Movies Galore takes a Trip to Hell Island as we look at Caleb Emerson’s 2005 comedy “Die You Zombie Bastards!”

Written By David Strege

Brought to us by Zombastic Productions and director Caleb Emerson comes a superhero complex like no other…

We begin as a man and woman make out in a 1900’sish convertable while another man Red, sneaks up on them with a scythe but obviously has a conscience as he goes and lops off some hippie smokers heads instead…


Meanwhile, Shannon, Nikki, and Britney Maldonato are Paleo-archaeologists who are out on Hell Island somewhere in the Burmuda Triangle and have discovered an ancient Phalus that looks to be a fossilized penis of “The Amphibious Guy” whom slightly resembles the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Unbenownst to the nympoid female Paleo-diggers they are being watched by none other than Baron Nefarious underground ruler of Hell Island.


Not only does The dear Baron Nefarious kidnap these ladies but he turns them into Zombie Slaves for his pleasure.

Red on the other hand comes home to his wife Violet and soon learn they are happily married cannibals as they are questioned by police about the missing females.


Now even though the baron has enslaved these females for his desires he is on the lookout for a mate and finds one in an infomercial for Zombasheen in Violet Toole and hatches a plan to kidnap her and succeeds…


Vowing to kill all zombies to get his precious Violet back Red dons a suit, a cape made of human flesh and half skinned penis underwear becomes a superhero faster than a speeding rubber dick hehe.


I thought this film was hilarious and fun.  The make up was great, humor was over the top corny and outrageously bad it was good.  The story line was goofy but u could follow it along.   There is definitely a lot of Tits and Ass and characters thrown in the mix to either distract or be helpful on his journey as well as almost a nice nod to such shows as like the 60s Batman towards the end.

 I absolutely loved this film for all its idiosyncrasies and falseness will definitely be Memorable in my mind and is becoming a new favorite of mine so defitely check this out people it was great!

Starring Tim Gerstmar as Red/ CoconutHeadFaceMan/ Mother Nefarious/ Theiry Toole, Geoff Mosher as Baron Nefarious, Pippi Zornoza as Violet, Jamie Gillis as Stavros, Hasil Adkins as Himself, Jennifer K. Beal as Shannon Maldonato, Sadie Blades as Nikki Maldonato, Zhana LaRenard as Britney Maldonato, Joe James as Officer Konash (as Joe James), Sandra Kennedy as Super Inga, Lon E. Plynton as Barundeb Duttah, Doug Williams as Kid Fantastico, Llama Dick as Hell Island Field Worker, Scott Horsely as Hell Island Field Worker / Zombie, Jesse Myers as Hell Island Field Worker, Chip Van Dyke as Hell Island Field Worker, Dan Vena as Hell Island Field Worker / Hippie / Robot, Flash Organ as Guy Making Out In Car, Ladi Da as Girl Making Out In Car, Mitch MacArtor as Hippie, James Moan as Hippie, Steven Riley as Hippie, Robert Busher as Hell Island Voiceover / Phillipos, Kevin Umbricht as The Amphibious Guy, Caleb Emerson as Peanutch, Tuck Emerson-Snyder as Wendell Beauregarde, Lloyd Kaufman as Game Show Announcer, Jason “King” Randall as Kentucky Bob, Grimlocke as Gameshow Hostess, Lisa J. Natanson as Portia LaPlume, Dave Faria as Dante LaPlume (as David Faria), Sarah Mclaughlin as Evelyn Strange, Daniel Strange as Himself, Claudia Arsenio as Game Show Director, Andrew Aherne as Game Show Grip (as Andrew Ahearn), Laura Reinhard as Gameshow Grrrrl (as Laura S. Reinhard), Alexander Demarjian as Family At Picnic / Young Nerarious, Julia Demarjian as Family At Picnic, Ethan Emerson as Family At Picnic, Henry Emerson as Family At Picnic, Jacob Emerson as Family At Picnic, Lindsay Emerson as Family At Picnic, Oliver Emerson as Family At Picnic, Silas Emerson as Family At Picnic, Eric Richardson as Detective Digard, Dan St. Jacques as Asshole on the Street / Angry Dog Man, Tinso Ymecaf as Alleyway Pervert #1, Ivan Ecinmub as Alleyway Pervert #2, Anna Snyder as Hooker #1, Jillian Shamderberger as Hooker #2, Louise DeCurtis as Uschi – Disembowled Girl, Kim Sykes as Bahamian Woman, Jay Street as Bahamian Man (as John Bereiweriso), Kik Skakel Williams as Elke The Innkeeper, Rufus LeChien as Crispy Bacon, Adriane E. Collins as Lovely Swedish Field Worker, Lilla Smoluch as Lovely Swedish Field Worker (as LillA), Randi as Lovely Swedish Field Worker, Rosie as Lovely Swedish Field Worker, Rachel Knutton as Olga The Barmaid, Serena ‘Supreme Bean’ Andrews as Bar Patron, Johnny Carrera as Bar Patron, Erin Cole as Bar Patron, Anna Hepler as Bar Patron, AnnMarie Reveruzzi as Bar Patron, Alice Ogelthorpe as Sleeping Cheese Girl, Jessica Demarjian as Elizabeth Toole, Ken Cmar as Handsome Pizza Delivery Boy / Robot / Ninja, Haig Demarjian as Vlad the Impaler, Miachael Allen as Zombie, Nixie Borbardier as Zombie, Andrew Houle as Zombie, Miles Lacouture as Zombie, Erick Markarian as Zombie, Deek McDeekula as Zombie (as Deek McDeekula III), F. Adam Miller as Zombie, Brian L. Mullen III as Zombie, Jason Osborne as Zombie, Scott Paterson as Zombie (as Scott Patterson), Erik Talley as Zombie, Kevin Torstensen as Zombie, Chris Urany as Zombie, Sean Fay as Robot, Shane M. Frisby as Robot, Terry Boisclair as Ninja, Ricky Magic as Ninja, Matt Johnson as Ninja, Mark Raposa as Ninja, Jolly as angry Dog Man, Sophia Elisabeth as Britney (uncredited).

Movies Galore Takes a look at Lifetime Channel director Patrick DeLuca’s House of Darkness from 2016

Written by David Strege


Directed by Patrick DeLuca this film was on lifetime as its based on true events.

Our film begins in 1957 as a group of trick r treaters dare one boy to go inside a house he does… then you hear screams…

Now in 2014 a husband and wife, Kelly and Brian, move into a new home, new neighborhood with their daughter Sarah. We see the couple is in therapy Brian having Jealousy issues and moved to this house from Sanfrancisco to recreate their marriage to kinda get to know one another again.


As they often do, Brian becomes increasingly obsessed and changes almost over night to being withdrawn and temperemental, lashing out even more so than ever…

Brian starts seeing things right away and eventually seems to have fantasies about the sexy looking neighbor who seems to be showing up for more than just pleasure of Brian’s company…

It also seems both are keeping video diaries as part of their agreement to therapy.

Sarah their daughter is also acting weird and dressing up as a trick r treater as well as food randomly shows up burnt.

it gets weirder as Kelly hears demonic sounding whispers before turning out her daughters lights saying it’ll cut off Sarah’s birds heads…

For a lifetime movie it certainly had some creepy moments and the reason I decided to watch it was it’s supposedly “based on actual events” so I feel it was a well round film. There wasn’t really a jump or scare moment but the actors and a actresses portrayed their characters well.

If you like films like this it’s up your alley it’s just unfortunate they have to keep it so  well Lifetime lol but I enjoyed it hope you do as well.

Starring Sara Fletcher as Kelly, Gunner Wright as Brian, Mykayla Sohn as Sarah, Brittany Falardeau as Jamie, Nikki Alexis Howard as Ellen, Raphael Thompson as
Clark, Thomas Rand as Mason, Jennifer Schoch as Young Ruth, James Tucker as
Officer Hicks, Honey Lauren as Adelaide, Gina Jackson as Dr. Sanders, Orel De La Mota as Officer Van Shack, Emilie Hagen as Shopkeeper, Andre M. Johnson as Corrections Officer, Marcia Moran as Ruth, Dylan Conrique as Ruth’s Daughter, Caden Conrique as Ruth’s Son, Hannah Sohn as
Ghost Mask, Lucas Royalty as Halloween Child,  Anthony Gore as Paul, Elester Latham as Clark, Mannette Antill as Ellen, Daniel Mandehr as Officer Garabusi, Dean England as Officer Kaiman, Zach Scheerer as Paramedic, Eric Corbin as Man in Pig Mask, Dario A. Lee as Corrections Officer, Caleb Caldwell as Halloween Child, Richie Marin as Dad, Mike Sanders as Paramedic, Kimberly Spak as Mom.

Movies Galore checks out director Mark Atkins on his feature “Planet of the Sharks” from 2016 of Sci-fi channels’ premiere during Sharknado 4 week

Written by David Strege


Another Shark film made in haste of Sharknado 4 directed by veteran Sci-fi channel’s Mark Atkins known for Asylum’s The Haunting of Winchester Mansion omaong others this film you could definitely tell was really low budget.

in a somewhat distant future where glacier melting has pretty much filled the world with water and Sharks with two colony’s still fighting to survive.

The first colony we see is definitely more advanced in tech and supplies.  The other is more Primitive and spiritually ceremonial about how they kill the Sharks but there’s an alpha shark mutated controlling the other Sharks killing off members of each.


I’d almost say this has stirrings of Waterworld and like the Eloy are as to the Mmot locks there’s always a difference between societies seperated by distance of water I wonder how our society would have survived but in any case it’s watchable.

Plus if you like hearing accents in beautiful women and think it’s sexy to hear as I do you’ll enjoy bits and pieces.  Just the story line seemed thrown together and ripped off I fear a bit too much.

Starring Brandon Auret as Dillon Barrick, Stephanie Beran as Dr. Shayne Nichols, Lindsay Sullivan as Dr. Roy Shaw, Lauren Joseph as Bea, Daniel Barnett as Moffat, Christia Visser as Dr. Caroline Munro, John B Swart as Hideo Ishiro, Alex Anlos as Nathan Terry, Angie Teodora Dick as Joanne D’amato, Ryan-Wayde Hannivalb as Look-out, Zane Westermeyer as Butcher.

Movies Galore takes a look at “Dam Sharks” 2016 directed by James and Jon Kondelik from their premier on Sci-Fi Channel

Written by David Strege


Directed by the Kondelik Brothers for the Sci-fi channel shark movie marathon in the wake of Sharknado 4’s premiere it seems they slap together cheap films to try and thrill with bad looking CGI nightmares and goes to show you the caliber of B films they are prone to produce.

This being said the film begins in a peaceful river as we begin to see Computer generated shark fins going down stream.

Of course as expected a cute girl in a bikini is about to jump in a lagoon connected to said stream and shark jumps out of the water and eats his snack.

Meanwhile A female game warden and a scuba diver are going to check out why beavers have seemed to be disappearing from the scene as expected the scuba diver is eaten and game warden on the run.

While all this has been happening a professor of Verizon Tech and Billionaire Tanner Brooks played by veteran  actor Jason London has brought a group of young people to the area to camp and experience the outdoors for PR.


The Game Warden known as Kate has met up with the apparently local redneck who keeps tourists away from his favorite fishing hole.

The Sharks are building a damn of human remains for the purpose of blocking them all in. Kind of a cross over between Zombeaver and Shark Night if you ask me.

Altogether a prime example of relatively goofy prime actors and actresses stuck behind what could have been an even cooler b movie if the Sharks weren’t so fake looking.  The scuba diver you could tell he was part toy, the arm that surfaced in a net plastic but I guess that’s part of the fun and makes me realize it’s not all computerized.

There was some great scenery involved and some pretty decent shark leaps so I’ll give them that. In all I guess I enjoyed the film in its corniness just wish they’d go back to creature effects not CGI. Enjoy!

Starring Paige Lauren Billiot as Skyler, Ashton Bingham as Nate, Jessica Blackmore as Kate, Kabby Borders as Joline, Corey Craig as Blake, Robert Craighead as Carl, Michelle DeMond as
Gwen, Andy Earle as Mark, Eric Paul Erickson as Kenny, Francis Gonzalez as
Jorge, Saxon Jones as Ted, Will Leon as
Burt, Jason London as Tanner Brooks, Matt Mercer as Pullman, Nicole Reddinger as Dona, Neka Zang as Stella

Sometimes you have to be picky Movies Galore Says as we take a look at Director Stephen Folks Debut Picture “The Orange Man” at Leggless Corpse Films from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Stephen Folker of Stephen Folkers Films and produced by Chad Armstrong’s Legless Corpse Films in 2016.

This film was a laugh riot like Old Dogs meets the Commen campy slasher with some good ol’ homeboys from down south!

It was fresh and entertaining… But I might as well tell you about it…


Crazy Pete just so happens to be an orange seller that’s just down on his luck everyone in town feels he’s weird the locals at Julie’s café in this sleepy town doesn’t seem to except his oranges the local town folk seem to reject his claimed fresh oranges and doesn’t seem to be understood.

Crazy Pete has had enough and decides to get even.  First he goes after the owner of Julie’s Cafe for rejecting his oranges….

Gerald is an office man and watches as his wife leaves him for another man. He’s obviously a an old school corny sales man selling that his business has taken over 40 acres of orange trees.


Recieving divorce papers Gerald decides to call his buddies Wilbur, Jimmy and Reggie to go off on a camping trip exactly where his ex wife was enjoying a trip of her own but they have a run in with the local orange picking man Crazy Pete.

Now these guys only know of the Orange Man by an urban legend known as Peter Walker being 30 years ago…

These older guys are a laugh riot just old freinds who just want to cheer their best bud from his divorce and you can’t forget Reggie and his blatter problem peeing all over missing the urinal lol


My only vice is the last scene was purposely I feel written in for the actress who played Gerald’s new Girlfreind. As I feel she had a small part and you have to keep everyone happy.

You have to love the comradry and brotherhoodedness between all for I think they also had fun being involved in this kooky project.

Definitely campy with a little sex and death by oranges! Hehe recommend for all horror fans enjoy!


Starring Ben Rollins as Peter Walkins aka The Orange Man, Dave Juehring as Gerald, Thomas Ely Sage as Wilbur, Jim Plovanich as Jimmy, Glenn Harston as Reggie, Trena Penson as Deborah, Robert Kemp as Roger, Elle Winchester as Fat Lady, Susan Wynne Lunning as Susan, Sue Cook as Barb the Waitress, Jim Nieciecki as Bill the Customer, Jim Brockhohn as Dale, Steve Couch as Farmer, Michael Banks as Doctor McDonald, James Schmedding as Gas Station Clerk, Weston Ford as Country Boy 1, Hudson Ford as Country Boy 2, Harry Walker as Diner Patron, John Mutum as Diner Patron, David M. Miller as Diner Patron, Justin Claus as Office Worker 1, Chuck Dorsey as Office Worker 2, Brian D. Wallace as Derek, McKennan Scott as Restaurant Patron 1, Jo Vasquez as Restaurant Patron 2, Joshua LeFebure as
Restaurant Patron 3, Cory Sellers as
Mother outside Restaurant, Jack Sellers as
Boy outside Restaurant.

Movies Galore goes back and recaps on Alien Invasion film “Independence Day” from director Roland Emerick in 1996!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Roland Emerick in 1996 this film was a blockbuster hit it just for its actors and actresses but also for that crazy concept of what if…


This film was also done at the height of Will Smith’s career as he was just coming off the band wagon of Starring in Men in Black. Smith plays a hardcore navy seals pilot by the name of Stephen Hiller almost Top Gunnish like in character


Jeff Goldblum who played Ian Malcolm in Jurrasic Park previously… Plays a computeristic-like newspaper reporter and divorced loner named David Levinson whom cracks a coded message that brings him straight to the White House.

David’s Ex Wife just so happens to be part of the presidential Cabinet and somehow is able to get an audience with the president along with having his estranged neurotic father Julius played by the ever comic genius of Judd Hirsch, along for the ride.

Meanwhile alien spacecrafts position themselves all over the world in every major city and because of David’s Warning saves the president and his family right before the White House is completely destroyed by a blast from a ship.

While all this is happening Captain Hiller is with his current partner as he chases a couple of bogey small craft carrying an alien that once he crashes is able to drag the alien all the way to Area 51 that is operational and recently let known to the president does exist.


Brent Spiner who played Data on Star Trek Next Generations is Dr. Okun a fairly crazy sounding long haired grey Gandalf looking geek of a guy kinda who you’d expect to of running the place shares with all of them how far they have come researching for years as they’ve had.

David cooks up a plan to give the alien computers a virus so they can take down the alien single handedly.

The First Lady was played by Mary McDonNell from Dances with Wolves I also have to mention Do u remember the make up artist in Mrs. Doubtfire who helped Robin Williams out with turning him into Mrs. Doubtfire? Yep he’s in here too in cameo.  Also Randy Quaid as Russel Casse a crop duster who claims he’s been anal probed by aliens.

I think the destruction that these aliens had created in this film is very real but we are also so frightened of the unknown    They came without warning killed the First Lady but still in the end the film brought about a unity of all countries banding together as one for their independence.


Bill Pullman’s speech to the men going up I the air to fight their last battle was epic as words can lift men’s spirits if their said right.

My only problem with the film and I guess I will always remember it for the line that Jeff Goldblum says in Jurrasic Park ” Must go faster, Must go faster go go go go go,” gets redundant as he repeats it in Independence Day.


Altogether this was a well rounded film and is enjoyable to watch once a year at least. It’s becomes Classic in my mind lol

Starring Will Smith as Captain Steven Hiller, Bull Pullman as President Thomas J. Whitemore, Jeff Goldblum as David Levinson, Mary McDonNell as First Lady Marilyn Whitemore, Judd Hirsch as Julius Levinson, Robert Loggia as General William Grey, Randy Quaid as RusselL Casse, Margaret Colin as Constance Spano, Vivica A. Fox as Jasmine Dubrow, James Rebhorn as Albert Nimziki, Harvey Fierstein as Marty Gilbert, Adam Baldwin as Major Mitchell, Brent Spiner as Dr. Brakish Okun, James Duval as Miguel, Lisa Jacob as Alicia, Giuseppe Andrews as Troy, Ross Bagley as Dylan, Bill Smitrovich as Captain Watson, Mae Whitman as Patricia Whitemore, Harry Connick Jr. As Captain Jimmy Wilder, Kiersten Warren as Tiffany, John Storey as Dr. Isaacs, Frank Novak as Teddy, Devon Gummersall as Philip, Leland Orser as Techy/med asst # 1, Mirron E. Willis as Aide, Ross Lacy as Aide, David Pressman as Whitemore’s Aide, Vivian Palermo as Techy/ Med Asst, Raphael Sbarge as Commander/ Tech, Bobby Hosea as Commanding Officer, Dan Lauria as Commanding Officer, Steve Giannelli as Radar Tech, Eric Paskel as Radar Tech, Carlos Lacamera as Radar Operator (as Carlos LaCamera), John Bennett Perry as Secret Service Agent, Troy Willis as Secret Service Agent, Tim Kelleher as Technician, Wayne Wilderson as Area 51 Technician, Jay Acovone as Area 51 Guard, James Wong as SETI Technician #1, Thom Berry as SETI Technician #2, Jana Marie Hupp as SETI Technician #3, Matt Pashkow as Second Officer, Robert Pine as Chief of Staff, Marisa Johnston as Co-Worker #2 (as Marisa Morell), Michael Winther as Co-Worker #3, Dexter Warren as Co-Worker #4, Paul LeClair as Co-Worker #5, Michael Vacca as Lieutenant Peterson ( as Capt Michael ‘Chewy’ Vacca), David Channell as Secret Service Agent, John Capodice as Mario, Greg Collins as Military Aide, Derek Webster as Sky Crane Pilot, Mark Fite as Pilot, Eric Neal Newman as Pilot, Levon Uchaneishvili as Russian Pilot (as Levani), Kristof Conrad as Russian Pilot, Kevin Sifuentes as Tank Commander, Elston Ridgle as Soldier, Randy Oglesby as Mechanic, Jack Moore as Mechanic, Barry Del Sherman as Street Preacher, Lyman Ward as Secret Service Agent, Anthony Crivello as Lincoln, Richard Speight Jr. As Ed, Barbara Beck as Monica Soloway, Joe Fowler as Reporter, Andrew Warne as Reporter, Sharon Tay as Reporter, Peter J. Lucas as Russian Reporter ( as Peter Jozef Lucas ), Yelena Danova as Russian Newscaster, Johnny Kim as Korean Newscaster ( as Derek Kim ), Vanessa J. Wells as Newscaster, Jessika Cardinahl as German Video Newscaster ( scenes deleted ), Gary W. Cruz as Video Newscaster, Ron Pitts as Video Newscaster, Wendy L. Walsh as Herself, Christine Devine as Video Newscaster, Mark Thompson as Video Newscaster, Ernie Anastos as Rex Black, New York Newscaster, Kevin Cooney as Atlantic Air CINC, Rance Howard as Chaplain, Nelson Mashita as Japanese Tech, Jeff Philips as B-2 Pilot, Sayed Badreya as Arab Pilot, Adam Tomei as Sailor, John Bradley as Lucas, Kimberly Beck as Housewife, Thomas F. Duffy as Lieutenant, Andrew Keegan as Older Boy, Jon Shear as Thompson (as Jon Mathews), Jim Piddock as Reginald, Frederick W. Barnes as Himself (as Fred Barnes, Eleanor Clift as Herself, Jerry Dunphy as Himself, Jack Germond as Himself, Morton Kondracke as Himself, John McLaughlin as Himself, Barry Nolan as Himself, George Putnam as Himself, Eric Michael Zee as Northridge Field Reporter, Pat Skipper as Redneck, Carlos Lara as Farmer Kid, Mike Monteleone as Butler, Lee Strauss as Elvis Fanatic, Lisa Star as Woman on the roof, Malcolm Danare as Intellectual on roof, Arthur Brooks as Trucker on Roof, Michael Moertl as Theif (as Michael G. Moertl), James J. Joyce as Master CPO, Joyce Cohen as Kim Peters, Julie Moran as Herself-‘entertainment tonight’ reporter, Robin Groth as Flagstaff News Anchor, Richard Pachorek as LAPD Helicopter Pilot, Gary A. Hecker as Alien Vocal Effect (voice)(as Gary Hecker), Frank Welker as Special Vocal Effects (voice), Jonathon Adler as Secret Service Agent ( uncredited), Janette Andrade as Teen (uncredited), T.D. Antoine as Pilot (uncredited), Kevin Ash as Cab Driver (uncredited), Erick Avari as SETI Chief (uncredited), Greg Bronson as Police Officer at the White House (uncredited), Roy Milton Davis as Homeless Guy (uncredited), Dean Devlin as Eagle 2 Pilot ( voice )(uncredited), Darren Dochterman as British News Translator (uncredited), Volker Engle as Man in Office (uncredited), Bob Freind as Himself – ‘Sky News’ Anchorman (uncredited), Jeffrey Gold as German Fighter Pilot (uncredited), Michael Haddad as Trailer Trash (uncredited), Bart Hamatake as Malitiaman (uncredited), Andre Harper as African (uncredited), Lincoln D. Hiatt as Colin Barclay ( uncredited ), Jay Hopkins as Man in Crowd (uncredited), JonatHan Khan as Pilot (uncredited), Jalil Jay Lynch as Man Staring at Alien Ship (uncredited), Darin Mangan as Staff Sergeant (uncredited), Joe Martinez as Son of Air Force Pilot (uncredited), Scott McKinley as Joint Chiefs of Staff (uncredited), Karolyna Madina as Presidential Adress Attendee (uncredited), Ralph Moratz as High Ranking Officer (uncredited), Bryan Moss as Israeli Fighter Pilot (uncredited), Roy Newton as Pilot (uncredited), Gary Pike as Helicopter Passenger (uncredited), Darla Rae as Protestor – Omni Hotel (uncredited), Nectar Rose as Stripper (uncredited), Bonnie Silco as Bride (uncredited), Tadao Tomomatsu as Big Hat Guy On Tower (uncredited), Michael A. Valenzano as Young Pilot (uncredited), Tracey Walter as Tech/ Med Asst #3 (uncredited), James With as British Pilot (uncredited), James Woodson as Pilot (uncredited).

Do you believe in the Blair Witch? Come with us as Movies Galore camps out with Adam Wingard’s “Blair Witch” of 2016!

Written by David Strege

Lionsgate surprised us this year with a sequel to now cult hit from 1999 “The Blair Witch Project” about a group of film makers that go into Burkittsville, Maryland woods to seek out the legend of the witch herself…

It was such a hit people wondered if they really had disappeared.  But the film not only was a hit it changed the whole way horror films were made, may not have been the first found on footage film as it followed films like Cannibal Holocaust from 1980 and The Last Broadcast from 1998 the year before but it definitely paved the way to how films are made today.

So “Blair Witch” which picks up where the last film left us were Heather James’s as we learn is his sister is he thinks she’s either still out in the Blair Woods or so he feels.

James finds this video on the Internet of a video that was found in an area where this so-called house that was actually not found by  the searchers and the police at the time the videos were found of his sister and her group of filmmakers.

So James gets together with his friend Lisa who is also a filmmaker who is interested in making a documentary about finding Heather what they find when they go in and search for her.

We see James and Lisa meet up with his best friend Peter and his lady friend Ashley as they prepare to go off and track down the video upload her of the recently found footage.

What they didn’t know was that in order to take them out to the location of where they found the video part of the deal would be that they go with.

As they trek further they have a few minor setbacks like Lisa hurting her foot and those noises were heard during the night they found they been pranked by their guides and seperated.

But that only made matters worse as their GPS made them go in circles friends disappeared and the house that they were searching for ultimately appeared out of desperation and James had to go inside the house as this was what he come here to do…

As far as scares go I feel like there was like one actual scare.  As far as what is actually attacking them in the original film, they’d keep us in the dark as to what actually happened with camera angles and shadows… In this sequel the first half was certainly predictable.

I feel like we could have been shown more of what was transpiring as we are shown only glimpses… But there were definitely some creepy undertones and mild suggestions.

I did enjoy the ending but here again there is almost a similarity to those whom are left as there was in its predecessor.  All together it was enjoyable but I felt it was short and wanted more… I will however admit that there was one or two humor spots due to James’s freind Peter but that’s all I’ll say.

I’ll leave it up to the next viewer but it certainly didn’t pack a wtf like the first…

Starring James Allen McCune as James, Callie Hernandez as Lisa Arlington, Corbin Reid as Ashley, Brandon Scott as Peter, Wes Robinson as Lane, Valorie Curry as Talia.

Movies Galore Goes Schlock as they take a look at William Winckler’s 2005 wink to Universal Horror films “Frankenstein Vs. The Creature From Blood Cove.”

Written By David Strege


Before I write my review I must admit some personal feelings that I feel I was wronged by this director.  When I was first establishing myself with trying to get to know directors I’d added him as a freind to share in this journey I feel as a fan every one of us has a right to get a chance to be friends with our favorite directors.

I’ve learned now who are the directors I like as to how friendly they can be towards their freinds. Our editors personal page was hacked and then suddenly because he had to find a new page he wasn’t allowed to be on his so called family only list even though he’d done nothing untowards to him. To me this was cold and unfreindly this being said it has not tainted me from speaking of this gem it’s his loss.

Also when I’d contacted him about possibly being able to show his film at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams festival he’d given me outrageous should I say ideas that yes he would be happy to allow the film to be played but if we wanted Larry Butler to show up we’d have to pay for the actors air fair and hotel stay and frankly if I was a director of I had the money to and wanted my film played, I’d do anything I could to get it the attention it needed ten years down the line or not. I have respect for him as a director not as a person to be treated so coldly as a fan. It skinted my view on directors for a moment and set me back a pace at trying to be close to my favorite directors while trying to find people who will talk films in my own group.


This being said I’ll begin…. Brought to us by Director William Winckler known for “The Double D Avenger” from 2001, on a coast in California a creature escapes a Dr. Monroe and his assistants in the the cove waters below.  Apparently the drugs they’d tried to brainwash it with didn’t work as the doctor has been trying to resurrect the Frankenstein Monster using his methods of reanimation by experimenting with the escaped creature involved…

So Dr. Monroe and his assistant Ula and man servant go off in search of Frankenstein’s Resurrection Serum where they run into a gypsy woman played by none other than the still beautiful Raven De la Croix who played in such films as The Lost Empire, as well as worked with the great sexploitation director Russ Meyer.


The Gypsy woman warns them of the evil they bring to Shellvania.  Guarding over the woods of the place where the monster is buried is also the Wolfman as they here howling… Growling… And then the werewolf attacks not once… But twice… Thankfully Ula was there…

Not only does Butch Patrick make an appearance but there is an epic battle between Frankenstein and the creature as well as beautiful models in a photo shoot thrown in the mix as well as a bride for the Frankenstein monster.  Appearances by the great Loyd Kaufman and Porn Legend horror star Ron Jeremy as well…

I think the first thing I like about this film is all the cameos as well as the film being in black and white as well as NO CGI!

Secondly I love the wording for the credits are similar in style to how the old classic monster films used to be presented almost vintage.  Thought the acting was b-ish I also liked how each cast member was portrayed.  But I will have to say the fight scene of the monsters was a little drawn out and dragging its feet a bit…


I will say however the suit for the creature amazed me as much as the original suit in the original Creature From the Black Lagoon films.  Actor Corey Marshall impressed me the most and the way he moved as young as he is in this suit was athletic and great to watch I thoroughly enjoyed him in this feature.

As for the Frankenstein monster itself he’d certainly made it his own with the long hair and large body so it made him strong looking but for some reason I just couldn’t fully like this monster creation but I didn’t mind this adaptation it seemed all involved were having fun with their roles.

I recommend this for all horror fans again this is my opinion of the film and again I mean no disrespect for the director I just think with having been freinds with him for at least a year and because my personal page was hacked to deliberately tell me only personal freinds or family only was bull. Every other director whom I was freinds with ref reindeer me I considered myself a freind.  As well as the paying for an actors travel accomodations to a festival? That’s just rediculous greed… Other than that I hope you’ve enjoyed my review!

Starring G. Larry Butler as Dr. Monroe Lazaroff (as Larry Butler), William Winckler as Bill Grant (as Bill Winckler),
Dezzirae Ascalon as Dezzirae Lee (as Dezzi Rae Ascalon), Corey Marshall as the
Creature / Ghost / Werewolf / Bar Man (as Corey J. Marshall), Gary Canavello as
Percy Featherstone, Alison Lees-Taylor as
Dr. Ula Foranti, Lawrence Furbish as Frankenstein’s Monster, Rich Knight as
Salisbury, Mimma Mariucci as
Mimi, George Lindsey Jr. as Harry Granville, Selena Silver as Herself, Tera Cooley as Gabrielle, Carla Harvey as Beula, Michael Anton as Surfer 1, Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau as Surfer 2, Tom Ingram as
Soldier 1, John Abiskaron as Soldier 2, Lisa Hammer as Monster’s Bride, Sandra Dease as Club Owner (as Sandy Dease), David Gerrold as David, Writer, Raven De La Croix as Gypsy Woman, Lloyd Kaufman as
Bar Drunk, Ron Jeremy as Bar Man, Butch Patrick as Transformed Werewolf (as Patrick Lilly), Mel Lewis as Soldier 3, Jim Adan as Office Staff, Maria Salvati as Waitress, Mike Clark as a Bar Patron, Richard Magnotta as a Bar Patron, Jeff Berkwits as a Bar Patron, Koji Fueta as a
Bar Patron, Paul Vito Abato as a
Bar Patron, John Hatherill as a Bar Patron, Michael Ziton as a Bar Patron, Eddie Ed O’Brien as a Bar Patron (as Eddie O’Brien), Jeff Scott as a Bar Patron, Josh Smith as a
Bar Patron, Ryan Patrick O’Donnell as a
Bar Patron.

Movies Galore Takes a look at Horror Networks Jimmy Weinholz New film “Door To Door” from 2016

Written by David Stregeimage

Brought to us by T.B.B. Studios and the Horror Network Directed by Jimmy Weinholz  for 2016 this is a moralistic horror film of a different nature.  My first job was selling Cutco Cutlery door to door but this sales man is selling your soul….

I’d almost call this an anthology as it appears a mysterious door man in a trench coat and suitcase selling a drug to people in need of help but not in a good way…


Monica and Jill help their father run his store, one day he tells the girls Jill will take over as owner for the season. Monica is clearly upset and whiny storms home.  She hears a knock on the door its the doorman.  He tells her he has something to help as she is envious and hands her a pill bottle. She refuses at first but then the doorman leaves the pills behind.  Monica then proceeds to take a pill, falls unconcious, wakes up in her fathers store and is procededly haunted by a form of herself, then later wakes up to her father telling her that her sisters been in an accident…

download (1)

Aaron is an asshole to coworker, associates his own chubby wife as he sits watching t.v. and ordering her around the doorbell rings. Its the same doorman.  Hands him the pills with his spiel. Aaron takes them goes inside takes one thinking he’ll feel some kind of high.  instead he wakes up to what looks like a zombie apocalypse in between a house.  Its here we meet the demon wrath…

Katie spends her time creating fake profiles to date men as she herself is overwight when the Doorman comes to tell her of a drug where she can loose it all… she takes them and wakes up in a foggy kitchen… in what the baldish looking man starts singing skimarinkydinkydink I love you… in her own personal heaven.


I don’t want to tell the whole film as there are more tales told, but I feel these are all moralistic tales of different demons you could turn into if your not careful how you live your life… in a very weird way though this is done on a very low budget its not half bad, in fact it is one of those so bad its good kinda films.

I will say as for the acting? Jill the sister didn’t seem like she wanted to be there and was just there but its understandable as your always going to find people who dont want to act. I just think a goody two shoes sister could have acted more goodie two shoes with enthusiasm. but as far as direction goes and writing? these are some greatly written and woven tales.

I certainly enjoyed this film for what it is… kinda in the style of tales from the crypt or Creepshow.  I thoroughly recomend this film as its yet to come out to a format i think and feel its definitel;y worth a watch…

Hopefully you don’t get a knock on your door next!

Starring Charlie Williams as The Doorman, Pete Wittstruck as George, Cicily Miller as Jill, Jordan Cain as Monica, Michael Benson as Demon Of Envy, Christopher Brown as Aaron, Becky Fernandez as Beth, Dakota Bowers as Demon of Wrath, Ashton Towne as Katie, Nick Shalita as Demon of Gluttony, John Kithcart as Sam, Sara Richards as Barbara, Nichole Starkey as Janelle and Demon of Lust, Gail Weaver as Gary, Christopher Benson as Demon of Sloth, Dave Nelson as Gene, Jimmy Weinholz as Demon of Greed, Lynette Taylor-Brown as Samantha, Andrea Hughes as Samantha’s Freind, Easton Hughes as Jacob, Bianca Chayrezvas The Demon of Pride.

Wrath,s Hunting Party: Kevin Starkey, Samantha Gonzales, Koren Cain, Joe Fernandez, Cody Clark, Becky Fernandez, Alyssa Brown, Lynette Brown, Samantha Williams, Charlie Williams, Chris Benson, Sue Rendeal, Pete Wittstruck, Sam Wittstruck, Scott Williams and Blacks the Dog.

What is normal to you? Movies Galore Ponders this as we take a look at Richard Griffins 2013 film “Normal”

Written by David Strege


Jim looks like your everyday run of the mill person you see on the street as your next day neighbor, friend, pedestrian.  Everyone has a madness I don’t care if your a saint, Søldier, nurse or doctor, principal or student. No one is safe from dark thoughts. Killing is of different nature… Everyone can kill but a completely evil person inside out and no soul?


How often do we get to see a window into the mind of madness… Through dreams? Or the reality of our mistakes… These are the questions that Richard Griffin who brought us such titles as Exume, Creatures From The Hillbilly Lagoon, Atomic Brain Invasion, Sins of Dracula, explores in his 2013 release from Scorpio Releasing through the eyes of Jim.

Jim lives in an apartment building with what at first we see as other tenants.  As the film progresses we realize they are not just tenants but Jim’s greatest mistakes… Though to him well they weren’t mistakes…


This was a look into the mind of a serial killer not unlike Norman Bates, or Ed Gein.  As always I enjoy Griffin’s films I don’t think I’ve watched one yet I haven’t enjoyed in some way shape or form.

My only problem was even though Michael Reed pulled it off to the best of his abilities I kept thinking to myself even though he pulled off the normal look and feel of the psychopath was he sinister enough for when it was supposed to count. In the end he did but he started out acting too nicey-nice but i think he really got into the role eventially.


My favorite moment was when he was laying down, his head next to the tenant Kate, Jim seems to spend the most time with also his favorite… And the conversation they had while musing…

Altogether I enjoyed the darkness this film portrayed with the ghosts living in Jim’s head and recommend this film for all horror fans as its more of a thriller and slow burn for independent films but it certainly hits it’s mark.



Starring Michael Reed as Jim, Sarah Nicklin as Shelley, Nathaniel Sylva as
Tom, Elyssa Baldassarri as Kate, Shannon Hartman as June, Samantha Acampora as
April, David Canavan as Young Tom, Christopher L. Ferreira as George (Age 18), Patrick Keeffe as David, David Langill
as Night Clubber, Joseph Oliveira as Night Clubber, John C. Quinlan as Young Jim, Ben Royer as Jim (Age 17), Monica Saviolakis as Lucy, Rich Tretheway as Steve, David Erin Wilson as George.