Movies Galore takes a look at Director Mark Pirro’s “Rectuma” filmed in 2003!

By David Strege

So I just want to say that I went into this open minded. The films directed by Mark Pirro Under the production company of Pirromount Pictures filmed in 2003. 
I also subjected this film to my wife which I often subject her to mini independent movies of this elk she looks like I was nuts for even suggesting it and so we pushed play. This was also after I had actually had an interview with the Director the day before so I had already somewhat heard about the film through him but I did not let that bias of listening About it through his eyes affect my opinion here but weirdly enough at the end of the film I really like the concept and idea that went behind the film.
I can see that all the actors and actresses that were involved in this film were having a blast and I’m Not only talking about the other end of things but I do have to say I wonder what the hell this film would look like if somebody really put some money into it.

Obviously a spin off of Mothra we have a man and his wife who don’t have the best of relationships played by Bill Devlin I believe who gets bit by a Mexican bullfrog in his butt, Who is taken to a proctologist hotels him about a certain experimental scientist who is Asian of nationality who sticks and nuclear stick up his butt and tells him to do certain things that he does not follow because he thinks it is so stupid and in so doing creates some monster That begins to eat the people around him and leave a trail of blood leading back to himself led by Detective who just wants to be punished and another who distinctly sounds like Clarice Starling from silence of the lambs we end up getting a Kaiju Rectal monster and the plan what really happened to Osama bin Ladin In a crazy romp of what I can only think of being talked about While swimming in the sewer.
I did enjoy the practical effects in this film now you did see that the ass That came out of the main actor to end up killing people was not real but it was still a hilarious effect and the dialogue of the proctologist and the Asian scientist were hilarious every time Dr. Wansomesake Even some of the names were hilarious. My wife at the end of this I looked over at her and I asked her what she thought and she said she thought it was stupid and yet a day later she said she was taking a shower and looked at her butt and thought of this movie She said it wasn’t funny but I left my ass off and said then the movie did it’s job!

I definitely think that this is a party movie something to be shared with a group of people and it’s not a film for everyone but I have a love for it just try it one thing I always say is that it’s with movies like this that are very cool at describing to people and they’ll be like what the fuck… I recommend it as a movie so bad that it’s good!

Here is the trailer:

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