Movies Galore of Milwaukee takes a look at Director Jeffrey Garcia’s “Henrietta and Her Dismal Display of Affection” filmed in 2020!

By David Strege

Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome back to Movies Galore here I am to talk to you about a debut feature filmed in San Marcos, TX but set in Reedsville, Texas by Dream Atomic director Jeffrey Garcia. Filmed in the year 2020 but with the release date on the DVD of 2021 is “Henrietta and Her Dismal Display of Affection” starring Alice McAllister, Furly Travis, Justin Conway, Shawna Nunn, Steve Jones, Greg Williams, Michael Nieto, grace Marlow, Sam foster, Christopher Cardozo among others…
It has definitely taken me some time too sort out this film in my mind because the film is purposely offensive and made with not that much of a budget as you can tell because there are actors and actresses that are wearing wigs probably to distort who they really are. That being said I still think that Jeffrey Garcia has just as much of an old soul because he uses colorful clothing mixed with colorful language as well as colorful people.

I just wanna say that’s how you start a movie because I didn’t expect that you get this moment with Kathy the mother of the Mcnealey’s who are made up of Mickey Henrietta and Kevin, who reminds me of a little bit like Reba McEntire on drugs where she is master-bating to the picture of a colored boy when lo and behold uh man in a sailor uniform who states that he is a racial protector and basically a humanitarian for retarded children is how the movie begins and that kicks it off with a great beginning here as wife is caught in the act and leaves the broken home end the sobbing husband who continually tries to kill himself throughout the film as we meet up with Kevin and Henrietta Mcneely as they deal with the aftermath trying to piece together their family which is messed up as it is. And to make matters worse Henrietta is seeing a doctor by the name of Howard who just wants to bang her and somehow their family along the way ends up in a pornographic film along the way as the madness continues!

NoW I have followed Jeffrey Garcia’s pathway to this feature and to be honest I have definitely seen worse but this definitely feels like say John waters meets My Name is Earl kind of a world and it’s not his first trip into reedsville which is a made up world braving these colorful characters from made up Texas. If your not afraid of being offended or grossed out intentional or listening to the politically incorrect or getting your ears wet if incest is a little south of your belly button bush sack I’d turn back if i were you now!

If you go into this film thinking that there’s going to be some sign of intelligence from the characters then you aren’t going to enjoy the world in which Garcia has created and I think that the situations are unique and done in a sort of offbeat dark comedy sort of way given us deadpan humor oblivious to the wrong in which is being shown in a side glance into a life that is far from normal. I was entertained and look forward to more from Dream Atomic’s Troupe of Misfits. I would place this for sure under a film that’s so bad it’s good and it must be enjoyable in some way because it’s coming out on troma now soon!

Here is the trailer!

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