Movies Galore takes a look at director Wayne Pombert’s short film “Vessel” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by WPII Productions In association with Forget Ellis Team  Phoenix Productions and September Sons Films is a film directed by Wayne Pombert II That I had seen at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival in it’s first year and I am sorry that I am just getting to it now but I have been so backlogged with writing up older films as well as newer films that I am back logging for I have films that I have picked up that I have had for several years and I for the most part and a one-man band so getting to review all of these films on time isn’t always something that I can accomplish but better late than never.

The film begins with  a few images of a patient with a blindfold and what looks like some kind of a relationship between Sandra and her lover before it seems that she has ended up in a mental institute.  What I saw that at first was her lover is actually an entirely separate entity that has entered into her spirit and has been plaguing her for sometime.


from what I gather Her mental state is up for evaluation with her doctor so as she is being Told about her treatment and how it is going while we realize that her actual body is elsewhere while I believe that she is dreaming about what is to come or what has happened.   The way that this spell misspelled is kind of grind-house and experimental which is very in, the only fault that I can see or suggest is that the way that it is projected that Sandra is speaking to her demon who goes by the name of Edmond is that things that he says and things that she says back are repeated I almost wonder how it would have looked if or sounded like there was more of an echo instead of a repeat of things said.


That being said I think that actress Anastasia Edwards and actor Guy Mayfield portrayed  their performances really well, for what you thought was a dream ended up a reality for you could definitely see where the director was going with this that she was trying to fight her demon for her sanity.  I’ve always somewhat enjoyed films that don’t leave you satisfied and leave me wanting more and that’s what the film did. I was entertained and I love that I was able to watch it again to see it up close when you’re watching like maybe 10 short films in a block set it’s hard to remember all that goes on in every single film.

If this sounds like a film that you would definitely enjoy then I suggest that you seek it out if you can from the director I’m sure he wouldn’t mind sharing because that’s exactly what every director wants.  No matter how much you do not like reviews of films weather you get a good review or a bad review there will always be a response. I for one would like to see more from this particular Story down the road, I mean I wouldn’t mind.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Anastasia Edwards as Sandra, Guy Mayfield as Edmund (as Guy W J Mayfield), Keith Kelly as Dr. Thompson, Frank S. Weber as Male Nurse 2, Tiffany Jasinski as Nurse 1, Catherine Dickson as Lead Nurse, Larry Biela as Male Nurse 1.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Mikeal Burgin’s newest Short film “Low Self Esteem” From 2018!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Okapi Pictures In association with Bradley Cerny and 33, Directed by Mikeal Burgin (My Friend Max, I’m A Gun) Has the newest  short film called Low Self Esteem where we have an actress from Wisconsin that has starred in A local directors B movie called This Book Is Cursed directed by Michael Butt from More-On Productions at least the last time that I had seen her but in this  short film she plays the main character Ellie.

I don’t want to say too much but she plays a woman who wakes up next to a man that I believe that she has a relationship with but she neither realizes what she has done nor the fact that the man that she has slept with has not left his previous relationship… there is something a little off…

Low Esteem

I think that this film showcases the acting talents that Radloff  has to give and offer into that dramatic world of the psychotic there is a little madness in her, I love it. I really believe that this actress has a lot more potential and I’m glad that Mikeal was able to work with her in this way.   I thought the acting was on key, the film flowed really nicely and for being a close up film shot in one room in one location this is a perfect example that you really don’t need a whole lot to shoot a film and one that can be or lead into something else entirely.

I enjoyed the film it was entertaining and it was nice to see Amy again.   If this sounds like a film that she would like to see then I suggest that you keep a lookout for it in film festivals and seek the film out for yourself.   I hear that there is going to be a sequel and I am intrigued.

Starring Amy Radloff as Ellie, Wade Thalberg as Man, Rebekah DeWild as Woman.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Heidi Moore’s feature film “Dolly Deadly” from 2016!

written by David Strege

Brought To Us by Wretched Productions director  Heidi Moore In association with Dreams For Dead Cats Productions and distributed by Chad Armstrong’s Legless Corpse Films in 2016 and was a smash underground Indie hit from what I understand.  

And having now watched director Heidi Moore’s  earlier films I can now proceed forward and watch Dolly Deadly because whenever I review a filmmaker’s film I normally tend to like to watch their career from the very beginning that I can so I can watch the progress…

Dolly Deadly

the film begins in a Trailer Park trailer where are young baby a boy is sitting on a bed filled with dolls watching his mother Tina Lyn (Nelson) get dressed and try to beautify herself.   Tina is a chain smoker and the trailer is filthy, there are all kinds of hornets infesting the windows And she decides to from what I understand change her hair color with some kind of new hair product the only thing is it starts to burn and goes right through her head to her brain and explodes… this was definitely the unique beginning… I’m really digging me special effects of this blow up…

Now I have actually watched Cassandra Sechler’s films as well so I’m sure that I will see her influence in the film as well since she kind of wrote this with Miss Moore.

Dolly Deadly3

Little Benji (Justin Moore, I believe Heidi’s Son) which was the child’s name has now grown up and has been living with his Grandma Mitzie (West-Carroll) and Benji seems to live in his own little world as we see a segment where he is dancing in front of his mother’s dolls which are now his,  I love how we get to see what he could be imagining where he is tap dancing on a stage for his animated dolls…

Benji’s grandmother  Mitzie has a live-in boyfriend who all day long  just watches TV and drinks beer on her dime, they are both sick and tired although he could care less but sick and tired of watching him play with dolls when he should be doing boy things like playing baseball or hanging out with friends instead of dolls which is kind of a girly thing…  now while he has an imagination with these play things he still imagines that he sees his mother from time to time so there are flights of imagination that we are witness to like there’s a moment where it seems like he comes home from work and I’ll leave it to Beaver kind of attitude with a Pleasantville like experience. It also doesn’t help that the neighborhood kids make fun of him.


Having to deal with the backlash of his grandmother and live-in boyfriend making fun of him every time he tries to have a little bit of fun Benji ends up at escaping from reality and starting to believe in his fantasy world of where he has created a world dolls that almost have a life of Their Own and he gets advice to Kill Them All… now there are some characters from the trailer park that we are introduced to like the man who claims to have been abducted by aliens wearing a tin foil hat on his head who talks about revenge being sweet  and another character Call The Rock Bottom who believes himself to a been one of the greatest comedians around that used to open up for a place down in Mexico.. so there are definitely some strange characters about…

So when the neighborhood kids take them into the woods and dress him up like the dolls that he plays with as a joke and all of the verbal abuse that led up to this Benji’s little mind kind of just snapped  and one by one he began to kill off the people that treated him like shit…

Dolly Deadly2

I really enjoyed this film there were definitely a lot of color schemes that were throughout the film that were avant-garde and very fengshui definitely a New Age film a lot of Reds and greens and yellows and Blues for probably being on a very low budget this actually really looked like a really cool art project in a topsy-turvy kind of way.

I mean there would really wasn’t any real Bad acting involved I think that there are a lot of trailer park families that can relate to this kind of a environment.   but can our kid really grow up from knowing that his mother has died when he was very young and not grow up fucked up? I mean one does not blame the child for going into his own little world but you really feel bad for Benji because even though he played with dolls he  wasn’t really causing any real trouble until it all boiled together like a hard boiled egg I mean you can only treat someone bad for so long until they fight back. I thought the set design was awesome. I thought the soundtrack to the film was very unique and I think it was due to the personality of Justin Moore that made Benji all the more lovable because he really didn’t seem like he was that bad of a child.  

if this sounds like something that you would definitely watch Then I would seek the film out if I were you for a film about being different and revenge and about how one can turn into a killer  but how you can treat one another I would certainly recommend this feature for it is a unique independent little animal of its own making. I was entertained.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Justin Moore as Benji, Kimberly West-Carroll as Grandma Mitzi, Jay Sosnicki as Donald, Dana Nelson as Tina Lyn, Lawrence Moore as Kenny, Christopher Calvano as Homeless guy, Margaret Elysia Garcia as Client 1, Cassandra Sechler as Client 2, Paloma Couoh as Crystal, Donny Gonzalez as Rock Bottom, Joel Minden as News Anchor 1, Heidi Moore as Laundromat Girl, Gora Chand Saha as Tv Guy, Christopher Shafer as Dolly Krueger, Ryann Elizabeth Wright as Bunny Blogger.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Ryan Meade’s anthology “The ABC Soup of Deaths Rejects 3” from 2015! Warning Spoilers!

Written by David Strege

Abcs of Death Rejects 3

Brought To Us by No budget films director Ryan Meade  who brought us three short films in an underground DVD called Creature Features as well as You Don’t Rent Here Anymore and the Evil Dead documentary Invaluable comes in and thology with six directors dealing with the 26 letters of the alphabet that may or may not have been rejected by the ABCs of death anthology which according to Ryan this project was a revenge project The ABC’s Soup of Death Rejects 3 from the area of Detroit, Michigan.  There was a contest that ABCS OF DEATH creators had put on the Ryan Meade had been involved in, Ryan along with several other film makers were accused of cheating to get votes as Meade was winning naturally so because of creator jealousy they took Meade’s votes away and so he lost to unfair circumstances.  So this project was contrived of the honest film makers that were booted unfairly.

In the beginning of this Anthology we have a couple of mock trailers one for a Grindhouse film called Drop Dead Red where it looks like a young girl is kind of going up against a drug lord of some sort it looks hilarious followed by a trailer for a movie called Bad Milk where I believe Ryan meat goes and drinks from milk that might be expired?  and then kind of a pun to hobo with a shotgun by showing a poster for hobo with a hard-on…


In “Soup Can Scenes” directed by Ryan Meade We have what looks like a house that is decorated with Halloween decorations for Halloween and a man who has opened up a can of ABC soup to sit down and see what he can spell with his letters while he is sitting in front of the blank television screen so while he is spelling these letters  each letter he begins with starts a short film… Starring Mike Willerick.

In “Aneurysm” directed by Ryan Meade A man is jerking off to a porno that turns into a murder the slices and  dice’s to the erection of his mind…

In “BiCuriousness” directed by Ryan Meade Filmed in black and white a woman comes home with her groceries to the sounds  of what sounds like her husband cheating on her… But does not realize that it was someone of the opposite sex and involves a little bit of murder…


In “C4” directed by Raoul Duke Jr.Probably about the shortest film I’ve ever seen and a thought that has probably crossed a few high schoolers Minds about what it would look like if your school exploded…

In “Dick” directed by Erik Zijlstra This segment is a little strange but it shows a man in female clothes smoking a cigarette probably after he has cut off his member and buried it to become what he is now… I’d like to say the only thing that I like about this segment is the blues music behind it.. was definitely different

In “Earthquake” directed by Tom Sullivan this segment is a stop motion animation filmed about dinosaurs where Three Dinosaurs one of them looking like he is one of the king of the Tyrant lizards battle  Denise a volcano that is about to erupt… so far besides Aneurysm this is the second best film on this anthology I think it is very unique it is very good even the little arms move it reminds me of watching Productions that Rankin bass would put together so thank you Mr. Meade  for allowing this little short film up absurdity to show up on this…

In “Fucked” directed by Rob Bedard probably the second shortest on this  anthology of segments here we have a man who has obviously killed a woman as we watch the rape of a necromantic…

In “Gas” directed by Ryan Meade A couple of guys are playing a game of fake out where they create moves like holding up their claws like Bears or snakes and what they have to do is stare each other down and create different moves and hold these positions if they do the same move at the same time they lose… but one guy is a sore loser decides to get up at like one of his pockets of air…

In “Hemorage” directed by Ryan Meade I’m not exactly sure what the backstory for the segment is but a woman is released in a mental ward by one of the guards who goes off on a lunch break and she literally walks into a house and kicks the shit out of a man looking for another man… this was definitely  Grindhouse Style in a Quentin Tarantino kind of way I liked it was definitely some over-the-top acting and it really looks like she was throwing the guy around which I believe was Meade like a rag doll…


In “Internet” directed by Erik Zijlstra In this segment it looks like a man has walked up a road travel weary for there is dirt on his pants and he walks to an abandoned property. Looking inside the place looks dingy but he walks in anyways and walks up a flight of stairs.   on the landing at what looks like an attic or a loft there is a table set up with two chairs, on the table on a plate is a masquerade mask it says ‘Wear Me’ the man finds out that you should never try to meet anyone from the internet especially if he’s on the menu… I like the colors in the segment and the fact that it was a little bit of Gore involved…

In “Jugulate” directed by Rob and Sebrina BedardPretty much a snuff segment we have a man stabbing a woman in her stomach, cutting her tits over and over and  over until she is dead… I don’t really think that there was a Point to the segment other than the fact that the woman was naked and she had a decent sized chest that the man was cutting into…


In “Kids” directed by Ryan Meade This segment is about a classic where are young child believes that there is a monster under her bed and a tired father has gone over this with his children before probably and one more time goes into a room to prove to his kid that the monster is not there only this time there is… as the film begins with a young daughter banging on her parents door just say that there is something underneath her bed…


In “Legends” directed by Rob/Sebrina Bedard, and Ryan Meade A couple of standing in the bathroom and whoever he is he challenges her to say Bloody Mary 3 times in the dark in the mirror…  When nothing happens she thinks nothing of it takes a shower we get a little bit of a new shower scene and when she gets out she looks in the mirror Bloody Mary again and then that’s when it happens… the segment was slightly predictable but the mask was kind of cool…


In “Mailbox” directed by Matt Smith and Ryan Meade This segment is an animation where I think a man has hitchhiked with another man and there’s telling him all about how he is getting married How He Loves his woman and how she has these really huge tits so I think the other man gets annoyed and tells him to tell it to the world grows down the window so the man sticks his head out Shouts to the air that he loves his woman and they’re just so happens to be a mailbox he can smack his love into…  I have to chuckle at this one a little bit for I have to say seeing the guys had get lopped off in the mailbox and his headless body still circling in the Wind it’s kind of hysterical and poetic…

In “Nagging” directed by Rob and Sebrina Bedard A man is sitting at a table listening to all of the excuses or things that his lady is complaining about and I know what he goes through because my own woman does the same thing and it is irritating so the man takes what looks like bags of milk and drains them in the sink and when his woman asks what he is doing it shows her exactly what it is for…  since this film is directed by Rob Bedard a little bit I feel like this short segment is related to the f segment in this anthology I feel like this scene happens before that scene and that they are related in some way shape or form. I can relate to the stressful feelings at some point I just could never do what he did hehe

In “Overdose” directed by Ryan Meade It’s about a man who starts out with a bag of pills and takes a couple probably to make himself poop, Not realizing that he had not replaced any of the rolls of toilet paper in his bathrooms,  by the time he finds the last roll in the home ends up dying from his own bowel movement…

In “Prostitutes” directed by Ryan Meade This segment is taken a pun  and the ladies of the night where a man thinks he’s pick up a Russian prostitute to have sex with  or be sexed one of the two only she turns around and does what I think some women who have gotten into the trade probably want to do right back to the men who treat them the way they do…

In “Queef” directed by Ryan Meade This segment is another one of the shortest on this anthology and it is about a woman who is talking on the phone while she is going down the stairs while carrying a wheeled luggage…  I think the segment can go out to all the people who talk on phones while they’re driving cars or walking across the streets or pick up the phone while they’re riding a public bus number one people don’t want to hear your conversations when you have your conversations you have them in private not in public the only times that you should actually use your phone is in case of emergencies at that you are dying in my mind or if you need stuff at the store you call your significant other or just to pick up and say that you were coming home or going to work these are the extent a phone conversation I think that people should have,  but never on trains never on bicycles never in cars while driving never on staircases never in public bathrooms You know what I mean…


In “Rape” directed by Ryan Meade This segment is a Revenge film where are young woman lays  in wait for a guy that has raped her, She takes out a bat and a gym bag and follows him into his home and hit him over the head only to tie him up and mutilate him.   I rather like this from because any man who thinks that they can get away with rape is seriously fucked in their head So anytime I see a female getting back at her attacker in different ways kind of like an I Spit on Your Grave kind of deal I have to cheer from the sidelines…

In “Sin” directed by Erik Zijlstra It looks like in this second we have a nun walking through what looks like a prison compound… This one was weird we have a demon looking creature that seems to beckon this woman who is a nun and she walks to a certain room in the prison and she gets up on a table pulls up her shift and starts to masturbate as it looks like this demon is enjoying her orgasm… the only thing he’s speaking in English and it’s subtitled in German I’m actually kind of digging it…

In “Turds” directed by Raoul Duke Jr.All right this had to be the shortest segment all it really has is a man having this being filmed in black and white sitting on the toilet And you hear him take a bowel movement…


In “Uck” directed by Erik Zijlstra This segment was strange but it was filmed in black and white and we see a woman wake up in her  underwear as she goes about her daily routines she is in a one-room Shack as she goes about and decorates the room we see a corpse laying on her bed with a birthday hat on at first I think that it was a lover that she was masturbating over but when she whispered in the corpses ears that it was her father….  damn.

In “Virus” directed by Rob Bedard In this segment a man calls into work he is definitely sick there are tissues all around him and there is snot hanging from his nose… The film shows the stages of degradation that this man goes through in three days… Kind of gross…


In “WhiteGirlzBtripn” directed by Beth Norwowski So in this segment we see a man call some kind of a service and then we see him pack a gym bag full of duct tape and tools with power in black and white and then the doorbell rings.   Two hookers show up and while they are in the bathroom they both told each other that one was going to distract while the other grabbed the good stuff, so when the good looking Broad was dancing for the man the other girl thought that the tools and all that jazz in the gym bag was a rape kit so one thing led to another and one of them got killed…

In “XXX” directed by Erik Zijlstra This segment was another animation it was subtitled and in another language but I could understand the subtitles.   I believe the woman that was portrayed in this animation was describing the first time that she had seen a penis at the first time that she was raped while we heard noises of a female enjoying  getting fucked we see a man in what looks like a doctor’s room or some kind of a hospital room and then the female mentions that the penis was too big for her… this was kind of an abstract animation definitely weird…

In “Yellow” directed by Ryan Meade I think I understand the segment we have a young man who is playing a driving game what’s funny is the driving game is a really old one but in any case there is a  knock at the door and the young woman was there as she kicked the door in, she wrapped a rope around the young man and dragged him to the bathroom and started to suffocate him inside the toilet asking him what his  favorite color was the reason why I say that I got this film is that many men make the mistake of never asking their females opinion they often only care about what they have to say in a conversation… I thought the ending of the film  was kind of comical…


In “Zombie” directed by Ryan Meade In this last segment we have a man in present day Israel sitting on the toilet taking a crap while a zombie is rising up out of his yard right outside the window of his bathroom… It just so happens to be the dead body of Jesus Christ come back from two thousand years of being cursed by the Descendants of this man sitting on the toilet so what Day begin is the Grindhouse battle of the ages… How about that a zombie Christ with Kung Fu moves doesn’t that  beat all. Even though I am religious and I do believe in God I actually believe that this was the best segment out of the whole lot it was quite hilarious and I can definitely tell that the style of Quentin Tarantino is definitely influenced in Meade’s work.

Ultimately I have to say that this was a very fun anthology,   though the acting wasn’t entirely great in places many of the films were entertaining at least to a certain extent and there were at least 4 to 5 segments that were definitely some pretty great SOV moments so I would definitely recommend if you haven’t at least watched this yet and if this sounds like something that you would watch I would check it out.  It is definitely worth a one-time watch if anything else.

Here is the trailer:

Movies Galore takes a look at director Lawrie Brewster’s feature “Lord of Tears” from 2013!

Written by David Strege

Lord of Tears

Brought To Us by Dark Dunes Entertainment in association with Hex Media Productions Director Lawrie Brewster went about and created A creature called the Owlman in his 2013 arthouse feature Lord of Tears from the UK.

since I have already visited The Unkindness of Ravens feature which I helped back on its Kickstarter which was a phenomenal film and definitely very visual I decided to go back and visit his first  feature so I can move forward and properly review the black gloves and when it comes out his fourth feature Automata for 2019. see what what Lawrie has done is a phenomenal marketing campaign for each of his films when he was doing the kickstarter for The Unkindness of Ravens he funded both Lord of Tears and Unkindness into having these really nice 3-disc sets with really cool art involving having a Blu-ray a DVD and a soundtrack to each of these releases to the point where at least the first two films are out of print on these 3 disc sets.

 now all of this being said I will try to describe Lord of Tears to the best of my ability and I hope that you enjoy my review of the film.

The film begins with the reading of a will left to James Finley by his dearly departed mother who is left him her  ancestral home of which when he was very young he remembers that his mother went mad and what he remembers is that she rescued him from drowning. In a series of imagery while the reading of the will takes place we see a woman that is supposed to represent his mother standing at the edge of somewhere gazing out in the distance as well as  seeing James at the graveside of his mother and the way that images present the way that her death took place is by hanging as we see a rope and we hear what sounds like the crack of the neck breaking…

In a letter given to James after the reading of the will is Mother warns him about not going to the house call Baldurrock and excuse me if I misspelled the name of the house but this is what it sounded like,  where when he was a child he thought that there was a monster that lurked on the property that had elongated arms and large eyes…

That night James had dreams of that same creature a staircase in which he was running up out of breath on and  seeing papers strewn about along with someone in Shadow swinging an axe…

So after reminiscing from his childhood with his friend Alan, James decided to return to the estate that was once his childhood home to face his demons.   when he arrives my God what a home when it comes to locations this is a very beautiful location I love how Vines look on older mansions and the inside of this place holds many twists and turns as well as a beautiful ornate staircase which if I say nicely enough this location was used throughout at least the first three films from hex media.

James arrival to his ancestral home reminds me a lot like Jonathan Parker’s  arrival to Castle Dracula in Bram Stoker’s novel. A mysterious woman who sat reading a book on the outside of the grounds showed him that there was a key under the mat.   after doing a walk-through of the home the only thing strange is that there was a chair leaning up against one of the doors which I am assuming leads to the basement, as he continues to walk through he hears a noise a picture has crashed upstairs in the bedroom that he has chosen to sleep in and behind this picture hangs a key….

The key opens up a locked trunk in one of the rooms  where he finds an old book that tells the history of the house.  The book mentions murder, mythology something buried in the cellar and while he is reading he hears a knock on the door it is the woman from before she has brought over a dinner that she has prepared.  she calls herself Eve or Eevee and when asked she explains that she comes from the south in a small town that has no room for a personality like hers that is she is studying French and lives right next door in the converted stable house as she dreams of traveling to Paris.  The extended this encounter with this woman is that he tells her that his mother has died and he has come here to figure out why this home has made such an impact on his life and he feels like being here could impact his future so she says that she will help in whatever way that she can.

After another night of dreams and images we seem to give a face to the ax wielder like he was Alan his friend from back home he awoke to find a tub nearby filling with water which somewhat reminded him of his experience when he was a child,  he goes out for a morning walk and see his first real vision of this Owlman in the shadows of the trees just about when Eevee shows up to interrupt his thoughts… we are entertained with How fanciful of a dancer that actress Alexandra Hulme gracefully presents a somewhat dance routine as she appears to bring a little happiness into James life and enjoyment which appears to be distracting him just a little enough to deal with the historical meanings behind the creature that has manifested in his life since a very young age.  Can James find out the secrets of Balderrock before he falls in love with the woman that seems to appear to him. will he have enough strength to face down the demon that has resurfaced in the manifestation of the Owlman before his soul is damned for eternity. is it possible his friend Alan is going through turmoil of his own with his father’s sickness?

I thought that this was a very beautiful and very thought-provoking film mixed with very abstract imagery that is almost dreamlike in quality.   this is a spiritual and haunting tale of sadness mixed with Madness as a man goes through the Labyrinth of his mind and deals with the Forgotten memory, a memory that was so horrible that his  family made him leave to keep him from knowing the darkness that had infested the mind of his mother and the memory of his father. I thought the acting was brilliant, loved it the soundtrack I’m in love with the Serene surroundings of this mansion that was used.  

it was just an  awe-inspiring masterpiece that I believe paved the way for him as a filmmaker for there is a Madness in his vision and a beauty in the writing that Sarah Daly has created for this film for there is a very old soul seen in the breath of this very well shot independent film.   If this sounds like a film that you would definitely check out then I suggest that you seek the film out on your own and watch it yourself. I know it seems like a lot of praise for a film but the Praises well deserved the storytelling was intense, the imagery is Unforgettable and I can’t entirely say that about a lot of films entirely I have not been disappointed yet with this film maker let’s just say that.  having seen the 2nd and the 3rd films directed by Lawrie Brewster all written by screenwriter Sarah Daly… there are bits and pieces of each film in one another even though that they are different animals so to speak. I was very entertained by this film and sincerely recommend that if you have not seen this feature go see it.

Here is the trailer:

Starring David Schofield as Owl Man, Alexandra Hulme as Eve Turner (as Lexy Hulme), Euan Douglas as James Findlay, Jamie Scott Gordon as Allen Milton (as Jamie Gordon), Alan Ireby as Solicitor, Neil Cooper as Michael Milton, Nancy Joy Page as Flora May Findlay, Graham Robertson as Henry Findlay, Jock Ferguson as Taxi Driver.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Mike Tristano’s “The Flesh Merchant” from 1993″

Written by David Strege

The Flesh Merchant

Brought To Us by Merchant Productions along with David Sterling Productions is a feature that came out in 1993 in and around the same time that David Sterling produced is  anthology called Things from the same year With a director by the name of Mike Tristano. Now I’m pretty sure that it’s quite possible that this film ended up on Vista Street Entertainment but I’m not entirely sure about that, that being said it also eventually ended up under the label Sub Rosa Cinema which I am not entirely sure that Ron Bonk was running Sub Rosa Cinema at this point in time but that is his label now.   privately David Sterling began to farm out many of the shot on video films that he produced in several different packs and many of his films ended up on Pendulum Pictures 50 packs but enough of Sterling I shall try to describe the movie the best that I can. Evidently Joe Haggerty had a hand in producing behind this phone as well.


So the film begins with a couple of ladies waking up in a campsite and they decide to go take a dip in the river nearby. While the women were skinny dipping topless a couple of guys we’re being peeping Toms and when the ladies got back to their campsite they realize that their stuff has been gone through that’s when one of the men and stepped out and said he was there to claim his merchandise…  after being told that they were the merchandise the other man grabbed the other lady while the one with the mouth escaped and ran through the woods what was chased down and brought back tied and gagged as they were carried off to a white van.


Fast forward to a restaurant looking like dive call Bourbon Square it looks like it could be a jazz speakeasy the sleazy kind a young woman Darleen Paxton (Romero) is talking to her sister Jennifer who happens to be a waitress but place while they’re African-American cop friend Mac Williamson (Tucker) goes outside the two talk about how jennifer had been talking to a producer who wanted to make her a star and her sister was working her about believing too much of what people were offering.  While the cop was outside he noticed a white van pulling up and speaking into what looks like the owner of the joint.


It is about this point that the two guys who had kidnapped the two females in the beginning had drag their merchandise into a holding room in the parking garage of one Mr. Jack Valentino who seems to be running this sex trade operation Until we realize that he answers to someone else by the name of Delombre (Stroud) where he is on a tight schedule to come up with 16 women for a buyer called the Sheik on the market.

The two Goons who had kidnapped the women in the beginning have already scoped out two more women being Jennifer and her roommate.


Coming back from playing in the anthology Things Neil Delama certainly does play the sleaze well as a man who runs a white slave trade operation as Valentino. You know I am also digging Joe Estevez ‘s character as Captain Jameson As the two detectives Darleen and Mac uncover that her sister and her sister’s roommate were kidnapped by two men with a laundry cart,  and when the bodies of the two young girls who had been violently killed which there was a little bit of a violent scene when you saw the two of them get killed, but according to the doctor who is on the scene the two incidents are connected so each time they go back to their captain and because it’s police procedure when anyone who has anything to do personally with a crime you put someone else on the detail it seems that they are Getting the cold shoulder about getting Justice for her sister. Meanwhile inside the room where Jennifer and Karen her roommate were being held they are branded,  fed and kept listening to Valentino’s voice over and over to obey after having witnessed the previous females getting killed and put on display they are shuffled off to be taught how to pleasure others and themselves by a Miss Kitty Genoveve (Bauer) who walks them down the hallway of rooms that are within the hotel in which there are females and embracing and making love to each other, in another room holds a female being whipped on her stomach being taught and trained to be the perfect love slave.


Having found out that the Bourbon Square is the place where all of these pick up and disappearances have happened Jennifer’s sister Darleen  and detective Mac Williamson Steak-Out the place and fairly soon the slick portly looking man that Karen felt was creepy came along and picked up Darleen.  now Detective Williamson could not help Darleen being taken inside the same White van that he had seen once before but thankfully Darleen attached a tracking device to the van.  Will Detective Williamson be able to get there in time to save his partner. Will Darlene be able to save her sister from being sold even further into the slave market?


I could tell that this film was fairly independent but that being said I don’t think that this was a bad film at all to watch. the acting was fairly decent and there was definitely an erotic  sexploitation aspect to the film. It really didn’t drag like some of these shot on video films 10 to do from time to time. I think it helped to have some seasoned actors involved in being the captors.   now I don’t know whether this film played at any drive-in atmosphere but for being in the 90s I think this was a decent send up to the 70s since there were a lot of films that were similar and from what I understand there are still situations exactly like this that are still going on in the world today.  Human trafficking is a real thing so I think if you wanted a good film to look into to check out that shows a kind of brutality but all you really need is some key players to stronghold a situation like this. I thought that this was a solid film with solid acting. if this film sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out and watch it for yourself.   I was entertained and I’m glad that some of these shot on video films from the 90s that look like they could have been from the 70s are starting to see the light of day on formats such as Blu-ray + or dvd.


Starring Neil Delama as Jack Valentino, Joe Estevez as Captain Jameson, Don Stroud as
Delambre, James Tucker as Mac Williamson (as Adam Tucker), Margo Romero as Darleen Paxton (as Margaret Romero), C. Courtney Joyner as Chick, Owen Rutledge as Slim (as Trey Garris), Michelle Bauer as Kitty Genovese, Elizabeth Chambers as Jennifer Paxton, Twila Wolfe as Karen, Sean Morrow as
Wayne (as Sean Terrance Morrow), Cathleen Hoadley as Shari, Gigi Doray as
Shannon, Joseph Haggerty as Dr. Gregson, Mark Williams as Pimp, Jay Woelfel as Carl the Bartender, Nance Little as Cheryl, Leslie Ann Tristano as Valentino’s Secretary, Maura Collins as Julie, Carol Zarlengo as Veronica, Rene Creamer as
Sandra, Mickey Harrison as Old Lady, Anthony Picciotto as Patron, Adam Rifkin as Man In Bondage Room, Nina Pedregon as Girl In Bondage Room, Rick Masters as
Porn Director, Pady Basch as Girl In Porn Room, Dave Parker as Cameraman (as David Parker), Eric Struble as Crime Scene Photographer, Myles O’Reilly as Delambre’s Driver, Craig Muckler as Cop #1, Johnnie J. Young as Cop #2 (as Johnnie Young), Todd Fellows as Forensics Cop, Linda Roberts.

Movies Galore takes a look at Richard Marr-Griffen’s “Raving Maniacs” from Brain Damage Films of 2005!

Written by David Strege

raving Maniacs

Brought To Us by Conniption Films and associated with Scorpion Film Releasing director Richard Griffin is a film from 2005 that was originally  distributed by Brain Damage Films re-released under pendulum pictures a subsidiary company with Mill Creek entertainment first on a hundred film set then broken down into four 50  pack sets with Raving Maniacs being on the Catacomb of Creepshows box set. there were a lot of independent filmmakers that were able to get their work out on the sets that I speak of Todd Sheets,  John Johnson, Jeff Leroy and some of the many earlier efforts produced by David Sterling. I admit to first being introduced to many of these directors and filmmakers through these sets alone and had I not been introduced to the sets on my own I probably would not have been able to follow along with some of these directors later campaigns for I believe that I have contributed to the last five Productions that Richard Griffin has put out.This being said I will describe Raving Maniacs the best that I can and if I have something to say are there negative or positive I will. I always bear in mind that many of these films are lower-budget and the question is always whether the film held enough attention for me to watch the film all the way through.   


The beginning of this film starts out very mysterious where are young man is gone to make a drug deal with a man who claims that he has a new drug that is roaming the streets HDD otherwise known as Los huevos Del Diablo meaning “the eggs of the devil.” This glowing substance supposedly came from a small Mexican fishing Village by the name of Invoca Evidently the village was very religious and one day the sky darkens and thousands of these glowing pills rain from the heavens and the people consumed at them like communion wafers and disappeared leaving behind many of these glowing substances.

Meanwhile Tuesday and her boyfriend JT along with their friend Katie and her brother Jake are getting ready to go to the biggest Rave in Providence Rhode Island at a place called The Strand Hosted by Tuesday’s ex-boyfriend The Dorfner for an event called From Dusk Till Dawn:  Rave to the Grave.


Before the Rave is to begin we are introduced to some of the characters running the party where we have Edward and Lauren as well as Keith and Benny and of course there is the man that is running the whole show behind the scenes since Dorfner is the face of this party being Davis Callahan who is given Dorfner 24 hours to find this new glowing drugand who is behind selling this HDD that is out on the street because it’s the party favors that he hired him for.

I’m kind of really digging this Benny character he reminds me of an army officer that was been too long with his Platoon as he is reliving his last moments with his dead army Buddies the way he says it so seriously and talks about the Dachsun sunset being What happiness is it’s kind of priceless.  Not to mention the Tokyo porn video game that it sounds like Keith has got a hard-on for as it seems like this kid is a little bit of a nerd and a little bit of a slacker.


In any case the group on the way to the rave once they got there realize that there hitchhiker passenger had left them a few gifts from heaven or so-called party favors of the so-called Los huevos Del Diablo.  Another thing that I am also digging from this film is Dorfner’s welcome introduction to the party I can very much imagine being down at the Milwaukee rave and someone with a fun attitude exactly like this guy’s sending off the party that is about to go down.

So the next few scenes in the film are  of the dancing and the partying itself and as the night goes on and the pills are passed Jake starts to trip balls and ends up having an incestual relationship,  Tuesday’s boyfriend starts to get jealous of her ex, Edward Kellogg a kind of uptight supervisor who thinks he’s in competition with Dorfner ends up relaxing his uptight self and that’s about when the power goes outand when the partygoers start acting weird and showing signs of  rotting flesh on the outside of their bodies Can the few people that did not partake of these glowing substances figure out what is happening before it is too late…

I like that this was not your typical zombie film as they were a little bit in between flesh eating zombies and cannibals I also like that there was a little bit of Madness what these creatures did there was definitely a lot of blood and definitely some suggestive moments of flesh eating Along with some offbeat in comedy which was rather weird but then again Griffin’s films are always weird.  


I think I also enjoyed that this film didn’t exactly end on a  happy note there are too many films that try to make it seem like everyone will make it out okay and instead the film ends in a half.thought.   I know that this feature isn’t exactly when it Richard Griffin’s favorites that he had made but I can definitely see how he can take a feature and bring it into that dark place and keep a sense of humor Wiley takes us through the Labyrinth at the end of his own Maze of his own making.   I like that there is a dreamlike quality too many of his features. I thought the acting was definitely decent as well as the effects I was definitely entertained. If this film sounds like something that you would definitely watch I suggest that you check it out like I said it was on that Pendulum Pictures 50 pack as well as it was on Brain Damage Films so it is relatively easy to find.

Here is the trailer:


Starring Patrick Cohen as Jessie Dorfner, Emily Morettini as Tuesday, Andrew Vellenoweth as JT Laurel, Christine Peltier as Katie, Ryan Patrick Kenny as Jacob, Jennifer Zigler as Lauren, V. Orion Delwaterman as Edward, Edwin Cottle asThe Dealer, Patrick Pitu as Keith, William DeCoff as Benny, Salvatore Marchese as
First Dealer, Caleb Emerson as Davis Callahan, Ricky Spriano as Doorman, Topher Matthews as Army Helmet Raver, Eric Vidal as Big Haired Raver, Scott Foley as Go Go Boy, Milo Nera as Sleazy Raver, Izzy Kunkle as Cannibal Lesbian 1, Alexandra Johnson as Cannibal Lesbian 2, Hanna Wolf as Angel of Death Raver, Aurora Grabill as Hallway Raver Ghoul, DJ Venom as Club DJ (as DJ Venom), Alan Campbell as Bathroom Ghoul 1, Joshua James Baker as Bathroom Ghoul 2, Jeffrey T. Euangelista as Bathroom Ghoul 3 (as Jeffrey T Euangelista), Gary Perez as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Danielle Richards as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Lauren Rhodes as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Sharon Farrar as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Carol Royal as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Half Head as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Reno Marino as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Sara Herman as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jeannie Divozzi as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Aryk Olson as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jeremy Boudreau as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Nick Lordi as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Josh Lawton as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Meg Maxwell as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Chris Beaudette as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Ian Matthew Harrington as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Adam Wascholl as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jason McCormick as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jessica Donofrio as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Lisa Nelson as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Kenneth Radzimon as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Kristen Snelling as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Jon Dunn as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Melissa Stanziale as Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Joseph Turchetta as
Featured Ghouls and Ravers, Scott Ennis as Club Raver (uncredited).