Movies Galore takes a look at Director Trevor Juenger’s Feature film “Coyote” from Wild Eye in 2014!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Wild Eye Releasing and directed by Trevor Juenger featuring a phenominal actor for his main character Bill played by horror favorite Bill Orberst Jr. (Circus of the Dead, Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies).


Bill is a struggling writer, we can see this As he struggles to write a letter to his own mother in the opening scenes of the film…

A man not only deprive of sleeep but afraid of it… as his dreams and ideas are only filled with scenes of death… this is certainly a vial journey that’s certainly an acid-filled mushroom of a dream.


There are references to E.T., Psycho, Naked Lunch, A Clockwork Orange… a manifesto of images of surreal thoughts… but I know this isn’t a film everyone will enjoy…  but I enjoyed the idea that Aliens are behind the acts of nature like hurricanes and floods… earthquakes… as revenge for earth sending Rockets up to the moon…


After watching the film a second time I’m actually beginning to enjoy Coyote it’s like a Rorschach’s test a kaleidoscope of thoughts what Bill the writer says and doesn’t say… the acting of the mover guy freind could have had more emphases or enthusiasm but then again I liked he had a no bullshit attitude.


Ultimately it’s totally up to the viewer about whether you enjoy this kind of art house type film and the first time seeing it I was trying to figure this one out but I watch it a second time and I got it.

It is slow but it’s not scary…  and I hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts…


Starring Bill Oberst Jr. as Bill, Joe Hammerstone as Graphics Guy, Heather Schlitt as Homeless Woman, Shawn I. Chevalier as Joan, Victoria Mullen as Jesse, Bill Finkbiner as Joe, Sydney Joanne Hood as Secretary, John Lewis as Teen, Daniel Irwin as Magician, Ryan Caldwell as Technical Director, Nick Brian Walters as
Shop Owner, Aliyah Studt as Little Girl, Chris Bruemmer as Gun, James Westbrook as Knife, Andrew Gelos as Director (as Andrew Weber), Tasha Zebrowski as Thumbsucker, Carrie Lax as Camera Operator Female, Colleen Malone as
Linda, David Wassilak as Tom,
Jaysen Cryer

Hello Galoreans!

My name is David Strege,

Hi all! I like to be open with our group and our fans who follow along with our blog and our group.  Now I do have a disability, I have aspbergers Syndrome but most people know this about me but I’ve always felt  my opinion on things and the way I describe films has always led to inspiration and many of you know I’m into obscure titles and so on and so forth it’s been quite a journey!

Originally we started out as just a Stephen King Movie page imagine that! But as I David came to realize my interest didn’t just lie with Stephen King Films it lay in the history of films and though I don’t have a total grasp on details sometimes…I still feel I have a grasp on most as I watch over time.  I don’t just watch a film once I watch films many times when I review to get a total grasp on the gist of the film plots the acting and so on and so forth.

Now I realize everyone has an opinion and your entitled to yours… I’ve also run into some crackpot journalists who don’t know the difference between sex workers and Exotic dancers lol but you run into many different opinions along the way.  I find that I’m like that last standing unicorn though I love mainstream films and the classics, westerns and Martial arts I have an extreme interest in underground indie horror films.  Thanks to Stephen Milek of Milwaukee Movie Talk and His partner Chris House they’ve helped me open my mind to the world of Short films and I feel I’ve grown from my experience from them.

Since begining this journey, I’ve also done a lot of funding for a fair amount of short films , features and documentaries over a period of time related to the horror genre that have and yet to come out for most but I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish and glad I could share this journey with most of you as I’m constantly learning…

thankyou for listening My fellow Galoreans and have a great day!

Movies Galore takes a Look at Casey Crow’s Short film “Klagger” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Zallerquad Films and based on a story by S.M. Hastings called Doppelgänger this fifteen minute short film is directed by Casey Crow from 2011.

The film begins as we see an abandoned factory building as you listen to a song you’d normally here while your tanking A a pitcher after a long day at work as we see a worker pull up in a truck…

there to do some routine work he feels like he’s been here before… as he’s about to leave he hears the words “Save Me” or “Sady” I’m not sure which, whispered in the dark corners of the abandoned building…


So the worker starts looking around finds a newspaper clipping of the factory closing due to a death of a worker we don’t catch its name… the worker known as Perry continues upstairs calling out to see whose there and in the dark recesses there is a cloaked figure in smoke clanging a huge wrench the noise getting louder… and louder… and louder until it distracts Perry enough that he falls through the floor and it is then that we get a glimpse of the faceless creature Klagger as he hears a rock at Perry…


I really liked this short film it had just enough tension to keep you on the edge and as Casey Crow is making it into a feature film on kickstarter currently we may just get to see more…

I also like that it has a smoke and mirrors ghostly effect where he uses sounds to his advantage at exactly the right moment I won’t say anymore for I’d rather like you the watchers to watch it and enjoy it as well.  I’m looking forward to the feature if it gets funded… enjoy!

Starring Matthew Aycock as Perry, Matt Willis as Klagger.

Movies Galore take a look at this different version of the Dickensian Tale, Rick Chandler’s 2011 feature film “Scrooge In The Hood”

Written by David Strege


Well Richard Chandler Director of Gilgemesh and The Lilith Trilogy of Boston Family films has re adapted the classic tale of Charles Dicken’s tale of Scrooge his way in 2011.


Scrooge is now an African American owning what looks to be a strip joint and a pimp.  This feature opens up at the funeral of his business partner Jacob Marley all with their brims on.

All Scrooge ever cared about was his money so why not have him be a miserly pimp who didn’t even help his own partner and only freind out in the end…

the differences are plain as you can see Bob Cratchet is now Mr. Crotchrot,  it’s not his nephew who invites him to Christmas it’s his niece… all the while it’s Ba humbug…

Meanwhile the Jewish mafia has decided to steal his business and his whores as Scrooge is visited by three spirits… four of you his Jamaican dead partner Marley…


I loved how the first spirit was a drunk fairy in a punk teen dress with fake wings and wand lol but she takes him back to the hood… and shows him his childhood…

Old Fezziwigs Christmas party is more like a swinger party it’s like Rick chandler put Sanford in A Christmas Carol lol. But on almost no budget wigs are what you see…

In a strange quirky way I liked this version of Scrooge though low budget it is but it is very slow and not for everyone.  It’s not creepy but it is packed with dirty language and dirty whores…

Christmas presents a beer drinking happy red neck joker in a robe and one of those cheep Santa hats…

Ultimately this is still a Scrooge to go down for the holidays…  as those Jewish Mafia dudes don’t know what’s coming for them.

The only thing I didn’t like is there wasn’t much of a Tiny Tim to the story line but seeing Rick Chandler dress up like the ghost of Christmas yet to come is priceless… and I think Marley should wear the chains he forged in life but every one does this story differently to make it their own…

Like I said this isn’t a film everyone is going to like but it’s certainly a different adaptation of the tale.  Hope you enjoyed my thoughts my Galoreans… enjoy!

Starring George Raynor as Scrooge, Tina Krause as Sally, Seregon O’Dassey as
Ghost of Christmas Past, Peter Morse as
Abby, Kassandre Casame as Freda, Bill Jacques as Mr. Crotchrot, Todd Therrien as
Ghost of Christmas Present, Richard Chandler as Ghost of Christmas Future, Alexander Hauck as Tiny Tim, Oselito Joseph as Zeke, William Bloomfield as
Ari, Jim Baker as Mike the Russian, Allan Alexander as Jacob Marley, Timothy J. Anders as Big Mike, Lilith Astaroth as Mistress Ivy, James Barrett as Mohammad, David Bockenkamp as Mrs. Crotchrot, Mike Brophy as Pawnshop Owner, Sandra Brown as Tiffany, Joe Campanella as Bouncer, Matthew Colicci as Abeb, Diane Curran as Pawn Shop Patron, Larry Dacosta as Slim Jim, Craig Goedecke as
Old Lady, Kurt Gombar as Barkeep, Mike Goodreau as Old Feziwig, Bernie Hutchens as Undertaker, Stacey Forbes Iwanicki as
Dancer, Ivan Kasana as Pimp 1, Ruth Kelly as Abby’s Mom, Alexander Lewis as Tommy, Holid Love as Smitty, Mark MacDonald as Thug, Gareth William Mannion as Want, Marely Mercedes as
Young Fran, Sarah Michelle as Tiny Tim’s Ho, Brian Odiana as Pimp 2, Cj Okafor as
Young Scrooge, Katie Petkiewich as
Martha Crotchrot, Jim Pierce as Peter Crotchrot, Chandler Place-Downie as
Student, Margaret Sammarco as Stripper, Steve Sandberg as Abe Whipplestein, Angela Seay as Fran in her 20s, Dwayne Sneed as Rev. Jones, Alyssa Soule as
French Maid, Wes Williams II as
Scrooge in his 20s (as Wes Williams).

Movies Galore takes a look at this 1999 gem “The Item” Starring Ron Fitzgerald who played a bit part in “Incest Death Squad” and lead role in “Magus” directed by Dan Clark!

Written by David Strege


From what I understand this crazy film went to the Sundance Film Festival and at one of the Screening’s was called Quintin Terentino on Acid lol. This being said it was directed by Dan Clark with Trillion Entertainment as A Wandering Monkey Project whom also starred as Alex.

So Lauren , Alex Fatty and Martin are criminals, working for an unknown employer to pick up an item sit on it for twenty-four hours until they collect a bounty in the morning.  The Pick up is from a Dr. Ody played by Chicago’s own Ron Fitzgerald known for Incest Death Squad, Blood Gnome, Magus and Dark Realm.  Somewhat mysterious he doesnt know exactly what creature is in the fortress of a combinationed box but tries to renig on selling the item but pays for it with his death…

Mean while Alex and his crew of misfits take the item back to Alex’s asian art student  girlfriend Rita’s for safe keeping…  and as curiosity got the best of them they decided to have a look at the item… it then gets a little goofy from here on out…

Four of Rita’s artsy freinds’ in drag show up unexpectedly and Martin, paranoid shoots at them as they’ve seen the creature and Fatty and Martin start chasing them down, but the chasing more looks like they are floating… a martial arts drag-queen fight with racing car sounds and its back to the what-we-don’t-know-is-in-the-box.

One by one the creature toys with all of there minds…. until…

I thought this film was wacky as all heck very enjoyably bad and funky it was great!  There was some over the top acting and hard to not laugh at the part where Alex went up against one of the transvestites… as each criminal learned deeper and darker secrets of their madnes as each turn against one another, even though the creature is obviously a puppet and looks like a penis with eyes lol. I also enjoyed Dr. Ody’s Character he was a little eccentric… even though his part was short lived.


Starring DawnMarie Ferrara as Lauren (as DawnMarie Velasquez), Dan Clark as Alex, Dave Pressler as Martin, Dan Lake as Fatty,    Ron Fitzgerald as Dr. Ody, Romy J. Sharf as
Nurse Nicky, Judy Jean Kwon as Rita, Kyle B. Cunningham as Joseph, Steven K. Mok as Drag Queen #1, Peter Sean Maloney As Robin (as Peter Sean), Paul Balagot as Drag Queen #2, Alexandre Pierre as Drag Queen #3, Alden Bunyan as Paulie.


Movies Galore Take a look at 2015’s Celebrety inspired “The Fappening” by Director Sean Weathers of Full Circle Films!

Written by David Strege


On August 31st 2014 a series of Photos of celebrities, mostly women, many containing nudity were posted on the Imageboard known as 4chan and later on social media networks such as Imgur and Reddit to ultimately be known as what the media would call Fappening.  A word using the slang term for Masterbation “Fap” and the word “Happening.”

In reality this event not only Fappened once, but Multiple times and in a sense raping celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kirsten Dunst, Jill Scott, Kate Upton and Olympic Gymnist McKayla Maloney to name a few of private moments that may have set each of their careers back…. due to hackers these celebrities were scammed of indecency and this event is what film maker Sean Weathers of Full Circle Films satires and tries to do a take of his own on The Fappening in his way as Alan Smithee.

In the beginning of this 2015 film we see an interview with whom we are led to believe is with Kim Kardashian and how The Fappening halted her career with a news reporter…


But what Sean seems to do is paint us a picture of Alan Smithee being the man behind the hacked photos as celebrities whom he’s slept  with come at him for the photos and videos leaked from his phone.

Now Smithy is being hated on by many film makers because of this celebrity hack as he goes to Jerry Landi of Amduck Productions, Joel M. Reed director of famed Bloodsucking Freaks, even Loyd Kaufman of Troma.  All three don’t even want to have anything to do with him since they all think he’s exploiting all these celebrities.

Eventially Alan Smithy buckles and snaps dons a mask then goes off on a killing spree of all the celebrities that came and ousted him of his spiraling career…


Ultimately I’m not sure I enjoyed this film as it exploits a largely exploitation of truth but I’ll give him credit for staging a killing of Kim Kardashian she is so annoying on her reality show lol


Favorite line “Jerry belongs in the Mob not on a film set…” Now there was some acting from some of the actresses that could have had more emphasis in their hatred and acusations there were even a few stuttering from a few of the same actresses other than that I think now the killings are left up to the imagination on whether they actually Fappened…


I do think this is a prime example of the thoughts behind those who might of been involved in the Fappening itself but Sean Weathers wanted to show what it would have been like if a struggling film maker was the cause behind it all.

If anything it’s worth a watch plus on the DVD Jerri Landi and Sean Weathers present a few of their oldest favorite classic like The Killer Shrews etc.

Hopefully you enjoyed my review and enjoy!

Starring Lloyd Kaufman as Walter Plinge,
Tina Krause, Sybelle Silverphoenix as Jennifer Williams, Amoni B. As Ripley, Rachael Robbins, Joel M. Reed, Erika Smith as Kim Kardashian, Sean Weathers as Alan Smithee, Adonis Williams as Jason Voorhees, Mino Jones, Tamar Warner as
Rosemary, Jerry Landi, Melo as Clarice Starling, Sky Claudette Soto, Diana Urgiles as Barbra, Simone Washington as Sidney, Steve Karlin as Gabriel, Vlad Zee Dragan as
Mr. ShoBiz.

Movie Galore takes a look at the invasion of Roland Emerick’s 2016 “Independence Day: Resurgence”

Written by David Strege


In 1996 Director Roland Emerich brought about one of the best invasion films of the 21st century that has become a 4th of July classic.

But in this Hollywood made sequel it had some major issues that led to it’s being a failure at the box office. I went to see it and to tell you the truth I have a love hate relationship on the film.

We have Bill Pullman returning as President Whitmore experienceing dreams and nightmares… We have his daughter grown up and in charge of his care… we have two soldiers one being the son of Lt. Hillman at odds with each other… over a matter of life and death.


We have a woman President who attacks first a sphere an object traveling towards the Earth and due to what happened the first time when the aliens attacked first when the Sphere had really come to save them…

Ultimately we have another alien invasion on our hands as there’s another hidden message that David has uncovered from the remaining ship.


It is the infamous Brent Spiner  and Judd Hersch whom I think both feel steal the screen time with his psychotic nature of the esteemed Dr Brakish Okun and Judd Reprising his role as David’s estranged father who was on a fishing trip but ended up driving a bus load of kids straight into the mother Alien hehe.


But it was also a CGI mess. When David Levinson was up in the air in a plane there was debris and planes and a lot of not believable and not real looking scenes of bubbled cartoonish CGI that made me wish for practical effects with a passion.  They had momentum in the first film this sequel wasn’t needed if it hadn’t of been for Dr. Okun’s said humor or Judd Hirsch’s performance this film was a wreck.

Though I enjoyed the thought of entertaining another invasion from this cast I was left disappointed in this film.

Starring Liam Hemsworth as Jake Morrison, Jeff Goldblum as David Levinson, Jessie T. Usher as Dylan Hiller, Bill Pullman as President Whitmore, Maika Monroe as Patricia Whitmore, Sela Ward as
President Lanford, William Fichtner as
General Adams, Judd Hirsch as Julius Levinson, Brent Spiner as Dr. Brakish Okun, Patrick St. Esprit as Secretary of Defense Tanner, Vivica A. Fox as Jasmine Hiller, Angelababy as Rain Lao, Charlotte Gainsbourg as Catherine Marceaux, Deobia Oparei as Dikembe Umbutu, Nicolas Wright as Floyd Rosenberg, Travis Tope as
Charlie Miller, Chin Han as Commander Jiang, Gbenga Akinnagbe as Agent Travis, Robert Loggia as General Grey, John Storey as Dr. Isaacs, Joey King as Sam, Jenna Purdy as Voice of Sphere (voice), Garrett Wareing as Bobby, Hays Wellford as Felix, Mckenna Grace as Daisy, James A. Woods as Lt. Ritter (as James Andre Woods), Robert Neary as Captain McQuaide, Joshua Mikel as Armand, Joel Virgel as Jaques, Arturo del Puerto as Bordeaux, Matthew Munroe as Prison Tech, Jacob Browne as
Prison Tech, Ryan Cartwright as
David’s Assistant, Travis Hammer as
Jeffrey Fineman, Lance Lim as
Camper Kevin, Zeb Sanders as
Camper Henry, Donovan Tyee Smith as
Camper Marcus, Stafford Douglas as
Flight Officer, Jade Scott Lewis as Salt Flat Tech, Beth Bailey as DC Hospital Nurse, Mona Malec as DC Hospital Nurse, Omar Diop as African Guard, Ron Yuan as L Weapons Engineer, Grace Huang as
Female Technician, Stephen Oyoung as
Young Man, J.P. Murrieta as Local Reporter, Casey Messer as Local Reporter, Ben Wang as Chinese President, Nicholas Ballas as French President, Jonathan Richards as British Prime Minister, Ivan G’Vera as Russian President (as Ivan Gvera), Michael Davis as Old Man with Oxygen, Brandon K. Hampton as Officer, Sam Quinn as Radar Officer, Shad Adair as
Aide to Sec of Defense Tanner (uncredited), Valerie Adams as Pedestrian (uncredited), Lorus Allen as Area 51 Flagman (uncredited), Mark S. Allen as
Journalist (uncredited), Toney Anton as
ESD Tech / Ground Crew (uncredited), Aurora Antonio as Teenager (uncredited), Justin Arnsworth as Fighter Pilot (uncredited), Nathaniel Augustson as
Gas Station Attendant (uncredited), Robert O. Baker as Press Corp / Washington Dignitary (uncredited), Colt Balok as
Area 51 Soldier (uncredited), Brian Barela as Area 51 Soldier (uncredited), Wren Barnes as Girl Driving Her Car Away from Chaos (uncredited), Richard Beal as Military Brass (uncredited), Ciara Bergman as ESD Tech (uncredited), Todd Bethke as
Airline Passenger (uncredited), Morse Bicknell as Russian Commander (uncredited), Steven Blacksmith as
Orderly (uncredited), Andrew James Bleidner as Area 51 Soldier (uncredited), Brian Bolman as ESD Medical Personnel (uncredited), Dante Briggins as
Area 51 Soldier (uncredited), Nathan Brimmer as Cheyenne Mountain Security (uncredited), Edward Butron as Moon Base Tech (uncredited), Monique Candelaria as
Tech Officer (uncredited), Paul Caster as
RV Driver (uncredited), Humberto Castro as Parisian Office Worker (uncredited), Leilei Chen as Background (uncredited), Gabrielle Chevalier as Civilian Child – Extra (uncredited), Jeremie Dalaba as
Area 51 ESD Tech (uncredited), Ava Del Cielo as Young Mother (uncredited), David Devereaux as Military Aide #1 (uncredited), Faber Dewar as Flight Commander (uncredited), Jetto Dorsainville as
Salt Flats Tech / Area 51 Soldier (uncredited), Edward A. Duran as
Orbital tech #2 (uncredited), Mark Falvo as
News Reporter (uncredited), Marlon V. Gaines as Driver (uncredited), Diana Gaitirira as Comms Officer (uncredited), Gerry Garcia as Bus Boy (uncredited), Tahseen Ghauri as Area 51 ESD Scientist (uncredited), Lawrence Gilligan as President Aide (uncredited), Alison Grainger as Gas Station Customer (uncredited), Evan Bryn Graves as
Pilot P. Goodman (uncredited), William Greely as Area 51 Tech (uncredited), Sylvie Hagan as Scientist (uncredited), Stephen M. Hardin as Tug Pilot (uncredited), Crystal Harris as Woman Driving Away from Chaos (uncredited), Jason E. Hill
Marine (uncredited), Landon Hill as
Bus Passenger (uncredited), Alan Humphrey as Press Corps (uncredited), Raiden Integra as Press Corps (uncredited), Benny James as Orderly (uncredited), Patrick Juarez as Area 51 Officer (uncredited), Jamie H. Jung as Ground Crew (uncredited), Jade Kammerman as
Orbital Tech (uncredited), Cory Kapahulehua as Moon Base Tug Pilot (uncredited), Harrison Kavanaugh as
ESD Tech (uncredited), Katrina Kavanaugh as ESD Tech (uncredited), Sal Koussa as
Window Washer (uncredited), Tyler Kurtz as Pilot (uncredited), Tom Kwiat as
Pvt. Ian Jennings (uncredited), Josh LaCombe as Area 51 Tech (uncredited), Jonathan Lane as Press Corps (uncredited), Andrei Lapionak as Russian Cosmonaut (uncredited), Steve Larese as Washington D.C. Dignitary (uncredited), Shawn Lecrone as Area 51 Soldier (uncredited), Kenny Leu as Ping Li (uncredited), Cajardo Lindsey as Camera Operator (uncredited), David Loving as DC Dignitary (uncredited), Kelly V. Lucio as Singapore Pedestrian (uncredited), Jonathan Lund as Scientist #1 (uncredited), Jon McGarrah as Area 51 Ground Crew (uncredited), David Melendez as Prison Tech (uncredited), David Miller as USAF 2d Lt Hamm (uncredited), Justin D. Moore as Hospital visitor / WA DC Dignitary (uncredited), Victoria L. Moya as
ESD Soldier / Hospital Patient (uncredited), Hans Obma as Sokolov (uncredited), Vaughn Odenbrett as
Angry Driver in Volvo Pulling Trailer (uncredited), Johnny Otto as
Secret Service Agent (uncredited), Akshay Patel as Dylan’s Pilot (uncredited), Daniel Pattison as Area 51 Fighter Pilot (uncredited), Julian Petersen as
Fighter Pilot / Military Soldier (uncredited), Kyle Pierson as
Area 51 / ESD Ground Crew (uncredited), Catharine Pilafas as Flight Officer #3 (uncredited), Alexander Daniel Pimentel as
Secret Service Agent (uncredited), Tiffany Quilter as Driver fleeing invasion (uncredited), Grizelda Quintana as
Road Rage / Confrontation Driver (uncredited), Dave Racki as
Chopper Pilot (uncredited), Diezel Ramos as Area 51 Soldier (uncredited), Jonathan Ray as Area 51 Soldier (uncredited), Alice Rietveld as Secret Service Agent (uncredited), Ryan Baloy Rivera as
SGT P. Howard (uncredited), Chris Romrell as Moon Base Tech (uncredited), Anthony J Sacco as Hospital visitor (uncredited), Clayton Salberg as Area 51 Fighter Pilot (uncredited), Brent Wayne Sanders as
Moon Base Tug Pilot (uncredited), Gabriel Schmidt as Driver (uncredited), Jack T. Silliman as Area 51 Tech Security (uncredited), Christian Simpson as Sgt. Fletcher Smith (uncredited), Jeremy Sims as Area 51 Technician (uncredited), Alma Sisneros as Aide 2 (uncredited), Corey Sondrup as Driver (uncredited), Phil Sperandeo as Area 51 Soldier (uncredited), David Stanford as Washington D.C. Dignitary (uncredited), Michael E. Stogner as Press Corps (uncredited), Aaron Templeton as Area 51 Solider (uncredited), Michael Love Toliver as Moon Base Tech (uncredited), Aaron Tyler as Tug Pilot (uncredited), Gregory Paul Valdez as Press Corps (uncredited), McKenna Wagenman as Gas Station Kid (uncredited), Shannan Wagenman as Gas Station Patron (uncredited), Taylor Wagenman as Hospital Kid (uncredited), Jerry Walker as Milky Eye Guard (uncredited), Rooter Wareing as White House Staffer (uncredited), Nate Warren as Marley Sullivan (uncredited), Joe Warshaw as Sgt 1st Class Miller (uncredited), Robert Douglas Washington as Dirk Strickland (uncredited), Charles Adam West as Scientist #2 (uncredited), Jeffrey M. Williams as Patricia Squadron Pilot (uncredited), Danny Winn as DC Dignitary (uncredited), Otis Winston as Brian Cole (uncredited), Benjamin Isaiah Wolfe
DC Dignitary (uncredited).