Raymond Did It

Raymond Did It


Written by David Strege

Directed by Travis Legge from 2010 produced by Plastic Age Productions his own company starring Lindsey Felton of nickelodeons Caitlin’s Way, and VHI Scream Queens; Jessica Palette of VHI scream queens, under the ravens wing; Elissa Dowling of Dahmer vs gacy, and Dread; and Kyle Hoskins as Raymond.


Story starts out when a group of teenagers gather with an unwanted retarded brother along Bryce Rourke stands up for his brother and gets slammed into a tree by the lead girl bully of course she said she never meant it bit made the group swear to a different story and Raymond the retarded brother got locked up.  Six years later he escapes the hospital and enacts revenge on everyone involved for what they did.


I like this film for one reason there is a young woman who was kind of Raymonds friend who visits the brothers grave and Raymond witnesses this he also spares her and in a way you see the break in his straight revenge pattern for a moment and almost come back from it but this is not to be since he is shot by his fearful mother for she didn’t know the truth but snaps her neck.  Reminded me a moment of psycho and Norman Bates endearment to his mother in the end the agony in the last moment “why did you make me do it mother just wanted us to be together as a family!” Then picks up the piece of mail with his father’s name on it leaving you to think he will go after him next…


I enjoyed it though u could tell it was indie the actors were believable enough I think I got my money’s worth… on a scale of one to ten I’d give it an eight and one of the better revenge/slasher indie films I think out there.