Emir Skolanja releases much more than “The Plague” with his concept film idea about a mob hitman named “Jericho” says Movies Galore!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Fox Trot Productions director Emir Skalonja, the man who brought us (The Butcher, Flesh of My Flesh, The Plague 1 and 2) comes Jericho who is a man on the edge being that he’s a mob hit man is asked to do a job something goes wrong his wife is killed and this is his revenge story…

In the first trailer we see a couple of men looking like their talking in a church about seeing if a job was done on killing whom I think is Jericho while the trailer apparently shows scenes of Jericho and his wife, a man in some Elton John/ Mr Fantastic type shapes. Swords and guns…


In the second trailer we see what appears to be Jericho standing in a mirror reflecting while we see shots of Some shootings and shots of his apparent wife… being held this time being a little more focused on Jericho… so it’ll be interesting with the blood splatter I saw will look like in the film cause from the looks of the effects they seem better than what he’s done for us in his “The Plague” hopefully you enjoy the Trailers and help support indie film makers! I don’t know about you but I’m certainly curious…

Movies Galore takes a look at director Ben Wydeven’s 5th and last Short film installment in his Raven James Chronicles Vol. 1 “Mourning In The Cemetary” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Makeshift Media director  Ben Wydevon of Madison Wisconsin this is the 5th and final film in the first Volume of his film adapted from his own novel of a down trodden alcoholic who communes with spirits and helps them though he does not entirely want to…

Its been four years since the death of Benny’s Father, having run the bar his father ran since… he still feels his presence…. Not only does Raven see and hear his father but he also doesn’t want Raven to let him know of his presence….

Benny, because of his car crash has been beginning to hear voices and noises not unlike that of spirits and it is in the Cemetary… where he has asked Raven to come with to speak at his fathers Grave…

In this film the story comes full circle and I feel that these films made of several journies and tales of Raven James was a fantastic start for an indie film maker.

Normally I’m not technically a fan of CGI but I think that for what it’s used for in this series I think that the effects have been done extremely well… I’m glad to have been a small part in helping fund this last installment… but I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of Raven James as his journey has only begun…

I think that Daniel Harris is and has become Raven James and Joshua Paffel makes for a decent Sancho of sorts as Benny.

I haven’t really found fault with any of the films now this film is scary and it ends on a positive note or does it?

I’d definitely recommend this series of films as I think it’s unique and I as I think I’ve said I hope to see more. Enjoy!

Starring Daniel Harris as Raven James, Joshua Paffel as Benny Cavoto, Kevin Croak as Mickey Cavoto, Jim Porter as
Lead Paramedic, Frances Goglio as Paramedic #1, Naomi Bielefeldt as
Ambulance driver, Greg Hudson as
Headwound Ghost, Paulina Kababie as
Spanish Ghost, John Gordon as Police Ghost, Brandon Grinslade as Ghost man #1, Maureen Grinslade as Various female ghosts, Janet Mitchell as Hospital Ghost, Patric Pellerin as Stoner Ghost, Jessica Peterson as Hippy Ghost, Grace Wagner as
Pregnant Ghost, Tony Zirngible as Zombie Ghost.

Movies Galore decides to book a Sparring partner in director Sean Meehan’s short film “Total Performance” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Bokk Productions and Cross River Pictures director Sean Meehan I actually thought this film was going one way but it ended up doing a total reversal and surprised me…

Corey Sweeney (Berner) is an actress auditioning for roles but it’s not entirely your roles that you would think…. the film begins on an apparent date between Corey and Tim Madson (Conroy) where it apparently went well as Mr. Tim recieved a kiss at the end of the evening…

Not everyone auditions for roles as say to argue with someone or to help someone break the bad news to someone how they really feel…


Now I enjoyed this film immensely but there’s one thing that sucks out like a sore thumb.  When Corey is on her date with Tim she refers to herself as an Actor when because she’s female she is an Actress not an Actor.  To me this was a major mistake either on the Actresses part as a possible mistake? As it’s possible they only did one take it’s possible she said Actor instead? All I know is it just stuck out.

Other than that Timothy Cox plays a supporting role as a person who wants to fire his employee… hehe

I’d say this was a comedy/ drama of sorts and would reccomend for short film lovers out there but as I said there is a perspective I think of a possible script error… but was very entertaining…

Starring Tory Berner as Cori Sweeney, Steven Conroy as Tim Madsen, Caitlin Berger as Annie Heron, Anthony Rainville as Rafi, Timothy J. Cox as Walter Baron, Paul Locke as Bruce, Phoebe Kuhlman as
Lauren, Lauren B. Nelson as Susan, Anthony D’Amore as Waiter, Nicole Trauffer a Woman Auditioner.


Movies Galore takes a look at director Sean Meehan’s 48hr film project short film “Mallas, MA” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


So evidently this film was Produced by Fix It In Post as a 48 hour film poject directed by Sean Meehan Where Brian and Maria are Con Artist’s posing in a small town as Paranormal Investigators to take the towns money.

We see as they go and take photos of a little girl named Sydney all over town but when time comes to explain the evidence found one of them breaks down and confesses they are fake… but was it really?


I’m beginning to enjoy Mr. Cox more as an actor each time even though I know it’s him he’s able to pull off whom he’s portraying in each role. I also believe that that he can pull of that human emotion aspect of control.

Honestly though I felt this was waaaay to short I felt snubbed like I was missing part of the story. But I did enjoy this film and would recommend it for the short film lovers out there.

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Brian Higgins, Maria Natapov as Maria Synder, Eddie Nason as Eddie, Robyn Kaan as Robyn, Andrea Sweeney as Interview Host, Uatchet Jin Juch as Sydney, Nekhebet Kum Juch as Sydney.

Movies Galore Takes a look at director Zachery Lapierre’s short film “Dirty Books” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Pitch Forg Film Director Zachery Lapierre is kind of a Ferguson Explains it all meets Ferris Bueller type of short film where the main star a quirky Carrot topped freckled no-kid runs a school newspaper as his professor (Cox) tells him that he’s dropping the paper because of funding, the internets cheaper so tells David he can write a blog.

What ends up almost throwing in the towel by force turns into a series of pranks that David just so happens to have an inside scoop of but his competitive sports writer got the scoop on him instead.

What I enjoyed about the film was it’s rebellious statement yes David Broke a lot of rules but in his mind he got respect and will be remembered no longer a nobody…


I think this a comical story and think the director picked the right kid to play the role… Though Cox played the supporting role as the Professor Noah Bailey kinda stole the lime light in this film…

I certainly enjoyed this would reccomend the film community see it definitely was lighthearted with spirit!

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Dr. Bradley, Noah Bailey as David Burrough, Alice Everhart, Amy Desrosiers, Sierra Borden, Heather Jablonski, David Gralenski, Lliam Carlton, Kelly Stannard, Amber Magin, Noah Lapierre, Isaiah Lapierre Owens, Rebecca Hughes, Danny Pelc, Kyra Holmes, Kylie Kuhn, Chris Everhart,
Kate Marion Lapierre, Jonathan Hunt,
Alice Murphy, Rachel Pelc, Chester Hardina-Blanchette, Christine Perham,
Michaela Lindsey, Ansley Berg as
Charlotte, Dante Giramma, Maggie Tirrell,
Thomas Perham, Sara DiPaolo, Peter Garbus, Kylee Mason, Neva Newcombe, Laura Campbell, Jack Conant, Calvin Conant, Sophie Garbus, Asia Litell, Tyler Campbell, Carly Yon.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Mathew Mahler’s short film “What Jack Built” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by 8mm Film director Mathew Mahler filmed in 2015… i am becoming aware this director enjoy’s working with Cox as in “To Be Alone” later on but I figured I’d go back and give “What Jack Built” a look.

As the film begins we are either in a garage or shed or basement as it looks like a workmens station and Jack (Vox) is intent on what he’s building, blueprints and all…


What he buillds out of wood slates and electronics just laying around is something he brings out to the woods and then sets up a security system made of screens to lay in and wait… but for what?

I actually enjoyed this film though Jack didn’t talk there was anticipation and Ingenuity.  I think that there was an energy in Cox that led you to believe in the mysterious… im not saying that it was the greatest film but it was pretty smartly put together… makes you wonder exactly what happens to Jack…

I enjoyed this short film and I recommend it as well to some horror enthusiasts it’s not scary by all means but you have to see it to believe it!

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Jack.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Mathew Mahler’s short film “To Be Alone” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by 8mm Productions director Mathew Mahler whose previously filmed shorts are “What Jack Built” (2015), “Vault” (2014), and “Dark Romance” (2013).

The film begins as a man named William (Cox) sits alone in his home. My guess is that something’s happened that he is alone… the phone rings as a sheriff calls while it appears he somewhat sits around the house listening to self help and religious infomercials…

I don’t want to tell it all but as I’ve seen Timothy Cox before in the short film “Here Lies Joe” it appears we see William go through a period of what I would call human withdrawal… as a man going through the motions we see him almost take a biblical meaning of the dragging of the cross to Gethsemene to another level…


Im actually neutral on this film I neither disliked the film nor did the film have any real affect on me but I do wonder exactly what happened to Williams significant other… I do however believe we see a perfect display of Cox’s ability to portray an aloneness that sometimes we all feel a human emotion.

It was entertaining I guess I’ll leave the viewers to the choice of enjoying the film…

Starring Timothy J. Cox as William, Maggie Kurth, John Mahler.