Movies Galore takes a look at director Casey T. Malone’s short films “Modern Age Amour” and “Mamart” from 2015!

Written by David Strege

modern age amour

Brought to us by Absolutely No 1 films director Casey T. Malone Who brought us a collage of films are the name of Blood of the Witch and  The Imprisonment of Henry Stolker  Casey is a local filmmaker who has a visual style that surpasses just clipart and to me is a virtual Picasso when it comes to placing together his films.

In Modern Age Amour  there is a Ton of imagery that looks like it was taken from the space-age at least in the very beginning of this film where we see what looks like a NASA control room and we hear some kind of radio talk along with imagery of other things of destruction which I can’t entirely place but the film opens up with a woman along side of river in a beautiful serene landscape as she begins to speak.


But this is not just about one woman it is about another woman as well and their distance much of this film is filmed in the house on the rock which is located in Wisconsin.   He portrays the two women into separate always traveling  at opposite ends and getting lost in a maze of sorts and using the various odds and ends of the house on the rock statues and the bands that play in the marionettes in the glockenspiels that play using the edges of some of the rooms and a fortuneteller that resides in the house on the rock and I think that this portrays  The distance between two lesbian lovers and it’s not that I’m assuming or trying to say this as an insult but the film also leaves it open to what kind of love  is between these two women.


The thing that I respect about this film is that it almost time capsules the inside of the house on the rock for us in a way that makes it kind of a renaissance beauty and it makes me smile because if you haven’t seen the inside of the Norman Rockwell made structure you have not appreciated The beauty that it can offer. So I recommend that if you have not seen this film even though it is kind of a half of a thought definitely seek it out it is very well put together and I think it might actually be his second second best work  since I know that he is very experimental and I know that I enjoyed his Blood of the Witch feature masterpiece which also if you have not seen definitely check out.


Starring Alison Mackey, Sarah Zimmerman.


Mamart  doesn’t necessarily star anyone in particular but I do believe that this is another moment captured probably of some of the various art pieces that are odd  and I can’t place much of the pieces that you only see like 10 seconds of each in a kaleidoscope vision as it looks like there are clips of people walking through an art museum and these are the pieces that people see through different viewpoints  as if they are seeing it snapshot_321through several different ways of viewing. I’m not sure whether to be in our or more as to whether or not I like the way that he has peace together these images but like I have said before this is exactly why I believe that Casey T. Malone Is a virtual clipart Picasso but he has also gotten his sound engineering placed together rather well  to go with the films that he creates if you enjoy either one of these types of films definitely seek them out I enjoyed at least viewing either one of them and trying to explain what they are about if anything they are definitely something to see for yourself.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Logan Fry’s newest short film “Ro-boob: The Farting Robot Monster” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


So I haven’t written anything out in a while from Lone Buzzard Filmworks director Logan Fry Who has starred in such films as Spider-Man, Oz the Great and Powerful, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier,  he has more love for silent films and independent B movies which he haas brought us a Bigfoot short film by the title of Gimme Head: The Tale Of The Cuyahoga Valley Bigfoot which was a found on footage Bigfoot short film, which believe it or not I have actually seen worse film’s then that which he created, so I am kind of surprised that he wasn’t able to get into that many festivals with it and Wisconsin festivals ever refused him not once but twice and I actually think that they are relatively done with good taste his films it’s not that they’re relatively oscar-winning it’s more because they’re so bad they’re good and hilarious and  Ro-boob the Farting Robot Monster from 2017 is just that.


using some  public domain footage and some Live acting Logan puts together and creates a science fiction silent film of a robot that comes to Earth terrorizing people by farting on them.  It is also a romantic tale because one of the topless women that he farts upon falls in love with him and I think the monster with her and is also a political stab at the man behind the presidential office in the present age and I think with using clips and having the film be more of a rustic brown color instead of a black and white makes it look like it’s is on older film footage and yet it is also modern.


I feel like this film was put together in good taste,  being able to tell a story with pictures and words and being able to tell a story with gestures and trying to bring back the silent film in a way that will be enjoyable for others is what I think that Logan set out to accomplish. I really enjoyed  watching his vision even though I know he probably reused some aspects of his previous film because of being on a low budget I got a kick out of seeing that he was at least trying to come up with something genuine and if you think about it this is definitely weird and funky. I think that if festivals at given him more of a chance  I think that people would enjoy this as a funny little interlude and get a kick out of it even if they are not fans of silent films themselves. I don’t think a lot of acting has to go into a silent film but what does take cuts is getting naked and if anything only halfway that takes Guts so I applaud Logan fry for finding someone you would go topless to get attacked by a his robot monster which was played by himself. I was entertained and if this Short film sounds like something that you would enjoy watching definitely seek it out if you can.  I think as a silent film in this day in age I would definitely recommend it.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Rance Martin as Ranger Rance Reacher, Lisa Neeld as Marilyn, Jim Infante as Stan, Morrigan Thompson as
Gina, A.J. Walker as Johnny, Betty VonBombs as Betty Boobs, Michael Sosnick as Burt, Gary Moon as Fish, B.J. Halsall as Fritz, Logan Fry as Ro-Boob.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Jason Love’s documentary “Milwaukee Mob” from 2018!

Written by David Strege


I was contacted by Made Men Productions  producer Wayne Clingman who runs a Milwaukee mob podcast here in Milwaukee on blog radio who participated and executive-produced a new local documentary on the Milwaukee mob syndicate starting with Frank Balistreri this documentary is directed by Jason Love And involves a local historian and researcher that has written at least one or two books about the subject at the Milwaukee Mafia using documents public photos of the balistreri family and its connections to the mafia using a narration By Michael Corley a voice actor and the narrator behind the  documentary Milwaukee Mob for 2018.


I’d like to say that this is a special interest story because not on a normal basis do we have a group of people who wants to get together and talk about the crime families behind some of the most historic events that have happened in the city of Milwaukee.   I mean I know we know that Al Capone had a hideout here in Wisconsin we also know when the Johnny Depp movie Public Enemy was filmed here in Milwaukee it was also based on a true event that happened in Milwaukee at one point in time but how many people have focused upon the Balistreri’s  and their influence in the city of Milwaukee.Even I know that there is an influence of the balistreri family still here with in Milwaukee which I believe that part of the family owns Mo’s Irish pub downtown as well as managing a pizza chain here in Milwaukee.


the documentary begins with introducing us To both Wayne Clingman and local historian and author Gavin Schmitt and going between voice actor and narrator Michael Corley to bring about how the hierarchy of the Milwaukee mob works from the boss to the underboss to the consigliere to the soldier and how one becomes a made man or an associate of the Milwaukee mob.


We learn of how Frank Balistreri was able to rise from Rock Bottom associate to becoming a boss of The Syndicate in Milwaukee for you have to be of Sicilian or Italian race to be a mob man a made man which in actuality everyone close to the Mob has something to do with real estate or if someone own the club or had something to do with prostitution they were considered Associates even in the late 70’s there was some mob members of African American descent but they could never be part of the Full-blown mob if they weren’t Italian or Sicilian.   You also had to be trustworthy just like everyone else in learning the ropes you had to gain the trust of each and every member to rise up within the ranks of the mob and I believe this goes with all the family members of the mob in any City. Traditionally in order to become a made man you had to kill someone and go through some kind of a ceremony confirming that you were in fact the one who killed in the name of the job in order to become a made man. Although the interesting fact is that the man who is called Big Frank, fancy pants And or the mad bomber and probably many other nicknames it is not known whether Frank Balistreri has ever actually killed anyone even though We know exactly how a man becomes a made man so it could be just because of his family name and his connection to a previous boss that helped wager his influence in becoming the head boss of the Milwaukee mob.


Ultimately I think this was a very informative documentary on the rise and the fall of this man I love that it connects the teamsters and doesn’t exactly rule out that the  Teamsters behind the union factions that were supposedly run by Joe Campanella Where in fact one in the same even though it doesn’t exactly that the two are the same it makes a suggestion that there really is no difference I don’t want to say too much more about documentary because I do want people to go and see themselves. If anything the one thing that I learned was how far the Milwaukee mob was connected and how much Frank Balistreri did not want to share power was anyone and it was because of this that eventually his power fell,  and though I knew about his nickname the mad bomber about as possible influence in Las Vegas.


I think that if you enjoy this kind of documents very about the made men in the mob family, I think you’ll find that you’ll enjoy how informative Gavin Schmitt is and how matter of fact he is and how he describes how the hierarchy works and you can almost see that he almost admires How the organisation was run. I think you’ll also enjoy how informative Wayne Clingman is for I believe that Clingman is obviously a man who knows the history and how the mob factions work maybe because it has been his focal interest and I’m glad that they brought their vision of how the Milwaukee Mafia worked to light.  I hope that you have found my review of this documentary factual and hopefully you get a chance to check the film out. I was very intrigued when I was contacted to see what I thought and maybe I said too much. But I being a man living in Milwaukee have always been intrigued by the criminal Syndicate in the mob classes and the organizations behind all the business dealings that go under the radar as there is an air of Mystery and who wouldn’t want to make money in some way shape or form. Ultimately it will be up to you if you go about and enjoy informational films then I suggest that you seek the film out. I do and will certainly recommend this to all you documentary lovers out there.  I do believe that it was very well put together with clips and possible reenactments of men making business deals and card games so there you have it.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Gavin Schmitt as Researcher, Author and Historian, Wayne Clingman as Host of The Milwaukee Mob Podcast and Interviewee, Michael Corley as Voice Actor and Narrator.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Ross Bigley’s short film “Yellow Hill: The Stranger’s Tale” from 2012!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Stormy Night Multimedia Productions Along with dirty jobs films, Mutant bar monkey films LLC, And Yellow Hill Investment  LLC formed by Bai Ling, Glenn Popple and Ross Bigley, with White Spirit Inc. is a revenge short film directed by Milwaukee’s own Ross Bigley which I believe was filmed in South Dakota a short film called Yellow Hill: A Stranger’s Tale Starring the beautiful Bai Ling (Crank 2).


The film begins as a woman carrying saddlebags with gun in holster is walking into a sleepy Mountain town in search of her father. We could see that she is being followed  by a man And a shot is fired so we see a woman laying on the ground playing dead. Once the man gets up to her she shoots him and moves on into town.


Bigley must really know his westerns for any kind of town that has anything to do with the Wild West you always have everyone  eyeing you suspiciously, especially if your town is run by someone that makes you fear them they don’t trust anyone who comes in so you always get that feeling of being unwanted upon arrival as there is no traffic near the center of town and everyone is behind closed doors.  So I really feel like Ross has really captured that feeling of a ghost town right off the bat which goes to an ode and descend up to Italian spaghetti westerns not unlike for a Fistful of Dollars or Django.


There are a couple of men in the local Saloon one man is arguing for a meal, the bartender Is refusing the man because of something that happened that was unexpected… So when the stranger meaning the woman played by Bai Ling walks into  the saloon she is a caustic by the bartender who refuses her drink because of her nationality and calls her celestial and what could have been a fight ended up being a man falling on his gun bullet and another man ending up dead because of the bullet in the bartenders  weapon when Mei (Dulay) shows up and tells her that she can take her to her father… When she realizes he’s been hung, She knocks her own sense of judgement upon the men responsible… men like Taggart (Reed) and Dutch (Katula).


I think that this film shows true Talent the talent that Milwaukee and Chicago can bring together and create something  phenomenal  where the acting was spot on, something serenely Beautiful and yet riddled with a silent violence from what I gather this was supposed to be a series of films and this the introduction and it still may happen. Ultimately I think this is Ross Bigley’s signature film  though I know he is known locally for many other, films this particular short film I believe shows his best work to date and maybe I haven’t seen some of his recent films but to me this opened up of a view into what makes me enjoy what a western really is.  After seeing this film I have much respect for how much effort went in to the production of the film. All the actors and actresses had a great wardrobe for what would have been A period portrayed from a time maybe of the 1800s or earlier. Well done Ross, Respect. If you enjoy this kind of film definitely seek it out the film is on YouTube I certainly recommend.

Here is the website for more info:

Starring Bai Ling as The Stranger, Cyn Dulay as Mei, Tom Reed as Taggart, Dan Katula as Dutch Dalton, Joshua Parkes as Ennis, Bruce Spielbauer as Lyle the Bartender, John Walski as Jack, Gregg Wright as Silas, Brian Roloff as Burton, Theophilus Jamal as Stranger’s Father, Cheryl Roloff as Saloon Girl, Vito Valenti as Brothel Owner, Robert L. Parson II as
Jacob (as Robert Parsons).


Movies Galore takes a look at director Ron Purtee’s “The Social Media Massacre” from 2011!

Written by David Strege

The Social Media Massacre Is an anthology of sorts written and directed by local film maker of Wisconsin Ron Purtee, way before films like Unfriended and VHS as there’s no real wraparound story it just Shows a mouse icon going to different links and pushing play on these different films.At first I thought this was weird but then I thought if it was done any different it wouldn’t be the social media Massacre that is It is all more terrifying if anyone can just type in these videos watch them, for the internet is open to a lot of people and you never know who could be watching.

In From The Heart,We have a couple playing I’ll show you yours and you show me mine kind of game where are each thing is not exactly what you would show and tell.


In To Say Goodbye, A woman who writes her last message she’s just tired of it all and while people on social media or just saying she’s trying to get attention it could be her last message to the world or is it?

In A Hollwood Ending, Which was originally called what I think as the original social media Massacre short before he connected all of these together in one all out film anthology. In this segment a young man is trying to find the perfect relationship as he is vlogging almost like a journal of his search for the perfect girl, the one and we soon realize that his relationships are only good when they are freshly dead…

In I’m Streaming Death, There are two girls one has another tied up by the name of Samantha the other girl believes that Samantha has stolen all the attention and love either at the college or High School that they go to so she has decided to stream her final Demise so that she can gainthe spotlight…


In From The Womb, This brings us full circle back to the first story of from the heart as being a sequel where are year ago a lady was given a heart and now she has a child so on the anniversary on the day that that heart was given they decide to enact a murder live…

For some  sick twisted reason I enjoyed this found on footage anthology of short films, I love that this was made before films like Unfriended And VHS and even though  there isn’t a wraparound story per say I believe with it ending like it did the first and the last segments kind of makeup for not having one because these two shorts are kind of like the basis  for what the theme of this anthology really is. And knowing that it was on YouTube for a while as a web series and then seeing it all connected like this, made me want to write something up about the weirdness of it and I’m surprised that not a whole lot of people know about it and since now I’m in a position to share something about it around the world I think that it deserves  a good write-up. thank you Ron first for somehow getting me to know about it and if you enjoy this type of video footage definitely check it out if you can, I believe it is still on YouTube.

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Nikki Farce as Diane, Shaun McGregor as Mark, Brandon Nichols as Steve in From The Heart. Valerie Meachum as Woman in To Say Goodbye. Charlie Bussian as Sam, Sasha Corrigall as Angie in A hollywood Ending aka The Social Media Nassacre original short film. Heather Dorff as Samantha, Kelsey Zukowski as Angie in I’m Streaming Death. Robin Bersie as Mother, Nikki Farce as Diane, Shaun McGregor as Mark.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Ryan Blazic’s feature “Monsters Among Men” from 2017!

Written by David Strege

monsters among men

Brought to us by Project Dark Films, The Cult of Moi and Vous Film Productioni Company LLC, and S & N Productions director Ryan Blazic Brings us of vampire film called Monsters Among Men From 2017 another project funded on indiegogo.


The film begins with a narration From a man I believed to be Reed who is played by actor Jonathan David. All Reed wanted to do was spend an afternoon with his girl Allison (Hopps), but he also had to find something that he had lost. It looks like Reed was just about to propose when suddenly it looks like as well then he falls unconscious and his girlfriend is nowhere to be seen.  Reed wakes up bound next to two other people one person seems to be dead the other is a man and he is begging for him to help him Escape but Reed only has time to run and he runs through the woods where he is till he comes upon what looks like a cabin in the woods in this cabin is a Vietnam war vet and Reed thinks he is safe for the time being but he is not. For the vet is really in fact a vampire and Reed overhears that this creature is told to keep him busy so read escapes again only to come back to free a different woman Sadie Malloy (DeGarmo) from the same house in which he was.


Meanwhile Reed’s lover  Allison is being kept in another building in the south Where Dane Blackburn played by actor and director Jim O’Rear, with his assistants, Clive and Eva (Bonczik and Shields), is the head vampire in charge and he is keeping her hostage as he has bound that her blood seems to make the vampire race and is blood stronger and I believe that he is part of a black market for human blood that is pure so he contacts someone by the name of Alexander Abraham to tell him of his findings. Back at the other place Reed and Sadie escape together but Reed is weak for without his insulin he could die,  Sadie’s husband Peter was actually killed before read escaped the first time but Reed needs Sadie’s help in order to find his love Allison and he doesn’t think that it matters that her husband is already dead until he is reanimated later on and Sadie has to kill him… ultimately they find out that there is a woman that Ivan was protecting that may be able to help them in the end but they must go up against Blackburn in order to Entirely Escape…


I actually really enjoyed this film, I know that this was independent, there is definitely a uniqueness about this movie that I relatively like.  I enjoy the fact that not all the characters were evil vampires and the fact that there were some that wanted to help. I think I also enjoyed the fact that there was a little bit of a twist that I wasn’t expecting,  but I Wasn’t entirely too surprised I probably should have expected it but it did surprise me. I think if you like this type of a film you will definitely enjoy it. I saw it being sold around on And when I heard that Jim O’Rear was going to be acting in it even better. I think it’s enjoyable to see different directors act in specific independent horror films it shows their support. I recommend that you seek this film out if you can, yes it is slowly paced  but it is certainly not a bad film, it doesn’t have a lot of action so it is more of a drama film and it is not entirely scary but I enjoy how their eyes get so I know that they are using what I believe to be eye contacts but still it looks good on shot on video atmosphere.  I was entertained…

Starring Jim O’Rear as Dane Blackburn, Craig Bouwens as Ivan Rawlins, Luke Bonczyk as Clive Kruger, Mykaela Hopps as Allison Harte, Michelle Shields as Eva Dupris, Dean Vanderkolk as Morgan Webb, Matthew Wesener as Peter Malloy, Keith Zahn as Alexander Abraham, Angela Degarmo as Sadie Malloy, Katarina Rigoni as Jessica Trumble, Jonathan David as Reed Atwood, D.J. Sims as Dead Creature.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Justin Armao’s “Bloodsucka Jones” from 2013!

Written by David Strege

bloodsucka jones

So I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t reviewed this film yet since I picked this film up two years ago that was directed by Justin Armao in 2013 A horror comedy Blaxploitation film called Bloodsucka Jones from Nitwit Consortium Productions.

So the film begins when a couple looks like they drive to a secluded spot the woman is very pretty she is a blond the young man he is kind of dorky and looks kind of younger than she is… They start having an awkward conversation where he talks about his parents where they met and she asks him if she liked him if she were different and then she asks if he wants to see her boobs And then the next thing you know is staring into her glowing green eyes and the vampire teeth but also this group of children in hoodies shows up in the Headlights and once the chick fights him the children also vampires pull him out of the car as he screams like a girl.

Then there’s Dave (Armao) we meet him while he’s playing basketball, his ball hits this girl in the head, Christine (Dercks), and he allows her to hit him in the head the same way and they both find out they’re single and they start going out.  So some animation of some Angry Penguins and somebody unicorns humping go by and we find Dave and his now girlfriend Christine, sitting on a playground flirting with each other, and suddenly it seems like it’s meet the brother day and what do you know a month has gone by…

The first thing I have to say that is really cool is that after Dave has been warned Away by not one person but two people Dave has a really cool dream sequence which makes him look kind of comical because Christine looks like she shows up to his place and she’s in all this cool yellow smoke  and she has the green eyes, vampire teeth and is beckoning to him in some sexy number, and yet he is in a t-shirt that only comes up to what looks like his nipples.

With the help of his local comic book store owner who hook some up with this random ass vampire hunter Tony (Woods), who seems to be somewhat of a beach bum Dave dispatches a plan with this dude to try to figure out a plan of how to kill the Posse of gay vampires that seems to be led by Christine’s brother Stewart (Kelley).  Stewart intern sends his posse of gay vampires to spy on Dave and his sister to see what they are doing. After giving a teddy bear of Stewart’s a rectal exam they found a map to some Woods that held a sword that may kill the vampires, when up walks Bloodsucka Jones (Grant) himself and his assistant Vanessa (Canapino), though I know his fro and his mustache are fake as hell he comes out does a 2-Step breakdance and seems to scare the vampire Squad of goons into vanishing and though he came to Dave and his weird vampire helper  he is definitely not short on being able to insult them.

I want to say that the word by word play between Bloodsucka Jones,  Christine, Dave and his somewhat comical sidekick relief vampire Hunter Tony as well as Vennessa, as the film moves on especially a scene where Where Dave and Christine are  alone and they are having a private conversation about how she is a vampire and how they haven’t even had any of the normal relationship sayings like kissing and other sexual acts because Dave is afraid that she’ll eat him and not in a good way…  Also I think that Kelley played Stewart to a T as well theres this moment between himself and a balloon that is priceless.

not to mention that Bloodsucka Jones has been training these two how to kill vampires by it seems by throwing everyone under the bus like local bums the Chuck-E-Cheese dude That wears the mascot mouse costume,  even some local innocent children…

Dave and Tony Are a perfect example of to brainless idiots doing everything by accident and calling up on there comic book Idol to try to prevent a COO of a vampires from killing Dave because he is in love with the vampires sister. I thought this was really funny and is an underrated independent horror comedy.  there are definitely some quirks at humor that are laughable now because Kmart is out of business and you can’t even call a Chuck-E-Cheese A Chuck-E-Cheese anymore because some dumb parent decided to go off on the ball pit and how the balls weren’t washed so an executive decision came down from on high from business executives and no more ball pit Which was part of the fun when you went to a Chuck-E-Cheese but getting back to the film…

I like that the film was off the wall, that the jokes were weird and that Tony and Dave at least their characters made it seem like they were the best of bros  and blond as fuck. I thought the characters were likeable the situations were stupid but this was a fair attempt at comedy from a different angle and had a little bit of everything.  you could tell that CGI was not used and it was more practical effects I even enjoyed the attempt at the devil on the shoulder type of effect of Bloodsucka Jones character. if this film definitely sounds like it’s up your alley then  go seek this film out you do not know what you’re missing. I would recommend that if you are an independent film lover that you check this film out if you can, it certainly won’t disappoint.  The fact that this all came down to a Teddy Bear, and a fight for a sword was also priceless… There is also a lot of innuendos that are rather old-school that are captured that shouldn’t be missed… espiecially since there is a sequel out there now…

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Preston Gant as Bloodsucka Jones, Maria Canapino as Vanessa, Justin Armao as David, Travis Woods as Tony, Jessica Dercks as Christine, Matt Kelly as
Stewart, William Cutting as Kenny, Erin Holt as Heather, Justin Henry as Pizza Pirate, Andy Cauble as Jim, Vanessa Alderete as Alice, Hayley Anaal as
Arika, Kira Armao as Danielle, Alain Azoulay as Todd Pepperjack, Kimberly Barcus as Popscicle, Will Barker as Stewarts Goon #2, Brittany Bostic as Kenny’s Kid Sister, Jordan Braico as Fox, Caitlyn Brisbin as Lita Jett, Courtney Erin Carroll as Terry (as Courtney Carroll), Ray Chavez Jr. as Ray, Casey Colliflower as Laurie, Chelsea Cook as
Violet, Gabi Cuellar as Tear Apart Vampire, Evelyn Danford as Phoebe Judge, John Davis as Store Clerk, Lynda Davis as Pillow Fight Girl #3, Catriona Rose Divine as Sapphire, Pani DuPrey as Victim #1, Chelsea Edmundson as Tina, Kristopher Elder as Jeff, Gino England as Comedian, David Fernandez as Bri Victim, Lani Forsander as Becky Romero, Ian Garman as Dacron St. Michaels, Lana Gautier as Victoria, Svetlana Gautier as Victoria, Yesenia Gonzales as Crystal, Devin Goodsell as Patrick, Angela Guerrero as Pamela, Lizelle Gutierrez as Isabella, Marchael Hagood as Lacey Creed, Bob Harris as Hans Fassbender, Melle Hartley as Sophia, Robert Hoover as Carol Tubbs, AlexAnn Hopkins as Jesse, Brian James Hunt as Stewarts Goon #4, Olivia Ivy as Xanadu Hellfire, Erin James as Debbie, Tio Lavranos as Comics Customer, David Liggett as Crush Cabeza, Cassidy Mack as Hana, Brian Maguire as Mime, Hannah Maurer as Elisha Winston, Alison Paige Miller as Lindsey, Mitch Miller as Lindsey Victim, Gwendolyn Moore as Lola St. Michaels, K.C. Murdock as Quan Li, Austyn Nestor as Kyleigh, Whitney Nielsen as Vera, Rosanna Pansino as Helena, Brittany Pecina as
Caroline, Tony Perija as Hobie, Shellene Marie Reese as Kira, Aspen Richmond as
Butch, Zakary Richmond as Buddy, Jason Riley as Park Victim, Mindy Robinson as
Vega, Kevin Rodriguez as Cory #2, Brandon Tate Rosen as Cory #1, Megan Sadeghi as Samantha, Anna Salvini as Alessandra, Sarah Saucier as Brenda, Suany Serpas as Pillow Fight Girl #2, Tristan Steward as Dead Boy, Chris Stinett as Cool Victim, Sean Summers as Foltron, Riki Talili as Star, Duncan Tran as Carlos, Jeff Trenkle as Chad, Craig Underwood as Steve, Violetta Valeeva as Pillow Fight Girl #1, Cristina Valle as Sandra, Randy Van Dyke as Jarvis H. Kreist, Joshua Vonder Haar as Stewarts Goon #1, Jenny Vongsa as Velinna, Jennifer Vos as Jennifer, Toby Wallwork as Motley Victim, Jenna Wantink as Gertrude, Coley White as Bunny, Staci Withani as Peppy McSmiley, Bri Wombacher Schemm as Pandora, Kaleb Wombacher as Wubb, Tawny Amber Young as Dawn, Ronald Zambor as Stewarts Goon #3,L.