Noble….

Now I have liked Shawn Burkett Sleeping Soul it was thought provoking and though I have reviewed his other films heard he needed more reviews of The lamb and as I actually received out 50 blurry combo packs numero one figured I’d rush my review faster then I normally do.

One thing I always notice is that the sound never seems to waver it’s not up and down like most indies.  I thought this was a pretty well rounded short but I found myself thinking detective Mathews could have sped up the interview and been a little more cryptic I think and feel the story line needed a bit more edge and less space between the answers.  But I always enjoy a story line with a cult involved. The score went well with the attitude but altogether it left me wanting to know more.  Ultimately we are left not knowing who did the killing and makes me wonder if Burkett is adapting another storyline to finish or just leave ya hanging.  It’s definitely not avidly gorey but sometimes that’s not needed in a storyline such as this that was portrayed.

I enjoyed the piece I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 minus the pace of the the interview I think it has room to grow if anything.  I recommend those of you out there there are only 50 copies of this out there so grab up you copy it’s only ten bucks lol.

Starring Brittany Blanton as Cult Member, Shawn Burkett as Commander Babcock, Joshua Clemons as Cult Member, Scott Gillespie as Detective Matthews / Cult Member, Ayse Howard as Jessica Nobel, Payton Krebs as Sara Combs, Ryan Stacy as Cult Member, Deryk Wehrley as Cult Leader.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Rob Michels anthology “Terror Tales” from 2016!

Written By David Strege


Hailing to us from Screaming Like Banshees Productions comes a homemade anthology by the same team behind 2015s The Lurking and one of the team of directors behind Madisons hit at their festivals “Hole in the Wall.”

Produced by Carolyn Baker, Directed by Rob Michels and Carolyn Baker, Written by both and Shayne White man behind the effects and also one of the main actors in Robs Films this is a collection of 6 that make you go like whaaat?


This anthology starts out with an into of a scruffy looking dude you see go into a basement and just grunt then goes and mixes poison with a bag of weed. Then you see him go around the side of ahouse and peep in a window and watch as a stoner played by shayne White finds the bag, smokes it and coughs up blood and dies while creeper dude smiles into the camera going into the first tale…

Dead Drunk: this first section has Shayne White playing a dude who keeps waking up from a recurring nightmare that someone keeps killing him the funny thing is there appears to be a beer kept stashed at every turn… until hes…



Next we see a man make coffee then turns on his TV bell rings,  there’s a guitar case with guitar just sitting there he brings it in.  It glows red and appears to demonically possess him as he whispers yes master… as the guitar turns on its seemingly own accord. He picks up the guitar and laughs saying their all going to die hahaha.  Calls his band mate up practice is on for today.


Fellow guitarist walks in starts to open his case pulls out his instrument turns around and his band mate stands there as his Guitar string appear to lash out and strangle the dude to death. Then the main guy saws his mates head off and asks if it pleases his master…

Shayne whites character gets called while playing a game… he shows up apparently the drummer and starts drumming at his machine, you can tell he’s not the one drumming but u get the idea he’s practicing.  He stands up when his band mate walks in asks where everyone else is and a guitar string shoots out and pulls his intestines out while he screams till his death.  We see the main dude continue to pull his insides out.


Third member drives up in a van listening to death metal as we see the main dude plug his demonic guitar into some amps.  Dude swivels all over the road and pulls up, walks up the drive and notices the others aren’t here.  Goes in and main guy just plays the lowest chords at the loudest volume and blows his 3rd members ears out.



100 years ago in Madison County a man was put to sleep with ether promising that a tint of mercury will heal him claiming a radiance accumulator will grant him everlasting life…


Years later a man orders the radiance accumulator online thinking hell use it in some Christmas event coming up. The contraption arrives but it doesn’t seem to open.  Then it begins shaking on its own… out slides a mummy it opens it’s eyes gets up and rips his buyers arms off.


Realizes he’s in the year 2011 and sets off to find a time machine.

Next we see a man in a top hat and cape near a park bench.  We see a mall Santa taking a shot then he asks how his Christmas is and offers him some whiskey.  The man in the Cape beats him to death then walks on and continues to search for a time machine.

Kicks a dog in the river as he mutters none of this would ever have happened…

Throws a sledder into a tree..20160325_222501.jpg..rips another sledders head off… walks into town asks every Tom dock and Harry about the time machine kills them if they don’t know.  Demanding where the time machine is he  arrives at a Christmas party, storms inside demanding for a time machine… killing, smudging smashing everyone in site making everyone run, bullets don’t stop him.


When I find the time machine none of this would ever have happened….

Directed by Carolyn Baker starring Adam Thimming as The Christmas Mummy, Gere my Webne-Behrman as sci-fi guy, Rob Michels as the shitting Santa, Lezlie Blanton as the dog walker, Demonia as the dog, Rob Michels as the Bludgeoned Dude, Shayne White as the Chucked Sledder, Rob Michels as Beheaded sleader, Rick Smart as the Beaten passerby, Adam Thimming as the dropped pedestrian, Carmen Nightshade as the glamorous party girl, Lezlie Blanton as the mysterious party girl, Kassim Slinger as the steamy party girl, Smila Reyes as the cake kid, Carolyn Baker as the Bitchy Mom, Emma Fenne Rabiola as the shy girl, Zachary Thomas as the cheer guy, Rob Romero as bouncer bob, Brice Walters as the clubbed party guy, Zach Slinger as the stylish party guy, Nik Blanton as the Strangled Rocker, Shayne White as the party hero, Torin Childs as the party kid, Kal Herron as party teen, Sarah Wenner as the running girl, Andrew Maximiuk as the sleepy shooter.

The phone rings and a message plays it’s Shayne White playing a dude in a home filled with roaches, falling all over his ceiling he imagines a clown is sitting in front of him.

He goes to the bathroom looks in the tub there’s a woman dead with an arrow there. He hears a knock.  It’s detective Donally looking for some missing girl.  He slowly walks through as Shayne character sneaks up behind the detective with an extinguisher just in case.  About to leave the detective turns around and discovers the missing girl in a closet as Shayne character knocks him out. Detective wakes up with a shiner, reaches for a jar and throws the liquid and sprays the extinguisher into Shayne Whites characters face.  You hear him slowly groan as you see his face melt before your eyes. With no title to this tale we move on…

Rotten Friend

Starring Rick Smart, Izzy Plunket, Smila Reyes, and shayne White

A man drives his car to a cemetery takes out a wheel chair brings his dead friend home for his birthday.


Takes his friend out to get a hooker. Wakes him up makes him breakfast. Seems to have an invisible conversation with him.  As bugs drop from his sockets. They go out for a walk over a bridge on a road.  Takes him to the park on a swing, a kid shoots some beef balls at them. Then they go to a ball diamond and Rick Smarts character hits the baseball straight into Shayne whites characters forehead…

We then  see that he drops him off at the cemetery and we see him physically walking to his grave… as he promises they’ll do the same next year…

Flesh Eating Fog:

A man goes down to the lake to fish catches something reels it in.  It’s an old canister.  He opens it and this smoke seeps out and feasts on his flesh in a matter of seconds he’s gone.


The fog travels to a stoner with a boombox.  He takes a green bong out takes a puff sets it down the fog travels into the bottle before his next drag.  He picks it up takes th e hit and it eats him from the inside out.  He coughs up blood and then you see blood squirting out his chest as this fog evaporates from him over the top acting but effective lol.

It travels to a playground where two kids are playing the fog seeps in and the little girl gets eaten, as does the kid as his blood drips down the slide…

A man walking his dog walks unsuspectedly into the path of the drifting fog as you hear screams from both man and dog… you see the man’s arms off and blood everywhere.


Another man walks into his garage to fix his car the fog slips under the door and eats his whole upper half…


His wife grabs him a beer having been called to and the fog gets her as she walks back out the door as u see her hand slide down the door and screams as you see her body melt…

Starring John Hill as the Fisherman, Shayne White as the Stoner, Smila Reyes as both the girl on the Swing and Boy on the slide, Rob Michels as the dogwalker, Chthulu as the dog, Jason Phelps as the Grease Monkey, Sheila Holt as the Angry Wife.

Now I enjoyed the anthology don’t get me wrong the total fact that Shayne White who often is behind the effects in the story’s seems to love getting killed or being the killer/hero whatever. But there’s a story that’s in between the Christmas mummy and Rotten friend that seems to be missing a title I understood the tale but it wasn’t part of the intro tale it was a stand alone story plus I think it needed a credit to tell who played the detective.

But as a wrapup I though for being homemade and knowing that they had it on vhs only at one point it looked the they copied it fom the vhs which gives it a grind house look.  I believe the film as a whole Is a great little piece of Wisconsin horror.  I liked especially the tales Christmas Mummy, Rotten Friend and Flesh Eating Fog.

I recommend for all horror fans to check this film out! If this sounds like something you’d watch than I suggest you seek the film out for your own amusement I was certainly entertained.

Zombie Infection

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Chad Armstrong’s Legless Corpse Films from 2015 and Directed by Alex Wesley aka Alexander Sharoglazov of Omsk from the cold subzero temperatures of Russia comes a covert Zombie film that might not be easy to forget as its a splatter fest of the worst design. Having two horror Legends Todd Vernon (from Scarecrows), and Andreas Schnaas of ( violent shit trilogy, Anthropophagus 2000) as well as others that have paved the way for this underground movement of blood and infestation of horror being that this was Alaxander Sharoglazov’s debut film.

Colonel Vernon has been hired back in the states to recover two toxic cannisters from a town and release them to a town nearby in Russia but hearing that a brothers in arms fellow soldier there to kill him posibly and I’ll be honest the film is in Russian trying to tell who was whom in English was difficult for me but I’ll try to describe what I saw…

I know the Colonel Vernon was hired whether her they were friends at first i think they were.  The brother in arms called a friend whom was with this girlfriend of his that seemed like she was kinda prudish and he wanted to see Colonial Vernon. They didn’t have a vehicle and there wasn’t time for a train so they set out walking since it was only a few miles or so but they got lost.

Meanwhile back at the home where Colonel Vernon was, him and the inhabitants had gone into the basement for shelter he himself leaves them there while he goes up and out to find help fighting zombies along the way.

One thing I found funny Is the girlfriend who eventually turned into a zombie was wearing high heels and I gave to say Sergio Khodich puking up guts as a zombie was a bit memorable.

The zombies themselves? Well there was one in particular the couple met while lost that staggered after them that looked like paper machete kinda hilarious but it was as effective as needed.


As it turned it this whole infection was all perpetrated by the government go figure and Col. Vernon played a part.

There were definitely some parts of transmutation into a zombie that were worth the watch plus seeing all these horror legends in a Russian Zombie Film let’s see if you can recognize any names ?

I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating but I think because thus was his first film it was a little choppy and figuring out who everyone is name wise without rolling through the credits would be nice but it’s low budget Russian Cheese Splatter what else can you expect? Lol then again maybe the names were there and my ming was looking for blood…

I recommend this film for any undead fan!

Starring Ted Vernon as Colonel Vernon, Richard Vidan as Mr. Jameson, Rod Sweitzer as Captain Smith, Alexander Malus as Sasha, Alexandra Red as Victoria / Zombie, Vasily Agapov as Vasya / Zombie, Konstantin Youshkevich as Detlieff / Zombie, Tatyana Savchenko as Sveta / Zombie, Andreas Schnaas as Infection Victim, Viktor Murzikov as Infection Victim / Radio Voice, Andrey Mandrigin as Infection Victim, Yury Okushko as Infection Victim / Sanich, Nikolai Sharoglazov as Guy in the Car #1 / Zombie, Vasily Sitnikov as Guy in the Car #2 / Zombie, Tatyana Maluta as Zombie Victim, Ivan Kurrgan as Zombie Victim (as Ivan Kurggan), Kerne Youktis as Party Guest / Zombie, Andre K. As Party Guest / Zombie, Vladimir Baksheyev as Party Guest, Alexander Menasanov as Guts Choke Victim, Sergey Khodich as Guts Puke Zombie, Harry Bromley Davenport as Doctor (as Harry Bromley-Davenport), Claudio Fragasso as Colonel Fragasso, Chorus Hompton as Zombie, Eugene Pitsteiner as Zombie, Veronica Pitsteiner as Zombie, Michael Alekseyev as Zombie, I. Shalagin as Zombie, Dmitry Emelyanov as Zombie, Andrey Sabaev as Zombie, I. Brusin as Zombie, Pavel Ognev as Zombie, Victoria Maluta as Zombie, Pavel Pe as Zombie, Ilya Volkoff as Zombie.


Death Scort Service

Written By David Strege


Coming to us from the Sleaze Box and Gatorblade Films directed by Sean Donahue from 2015.

Michelle is in an escort service with a group of friends but she has a past that haunts her.  A murder is on her hands even if it wasn’t her that committed the crime.


How an escort service works on a normal basis is the customer calls with a time and hook up place for the girl in question and then the two have at it anything with bdsm or otherwise costs extra.


There is a mysterious caller that is calling every single girl connected to Michelle.killing them one by one.

Missy was a girl that had run away from her family and needed help so Michelle got her into the business by sending her in to a client that likes it rough but well… he killed her and Michelle ran away knowing that she died.


Whoever it is that is killing the girls knows this and is after revenge on all involved. Would you like to get strangled or get stabbed in a shower, die in a tub? Sign up for the deathsso Scott service where you’ll make a killer living!


Now I enjoyed this film but it did get kinda slow twords the end there’s a part where there’s screaming that was just way to over the top for my liking but it did have an edge to it leading up to the climax.  The voice of the mysterious caller was certainly original.  Of coarse while I was watching I couldn’t help but think of the voice from Scary Movie the dude with the scream face and hood that there were similarities. But I thoroughly did enjoy the film as a whole and give it a 3 out of 5 star rating and recommend for all you slasher seekers.


Starring Krystal Pixie Adams as Michelle, Ashley Lynn Caputo as Missy, Sean Donohue as John#1 / Strip Club Patron#1, Cayt Feinics as Jamie, Bob Glazier as Buddy, Lisa Marie Kart as Beverly, Joe Makowski as Mysterious Driver, Jessica Morgan as Tara, Bailey Paige as Erica, Alice Reigns as Julie, Evan Stone as T.V. Personality, Paula Tsuara as Candy, Amanda Welch as Dakota, Geneva Whitmore as Pamela, Chris Woods as John #2 / Strip Club Patron #2, Joel D. Wynkoop as Angus, Amethist Young as Gwen.


Nailed Down

Written By David Strege


Coming to us from Angry Lunch Productions as well as Chad Armstrongs Legless Corpse films is a film directed by Harley David Morris from 2015.

The film begins as a preacher Father Bellis in his church finishes a sermon as a hooded man who me we later find out is Jason Hugo, is left sitting in some pews the Father goes and gives him words of encouragement to turn to god.

Next we see a Adam Nash checking his phone at a coffee shop as he waits for his lady friend who works for the government. Adam is a salesman and stressed about premiums going up and down.

Somethings bothering him he can’t talk about it right now he leaves and then appears to walk into a darkened home, his I think since he used keys but someone was watching from the street need a car in the shadows unbeknownst.


We see the someone only hands walk up the drive hammer in hand, open the door, walk up the stairs.  Adam is taking a shower he gets out looks around gets dressed, goes to the kitchen gets clobbered by the assailent which is Jason. Adam wakes up strapped to a chair demands to be let go but the assailent Jason is insistent that it doesn’t matter hell be dead tomorrow.  So he proceeded to torture Adam by hammering nails multiple times into the man he’s strapped as he talks about the point of no return where man goes past… darkness… only way out… the need to see it through…


Claims everything he does is for a purpose, a reason. Apparently the man has screwed with him somehow someway so he screws, screws into his toes til Adam grows unconscious.


Meanwhile there’s a detective who just had a divorce being final when he gets handed a case of possible disappearance.  He check into the matter as Adam hadn’t been seen for a day being that it’s a weekend he could have just been out drinking but his lady friend is insistent that he always calls.


Meanwhile Jason stops into a comic book store slash grocery store which apparently he hadn’t been to since he was having flashbacks of younger days in high school when things were simpler.  Employees asked after him and had heard of his wife and childs recent homicide.

Jason returns and makes up a bowl of something he filled with thumb tacks and walked into the room he’d tied Adam up in gives him the bowl convinces him to calm down that he has to keep his strength up and Adam takes the bowls eats from it you see blood spill down as he cries out in pain.  After a while Jason comes back and continues to hammer him til Adam confesses that he’d killed his wife and son by slitting his throat but described it… he told her to fuck him and wanted her to see him while he did but all she cared about was his brat and what happened to him.  She fought him at first but in the end he won he got pleasure from her pain seeing her hurt enjoyed the final moments of each of their deaths…. and after this confession somehow Adam got loose and Jason and Adam Struggled with eachother…

The detective finally arrived where Adam lived and found the shed where he was taken…. Did either man survive?

Ultimately I think this film was made to make people sit back and think.  It showed the thoughts of a man bent on revenge and what the person who did wrong how he felt as well under pressure and also the lengths a man will go when he looses everything including his faith. Which I think was the intent with the biblical verses and the reason Jason went and sat in the church.

I enjoyed the message but there were a lot of Audio problems with the film I kept having to turn it up and down as well as low volume in the seen when Adams in the Coffee Shop with his Lady Friend was hard to hear the conversation was a little mufffled.

But I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating and recommend for the psychological thinkers there is definitely a message portrayed here.

What would you do if a man had killed your family all because he coveted what you had?

Starring Wesley Hinkle as Jason Hugo, Kenn Parks as Adam Nash, Christie Troxell as Stacye Hugo / Jason’s Wife, Elijah Malone as Jon Hugo, Daniel Thompson as Comic Store Manager, Victoria Edgar as Jill’s Friend Sandy, Shakila Walker as Host’s Friend, Dennis Grinar as Comic Shop Clerk, Ron Ernspiker as Constable Simon Baker, Adam Lewis as Constable Matt Barnes, Maria Pollard as Sgt. McCullin, James Tackett as Father Bellis, Mackenzie Jones as Church Member, James Swindler as Cafe’ Patron, Leroy Spectre as Cafe’ Patron, Rebecca Mills-Meredith as Cafe’ Patron, Ashley Lee as Cafe’ Patron, Nicole Hugo as Cafe’ Patron, Iesha Hensley as Cafe’ Patron, Sandy Alvarez as Cafe’ Patron, Christopher Folan as Church Member, Lucian Tomes Jr. as Church Member, Keith Franklin as Church Member, Joshua Grumbling as Church member, Tim Rose as Church Member, Eric Suddeth as Church Member, Quinton Washington as Church Member, Mathew S. Douglas as Smoker, Wesley Hinkle as Host, Cody Lawson as Young Adam Nash, Elijah Malone as Host’s Son, Harley David Morris as Bartender, Cristina Mullins as Guest’s Girfriend, Warren Ray as Detective Raymond Bennett, Tony Tatsumaki as Young Jason Hugo, Chase Wolfe as Jason’s High School Girlfriend.


Vampire Ticks From Outer Space

Written by David Strege


Only in Wisconsin as it is filmed here do we get such corny laughable flicks folks.  Coming to us from More-on Productions is a crazy title of a normally woodsy creature from outer space about to invade earth to take over move over Martians it’s Vampire Ticks from Outer Space.

Directed by Michael Norman Gale Butt who brought us Yetis which i shall review shortly.

It begins as a camper is bringing his tent back to a camp are looking for Freda but she isn’t there once he gets back, something is watching him. He hears a sound like someone stepping on a branch then stumble on Fredas broken Sandle and a strange looking metal crate.


Of course he opens the crate and a giant tick shoots out to his chest and he screams.  It looks like a furry whoopy cushion as you hear someone making sucking sounds as it appears it gets blown up with blood.  Then you see it run over by a vehicle with what looks like steak meat blood juices I love it. Lol.

The driver of said vehicle hasn’t been home in 4 years.  Meanwhile a farmer finds all his cows dead and struts around with a pitchfork exclaiming ” what happened to all my cows!” Sticks a pitchfork into one of these giant creature and you hear hissing and moaning.  Suddenly their all around the farmer and you hear him scream so ur left to thinking he’s been killed too.

2016-03-16 23.39.17

Another man driving a green bug lime colored runs over one of these creatures and is attacked from behind from another dragged off to god knows where screaming. Fuuuunky but enjoyable.

Meanwhile Norman Gales character arrives home to an empty house thinking his parents would have left a note. Also no dial tone to the phone.  No signal on his cell until he reaches the end of the paved road on top of a tractor.

He calls a friend since it’s spooky and he doesn’t want to be alone This isn’t like his folks.  Susan is getting ready for a date while her mother calls her to get her father who happens to be said earlier farmer.  But she runs into the ticks that look like tumbleweed blooms rolling after her.  She runs kind of funky too lol.


Another group of friends is driving to a campsite telling urban legends as they get there. Meanwhile back at the house Norman Gales Character as so far the only name I’ve heard so far in the flick is the dudes wife’s name who’d found the original crate of blood sucking creatures, found a box as he was walking in the kitchen, thought nothing of it went to use the bathroom.  We on the other hand see the box move and he comes back seeing that it’s totally moved down the room a bit. He lifted it up and screams as there is one of these creatures! Holy fuck!

He shakes it around like it’s attacking him throws it to the floor you hear it moan and see it run as he steps on him the blood squirted out ewe…

After that we finally find out dudes name is George who’d opened the crate in the beginning as the friends who were on their way to meet the couple call out their names to a deserted campground site.  One of the two girls notices some blinking lights and wanders off to investigate. Her man wails up behind her scares her with a rubber scorpion she’s not amused.

And we finally find out who they are but not for long Wendy and Johnny.  Johnny tries to show her to face her fears by opening the same crate George had earlier.  Was Wendy fooled? No but Johnny sure was Dead certain.

Wendy comes screaming out of the woods shouting for help saying big big to her freinds. As the ticks look like their attacking her and following her.  One of the freinds just stands there like a dudes and say wow look at that hardy Har Har and it’s no wonder what happens next lol hey come here little guy car car!

They get to the car but they can’t find the keys.  Meanwhile Norman Gales character it taking a pair of tongs to the killed alien when he hears a noise and a knock on the door it’s a girl.  She’d been attack by the same mutants that attacked him. His friend he’d called which is actually his brother since we weren’t told who he’d called earlier is on his way. While they hear the screams of Wendy outside being attacked by one of these creatures the other chicken runs out with a bay and I swear to god its Normans character grunting as the creature gets smashed it’s freaking hilarious. And of course the whole yard is infested with them suddenly.  It’s just all kinds of comedy that these rubbery looking balloon like ticks are what their afraid of and when they make sounds it sounds like someone stepped on a dying squeeze toy lol


Now we finally hear the name of Hank as one of the freinds finally his brother jed arrives but he’s just standing there and they all know the creature is out there. They scream for him to get in the house he doesn’t hear at first. For right now it appears they are sitting ducks. Oh and I just realized the chick Susie who’d came in before at the knock and smashed the creature with the bat is apparently the same chuck sent out to look for the father who I think was the farmer who also explained her date was dead too.

Meanwhile the creatures keep jumping at the windows and now their in the basement.  They all search the house for household weapons a bat, a gun, a rock some insect spray and something that looks like a paddle of some sort lol they run to a car as we see the creatures jump out or thrown lol out a window of the house after them.

They are driving down the road away, hit a deer as it looks like all that’s left is the antler they get out and check but the creatures are still coming. Now they’ve arrived at a place that Normans character and his brother have been told to come since their parents were paranoid. But his brother jed and the rest haven’t shown up for they are still sitting ducks back at the original house since the creatures didn’t allow them to follow. After awhile they realize the creatures are no longer attacking like they were. So they leave. Will the friends be able to meet up with Susie and Normans Character and where are all the ticks? What happened to the mutants that have seemed to have been her killed there few then gone.  Is the Vampire Tick Apocalypse over!

No cause apparaantly they’ve all gotten together to create on big gigantic mother of a tick 20 feet tall at least! With what looked like a lobster claw.

Ultimately it appears there was a government experiment bring done at the president’s expense whose president we don’t really know but we see a spinning rewind of event and then everything seems back to normal as the freinds are still driving but he still remembers his tassel is missing.

The end scene is of the farmer going to look at all his beautiful cows as it looks like a creature is running up to attack him aaah. Lol

This movie was just all kinds of funk but looked like the cast and crew had fun.  Yes the acting was kinda bad but I felt the is film was so bad it was pretty good if not definitely the title is out there wierd.

I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating and recommend for you extremely into bad corny film to check this fun film out if anything to laugh at the obviously home made creatures it wasn’t half bad.  I just wish and maybe it’s just me all the characters could have had names.  I didn’t find out the names by scrolling through the credits lol but I had to tell people about it because of its wackiness.

Starring Obediah Boon, Joel Thingvall, Chrystalynn Oldenburg, Scarlett Carr, Norman Gale.

Badass Monster Killer

Written by David Strege


Watch out folks this movie was as if Dolemite, Dragnet and Sin City crafted a love child with H. P. Lovecraft!

Brought to us by TFO Productions from 2015 and Directed by the same director as Planet of the Vampire Women and Monster From Bikini Beach my oh my does he bring Jimmy Chevelle to the Small screen.


5 years ago Jimmy and his female partner brought down a satanic badass but apparently lost her in a fire but we learn this through images throughout the film.

One thing is evident she made him promise to take care of her sweet Chevelle ride as he pledged to take down every demigod evil motherfucker in town.  On the lead of a new drug trafficker in town he gathers up women on his assistant kicking sojourn to kick some cathulu dawn ass back to the leader himself but before I get ahead of myself let’s start at the beginning…


A pimp in town is hassling his lead girl for dough when another pimp with some other turf comes along angry at this pimp foe being so abusive and not sticking to his side of the street seeing as he’s gotta sweat that beautiful piece of ass for money that’s just not coming in.  All of a sudden this other pimp turns into a creature with tentacles and teeth in his stomach making the abusive pimp get his face chomped when out of nowhere Jimmy Chevelle speeds into view in his Chevelle and saves the chick.  Takes her back to his pad and they make out and lock lips as he states again that he’s a secret agent with a department of supernatural security that no one even knows exists that seems to get the chick’s every time.


He then reports to his chief of his division while she reads his reports with sappy comebacks and swears a little over the top explanation of his escapades of course he’d recovered a badge that is the simble of the devil for this diabolical secret evil cult that had been involved in the death of his partner. So he’s tasked with going out and searching the streets with each snitch to figure out who might know the wearabouts of the cult.


Jimmy Cheverly then encounters a strip joint that tells him he doesn’t want to know about it run by an evil necronomical creature that soon as he opens his throat he shoots phlegm that’s filled with sulphuric acid as he just about melts every patron in the joint Jimmy finally turns the phlegmic mutations own gargle around on his sorry ass and saves another chick.


Back at the pad Jimmy is enjoying a very lucid lusty lesion tris when interrupted by and unexpected pizza delivery.  Only the pizza isn’t just pizza it’s also a necronical squid looking like monsters sent to put Jimmy out of his misery since he’s apparently been noticed by the cult in question.  The pizza assassin failing they send some other creatures that look like thumb cactus’s with tentacles and pinchers reminds me of claymation.


Meanwhile his captain keeps getting his reports and chewing his ass out about language and such and eventually orders him off the case and asks for his badge.

Which he gives but grudgingly for he will deal out his own level of chevelleness.  After destroying the last creatures he’d saved another chick once again but the cult got a hold of the necronomicon. The book that would be in the wrong hands able to control the world.

Bringing the last chick back to his lair he teaches them Kung Fu to help stop this evil bunch.  In his search he finds a man that evidently is being sought after to be eternity ejaculated on as an initiation in to this cult that wants create a street drug from the book called necrochronicon to control the city then the world turning them into necrozombies and bringing forth the bride of cthulu!  Will Jimmy Chevelle and his kung-fu honeys be able to save the city and the world from the evil cult of cthulu?  Will he be able to save his ex partner from the diabolical clutches of being the bride of cthulu?

I had fun watching this film it seemed like a trip from the start loved the 70s blaxploitation feel the set was interesting as it appears the design was a little similar to that which was used in sin city but it was it’s own element I only mention Sin city as its the same style of set.  Was kind of unique and stood out the title as well as the character there was even a moment where the Chiefs he’d had been severed and still moving that was enjoyable.

I’d give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating and thoroughly enjoyed the film. I recommend for all those interested in Lovecraft inspired films. You just have to see it to believe everything that goes on I give immense credit to the creatures effects guy. But did you have to go and destroy the car? Lol


Starring Jawara Duncan as Jimmy Chevelle, Amelia Belle as Lola Maldonado, Ryan Cicak as Reverend Dellamorte, Stephanie Hyden as Nina Valencia, Tara Henry as Chief McCracken, Galen Howard as Mo Kool, Rae Wright as Carmen Jade, Liz Clare as Sheena Graves, Courtney V. Smith as Olivia Armitage, Joshua Lee as Detective Riggs, Dan Beard as Detective Manatucci, Robert Michael Haley as Chico Calaveras, West Ramsey as Roach Hogan, David Ainsworth as Taco Donny, Julian ‘Juice’ Jefferson as Freddy Flash, David Campfield as Lenny Corsica, Chester Patterson as Daddy Rollin’ Stone, Stephen Suggs as Cherry Poppin’ Jerry Grimes, Josh Dietz as Danny Tcho Tcho, Brandon Lancaster as Uncle Poon, Marylin Monroach as Natasha Zamora, Jeffrey C. Vanacore as Oswaldo Garnacha, Boots Trader as Brandi Winters, Stephen Vargo as Pancho Maldonado, Shane L. Maus as Citizen of Camaroville, Danny B. Warner as Citizen of Camaroville.


The Menace With 5 Arms

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from goey films from 2013 Directed by Pace New York Director Joshua Kennedy is another homage to the 1950s science fiction drive in classics also being his 4th film.

“You mean to tell me that a giant killer starfish is roaming the countryside… killing off the people of Santa Mira?”

As the film begins you hear a narrator explain how at one point in time people used to study the a creature called the stargantis gargantuan and how nature was disappointed in mankind.

As Joseph Kerwin is the new sherrif of Santa Mira drives to the scene of an accident with a fellow police officer Peppe he is given to remembering what it was like the last time he’d been here.  He had heard the water tower in Santa Maria had fallen and was curious as to its cause.  Being the main water source the towns press Scotty showed up on the scene (tower looks like a tin can… laugh hehe) if the tower had fallen down wouldn’t the whole thing be crushed.  Outside the hole in the tower is pieces of mysterious skin… beside this the body of a young girl suffering from loss of fluids… hmm

Joseph shows AL a friend who works on cars a piece of the skin and tells him he knows a marine biologist at the University that he’ll drop it off there…

Meanwhile back at the office a Toby tells of a creature he saw maybe 6 foot 7 feet tall Joseph makes a note of it then meets with a Mr. Shylar Graves who wants to start up tourism for a meteor Shower that supposedly supposed to happen out in the desert.  He gives him permission even though he doesn’t think there will be any tourists.

In the mean time a a Dr Joyce is on her way to Santa Mira to prove if what she believes is true. Sherrif Joseph is getting ready for a date with Carol who seems to be all about looks and drinking again.

The citizens of Santa Maria are frantic when they hear that the city is short on water as always when trouble occurs.  Peggy Lawson played by Kat plays Josephs secretary through out the film.

Sandy the girl that had been found reacts strongly to the picture of a starfish which pulls her out of shock but still strange…

Meanwhile it appears to be Carol and Josephs anniversary but she wants commitment and family sooner than this lovey dove stuff. But at least he gets her to admit she’s been having an affair with Oscar Arbogast and they break up.  Sherrif Kirwan then received another report of a thing in the dessert.

Oscar and Carol are driving when there’s something in the road.  He gets out and investigates and you hear screaming and Carol saying Oscar over and over…

Will Santa Mira be able to figure out how to save themselves from a giant Starfish terrorizing the town? Are Dr. Carla Joyce and Joseph going figure out what to do before it’s too late?

I actually like this film for the relationship factor like when he had Karla and Joseph first meet and as they talked inside his home.  She finds out the skin tissue has living cells in them. And may the the clue to how to save humanity.

I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating this actually happens to be my second favorite films of Kennedys strictly as I said the humane romantic relationships between any of his screen characters.

And I recommend for all science fiction fans I didn’t want to derive the whole film but at least you know a little bit lol.


Ps when the two men are singing oh my darling then get eaten classic monster eat scene lol.

Starring Joshua Kennedy as Joseph Kerwin, Ayssette Muñoz as Karla Joyce, Devin Dunne as Carol, Jorge Chapa as Janus Cass, Kat Kennedy as Peggy Lawson, Joshua Palacios as Shaw, Alex Villarreal as Scotty, Marco Adriel Muñoz as Oscar Arbogast, Jairus Esparza as Seb, Michael Rosenfeld as Mark Holmes.