Movies Galore takes a look at director Sean Meghan’s short film “Over Coffee” From 2010!

Written by David Strege


So this short film is brought to us by A Studio In Production director Sean Meehan and is basically about the world somewhat inside an office type setting.

Carla works for a retail Company under Hamilton Rice whom always grabs him his Coffee before any meeting…

The film begins as office men Andrew (Potempa) and David discuss office politics, Cyber Sex and whether Andrew will ever get up the courage to ask Carla Out.

Thing is Hamilton (Cox) has just told Carla he’s on his way in and she’s forgotten his Coffee.  So Andrew volunteers to go but some random office floozy (Portnoy) stole the Coffee and Andrew had to flag it down in time to get it to the Boss…


I think the acting on Andrew’s part was a tad shaky at first and slightly phone but I think in the end he panned out as being the man for the part.  This film was meant to be a little comical and I think Timothy Cox playing the bit part of the boss looking like Mr. Clean with that shaved head was hysterical.  Most bosses often try to make you cower and do their bidding so it was entertaining to see Tim play such s role if anything watch it for the Humor.

Starring Erik Potempa as Andrew, Jocelyn DeBoer as Carla, Michael Oberholtzer as
David, Timothy J. Cox as Hamilton Rice, Mallory Portnoy as Laura, Franco Foti as
Coffee Shop Patron, Lauren Foti as Coffee Shop Patron, Jack Lundy as Coffee Shop Patron, Michelle Martinez as Coffee Shop Patron, Kathleen Hefferon as Barista, Mike Meehan as Coffee Shop Patron.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Antonio Padovan’s short film “Socks and Cakes” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


A Kimistra Production directected by Antonio Padovan from 2010 is a short film about Harry.

Harry was once married to Amanda a director who then married Richard well their having a small dinner party where they were supposed to be numbered six but Harry is once again alone from a partner… things haven’t been right between Richard and Amanda for years… and Sophie a good looking young woman has been brought to the party by a freind named Dave…


I think this is a film about dreams,  dreams of what could have been and what one has to go through as sometimes the jobs we work at suck the dreams right out of us.

Though Tim Cox is once again somewhat in a lead role in a sort of Clarissa Explains it all way and though I think that he did a decent job in his role as Harry the loner ex-husband I think that I enjoyed Kirsty Meares role as Amanda here…  there’s a pain of loss not lived that I feel she portrays with Ellegence… and a sense of sadness that draws me to her plight.


I don’t want to tell the whole film but I enjoyed this film all around as we were left thinking things would just fall into disarray… as it were I’d certainly recommend this film as it’s a look into something like a dinner party where everyone pretends to play nice…

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Harry Mogulevsky, Kirsty Meares as Amanda, Jeff Moffitt as Richard, Ben Prayz as David, Alex Vincent as Sophie.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Phil Newsom’s short film “Simple Mind” from 2012!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Director Phil Newsom with Phil Newsom Productions is a short film from 2012 about a man named Bob who is unaware of his realities.

Once again I’ve watched another film starring actor Timothy Cox as he narrates this film while confessing to crimes of murder to a psychologist….

But while he’s confessing we see that he pretty much looks like your average Joe but we see him stalk a woman named Samantha (McCarson) as he explains his relationship with a woman… now I thought that it was the psychologist that he was following but how could he have been when he was talking to her…

When in actuality Bob is just living a life in his mind… the only thing he can do…

I guess I enjoyed this short film as even though it’s subtle in bringing you about to Bobs realization in the end and living with a Level one Schizophrenic myself as a room mate of mine when I first got back from college myself, I can believe that anyone with this disability can believe whatever realities that they create… where as Bob believed he was a murderer  my own room mate believes that they found a Seven headed dragon in the sands of the Sahara desert and that it was the devil that he killed… as this was my freinds reality that he lived in and still does it is entirely possible to believe in Bob’s reality.


I think that once again Mr. Cox shows that he can play some versatile roles. My only thing is I was reminded of James Mangold’s Identity from 2003 with this film just a tad…  but I think this film is its own message.

I think that the short film enthusiast will enjoy this film. But I also think it can be misinterpreted… definitely different but I recommend This film for people to watch…

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Bob, Kristi McCarson as Samantha.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Lee Loechler’s short film “Choosing Sides” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Though I don’t know the production company Lee Loechlers Short film “Choosing Sides” is a laugh riot to me…

Petter and Ellen are from two different religions as the sit down to dinner with their son and try to tell him the pros and cons of each religion… they both work eachother up in a frenzy trying to convince him that the others’ religion is better while their in for a big surprise…


I think the back and forth banter was certainly over the top inappropriate on purpose. part of the charm I imagine.

I think Loecher was trying to hit on the funny bone while trying to show a religious personality and the problems that parents have to face on decisions with their children as well as some of the belief systems that seem to be somewhat guiding those who are in the faith with their religions.  It’s as if he took a scholarly debate and brought it down to a level where a child can pretty much surprise us with his knowledge.

I think this was funny and entertaining and enjoyed the acting from all three characters, it made me smile.  I’d certainly recommend this film to the short film lovers out there. Enjoy!

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Peter, Rachel Lynn Jackson as Ellen, Max Abe Plush as

Movies Galore Takes a look at Ghanaian director Committee’s “Wrong Way” feature film parts 1& 2 from 2015!

Written by David Strege


So I’ve been exploring films from Ghana, Africa as of late and I came across a young man from Ghana from Africa who does special effects for films and sells some of the films that either he’s acted in or from directors he’s worked with so now I’m looking at one of the first films that intrigued me from the films he was selling called “Wrong Way.”

What helps is that many African films speak English but it relatively is hard to understand them because of dialects but I’m willing to try.

Bright to us and presented by Sasha Multi Innovations and Committee Films this feature is in four parts.  It took me awhile through exploring what we as Americans would consider sequels or Television because they consider everything they film a movie.  But I would consider parts 1 and 2 in American terms Wrong Way 1 but they have the films in 4 parts.


So through the credits we see woods and the camera circling a hooded man but the film looks like it begins in an aerial shot upside down bring in focus a road where a van carrying at least 15 to 20 people driven by their Master so I’m assuming the man driving was a teacher or professor and these young people are apparently on vacation.

The group looks like there are hiking down a path and after a time sit in a group and one young man in the group wonders why they chose this forest for vacation when there are man more nice places To go besides this place…

It is around this area of Conversation I see the Name Charley reference to play some music…

Unbeknownst to the relaxing group some decaying looking men are watching the group, one of them holding a knife, a little funky because at first they seem to get down with the music, the group notices them and begin to scream and run all but one girl escapes.

The two deviants drag the girl screaming off into the woods… next it’s night we see headlights apparently a Their ride to check on the group as they have not recieved payment for said trip…

Next it appears a group of small town gangster have just pulled off a heist of sorts congratulating eachother on their loot… the next target is walking into a mall two gangsters are sent to stalk said target…. things go awry it seems as Ghana police have caught onto their tale and the getaway vehicle runs out of fuel as they are forced to charge into the same group of kids had gone into earlier.

Only 5 of the group have seemed to stick together in one area of the woods and 6 followed by Charles in another area both groups seem to be lost and watched for now there are 7 bloodied and decaying looking men one with flopping man titty’s but definitely out to kill…


I don’t want to tell it all but there’s Something about the Scorpion Character I’m beginning to like… I’m thinking that this group of wood Killers is fairly similar to our Wrong Turn series’s.  I’m finding that the world of African horror films are pretty much where they take their own actors and portray their own ways of telling the stories of films.

I don’t feel that in any way they are ripping off the films by imitating ours but more like paying tribute and telling it with their actors.

My problems with the film or films so far is that I have to pause the film to read the subtitles as their not on the screen for long… but I’m able to get the gist… I’m still half way through part one but the reason why I like the Scorpion character is that he surprised me as a leader of the gang knowing some Kung Fu of sorts that though looks b-ish by looking impossible still made it humorous so far as I’ve seen.

It is rather weird to see a film in four parts but as I understand the film more the more wackier it seems….

I myself am enjoying this more as a B movie though it does resemble our Wrong turn series a little as there is a character who does go around and shoot arrows it’s a woman not a man…

Do I think horror fans would enjoy these films… I think that the practical effects and the semi action could be looked at as goring and cool looking enough… and yes to begin watching African Ghanaian horror films I would recommend though because the subtitle are off I wonder if people here would pay as much attention as I am… enjoy!

Starring Mama Kali, Kyinkyinaa Twan, Andrews Ako (Scorpion), B-Tayler, Daniel Nsiah Adom, Ishmael Karajj (Koo Red), Eric Essien (De Don), Sarkodie (A.T.),

Movies Galore takes a look at Terrorvision directors Rob Ceus and Inge Vanleene’s short film “Slime” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Bright to us by Terror Vision productions directors Rob Ceus and Inge Vanleene, Rob being actor of Bride Zombie comes from a background of special effects that works to his advantage…


The story follows a man which you don’t learn his name until the credits but he’s walking throu the woods, obviously outside when he witnesses a metoor streaking the the air so he follows to where it lands….

I have to say something about the area of woods used in the first segment of the film he definitely picked a decent location as some of the cinematography of the place was incredible…

What really enjoyed about this film was his use of practical effects as the story progresses Drogan finds a rock that glows and emits a sticky substance and ends up taking said rock to his residence but by that time his skin itches and his skin is turning green with puss…


The part where his bodie disintegrates and disappears was great you get to see his body melt not that unlike in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark scene where the Ark of the covenant was opened….

I also think that it was unique to have Alex Wesley from Russia director of Tumors and Zombie Infection as he’s kinda made a name for himself as well..,

Ultimately i enjoyed this short and want to see more of what he can do I think onthe budget he had probably done the best he could to leave the rest up to the imagination.  Too many films use terrible cgi and forget to use it sparingly…

I’d certainly recommend this short film to the practical effect horror film lovers out there and as I said I’d like to see more of his work accomplished! Well done sirs!

Starring Lieve Deneckere as CDC chick, Ceus Rob as Drogan, Eddy Van de Putte as
CDC guy, Alex Wesley as CDC Receptionist.