Reticular Rage

Written By David Strege

Directed by David Brudie Wisconsin horror writer and director having Helmed Ocular:

In 2015 before this comes this 2016 short from MeshMedia Entertainment that will hit Festivals this summer including Shock Stock in London, Ontario May 27th – 29th.

Told from a first person narrative of a woman relatively older but we never really see her face… as we see her begin to write in a leather bound diary as if it were her last thoughts…


Using alot of imagery and visual perspectives of her past and present… Dave weaves a tale of sadness of a woman whose lived without hope.


Life lived in an abusiveness of just going through the motions…

I enjoyed this film in its entirety.  I especially liked how Dave showed the rain from the window with lightning, to the steps that went to two different screens I think it worked well for what he was trying to portray.

Though he used some stock footage I think he played this off perfectly.

I’m going to give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating I really think he’ll do well on his festival run as its different… especially in way the voice of the man commiting the abuse were muffled and no faces really seen… as if to disassociate the emotions involved…

I recommend this film for all short film and horror lovers abound.

Starring Crystal Faith and David Brudie.



Written by David Strege

So I’m back and here to tell you about a laugh riot grindhouse short film from 2016 I saw at the Twisted Dreams Festival here in Milwaukee and the end just so happened to be cut off but the directors Nathan Ludwig & Chad Farmer of Madness Entertainment and Farmwig Films 2nd Production, were able to provide me with a screener thanks guys!

Say hello to a new drug walking the streets…  Wonky…
Narrated similar to dragnet but filmed grindhouse style a pimp is setting up business with local women he’s Turning into Whores.

Kacie is on the worst case of her period foaming at the mouth as her sister Layla is addicted to the needle and shooting up as she likes to fuck overweight retards hence her current lay being Fatso Fucko.
Only thing this new drug? Not to he taken lightly… as Kacie rifles through her sisters purse and drinks the whole vile… she’s about to be wonkified…

With henchmen with names like Mr Taffy an ice-cream-sales-man-child-molester who looks alot like PeeWee Herman trolling the streets will Pimp Larry Lecher be able to stop the mayhem his drug may have produced before it’s too late….?

Along with a duded up Cokehead looking ass Rambo gear Mother fucker named Coker will they be able to stop that girl with the bleeding gash…

Fast and furious? Or slow and steady…
I absolutely enjoyed this film.  It was funny and entertaining with just enough over the top acting to make the film so bad… its good.

As I’m sure all father’s who’ve had daughters, or men who’ve had girlfriends or wives, when they are on their period they go through pure hell with the mood swings…
This was just all out a movie that you could seriously see the actors and actresses having fun while they were at it.  I think the story line was solid and believable.  Even our ladies of the world I think can relate if not bust out laughing.

I think the most memorable character will be Mr. Taffy for what’s Sad is I’ve known people exactly like him.

I recommend this film for anyone who might have experience a woman on her period and imagine that worst day…!
Starring Corey Simmons as Larry Lecher, Emely Fuller as Kacie, Cassie Dugger as Layla, Anthony Burke as Mr. Taffy, William Daniel as Fatso Fucko, Eric Philips as Coker, Andrew Nentwig as Drug Guy, Melissa Norris as Wanda, Crystal Spence as Bar Skank, Moose as John, Lauren Farmer as Girl in Park, Victoria Abbott as Girl in Alley, Sydney Crump as Popsicle Girl # 1, Bailey Crump as Popsicle Girl # 2, Chad Farmer as Destiny, Charles Devony Hill as Destiny’s Bitch, Jessie McAdoo as Bartender, Nathan Ludwig as Narrator (Voice).

Movies Galore takes a look at Brazil’s “The Black Fables” coming from director Rodrigo Aragão from 2015!

Written By David Strege

I think this one of the more interesting anthologies aka As Fabulous Negras of the splatter generation comes from Brazil.  Directed in five segments in 2014 by independent horror pioneers Petter Baiestorf, Joel Caetano, Rodrigo Aragao, and Jose Mojica Marins these are some tales to go down for the ages…

Interesting enough a group of four boys in what looks like kickass movie superhero costumes are playfighting in a secluded area of woods as they seem quite familiar with each other they eventually find their way to the edge of a quite fantastic view of what looks to be the valley in which their village lays on the ledge of a cliff as they begin to share stories of they recall that are the most terrifying to them…

In Monster Of The Sewer a local official like a mayor, rather fat looking is eating a feast listening to the plea of a man telling him they ran out of funding for piping for their city’s sewage system.

Obviously corrupt the mayor has his deligate throw him some cash as hush money then proceeds to the bathroom as we watch his body squirting blood and implode… a camera takes us down the pipes as black liquid enters a main water stream.

At the stream a boy picks up something making noise in a box as towns folk begin to realize the terror of this black liquid…

In Fierce Pampas a creature is killing the men of a village Farmer as we watch a mangled corps bring dragged into his compound.  As they believe the monster was the local Negro on the land they two servants go and kill this black man known to dabble in voodoo. What they don’t realize is the creature is much more closer to home than they think…

In The Saci a young girl walks through a sacred area of woods in order to bring her family milk.  An old voodoo man warns her not to mess with or disrespect the spirits of the woods meaning the Saci by being there after dark… well she decides to stay and flirt with a local boy, doesn’t listen and realizes all too late the price of disrespect…

In Bloody Blonde a young girl weeps locked behind a locked door as she glance around her grim surroundings a note is slipped under the door telling her to be silent…

Discovering a mirror covered in suds she said the words bloody Blonde 3 times and a Blood drenched blonde girl appeared she screams… next we see a girl in a car being told by a man that “she” didn’t like her escaping…

We see a woman punishing a young girl with a riding crop in a boarding school punished for a girl killing herself but even the headmistress is afraid of the room she sends all her troubled girls too if they misbehave… in a tale of a revengefull spirit we see what dark secrets this school holds…

In Laras House a husband and wife share dinner, she tries to make love to him he turns her down, wears the prettiest dress and all he does is ignore.  Suddenly she sees visions of a demon creature and walks off to the woods and watches as another woman strip and joins her man in a lake naked.

While having dinner… man chokes on his food and then she goes to this lake and kills the other woman by gouging her eyes… man wakes up surrounded by candles chained as Lara carves out her husband’s heart and delivers it to what seems to be a demon as it proceeds to rape her….

Now I felt this anhology tried to have a little bit of everything from Zombies, Werewolves and Ghosts to puppetry and creature effects this is actually by far one of the best independent horror anthologies I have had the chance to come across.

Each tale was told by each child the two tales that stick out the most that I’ll remember is Fierce Pampas and Bloody Blonde as I feel I can for the life of me figure out how they created the transformation of creature to human form like they did in Fierce Pampas, nor can I forget in Bloody Blonde an almost combination of the Bloody Mary story Wrapped around an image to Edgar Allen Poes Fall of the House of Usher feel to the tale… The Saci had some memorable parts too and I guess I’ll remember the Mayors demise too.

I’m going to give this anthology a 5 out of 5 star rating as I think this is up there with creepshow and tales from the crypt.  Though I know not any oth the directors previous works I feel I may delve into what else these directors have created as I believe they complimented each other.

I recommend for all horror fans to check this great find out!

Here is the Official trailer:

Starring Mayra Alarcon as Madwoman, Teacher, Bathroom Blonde, Ricardo Araujo as Madman, Ana Carolina Braga as Ana, Marcelo Castanheira as Madman, Walderrama Dos Santos as Werewolf, Devil, Sewer Monster, Markus Konka as Pai Pedro, Cesar Coffin Souza as Coronal.

The Raven James Chronicles Legacy

Written by David Strege


Directed by Ben Wydeven from Wisconsin in 2014, 2015 but based on stories from his short stories which after filming led to a book the Raven James Chronicles these stories follow a man haunted by restless spirits…


In The Waiting Room: it appears Raven is sleepwalking in what looks like a hallway in a mental ward with a cell at the end… it appears to be holding a man… who doesn’t know whether this is heaven or hell…


A story of a man who’d thought his wife was cheating on him…


In Demon In The Waiting Room: Raven dreams he wakes up to a creature that is apparently in hiding his true nature as he looks like a demon when he’s really just trying to send his mom a message from the otherside…


This short really shows the calm expressiveness of Daniel Harris as Raven as he is almost like a therapist is to a patient, but tired of it all… as he speaks almost candidly to the spirit visiting…

I think the acting in this installment was superb as you really felt for the demons story…


In A Hot Summer Chill: Raven is invited by a freind to a freind’s family’s home… the son is playing with a toy… an antique jack-in-the-box, but their home is possessed with the spirit of a father and daughter that don’t realize their dead…


As the father of the child gets angry so does the spirit.  It’s angry and doesn’t want Raven’s interfrence…

The only bad thing I want to, or have to say about this 3rd installment was I didn’t think the man playing the father in the story fit as it seems his acting was slightly like cardboard… like he was just there… I think he tried but his acting was stiff and I think needed more emotion for the part.


In Reflections: a boy visits his mother either in prison or in a mental ward as she tells him as his favorite poem the Raven starts reading it aloud…

Now I’d seen the waiting Room at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival and thought this film was unique.  When I found out there were more films connected I couldn’t help but see them all.  Each story is unique, in a way dark and potentially light a balance to good and evil. A man haunted by the unwanted messages that never allow him to sleep unless he answers them.  The gift he thinks is a curse…


Normally I’d have separated each film to talk of them but I felt they need to stay together as a whole as each are connected.

I feel Ben really has his stories well thought out.  His actors really portray his thought processes.  I have a hunch if I’d read his novelization as well as his shorts of these stories, that he was able to portray exactly what he’s written down.

I’m going to give his entire film series a 5 out of 5 star rating as I believe the feature film he’s building up to will be Hollywood big as I think his storyline is solid.

I thoroughly recommend this series of films though their not chilling it’s like I’m watching the lovechild anthology of touched by an angel meets ghost whiperer with a little twist of demonology….

And soon… Mourning In the Cemetery


This Woods Is Cursed

Written by David Strege


As people are starting to realize i like reviewing strange, odd and weird titles so here we are with with Norman Gale Butt’s 4th film from 2016 of More-on productions.

I was just having a conversation with him about how his acting was and how he thought his acting was in this film and he should be.

Our tale begins in black & white as he tries to capture how it might of been for townsfolk at one point and u feel this part of the film was one of his best features as it slightly ventures into silent film territory.

But we see as a group of men and women with Scythes and Pitch forks male one or several women to confess to with craft during a drought….

Present Day: 2 brothers are driving to find a location in a forest known to be cursed in Wisconsin to meet up with their freinds Ted, Floyd and Steve.

How the fuck they film a bear on the side of the roads beyond me lol.

Meanwhile Ted, and Floyd are talking about Internet and child predators…

On their way the brothers stop and ask a man with his fishing pole waling… the Haney Logging Cabin road… but he warns them they don’t want to go there… strange things happen there…

They continue and meet up and get lost while the others start a card game waiting… finally they arrive and the party gets started…

After awhile they begin to tell stories but one in particular told by Ted is of note: When Wagon Trains went west, there was a little town that hadn’t a name before Wisconsin was a territory was made up of lumberjacks and farmers and at the time there was a drought.  After this happened the mill shut down shops closed up and it didn’t make sense the villagers couldn’t understand.  One day two little boys were on the land playing and they heard strange chanting and noises so they ran back and told the villagers what they saw and heard from the little shack that sat on the land… being that they were a lot more suspicious they thought she was a witch.  When they came to the shack they found a trap door and under all manner of blood and evil things that they thought were devilish so they took the woman out and hung her but before she hung she shouted this woods is Cursed!

Now I’m not going to tell all of the film but I wanted to tell a basis of kind of what it was about.  I actually think this is Normans Best film yet to boot and I’m going to give it a 4 out of 5 star rating.

I love the feeling of the film that it seems his actors are comfy with each other and shows that a young man that is relatively over weight can accomplish his dreams.

There’s another thing I talked with the director about is that all of his films whether it’s horror or not are done factually that this could actually happen this way and you know what having watched his last 4 films I can start to see his thinking process. Now u do think parts of it were slow but it had historical background…

Basically the freinds start dying after finding something in the shack along with a map and they must with find a way to stop the evil or there will be none of them left.  Will you go in search of the Haney Shack in these woods!

I thoroughly Recommend this film for all horror film lovers as this directors journey I believe is on his way to becoming someone of note…


The Man With The Golden Hand

Written By David Strege


As this is the 3rd film from Norman Gale Butt’s of More-on Productions I’m glad I can honestly say I may or may not be the first person to review this film as I know Vampire Ticks from Outer Space was given some attention by Deadgar Winters of Kenosha Wisconsin.

We begin as a character known only as The Man, finds himself walking along a deserted highway with a golden hand that talks to keep him alive.  Now to me the hand looks lIke a burlap sack-made-glove with a tin can holding it in place like a cuff.  The Man Knows not who he is or where.

Dressed in Army get up, carrying a duffle bag of supplies and a gun? A man tries to give him a ride pulls out his gun but the man shot him before he could.  The man had a coin it held information about the Osterich corporation.  Finding out he’s in the year 2014 and he’s from the future that’s run by the corporation.  From information on a coin from a dead assassin he find out a man named Thomas Russo wants to kill him… and he’s from the an uncertain year in 2080…

A female detective gets called in on a case of homicide that the man is involves with and chases the man and collects is dropped supply bag.

Can The Man avoid the Organization long enough for them not to steal his hand which apparently is important to them? Each assassin carry a portal chip carrying information relative to their mission.  Will the current times female detective be helpful or turn him in to her own authorities? At a price of 40 million on his head would you be able to fight off these bumbling Osterich Assassins?

So I did enjoy the story line but this wasn’t entirely my favorite film.  I could see where Gale was going with this as the humor in the voice of the golden hand which I believe also was Normans voice.  I believe the struggle while in the handcuffs could have been a little bit better played off as it seemed like Norman was just moving his hands around and not struggling enough.  The stones three characters were Norman the man sent to kill The Man, the hand, and the female detective.

I got the fact that the man didn’t know who he was,  but one thing I wish I could have known were the names of his other characters for certain.  I guess when I watch a movie I like to know whom each character is maybe I’m just a stickler for wanting to know their names but we never learned the female detectives name.  We never learned the location where he ended up unless that was unimportant.  Which I can understand just some point on earth in 1974.

By the end of the film I kept on wondering why the hand was wanted so bad to begin with and what the man’s true mission was.  Was it really to destroy only these hired assasins? I feel there’s more to this story were missing and only a glimpse. I do think the sound of the weapons was slightly cool…

On this film alone I’m going to give it a 3 out of 5 star rating.   I’d like to say again I did enjoy watching what he could do in a sci-fi type film.  There’s another film that comes to reference where an object speaks like this glove sort of did The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera.  Similarities but a different sort line.  Only in the fact that it was a skeleton trying to take over the world. The glove only took in information and I didn’t fully get what the gloves true purpose was.  Maybe it’s whole purpose was to gather information to help it’s wearer and with said added info be able to out think even the other assassins… yes think that’s it…

If you enjoy this kind of film then it’s up your alley! Im not going to list the cast as they can clearly be seen in the poster and I’m not sure which actor is which character except that Norman Gale played the Man, and voice of the glove.


Milwaukee Reviewers? What Milwaukee Reviewers


So I wanted to touch bases with you about critics here in milwaukee!

I’m here at the only premiere here in milwaukee about Snow White and the Huntsman: Winters War on April the 18th 2016 at AMC theaters Mayfair Rd.  I’d like to know who actually does the movie critic for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel because I don’t even see Gino at the Movies here WTF!

But this was also the case for Deadpool and Pride, Prejudice and Zombies, The Last Witch Hunter, and The Night Before I feel like I’m In the bad version of the langoliers!


I guaranty behind my head there are absolutely empty seat so tell me Milwaukee do you see something wrong with this picture? I see one critic in 3 rows of 3 rows of white reserved seats. Hmmmm… this is sad…