Movies Galore takes a look at director Guillermo Martinez’s feature “When Your Flesh Screams” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Vindicta Films in association with Vista Previa produccionetWith Punto Media Studio but distributed by Legless Corpse Films And directed by Guillermo Martinez from Argentina is a film called When Your Flesh Screams filmed in 2015.Now I love that this director has a connection as the writer of the novel behind the Oxford Murders film in 2008 and that this is the first directorial film as a director for this man so I am looking forward to describing the film.


The film begins as the actress Victoria Witemberg who plays Martina A young woman who was apparently a student wakes up and begins to get ready for the day apparently she is doing some research in a new apartment or house as she mentions that she misses her own bed as she speaks to her mother.   At first she appears to be younger when we see her waking up but when she puts on those glasses it kind of makes her looks a little older.


Meanwhile a man Rocco waits in a vehicle for another man Willy as we see an image of a young girl  lying somewhere covered with blood… once Willy gets into the vehicle with Rocco the two Converse about what Willy did, about what he has to do which is tell no one and then it appears that Willy spins a tale of securing a place that used to be a sawmill and someone who couldn’t deliver probably a drug of choice,  but in so saying that he took and killed a man’s wife to put another man in his place so that the man that this man was speaking to could take over operations so I’m getting a mob kind of feeling of these two men Rocco being a boss and Willy his Enforcer.


As the film goes on we find out that Martina I was actually studying for biology as she sets out down a long road to look for a certain plant called the Belladonna… after quite a bit of ways of  walking she ends up running into Rocco and Willy on their way back from getting rid of the body that I had aforementioned. When Willy notices Martina on the side of the road Rocco stops the car just a little bit past and Willy explains To Rocco about how Martina had not too long ago moved here and how it seems that apparently she was waiting for a man but he doesn’t understand why a woman would move out here in the middle of nowhere and be alone…

So they back the car up and  Martina friendly and open begins  to chat with Willy as she explained She is looking for a plant.  Willy tells Martina that there is a Belladonna Forest not 10 km up the road and in so saying convinces her to come with them.  

It is at this point that Oscar Molinari begins to put on a performance of crazy that sets the tone for the film for a while the two men put on an act that the car has broken down Rocco offhandedly remarks how much she smells like dogs fucking so when she asks why he would tell her such a thing,  he maniacally laughs and tells her that she told her that so that she could choose to run, but she ran straight into Willy…


While Martina was out like a light the two men drove her to that old saw mill that they had been talking about where on the grounds it appears that there is another man with an eye patch by the name of Villalobos which in Spanish means town of wolves has he has another man pretty much naked tied and blindfolded in the middle of a hollowed-out swimming pool. At this moment Villalobos is questioning the man about what he does for a living,  when Rocco and Willy bring Martina out of their vehicle Rocco demands that she be taken inside with the other that is apparently over at the Mill…

Villalobos slaps her awake and begins to lick her face and when Rocco comes in after he has shot the man in the swimming pool by making him run he holds Martina’s face as he makes her watch Villalobos take the other victim who was a man and watches as she is told that she has a front row seat to this man’s rape and murder… After the men appear to have a meal they are told to dispose of the body of the man that Villalobos had just killed and I like this moment to because In This Moment Rocco and Villalobos pull their guns on each other which means that Rocco does not have as much of a tight grip over his men as you would like to think.  After Willy and Villalobos are sent to take care of the bodies of the two men and dispose of them it is then that Rocco goes up to his room where Martina has been put and it is here that he puts on the performance of crazy that makes me like him as an actor even though he sets about to act as brutal as he can as we watch him strip Martina and rape her but before he fully does he tells her about what his mother did and how when his father beat him she would take it out on him and not only just beat him she would touch him sexually…


Let me first begin by saying that I feel like this is a heavily influenced film that is kind of a send-up two films like Day of the Woman directed by Meir Zarchi filmed in 1978.  For after he has finished and Willie and Villalobos have come back from disposing of the bodies Rocco tells the two men that they can do as they please with Martina as long as they get her out of his room and make her disappear so that he may never a strand of her hair again.. so that is only is she taking out to the middle of the Woods to be left for dead but she is raped again… after being rescued by a good samaritan and when she has regain her strength She searches for weapon and goes after the men responsible for her situation…

I think that there were some slow moments in this film but I think that everyone that was an actor involved with this film were really good in their roles especially Oscar  Molinari as Rocco though you really feel sorry for Martina and I have to give her credit during that rape scene for Molinari was on top of her for quite some time you have to give her credit for being able to stay in one position for the entire time. I think that this film is very believable and I like films like this who are the women that no longer are these week vessels and they are able to become in a sense this Angel of Death to her captors. I think the surroundings and the location were kind of almost everything because if the place had not looked as abandoned as it did it might not have offset the storyline.  I think the film is gritty I think that Martinez definitely made us hate the characters although I wish that they had been just a tad bit more brutal I think I feel that this was meant to be more of a psychological all of the brutality was more suggestive then it was carried out I am not saying by any means that I did not like the way that the film was portrayed it is fairly brutal to the Mind’s Eye but because I have seen things more brutal I was expecting that Martina was going to end up more hurt than she was… Nevertheless if this is a film that you would definitely watch I suggest that you find the film for your own amusement.   I think that if you enjoy films like this I would definitely recommend that you see this film if you have not for I am sorry that I have not watched this beforehand I really like this film even though I know the storyline is of a kidnapping, a rape, and woman’s vengeance I was entertained extremely. There was a violence to the film that I will remember.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Victoria Witemburg as Martina, Magali Lanziano as Cadavered Woman, Oscar Molinari as Rocco, Javier Batic as Willy, Ricardo Marchioni as Villalobos, Martin Espindola as Dealer, Andres Mazzoni as Novio de Martina, Alicia Julianez as Mama de Martina, Omar Musa as Lieutenant, Horacio Martinez as Narcotics Trafficker, Alexia Muriel Encalada as Prostitute.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Wayne Pombert II’s short film “Forever Veranda” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

Forever Veranda

Brought To Us by Electric Sunset Media in association with Forget Ellis and WPII Productions director  Wayne Pombert II who brought us the short film Vessel which I had said that I had seen at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival and well I am following this filmmakers career just to see what more he has in store for us.

So in the beginning of the film we have a narration of events that have placed Jared in a place stuck in time with a young woman named Beth which he had met at one point in time in the past at their favorite coffee place.  After finishing the film I had a thought that maybe Jared had a moment of relapse in judgement in a sense that he had sold his soul at a Crossroads demon for his destiny…

And as the film went on Beth played by actress Amanda Raudabaugh began to speak about how Jared played by Chris Holder had had the chance to free her from her prison but instead as Jared didn’t want to lose her somehow got trapped in the same place that Beth has been.   There is talk about never having brought anyone over to the other side before and I don’t want to say too much but it appears that Jared has no control in the world that he has been brought to and he is not alone in this prison that he has been brought to. I don’t think anyone really expects to be trapped forever in a place wrapped up in time and in the past with an uncertain future even if it is with the person we fall in love with…



Let me Begin by saying that this film was definitely weird and in a sense this also had a theme of possession more in the sense of obsession then it was possession although it did appear to have something to do with the soul being lost…  there is a Darkness along with a magical quality in this film beyond the obvious Vanilla Sky vibe that I’ve been getting… I like that Anastasia Edwards has returned even if in a small miniscule way for I did enjoy her performance in the previous short film.  No Chris Holder was definitely more of the face and a voice so I think that there was more acting involved with Amanda’s character Beth but I think that both characters were portrayed the way that they were supposed to be in they definitely both got enough screen time and I love the way that there are several different worlds that were portrayed meaning worlds within worlds towards the end not that I want to speak of the end too much but there were three worlds his,  hers and whoever’s world she had already locked up…

If this film sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out, I believe that this film is still circulating the festival circuit at this point in time  so I think you can still catch it but I was very much entertained with this short film in fact I do believe that this film was better than Vessel not that I’m saying that I didn’t enjoy the film I think the quality of the film is definitely a little bit more visual but I think that this will be an audience lover as well.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Amanda Raudabaugh as Beth, Chris Holder as Jared, Anastasia Edwards as Bride, Holly Gabriel as Woman in the cafe, Julie Evans as Barista.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Sergey Khodich’s “Gialli” from 2015!


Written by David Strege


So once again I am returning to a distributed film by Legless Corpse Films with a film by the title of  Gialli by Ukraine director Sergey Khodich filmed in 2015 with Extreme Pestilence Films. Having been behind the music of Alex Wesley’s Zombie Infection which is a Russian zombie splatter film among a few other films… after being with Legless Corpse Films it went on into David Sterling’s films that he streamed for sale and from there I don’t know…


As the film begins to men apparently meet in secret when is a writer for a series of novels we’re apparently he has killed off a female character in one of his stories they mention a controversy among the writer saying it was either his best idea or his worst to do so… The other man who had met with the writer set there on the bench where he had met the writer and shortly thereafter we see on a red screen a woman and high heels is approaching we see a camera angle with just her legs and the sound of her heels… she is wearing a mask whoever she is…

The man as soon as she walks by gets up and starts to follow her… After a short distance, The figure that we think is a woman turns and pulls out a blade and repeatedly stabs the man in the stomach until he is dead…


Meanwhile the writer has returned to where he apparently lives and begins to  type on a typewriter it looks like it’s an old school typewriter too, after a little while he gets a phone call form I believe his publisher and as it turns out I believe that the man that the writer had met was one of his readers. His publisher is asking him about whether he has started a new novel or any project since he has already written three books and he suggest him to start and finish his fourth or at least is pushing for another sequel. The writer is frustrated because he is in a contract and he does not think that the publisher realizes that he is a writer and thinks of his feelings so he is obviously under pressure to write this new book.


It would appear that the writers friend is a  Sculptor of many different strange statues and that the writers agent is a wood carver but the writer goes to his friend for advice and when he does his Agent shows up and seems to get a little jealous and violent with the front because he thinks that the writer has the chance of a lifetime writing these stories but because of what he did with the last book he thinks that he should not just kill the woman off like he did otherwise you will lose his readers and he will lose him. Shortly after the agent and the friend come two words between each other, the agent leaves leaving the writer and his friend behind as his friend tells him that he is weak and that he should follow his heart.

after the writer has left the film goes into a green screen that we see the same figure of a woman in a mask and a hood as she comes towards the front with a blade and this time she mutilates and cuts this friends neck as we see this figure cut his heart out…

Meanwhile the writer goes to the local library where he meets a young librarian Which he begins to hang out with and in a sense becomes his Muse for his new novel since he is determined not to  write the sequel that his publisher really wants him to write.


The first thing that I want to say about this film is actually in the negative this would be a totally different film if the subtitles weren’t so crappy a lot of the words are misspelled and I know that the language is in Russian but someone should have had better English skills when typing out what they were saying. I do like that Russian director Alex Wesley showed up as the crazy fan that wrote a Manifesto of sorts that he was coming after the writer because of the ending that he had left the main girl off with…

There was a moment that probably could have been cut out as well when the rider and his friend were smoking they were smoking a little bit too long I think but other than that I really liked the gore factor in here it’s like that this wasn’t just about everyone dying this was kind of a statement that the fans did not like the ending so much and the writer just wanted to move on.   There is a line that some obsessed people cross at times And I think the actors and actresses in here weren’t that bad either it’s just that there was major issues with the subtitling that I think could have been better. I really enjoyed the concept and the idea along with the fact that each of the killings we’re just a little bit more messy as the film went on. I enjoyed the film otherwise and I think for a first effort that this wasn’t bad  in fact I could almost like it a lot for a first feature except for these discrepancies. I am glad that I own the film so if you think that this film sounds like a film that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for your own amusement. I was fairly entertained by the film and I hope that it gets a good resubtitling in English and I think that it would definitely find a broader audience. Definitely a decent splatter film.

Starring Marina Gavrilyk as the Killer, Andrey Gavrrilyk as the Agent, Arturo Nabokov as the Writers Freind, Vitaly Prihodko as the Second Writer, Alexandr Menasanov as the Publisher, Oleg Shupta as Seller of Typewriter, Alex Wesley as the Crazy Fan, Sergey Khodich as the Writer.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Nick Box’s Grindhouse features and his Bible Cunt Trilogy!

Written by David Strege

Nik Box

So a while back for some reason I got into a director by the name of Nick Box of Dead Good Like Films Only I ran into him on a 4 film feature set which goes by the name of 21st century Grindhouse volume one:   God told me not to…. but I did it anyway Distributed in about 2014. So because I got into his films by this set I will work my way through describing the films involved in this set and the various forms of his Christsploitation Trilogy With its various names and releases.

The first film on here is called Brutal Jesus and the House of Wasted Youth filmed about 2010. In this short feature we have actor Steve Newton dressed up as Jesus in a shot on video slasher Massacre mixed with Punk and sound in a Grindhouse kind of fashion as we see the figure of Jesus walk down the sidewalk of some street and get let in by  a house full of young men who are gathered together getting stoned and high and God knows what other drugs that they are wasting their lives with.

Basically a man gets invited into a building in Manchester where one by one each of the characters in the house are killed either by choking, poisoned and anyone that gets in Jesus way whether friend or roommate or neighbor we are Witness to a Mass Slaughter…

I do like how the film goes into black and white to show that the group the same group that this Jesus Christ  figure goes about and kills was actually a man who was a Christian and he just liked to spread the good news and seems like a down-to-earth and innocent man.   when this group came up on the man he was all about spreading the good word and they were basically saying there is no such thing as Jesus Christ or God and mocking the religion and then they beat the crap out of him and left him for dead.   What we see is the delusion of what the man turned into being whether or not he was the actual Christ or not we will never know in a sense this is also play it off as a found on footage kind of film as well.

I felt that this film was very, very slow and the fact that this had sort of a Grindhouse feel to the film And there’s something I like about me Darkness that the character of Jesus Christ brought in a sense this is kind of an anti-christian film because what Christ teaches us if you are a Christian or a religious person of any sort they tell you to turn the other cheek but this man’s face was so brutally kicked in it’s like he had  a Michael Douglas falling down and just snapped…

The film had a  variety of different colors involved there were moments that the Christ figure were in shades of red lighting Which made it feel or seem like he was talking to a higher cause. I do think that some of the actors could have put a little bit more enthusiasm like when he was strangling one of the victims over the stairs and he recognized who he was and told him not to kill him I think that this actor could have emphasized his plea’s  quite a bit more but other than that I feel like this was a very strong message to the kind of people who would just hurt people for the sake of hurting people in the sake of the Innocent. If this sounds like a film that you would definitely watch that I suggest that you seek it out for your own amusement.

Here is the trailer:

Starring in Brutal Jesus and the House of Wasted Youth: Nik Box as Guy in Park 1 (as Nik Box), Ben Brett as Ben, Alex Dawson as Gang Leader / Radio Presenter 1, Will Finlay as Will, Matthew Fitzpatrick as Fitz – The Junkie, James Green as Jay Green, Martin Hodgkins as Bish, Helen Maenad as Topless Girl, Robbie Mills as Robbie, James Moult as Jimmy, Steven Newton as Jesus, Johnnie Rogers as Johnny, Annie Von Flange as Anny – The Smackhead, Sam Wahnon as Guy in Park 2 / Radio Presenter 2.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Joseph McGovern’s short film “All Over Again” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

All Over Again

Brought To Us by Jam Productions and director Joseph McGovern Is a 2017 short film by the name of All Over Again that I thought I would veer off into reviewing because I don’t just always review horror films. Plus it gives me a chance to describe something different and I love it when people request reviews from me it means that people have heard of me and I feel like I’m making history.

The film begins while an older struggling musician who seems to hang out in a coffee shop called the Bus Stop Music Cafe And this film is kind of inspiring. Greg Played by Joseph Fuoco is trying to finish the song which looks like he’s been working on his entire life and it looks like  as he listens to the other artists that come up and speak their poems and play their songs at the open mic in New Jersey that he seems to reminisce on his life through their words, and there are many walks of life that stand the stage at that bus Cafe.


It would appear that Greg has that semi-charmed life where he has a wife and a son but never seems to find the time to finish his passion.   finally when he gets a chance to sit down and have some time he figures out the way that he wants the song to go which I believe is where the title of this short film comes from.

I imagine that there are many struggling musicians out there that never fully achieve what they would have wanted to accomplish in life I know because I am one of them for I myself have dabbled in the Music Arts I’ve written many poems and songs but I have never quite learned how to play the guitar the way that my songs would have danced to.  For music is a way of Dance It often has a rhythm and a tune and a jive that sometimes it’s made for others and sometimes it’s made for the mood of the person that made the song and you either love it or despise it but however it sounds No matter how bad music is always created with a passion.

Sean Ryan

I think that Greg at least his character was surrounded with people that were there to encourage him and obviously he found himself to a place where other people felt comfortable to no matter whether their  poems or songs sounded terrible but they were comfortable enough to get up in front of a mic just to feel like themselves. It takes a lot of courage to be you and as a musician finding your voice and your passion in what you do can be inspiring to other people. I think that was what this short film was all about inspiration and finding your dream.

I think that McGovern found the exact amount of people that were real and down-to-earth to act in the short film that I just saw.   I guarantee you if I knew where this music place was I probably would stop in because you never know exactly what kind of talent you might be missing. I think the film had the right kind of atmosphere and being a past musician myself I find films like this inspiring. I think Greg’s wife or at least her character seems like she was very supportive along with his son.  

I enjoyed the films execution so if this sounds like a film that you would definitely like to watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for your own amusement.   I think I would definitely recommend that this film for those who have not seen the film. Well done and well shot.’

Here is the the trailer:

Starring Joseph Fuoco as Gregory, Constance Reshey as Victoria, Vincent Primavera as Kenny Diggs, Mahdi Shaji as Adam, David Andro as Luis, Joseph McGovern as MC, Sean Ryan as Daryl, Vic Martinson as Older MC, Amber Matalucci as Female Poet, Robert Armentani as Male Poet, Kerrie Enberg as Trish, Aubrie Babb as Young Victoria, Eric Johnston as Young Gregory, Benjamin Stevens as Baby Adam, David Amadio as Young Gregory (voice), Cheryl Amadio as Young Victoria (voice).