Movies Galore takes a look at Director David Gibson Crackpipe’s Back alley Abortion Short film “Mondo Schlocko” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


So if you don’t mind low budget and I mean low budget films and don’t mind a teensy bit of Imagination and fun check out this little micro budget short film by Clawmedia Director David Gibson Crackpipe!

You know that type of really sleazy, trashy and corny film that you can’t help but watch for its stupidity but can’t help laughing out loud? Well this is one of those…

A demon (Zebubba) is looking around for some pussy, finds a prostitute (Blair) fucks her for money and leaves… Nine days later that same prostitute’s stomach size has tripled as she realizes she’s pregnant…

So she goes to a back alley clinic run by a couple of weirdos and things go quirky from there… as what comes out ain’t human!

Ok of course there was some bad acting, not saying a lot but some and moments of slowness but there was certainly some comedy involved as wacky as this short was…  I almost wonder what they could have done on a real budget but it wouldn’t have been as seriously funny as it was after I think about what went on…

I think I’ll remember the rubber rat incident running off with that piece of whatever in his mouth and the pair of back alley Abortionists just plain goofy…. lol

In any case it’s at least worth a watch at least once for kicks a party favor none the less but I enjoyed the humor…

If anyone else ever sees this? Don’t have high expectations just enjoy it for what it’s meant to do… make you laugh if could happen to you!

Starring Erica Blair as Prostitute, Christopher Jon Alexander as Demonic Baby (voice), William Turner as Demonic Weirdo, James Spray as Jimmy the John, Katie  Hepfinger as Street Whore, Mike C. Hartman as Abortionist, Alex Gallegos as
Abortion Intern, Frank J. Levanduski as
Introductory Narrative (voice), David Gibson as U Turn John, Samuel LaMonica IV.

Movies Galore Interviews Director Dakota Bailey of “My Master Satan” and “American Scumbags” check it out!

Interview by David Strege of Movies Galore of Milwaukee with film maker Dakota Bailey of Denver, Colorado!


Movies Galore takes a look at Director Tod Sheets “House of Forbidden Secrets” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Let me just say I’ve sort of followed Mr. Sheets carreer from Brain Damage years, to Pendulum Pictures on into Camp Motion Pictures with his Zombie Trilogy… and after a heart attack it’s like he became a new man in horror generating a new legion of horror fans beginning with this film as his comeback but true story…

I’d actually been trying to get a hold of a copy of this film straight from Todd himself and I’m not kidding it seemed even forbidden to a fan like me! Ha ha!

But finally a copy arrived so here’s my description of the tale as I see it on film:

Jacob Hunt (Steele) has lost his family and a lot of stuff has happened to him that’s been down lately but he’s just landed a job over night at the security job of his life in the old Shadowview Manor.


A film crew is also there at the Manor filming a seance as its the Anniversary of a Massacre that happened once in the house… Brad an employee of Mr. Bruce Kane is also at the Manor this evening as well as there’s a crack in the wall that hasn’t been fixed… unbeknownst to Brad is a doorway to a time dimension of that evil time period that stays alive on the grounds…


A Ms. Fremont is there at the seance to contact her dead husband as well as Jackson Kincade, one of the security or handymen in charge, along with the Medium Cassie Traxler  (Santorella) and her freind Hannah Martin (Tarbell) whom Jackson appears to have an attraction to…

Cassie tells a fellow paranormalist Tamara that they’d just channeled some of the strongest energy in her life as a researcher… which is exactly the kind of sign she’d been looking for…


Anyways Jacob is a little spooked but Jackson was hyped about it… until they noticed Mr. Kane’s Office was rifled through like something had happened…

Eventially the group learns that the Manor was the grounds of a Brothel where a preist named Elias Solomon (Lew Temple) over a matter of a whore carrying his child was missing took and murdered everyone and before he did was cursed by the Madam of the Brothery for his doings….


I personally feel everyone here as an actor or actress played their parts spot on so I believe there wasn’t a problem here… the effects in this film were definitely Gordy when it came to the part of a certain Ms. Femont that is…

I guess I even like that Loyd Kaufman showed up as Cassie’s daughter’s Grandfather which to me is always a good sign that this’ll be a movie up my Alley and I think many others.


This film not only dealt with make up but it also had a little creature puppetry with the beast character kind of like the gateway character between the time dimensions…

To be honest this is and has become one of my favorite films as though I’m not going to tell the ending it’s also not a happy ending it kinda leaves ya wondering…

I totally recommend this film for other horror enthusiasts as I think you will too! Enjoy!

Starring Lew Temple As Elias Solomon, Dyanne Thorne as Greta Gristina, George Hardy as Bruce Cane, Lloyd Kaufman as
Grandpa, Howard Maurer as Klaus, Allan Kayser as Brad, Antwoine Steele as Jacob Hunt, Nicole Santorella as Cassie Traxler,
Bryan David as Jackson Kincade, Michaela Paxton Tarbell as Hanna Martin, Millie Milan as Tamera Davis, Brad Westmar as
Wayne Harris, Ari Lehman as Building Crewman, Iris Runyon as Dorothy Fremont, Aj Finney as Axe Man, Dustin Kaufman as Machete Man, Jessica Hopkins as Nicole, Paul Ford as Brothel Whore Rider, William Kinder as Car Ghost, Misc. Ghost, Joe Sherrick as Office Ghost, Misc. Ghost, Margoth Mackey as Locked Room Ghost, Liberty Siefkas as Tarot Time Ghost,
Ashley Whisenant as Babydoll Ghost, Misc. Ghost, Misty Carey as Locked Room Ghost,
Blade Braxton as Brothel Patron, Nicole Dawn Burke as Brothel Lady, Nick Butler as
Beast Puppet, Elizabeth Cheney as Basement Ghost Puppet, Gary Cooper as
Brothel Patron, Mae Damico as Ridden Brothel Lady, Katty Delux as Brothel Lady,
Shawna Downing as Killer Siren, Genevieve Dsilva as Brothel Lady, Eden Esquire as Brothel Lady, Jill Gevargizian as
Killer Siren, Brothel Lady (as Jill Sixx Gevargizian), Katie Glidden as Father Elias Escort, Fifi Glitterbomb as Brothel Lady,
Gabrielle Green as Brothel Lady, Shawn Griffin as The Beast / Hungry Brothel Patron, Cameron Haines as Brothel Patron,
Dakota Hale as Brothel Patron, Jody Hendrix as Brothel Patron, Melissa Hill as
Beast Puppet, Alexadner Huckaba as
Drunkard Bodygaurd / Brothel Patron,
Dawn Kaszko as Church Body, Alexa Kuder as Brothel Lady, Jimmy Kuder as Brothel Patron, Grant Lacina as Brothel Patron,
Voodoo LaRoux as Brothel Lady, Becca Larson as Church Body, Devyn Lundy as
Brothel Lady, Sarah McGuire as Killer Siren, Brothel Lady, Ariah McLaws as
Cassie Daughter / Backwords ghost, Tim McLaws as Drunk Brothel Patron, Heather Mentzer as Basement Labyrinth Ghost,
Davis Michels as Brothel Patron / Church Body, Tiffany Milton as Brothel Lady, Annie Montgomery as Brothel Lady, Angella Mudry as Basement Ghost Puppet, Aishak Omaley as Brothel Lady, Justin Osbourn as Basement Ghost Puppet,
Virginia Propst as Brothel Lady,
Rogue Radiance as Wallet Finder, Brothel Lady, Raven Reed as Faceless Ghost Girl,
Heidi Santorella as Beast Puppet, Ashlynn Sheets as Basement Labyrinth Ghost, Heather Marie Shelton as Brothel Lady (as Heather Marie), Sara Smith as Brothel Lady, Tim Sweeten as Oral Brothel Patron,
Mariah Thompson as Beast Caged Victim,
Lauren Vaughn as Outside Slaughter Victim, Brothel Lady, Chuck Weaver as
Chaz Deluca.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Dakota Bailey’s 2nd film “American Scumbags from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Once again Denver Director Dakota Bailey of R.A. Productions brings us another view into the Underworld of drug dealing with three interconnected stories of Sadistic disorder…

In the city of Sundale a dealer named Lucifer (Benning) has just been let out of prison whom owes money to Kingpin drug lord Chester (Epstein), enlisting the help of Hitman Johnny (Bailey) to do his bidding as Chester fronted a lot of drugs and hasn’t come through…

A psychopathic Sadistic convict named Billy we find pissing on his mothers and others graves, hooking fake ball sacks to license plate and contemplating his life stories…

A drunk war vet, and A recently released Sex Predators viewpoints in the mix…

As his second feature I feel that this film has a much better audience right off black and white is in… the punk and emo scene is in and an age of violence…  on the other hand I feel like his character Billy could almost have his own movie as a drifter and an exconvict he has that don’t give a flying fuck attitude…

also notice the effect the video has Of sliding naturally from scene to scene not as choppy as his SOV feature previously but it was VHS what else can you expect on a VHS.

As for Lucifer he looked a little paranoid with flees as he was scratching under pressure…

i have to say I enjoyed this feature better then Dakota’s first film but I actually like both his first was sort of an Anti-Film this second is certainly better acting much better worked on storyline, even though it’s just as random by peicing together and connecting each characters this time they each stand alone…

Shall I mention the live skinning of a Rabbit?

There’s also a sort of reality to all of this even though the characters are fiction it’s quite possible there are characters exactly like this out there.  There’s other things I could mention but I’d rather you go see it yourself…

Theres certainly not as much music intermixed into this film but there was definitely a punk era feel to American Scumbags.

I enjoyed it,  Reccommend this just as I did his first film and look forward to future projects!

P.S. Who sends shit in the mail lol!

Starring Dakota Bailey as Johnny, Larry Bay as Wheelin’ Deals, Vince Bee as Ted, Nick Benning as Lucifer, Fred Epstein as
Chester, Darien Fawkes as Billy, Katy Katzar as The Ex, Matt Marshall as Marshall, Bill Schafer as The Boyfriend, Bianca Valentino as Angel.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Dakota Bailey’s feature film anthology “My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Infused Violence” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


If you like Death Metal, Satan and drug infused with murder in an 80% SOV than R.A. Production’s director Dakota Bailey is your man…

We are given an introduction by Satan supposedly himself of these three tales of Men who are Rotting forever in hell for their deeds…

In “Satan’s Coming For You” Bubba blatantly  gives his buddy Allister (Bailey) a call to help him dig up his not too recently murdered wife… by him… which then on going on an acid trip decide to go murder the man who fucked his wife… and for a moment chat with the firey man himself, Satan…

In “Nights of Depravity” Charlie (Knapp) calls his freind Allister to kidnap a dog for ransom and other acts of random murder and pranks of depravity… a security type dude rolling around in a golf cart fends off a drug dealer by the name of Little Blunt as he’s dealing in ” Dealin’ Dick’s” (Bay) territory… whom orders a hit out on “Little Blunt.” Shall I mention a blowup doll in the mix with no honor amongst thieves?

In “My Master Satan” Allister is once again called to do some nightly Peepin’ Tommin’ on a new woman in town… along with a few Break-ins for goods and murders of the splatter kind… Until “Dealin’ Dick” decides to perv on Allister’s Mom things get ugly… as this cat needs to be boxed in… em taken care of…. and Bubba’s back to take a trip with Allister to see Satan, again…

i think these tales go to show you what kind of things you might do if you were on drugs or part of a drug ring that sold their souls to Satan… as none of these characters give a fuck about what they do to get ahead… due to the fact this was almost all filmed on VHS, almost gives it a black and white kind of look to it so definitely this was a Hail Mary Ode to Allister Crowley and Satanist Worshipers but also I feel a rememberance of the days of VHS and the arcade…

I think Bubba (Marshall) was the stongest character involved as his was almost romantic as even though he killed his wife and the dude who’d cheated on him he still seemed he loved the woman…

I also noticed Allister’s Voice was always changed as if he was croaking his voice… the same voice as Satan…

Each of these tales follow their own drug infused tales and in the end every one gets their own… it certainly won’t be an anthology loved by all as there are moments of slowness to get to what Dakota wanted to film but I feel that in a way this was his own homage to the world of Snuff…

I recommend this crazy anthology for others to see as it almost in its own way has a moral.  I’m not saying it’s a masterpiece but it definitely shouldn’t be overlooked in its subterfuge of Death metal and death… Enjoy!

Starring Dakota Bailey as Alister, Larry Bay as Dealin’ Dick, Chuck Frost as Groundskeeper, Brian Knapp as Charlie, Matt Marshall as Bubba, Wild Willy Wakefeild as Woody, Tony Woodard as


Movies Galore Takes a look at Director of “Terror Toons” Joe Castro’s film “Near Death” from 2004!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Thriller Entertainment in association with Jesco Film Entertainment this film is directed by Joe Castro of Terror Toons reknown in 2003 truthfully but IMDb and distribution were in 2004 thanks Joe for that info!

A man in a trench on a beach is growled at to hurry up…

Its night a blonde floozy (I say floozy as that is what a drunk woman looking to pick up someone in a bar with sexual intentions is) named Priscilla picks up a muscled dick bar tender I say dick because he acted like one to Priscilla in the truck, whom sort of abducts her to a manor around a curvy road where a party is going on where she’s the main course… the guests or inhabitants are dressed from a period from another era…

I have to say right away the bar tender was a bad actor but I think perfect for his role at the time. Same coastal road Billy Strand, June and Tammy arrive at Misty Point Grove where the Curse of Maria and Louie Von Brahm is supposedly to have taken place…


They knock as June hears the beating of a heart, the door just opens on its own they step inside door slams shut on its own… the cobwebs in the entry way look fantastic by the way an eerie creepy feel, as they run into Vena Marshwood, Doctor Blanchard, Harlon Montgomery, Heinrich a lurch-like looking man.

I do have to say Tammy Garrett (Willingham) does have a certain Cameron Diaz sexuallity about her even though she is slightly a little whiny when I say whiny I mean like a teenagers pout. But the three of them are there to help June with her book on Spiritual Phenomenon.


As they find out the souls of the Cast of the Great Willie Von Brahms last film “Near Death” has trapped their bodies to feed the evil in the house…

Will Billy and June be able to convince their freind Tammy to leave the house before all their souls are trapped….

Seeing that the effects are somewhat cheesily and I say Cheesily in a good way, slapped together with small snippets of CGI don’t get me wrong I enjoy some CGI but I am a fan of no CGI, cobwebs you can tell Might have been store bought and shaking of furniture you can tell was shaken by human hands not spiritual this film is badly budgeted but not so severe on the acting skills of some of the characters…


Like when Harlem Montgomery (Gould) was explaining how he got there to Tammy… the way he mused (Gould) was really acting here… one thing of note is Jeff Leroy (Director of Rat Fever and Creepies) was on Photography behind the film.

Are you ready to meet the Ghouls of Von Brahm? I certainly enjoyed this film for what it’s worth.  I recommend it Enjoy!

Ps. I went back and explained a few things as this positive review was taken as insulting when it was totally meant to honor I was so excited I’d finished a review of Mr. Castro’s as I’m a huge fan and he took this as an insult.  I will still love his films even if he hates my reviews though I’m not that way…

Starring Perrine Moore as June Rivera / Maria, Ali Willingham as Tammy Garrett, Scott Lunsford as Billy Strand, Brannon Gould as Harlan Montgomery, Joe Haggerty as Doctor Blanchard, Marieno Savoie as Heinrich, Darlene Tygrett as
Vena Marshwood, Scott St. James as
The Coin Dealer, Carol Rose Carver as
Stella, Joseph Commesso as Markie, Billy Bicskei as Father O’Neill, Carmel Mobley as Coffee girl, David Gremer as Bartender, Vida Ghaffari as Priscilla (as Vida Rhodes), Jacqueline Benton as Maria’s mother, David Ortega as Young Priest, Carl Darchuk as Willie Von Brahm (as Carl Darchuck), Stephen Miele as Bar Patron.

Movies Galore Takes a look at Director Andrew Jones film ” The Last House on Cemetery Lane” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Another film coming to us from Independent Moving Pictures and North Bank Entertainment director Andrew Jones  (Amityville Asylum) a tale of a horror film writer who wants to get away from it all in a 19th century Manor set in a sleepy West Wales village unbeknownst to a blind room mate named Agnes.

John Davies (Bane) is a fictional horror writer looking only to get away from the drib drab of the city life has taken up residence in a three story Manor.  The 3rd floor being an attic apartment to a blind woman named Agnes.


Taking up a freindship with a beautiful neighbor name of Cassie, Strange occurences of music playing on an old record player with no one in the room to play it… noises in the night… images of drowning and stitches… time standing still…

Soon John and Cassie begin getting Chummy with one another over dinner and spendinding time together… getting to know one another…

With the dreams begining to get more vivid and worse… images from said dreams begining to show up in reality… Davies begins to wonder if he’s loosing his sanity… will he be able to survive one more night with the help of the Lovely Cassie?

Whats odd is the matter of fairness the Landlady of the Manor is when Davies begins to qestion about the disturbances he’s experienced…


I feel the best part of this film is when Davies finally comes face to face with Agnes and the tale she has to tell from her point of view… though the part is small Vivian Bridson puts on quite the forbidding performance of the doomed…

i don’t think this film is for everyone as it is very slowly told but as a slow realization who all the players are is the most haunting ending of who was the real evil…


I did enjoy this film as I have all of his others I feel as if I am transported into the Twisted world Jones has portrayed of the psychotic… this is a slow burner indeed… enjoy!

Starring Vivien Bridson as Agnes, Lee Bane  as John Davies, Georgina Blackledge as
Cassie Konrad, Ian Grey as The Surgeon, Tessa Wood as Mrs. Connelly, Ian Smyth as
New Tenant, Kelly Jones as The Nurse.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Andrew Jones film “Haunting At The Rectory” based on one of the most haunted locations in England from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us again by Independent Moving Pictures and North Bank Entertainment by director Andrew Jones (Amityville Asylum, Robert, Curse of Robert And The Last House on Cemetery Lane) is a film about one of the most haunted homes in England: The Borley Rectory.

Frank (Bane) a drifting handyman from France arrives at the Rectory about a job working for Reverond Lionel Foyster (Bonington) … Marriane (Garton) answers the door…

The good Reverand welcomes Frank with open arms and invites the Pennyless Frank to stay in the guest room till he gets on his feet… Marianne on the other hand is trying to get the sexual attentions of her husband not succeeding well.


An uninvited young handsome guest naked in the shower is not what the good reverends wife was expecting having problems of her own… a subtle attraction to the dear Mr. Frank as well as a visitation  of a mysterious Woman, said to be that of a nun I believe as the famous Nun that was in real life Photographed to have been seen at the actual Church Connected to the Rectory… at least that’s what I’ve remembered…


But then again this spiritual presence is again as subtle as the affair happening between Marianne and Frank.  But soon it’s not just Marianne that’s being haunted the Reverand will be too… As he soon suspects his handyman of more than just work… and pain…

i saw a documentary once called Ghosts, Poltergiest and Demons where the Warrens actually went to The Borely Rectory, there was photographic evidence of a woman in white floating down the isle and in the cemetery I believe…. this part of it fascinated me so I feel that some of the spirits in this film are closer to the truth even though the affair is probably fictional between handyman and dear sweat wife.

This film also goes to show once again you really don’t need an enormous cast to pull off performances I feel I must apologize for my statement about not liking (Garton’s) accent for I think I’ve grown accustomed to it now seeing her in several films… I also feel the time period is eccentric and correct to the times.

i enjoyed this film and do recommend it for horror fans for its eerieness though I’d wished it might have produced a bit more history of the Rectory Hauntings.

Starring Lee Bane as Frank, Suzie Frances Garton as Marianne, Tom Bonington as
Lionel, Sarah-Louise Tyler as The Woman.

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Andrew Jones feature “The Amityville Asylum” from 2013

Written by David Strege


Brought to us from Independent Moving Pictures and North Bank Entertainment in Association with Amityville Asylum Pictures and Hanover Films is Andrew Jones first film I believe to make U.S. Distribution.

Using Shadows and sounds of shooting (Jones) I feel implicated Defeo was handed a gun and shot his entire family as the whole Ronald Defeo Shooting is left somewhat in mystery… some evidence claims the sister was involved, even more lay claim Mr. Dafao was entirely Schizophrenic.


Reguardless, Lisa Templeton (Del Pizzo) goes for an interview at the no longer Amityville home now turned Asylum for the Insane for a custodial position.

Surprised to recieve a call back from Doctor Elliot Mixter (Morgan) for she’d totally sneezed on him during the interview.  Upon arriving her first day she meets her co-worker Delaney (Bane) for a rundown of her cleaning responsibilities.

Delaney warns her against going down into what the Staff calls Blood Row in the lower depths of the basement holding Class A patient the Criminally Insane… those beyond help… Delaney takes her down and seems to delight in telling her about each resident in Blood Row… like their Resident John Doe… or the ex witch occultist… their cannibal patient…


As Lisa is mopping one of the floors she is visited by the spirit of a little girl who wants to play along with other visitations…

One thing is for certain each staff member is ominous about her sightings… seems they’d all just assume it was in her mind…

Though the film again is slightly slow in it’s approach I feel you’ll find out director Andrew Jones is a great writer for dialogue as well as an all around believable cast.

I think this was a very decent film of ghosts and Hauntings related to the Defeo incident.  The film isn’t scary but it definitely has an eerie feeling… I enjoyed it hope you all do as well…

Also think the patients played the crazy well at parts… so far haven’t watched a film by Jones I haven’t liked yet…

Starring Sophia Del Pizzo as Lisa Templeton, Lee Bane as Delaney, Jared Morgan as Doctor Elliot Mixter, Eileen Daly as Sadie Krenwinkel, Paul Kelleher as Hardcastle, Kenton Hall as Pemberton, Sarah Louise Madison as Allison, Alan Humphreys as Jerry Kimble, Matthew Batte as Dennis Palmer, Ina Marie Smith as Nancy Dennison, Judith Haley as
Mrs. Hardesty, Andy Evason as Atkins, Scott Delap as Steadman, Ritchie Bessant as Face Peeler, Laura Jeffs as Katherine – TV Reporter, Darryl Sloanes as Inmate #1, Carwyn John as Inmate #2, Liam Hobbs as
Inmate #3 – Mark, Sean Robinson as Asylum Inmate, Robert Graham as Asylum Doctor #1, Kevin Foster as Asylum Doctor #2, John Andrews as Patient X.

Movies Galore takes a look at Andrew Jones film sequel to “Robert” called “The Curse of Robert” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us once again by Independent Moving Pictures and Northbank Entertainment Director Andrew Jones (The Amityville Asylum) from the U.K. brings us a direct to video Sequel to Robert as quickly as the first had been marketed slowly creeping onto Walmart shelves…


I guess the first thing I can say is I myself have a connection with one of the Actors (Nigel Barber) having acted in a short film Trilogy I’d Recently funded At least the last two where he played a professor of sorts… (In Limbo, The Telephone, The Viewer directed by Stuart Wheeldon though not in The Viewer) here he plays a man Called Walter Berenson a smuck business man.

Walter Berenson (Barber) makes a business deal acquiring the doll Robert in secret… directly from the Evidence Room.

Emily Barker (Ceri) arrives at night to fullfill a role as one of Walter’s Curating Assistants as she meets the two night watchman as well as Ethel Mason (Gollop) the other assistant.

Right off the bat Emily thinks she sees someone in the Corridor so she tells the night watchmen… one of them appears to be more freindly with her Kevin Underwood (Homewood).


Hndprints inside Roberts cage… then not strange… the other employees start dying and disappearing as the detective Kevin and Emily keep calling to show up when they feel something’s gone wrong doesnt believe a word they say… whom kind of reminds me of the man who always smoked that cigar in the X-Files series but Emily has found out what happened previously and Kevin, Emily find out Walter has erased what’s happened on the tapes.

I do not feel this film was as strong as the first film as far as creepiness goes but it certainly isn’t an entirely bad sequel either .  This feature is certainly much slower but I love the added story of the Toymaker being injected through the film like an almost Andre Toulon type Character… you almost don’t recognize (Lee Bane) underneath that make up so an awesome job to Mr. Bane.


I rather enjoyed the ending but I figured I’d leave that part up to the viewer certainly not bad at all. Enjoy!

Starring Nigel Barber as Walter Berenson, Lee Bane as The Toymaker, Chris Bell as
Officer Sardy, Tiffany Ceri as Emily Barker, Suzie Frances Garton as Jenny Otto, Jason Homewood as Kevin Underwood, Steven Dolton as Detective Bill Atkins, David Bridle as Waiter, Felicity Boylett as Nurse, Bobby Cole as Cafe Customer #1, Christopher Hale as Stan Graves, Clare Gollop as Ethel Mason, Richard Burman as
Police Officer, Kira Brown as Cafe Customer #3, Andrew Williams as Cafe Customer #7, Kate Piper as Cafe Customer #5, Claire Henderson as Cafe Customer #6, Sophie Cole as Cafe Customer #2, Shelly Brown as Cafe Customer #4.