Movies Galore takes a look at director Emir Skalanja’s feature “Savage” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by FoxTrot Productions and distributed by director Emir Skalonja  who I have not touched on in sometime, A director that I have followed from Legless Corpse Films To watch him shape and  progressed his independent film career on his own as he started Distributing his films on kunaki Having been known for films like The Butcher, Flesh of My Flesh, The Plague film series he has once again brought us an apocalyptic film this time dealing with cannibals in an unjust world.

The difference in this film which he calls Savage from 2017,  is that he brings the technique that he used in a film called Jericho where everything was filmed in black and white and there are various things that were colorized like the blood that came dripping from the corpses that the cannibals were feeding off of,  I also saw colorization on the skin of all the people, there was also various waste that were color probably too represent that there was a world left in ruin.


The film begins on us seeing two men in military looking uniforms fighting to the death, one of the men becoming the Conqueror sets out in search of survivors, The thing that sets This Man Apart from all of the others is this gas mask that makes him look like Bane from Batman The Dark Knight.

It is when he stops to rest is when this man in the mask reminisces how his situation came to be,  for originally it looks like he was traveling with two other women one being pregnant with a child,  which watching how much affection he has for this woman we are led to believe that it is his child. If we look at the surroundings of where they are they are in industrial like looking buildings that seem to be trashed,  leftover before the disease or whatever world ended, this could very much be in the same world of The Plague, being a similar Survival Story in the same universe. Eventually the group leaves the city for the surrounding Woods and the three stop somewhere along the way to rest and eat.   Leaving the women for only moments to scout ahead, a group of rugged-looking individuals led by a man who looks like a ranger because he has a hood with a cross and I’m talking like a ranger from Lord of the Rings kind of Ranger at least that type of a look, Even though the young pregnant woman said don’t hurt them that there was food in their packs that they could take,  this group of individuals was not after that kind of food, for the morsels in front of them with flesh still on their bones is food enough for those who have gone beyond hunger and had a taste for human flesh.


When the man in the mask returns and finds his loved one dead and the remains of the other Woman,  he vows to hunt down every single person involved in the deaths of his friends and loved one, and does one by one enact his revenge.  We do get to see a little bit of be cannibal world as this group of Flesh eaters comes across another of their kind and convinces him to allow them to share upon his meal that he has found. Shortly after this flesh eater they have come across crosses paths with the man in the mask who has pretty much sworn that he will kill  all that might have been involved in the depths of his small group of survivors that he had with him including his loved one at least I think that was his loved one.


I will have to say that the strongest character actor in this film was not the lead actor,  but was instead the cannibal in the hood, whom I believe is Jimmy Voelker who has played in Emir’s short film called Melancholia and again in Jericho. I do believe that the main actor here did the best that he could do acting wise for I definitely enjoyed the poking out the eyes of the flesh-eater that we see and the final battle between Cannibal Number 4,  I think it is a very unique Style where you can see the color of only specific things or people in a black and white setting not unlike the style that was used in Schindler’s List. I also believe that there was some character development with the female cannibal played by Lori Dolan Meyer as I believe that she quite showed That a female can fight back and be a badass and just as strong if not more even if she is on the wrong side.


I feel as though that there is more to this film that is yet to come As this is only a window into an opportunity To see what a world would be like with characters that do cannibalize as a way of survival… there was definitely a level of intensity that was shown in this film that is admirable and I believe that he took what was learned in the previous film and used it to his advantage.   I think it shows and being picked up for distribution into Blu-ray from Sub Rosa Cinema with Ron Bonk which he went after on his own so I am glad that since Blu Ray is in for a lot of people even though it’s not in for me at least not quite yet I have still not fully been turned over to the dark side, but am glad that the film has been released on this kind of format so that a lot of people can feel like they can own the film this way  as Sub Rosa Cinema Does put out some really nice releases. If this film sounds like something that you might be into definitely go and seek this film out. Go in with an open mind and enjoy the ride, don’t expect a big budget enjoy the story and enjoy the attempt. I know I wasn’t disappointed and was entertained on a level that I can’t quite put into words…

Here is the trailer:

Starring Jacob Hodgson as Man in the Woods, John  as Feral Cannibal, Fattie King as Man in the Building, Cassie Klahn as The Woman, Bethany Kosowski as Cannibal #1, Adam Litton as Cannibal #2, Kira Meyer as The Girl, Lori Dolan Meyer as Cannibal #3, Kara Robbins as Witch, Rich Ruiz as The Man, Jimi Voelker as Cannibal #4.

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