Movies Galore takes a look at bikesploitation film “C C & Company” directed by Seymour Robbie from 1970!

Written by David Strege


Since I pulled back my layers of bikesploitation films for a bit I figured I’d bring up a skin flick from 1970 directed by Seymour Robbie who wrote for tv shows like Murder She Wrote and Remington Steele but talk about sleaze lol.


I guess you’d call this a personal favorite of mine but the film start out with C C Rider (Joe Namoth) pretending to be shopping but instead making a sandwich by going to the bread isle, the meat department and the mayonnaise isle for some lunch and leave by buying something asto disguise his crime…


As we find out C C Rider is a drifter whom is rolling around with a motor cycle gang outfit run by a rugged looking man by the name of Moon.  The gang survived by waylaying passerby’s, sex trafficking and drinking, causing destruction but C C Rider also runs into the beautiful sex symbol Goddess Ann Margret playing Ann McCalley a woman hired to be a fashion designer for a more main stream dirt bike Racer in town.

Things don’t hit the fan until C C enters one of the races and beats Ann McCalleys Driver she’s designing for fair and square.  When C C doesn’t share his spoils with the gang and steals the gangs dough out from under Moon from Pom Pom this starts an all it man hunt for CC as he begins to have an affair with the beautiful Ann McCalley.


Now I know some of the stunts in here are rather stupid and the biker gang is more of a commune than a gang but this is seriously if you find the right copy from Platinum Disc Corporation a lot of fun.

This is a b movie and you’ll hear a lot of elevator music plus there is quite the steamy sex scene between Namath and Margret it was rememberable for me.

Also interestingly enough Sid Haig plays a small bit part as one of the bikers whom later we will know as Captain Spaulding from the Devils Rejects. Some may call this boring but I call it some good cheese and laughable… hehe


Also another film to have a cheese title song and apparently a real biker gang named either after or or of them.

Starring Joe Namath as C.C. Ryder, Ann-Margret as Ann McCalley, William Smith as Moon, Jennifer Billingsley as Pom Pom, Mike Battle as Rabbit, Greg Mullavey as Lizard, Teda Bracci as Pig, Don Chastain as
Eddie Ellis, Sid Haig as Crow, Bruce Glover as Captain Midnight, Kiva Kelly as Tandalaya, Jacquie Rohr as Zit-Zit (as Jackie Rohr), Robert Keyworth as Charlie Hopkins, Alan Pappe as Photographer, Ned Wertimer as Motorcycle Salesman, Bill Baldwin as Night Watchman (as William Baldwin), Shirley Eder as Lady Ticket Taker, John Wasserman as Store Manager, Bonnie Emerson as Model, Paula Warner as Model, Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Ryders as Themselves, Tedd King as Suicide Sam, Gary Littlejohn as Sitting Bull, Frank Noel as Kraut, Wayne Cochran as Wayne Cochran – lead, Wayne Cochran and the C.C. Riders (uncredited), Duncan Inches as Spectator (uncredited).


Movies Galore takes a look at 1972’s bikesploitation film”Northville Cemetery Massacre” directed by William Dear and Thomas Van Dyke which didn’t release until 1976

Written by David Strege


The feeling of the open road, the wildness and freedom to be part of something bigger with people you consider brothers and the lawlessness all go hand to hand with biker clubs and gangs.


There was and still is a passion for taking to riding in groups on motorcycles I also don’t think many biker films reach cult statis but I feel this film has…

Helmed by Director William Dear who would go on to helm such films as Harry and the Hendersons – 1987, Angels in the Outfield – 1994, and Wild America – 1997, and Thomas Van Dyke which this would be his only project.

To me the 70s was an era of film where sleaze and Corniness went hand in hand together but also the birth of the true action films…

Northville Cemetery Massacre to me begins in the era of the 60s which seems like it’s the tale end of the hippy love “Flower Power” Era but also a time where violence wasn’t seen from the other side…


A biker gang by the name of “The Spirits” is riding the open road in the beginning we see them helping an elderly couple fix their tire and as hokiness tends to be one of the bikers openly kiss the elderly woman in the opening scene lol.

But in all honesty this film is about more than just gangs and drugs, it’s also a play on the corruption of the police force where a groupie young girl is raped by a police captain that blames it on a rival bike gang which starts a range war to openly kill each other off hoping to stop the gangs entirely.


Ultimately it becomes a game of cat and mouse fire power against firepower leaving dead bodies on either side…

Our main Character Chris is caught up in the dram as it’s his girl who didn’t say anything to her father that began this blood bath to begin with.

In reality I feel this is almost exactly the kind of tactics I fear were used to stop many of the gang wars in real life but there is certainly in this film a view of opinions and culture from both sides.


I also think that it’s the only biker film that I know of that uses real biker clubs for both rival gangs so in a sense it is vitally more real to name of the violence that can go on through misunderstandings but I also know that it’s imperitively wrong for what bikers at the time did as well.  Violence does not begat violence.


It does has a very grindhouse feel and seems like a dubbed film but carries the legacy of gangwarfare in biker gangs with a diehard vengeance… and sad that police can get away with violence as well.

I think it deserves cult status and it’s not entirely to me the ultimate biker flick but it deserves a place on the top ten biker lists for sure…

Starring David Hyry as Chris, J. Craig Collicut as Putnam (as Craig Collicott), Carson Jackson as Deke, Jan Sisk as Lynn, Herb Sharples as John Tyner, Len Speck as
Armstrong, Beatrice Endahl as Lady in Car, Harry Endahl as Man in Car, Brooke Evens as Hollywood, Jill Biggers as Bride, Ward Clawson as First Road Ranger, Richard Davis as Second Road Ranger, Buzz Brown as Part Time Judge, Audrey Speck as Tina, Chuck Whaley as Tiny, Terence McGovern as Teddy (as Terry McGovern), Kelly Burke as TV Reporter, Fred Rex as TV Cameraman, Ed Pieratt as Chief, Eric Fisher as Rookie, Jackie Harbin as Waitress, Virginia Pieratt as Nurse, Road Agents Motorcycle Club as Rival Club (as Road Agents MC), Ray Gardener as
Captain Freedom, Garret Albright as Trucker, Howard Reeves as Officer Piggins, Don Franklin as Officer Fedorko, Charles Pearson as First Hearse Driver, William Morrell as Second Hearse Driver, Anthony Wyrock as Third Hearse Driver, Pat Monks as Pilot, Victoria Baue, Nancy Burek, Debbi Dipietro (as Debbi DiPietro), Richard Duggan, Don C. Howell, Susan Kingsley,
David Klim, Joe Pazzanese, James Tulas, Louis Westfall, Nick Nolte as Chris (voice) (uncredited).

Movies Galore takes a look at IFC film Director David Lowery’s film “Ain’t Them Dead Body Saints” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


As I just Reviewed Pete’s Dragon I wanted to review an earlier effort of David Lowery’s as it was apparent he was an independent director before helming that Disney film which is from IFC called “Ain’t Them Body Saints.”

It follows the story of star crossed lovers and Thieves similar to Bonnie and Clyde where we see that Bob Muldoon (Casey Affleck) and Ruth Guthrie (Rooney Mara) are holed up in a shootout in Texas after a heist where Ruth shoots the young sheriff (Ben Foster).


Once caught Bob Muldoon take the blame of shooting the sherrif on Ruth’s behalf for 25 years then one day makes a clean escape from a work truck to travel back home to see the wife and child he’s never saw born.

 Times have changed and because authorities are on the lookout out for him already makes it dangerous for him to return to begin with and as Muldoon has written to Guthrie over the years with unreturned letters the Sherrif expresses she should go away somewhere safe.


With a performance by Keith Carradine as Skerritt who plays the father of Bob and I believe Runs the General Store in town… three strangers also role into town looking for their cut of the last heist Bob and Ruthie had been part of…

In a way this was kind of a western drama but had moments of slowness and took its time getting to the point of its tale but I feel that this showed a narrative of the consequences of what happens after of crimes that didn’t sit well on ones so young…

It’s hard to say much of this film as I feel it began in the middle and as we only saw slightly what transpired when the strangers came after Muldoon, the way they watched him leave from his freinds bar…


The acting I feel was spot on by everyone but I myself specifically had problems understanding what Casey Affleck was Saying to Rooney Mara as he is very very very softly spoken and since he is soft the accent kind of muddled his speaking so I lost what he was saying while Muldoon was in the car speaking with Ruth.

Other than this it wasn’t a bad film the cinematography was slightly shakey a few times but I figured it was meant to be so.  There was certainly an amount of feeling and emotion to be fealt in this film the characters are easily relateable but it didn’t really impress me too much except for it’s simple beauty in the beginning of Muldoon And Guthrie alone in the car.

Starring Rooney Mara as Ruth Guthrie. Casey Affleck as Bob Muldoon, Ben Foster as Patrick Wheeler, Keith Carradine as Skerritt, Kennadie Smith as Sylvie Guthrie, Jacklynn Smith as Sylvie Guthrie, Nate Parker as Sweetie, Robert Longstreet as Cowboy Hat, Charles Baker as Bear, Augustine Frizzell as Sissy, Kentucker Audley as Freddy, David Zellner as Zellner, Turner Ross as T.C., Rami Malek as Will, Will Beinbrink as Lt. Townes, Frank Mosley as Lt. Carson, Steve Corner as Lt. Brule, Annalee Jefferies as Mary, Gwen Waymon as Margaret, Artist Thornton as Altman, Richard Jackson as Skerritt’s Friend, Johnny Hornas Stranger, Heather Kafka as Midwife #1, Susy Duggins as
Midwife #2, Wyatt James Stafford as Baby in Daycare, Steve Corder as Lt. Boone (uncredited), Alec Jhangiani as State Trooper (uncredited), Steve Jimenez as Detective (uncredited), Tony McCullough as Texas Highway Patrol (uncredited), James Paul As Cafe Patron (uncredited), Alice Searcy as Bar Patron Playing Pool (uncredited), Eric Steele as Miles (uncredited).

Movies Galore takes a look at Disney Director David Lowery’s Pete’s Dragon from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Over a year ago we heard that Disney was adapting a newer version of the tale of Pete’s Dragon for 2016 and I think they’ve found their director in independent film maker David Lowery of (Ain’t Them Body Saints).

In this version Pete was in a car going on an “adventure” with his parents as a small child.  A deer ran across the road causing an accident. After the accident is where Pete meets Elliot for the first time…

Six years later we see Pete a little older and looking not unlike memeseku of Jungle 2 Jungle or a young Tarzan for that matter as he runs through the woods With Elliot to their treehouse…

Unbeknownst to both a logging company has plans to rip this entired forest to the ground… but Pete first across Grace whom appears to be a forest ranger who knows these woods by the back of her hand…

Which is not until Natalie, Grace’s Daughter notice’s little Pete in the trees does Pete’s humble little world come to a hault as he is taken from the woods to their home.  Meanwhile Elliot has been asleep through all this and awakens to scare a few loggers one of them being family to Grace’s Husband also Log camp boss.

Elliot comes in search of Pete and after a few ramblings find him.  Pete on the other hand is excited to show Meecham (Robert Redford) whom has seen the Dragon before, Natalie and Grace his home that he’s made with Elliot but trouble ensues when the logger and also family member Gavin played by Karl Urban (Star Trek), captures Elliot and drags him into town with tranquilizers…

Elliot is obviously no longer an animation or drawing but a CGI created character but I feel they certainly most incredibly recreated Elliot and upgraded him for sure but certainly reminds me that even if we had something special or magical people like cops and all the above in authority would do anything imaginable to destroy such a creature for how Gavin acted in response to capturing The Dragon for sport.

What did disappoint me in this film is that we didn’t really get to see much of Pete’s growth and communication with the people of the town.  I believe the main focus was the strong bond and relationship the boy and the Dragon had.


I guess it’s also hard to imagine a Dragon as a fuzzy creature as it appears that Monsters Inc. seems to have had its influence in fuzziness hehe but Elliot has always been a character to me set aside from others and is in his own right a creature of his own.

I think I also enjoyed Robert Redfield’s performance though it was small he helped with his narrative to help it feel mor magical and mystical.

I enjoyed the film but I can’t help it’s Tarzan and Jungle Book ties and likeness to their stories origins…

Starring Bryce Dallas Howard as Grace, Robert Redford as Meacham, Oakes Fegley as Pete, Oona Laurence as Natalie, Wes Bentley as Jack, Karl Urban as Gavin, Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Sheriff Gene Dentler, Marcus Henderson as Woodrow, Aaron Jackson as Abner, Phil Grieve as Bobby, Steve Barr as Deputy Smalls, Keagan Carr Fransch as Doctor Marquez, Jade Valour as
Nurse Merriwether, Augustine Frizzell as
Mrs. Swanberg, Francis Biggs as Mr. Swanberg, Jasper Putt as Freckled Kid, Esmée Myers as Mom, Gareth Reeves as
Dad, Levi Alexander as Young Pete, Jim McLarty as Ranger Wentworth, Brandie Stephens as Patient’s Mom, Josephine Stephens as Little Girl Patient, Tai McKenzie as EMT Staffer, Ian Harcourt as
Deputy West, Mia Thomas as Jasmine, Ruby Acevedo as Joy, Oliver Neil as Jerry, James Allcock as Jimmy, Annabelle Malaika Süess as Jenny, Olly Presling as
Billy Brown, Jenesis Au-Yeung as Julia, Daria Ponomaryova as Jane, Bukhosi Ngewenya as Jandy, William J. Rawbone as
Jacob, Fraser McLeod as Millworker, Richard Falkner as Millworker, Jason Fitch as Logger, David J. Muzzerall as Citation Driver, Geoff Naylor as School Bus Driver, Toby Halbrooks as Unfortunate Ambulance Patient, Jade Healy as Waitress, John Kassir as Elliot Vocals (voice), Jude Swanberg as Crying Toddler Sounds (voice), Bart the Bear as Bear, Augie Davis as Zellner (uncredited), Craig Hall as Adult Pete (uncredited), Tom Kay as Fireman (uncredited), Tim Wong as Carruth (uncredited).

Movies Galore takes a look at Pete’s Dragon from Disney’s Director Don Chaffey and Don Bluth from 1977!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Don Chaffey and Don Bluth who was left uncredited without the consent of either directors which is typical of Movie Mogols in 1977, written by Malcolm Marmostein, this film was one of the adaptations of Disney mixing cartoons with live action that has become a beloved classic by many as it’s the story of Pete and his magical Dragon Elliot.

We are introduced to Pete as he is running through the woods from some bad looking rednecks who apparently use Pete for slave labor where ever they live but Pete’s Best freind is with him A green Dragon with purple hair…


Now to me Disney has used Dragons before in The Reluctanct Dragon short from 1941 and Sword in the Stone from 1963 but this Dragon is not your normal ordinary Dragon.

Now while Pete is running from the Gogans and Elliot helping they come across a crossroads with a sign leading them to the seaside town of Passamaquoddy where Pete Runs into Nora  which is where Elliot is seen by Lampie (Mickie Rooney) Nora’s father where he begins to tell everyone that he’s seen a monster in fact a Dragon.  Nora and Lampie run the Lighthouse in town and Nora is pretty much waiting for her husband to come home from the sea…


Ultimately Pete starts living with Nora (Helen Reddy a popular folk singer of the time) where because it’s Disney this version of Pete’s Dragon was more like a musical with popular Show tunes such as “It’s not Easy”, “Candle on the Water” nominated for an academy award but loosing to… “You Light Up My Life” from the same film…


A tracking salesman comes to town selling medicines from France supposedly by the name of Dr. Terminus who keeps not mispronouncing the towns name but is present in town to hear the ramblings of Lampie and his so called dragon sighting…

Pete on the other hand is made to go to school and cleaned up when only to be waylaid by the Gogans whom Lena Gogan Runs with an iron Heel (Shelley Winters) who claim to have bought the boy from a couple but Nora fights tooth and nail and hides Pete at the lighthouse.


One sequence I will remember was in the bar with Helen ready as Nora where she gets up on bear barrels and dances while they are rolling to me this was different and unique a blend of how choreography could be displayed much like later with the school children.

At the time this film was heavily criticized upon… one critic Thomas J. Harris in Children’s Live-Action Musical Films: A Critical Survey and Filmography called it to having a Marypoppinish Ending and complained about the fact that there wasn’t really a back story another Leonard Malton? Called it boring and supposed a child could be pleased by the Dragon and “the animated title character so endearing that it almost compensates for the live actors uncomfortable Mugging.”


To be fair and honest though I think Elliot as a drawing was somewhat corny it was certainly a unique story to me enough to be rememberable and enjoyable to watch as I feel it is in its own right it’s own film, it’s own tale and original in its effects with what they had to work with at the time.

I believe that the critics had this one wrong and believe it holds up to the test of time as a classic!

Starring Helen Reddy as Nora, Jim Dale as
Dr. Terminus, Mickey Rooney as Lampie, Red Buttons as Hoagy, Shelley Winters as
Lena Gogan, Sean Marshall as Pete, Jane Kean as Miss Taylor, Jim Backus as The Mayor, Charles Tyner as Merle, Gary Morgan as Grover, Jeff Conaway as Willie, Cal Bartlett as Paul, Charlie Callas as Elliott (voice), Walter Barnes as Captain, Al Checco as Fisherman #1, Henry Slate as
Fisherman #2, Jack Collins as Fisherman #3, Robert Easton as Store Proprietor, Roger Price as Man with Visor, Robert Foulk as Old Sea Captain, Ben Wrigley as
Egg Man, Joe Ross as Cement Man, Rocky Bonifield as Townspeople / Dancer (uncredited), Patrick Dennis-Leigh as
Elderly Townsman (uncredited), Kim Diamond as Dancer / Townsperson (uncredited), Debra Dilley as
Towns Girl (uncredited), Debbie Fresh as
Child / Dancer / Singer (uncredited), Rusty Gilligan As Child / Dancer / Singer (uncredited), George Golden as White-haired Councilman (uncredited), Ken Renard As African-American Townsman (uncredited), Dinah Anne Rogers as
Townsperson (uncredited), Dee Giffin Scott as Towns Girl (uncredited), Johnny Silver as Small Townsman (uncredited), Dennis Stewart as Fisherman (uncredited), Arthur Tovey as White-haired Townsman (uncredited).

Movies Galore takes a look at ‘food Porn’ animation “Sausage Party”from 2016 and wonders if they took it too far…

Written by David Strege


Ok I obviously know I’m a late bloomer at reviewing this film as everyone around me in the film critic world seems to have nothing better to do but sit on their ass and watch films while people like myself work for for a living but that’s besides the point and better late then never…


‘Sausage Party’ was directed by Greg Teirnan and Conrad Vernon and in the wake of R-Rated madness since I believe Hell and Back onto Marvel’s Deadpool and the like set out to create one of the most controversial Adult animated comedy films turning it into one of the most loudest unfunny films of the decade.   If you really have to swear every other sentence in a comedy moment it really just says your a poty mouth and have no respect for others since you can’t find a way to communicate with the English language as consistent swearing is a virtual pet peeve of mine that shows low brain capacity in the story line scripting but here goes nothing…

Life is simple in a local shopping mart, when the shop closes the food in the mart come alive.  As the film begins we are introduced to a package of buns and a package of hotdogs.  Every morning the all food products sing a song of a dream of getting to the “Great Beyond”.


Well as we find out Frank (Seth Rogen) Seems to be lead Hotdog in his package and his buddy Barry (Michael Cera) a somewhat deformed Hot Dog both dream of this great beyond as Frank and Brenda, a hot dog bun and lead lady seemingly of her package also dream of going together into this so called ‘Great Beyond’… well… that day comes..,

Both Hot dog and bun packages are chosen together by a customer but on their way out the door a jar of Honey Mustard comes back returned… with stories of that which the great beyond is just a myth, causing a commotion where Frank and Brenda get Seperated from their packages and fall from the cart entirely.


When this happens a desposable deuch gets angry and vows vengeance while Frank and Brenda end up going on a journey in the mall meeting up with a Bagel,  A humus and eventially a lesbian taco… (Salma Hayek) meanwhile…


Barry has gone out to the great beyond and to the home of the customer and watches as Carl and his other hotdog package buds are murdered before his eyes and barely escapes… meets up with a shopper of the place he’d come with whom is a druggy and a fat slob.


Only while sniffing crack is this human able to understand everything Barry’s and the injured food lying in the dudes place are saying, including a chewed up piece of gum that speaks like Stephen Hawkins.

The climax of the film is not the plan to have a food fight to fight back with the humans even though it’s a little fun to see but is in fact in the orgy that is afterwards which was the whole reason why this film was even talked about.

Like I said in the beginning I wonder if they went too far with the senseless swearing and the insulation of making fun of a man that is a genius in his own way Stephen Hawkins.


Now I have to admit that I did laugh in bits and can see how it kinda sort could have been a cute movie but as it has some sicklish perversion bits added you can see that Seth Rogen and Crew have their influence in the animation as some of the humor seems unscripted and adlibed which is possibly why it works to a somewhat degree.  Also I too feel that Toy Story influenced this mad fiasco into being  but a hell of a lot more dirtier.

The other thing of not I absolutely believe the way they marketed this films trailer in some of the theaters was bad for the film makers as apparently young children were allowed to see the trailer before actual animated events so I feel it could have been marketed way better they should have known better.

Did I enjoy this film? I guess ultimately I did but there is so much fucked up about this film…

Movies Galore takes a Look at “20th Century Women” Directed by Mike Mills from 2016 and We Call it a breath of Fresh air!

Written by David Strege


I figured it was time to stray away from the films I tend to favor to review to bring you one of a recent screening I went to because of my involvement with the Women’s film festival and thought I’d be seeing your normal sobby chick flick and turned out to be impressed by its subtle jaunt into some of the greatest movements in history…


Directed by Mike Mills (Thumbsucker, Beginners) he spins a tale from narratives and Experiences of a Woman named Dorothea Fields (Annette Benning) and her troubled growing son Jamie.  Jamie and his mother also live with handyman Williams (Billy Crudup) and struggling feminist photographer Abbie (Greta Gerwig).


Ocassionally Jamie’s best freind Julie “Elle Fanning from Neon Demon” the girl next store type climbs up into Jamie’s room and talks for hours about all her relationship problems… while Jamie keeps the fact he’s in love with her to himself…

At some point Dorthea comes to the realization that she’s not getting any younger and decides to invite the help of the females in Jamie’s life to help teach him about the world in their own ways…


I felt this film was intellectually smart I mean,I could really relate to Jamie when he specifically read lines from a popular feminist Novel speaking words about the female productive system and learning about sexuality and the teenage angst in the seriousness of the punk music movement.  It was liberating seeing how each narrative was told.

It didn’t drag it got to the point I really thought Hollywood had lost its creativity for sometime and I’m glad I saw this film over Moana lol it was like a breathe of fresh air to to the serious subject matter.


Annete Banning in her mannerisms to figure out her role in hersons life was certainly a trip that I think everyone can enjoy… her performance isn’t unlike Hepburns in “On Golden Pond”.

Just goes to show you you can not judge a film by its cover!

Starring Annette Bening as Dorothea Fields, Greta Gerwig as Abbie, Elle Fanning as Julie, Billy Crudup as William, Lucas Jade Zumann as Jamie, Alison Elliott as
Julie’s Mother, Thea Gill as Abbie’s Mother, Vitaly Andrew LeBeau as
Young Jamie (as Vitaly A. Lebeau), Olivia Hone as Julie’s Sister, Waleed Zuaiter as
Charlie, Curran Walters as Matt, Darrell Britt-Gibson As Julian, Alia Shawkat as
Trish, Nathalie Love as Cindy, Cameron Protzman as Teen in Therapy, Victoria Bruno as Teen in Therapy #2, John Billingsley as Abby’s OBYGN, Cameron Gellman as Mark, Finnegan Seeker Bell as
Brian (as Finnegan Bell), Zoë Nanos as Tanya, Lauren Foley as Michelle, Gareth Williams as Fire Chief, J. Francisco Rodriguez as Fireman, Zoë Worth as
Family Planning Worker, Finn Roberts as
Tim Drammer, Laura Wiggins as Lynette Winters, Rick Gifford as Police Officer, Paul Tigue as Jamie’s School Principal, Matthew Foster as Dorothea’s Bank Manager, Kirk Bovill as Dorothea’s Dinner Guest, Victoria Hoffman as Dorothea’s Dinner Guest #2, Christina Offley as
Dorothea’s Dinner Guest #3 (as Christina Andrea Offley), Randy Ryan as
Dorothea’s Dinner Guest #4, Diana Bostan as William’s Women, Toni Gaal as
William’s Women #2, Tanya Young as
William’s Women #3, Hans-Peter Thomas as Abbie’s NYC Boyfriend, Kai Lennox as
Reporter / Abbie’s Future Husband, Paul Messinger as Santa Barbara City Official, Eric Wentz as Emergency Room Doctor, Samantha Gros as Emergency Room Nurse, Britt Sanborn as Emergency Nurse #2, Alexis Turner as Girls Choir (as Alexis Milan Turner), Catherine Zelensky as
Girls Choir #2 (as Catherine Selinsky), Boyce Buchanan as Girls Choir #3, Kyle Olivia Green as Girls Choir #4, Sam Marsh as Girls Choir #5, Antonia Marie Vivino as
Girls Choir #6, Sara Pelayo as Girls Choir #7, Annabelle Lee Moncrief as Girls Choir #8 (as Annabelle Lee), Avi Boyko as
‘Phlask’ (Club Band), Tyler Leyva as
‘Phlask’ (Club Band), Cameron Simon as
‘Phlask’ (Club Band), Jesse Sanes as
‘Snake Fang’ (House Party Band), Sam Bosson as ‘Snake Fang’ (House Party Band), Ian Logan as ‘Snake Fang’ (House Party Band), Patrick Pastor as Skateboarder, Trent Bowman as
Skateboarder #2, Justin Rivera as
Skateborder #3, Desmond Shepherd as
Skateboarder #4, Joshua Burge as
Abbie’s Friend, Daniel Dorr as
Abbie’s Friend #2, Christopher Carroll as
Pharmacist, Hayden Gold as Julie’s Hesher Friend, Alex Wexo as Julie’s Stepdad, Pete Mason as Bi Plane Pilot, Padraic Cassidy as
Drafting Officer Manager, Matty Cardarople as Bartender, Toni Christopher as Woman at Bar, Rachel Hirshee, Lucy Angelo as Stoner Kid (uncredited), Aleana Anthony as Nurse (uncredited), Casey Burke as Group Therapy Patient (uncredited), Susie Ganiere as School Secretary (uncredited), David James Goulard as A Passer-By (uncredited), Lisa-Beth Harris as Viv, French Mother (uncredited), Cindy Jo Hinkleman as Cindy (uncredited), Gwen Holloway as Jamie’s Nurse (uncredited), Daniel D. Houy as
Driver (uncredited), Sarah Josephs as
Laurie (uncredited), Henry Knotts as
Dirtbag (uncredited), Zoë Lillian as
French Teen Tourist (uncredited), Jacob Peacock As Carpenter #3 (uncredited), Haleigh Ward as Pregnant Teen (uncredited).

Movies Galore take a look at Director John Pata’s Short film “Better Off Undead” from 2007!

Written by David Strege


John Pata is a Wisconsin director who hails from the Oshkosh scene heading up Head Trauma Productions teaming with Newbeat to film his first short film Better Off Undead.

Marcus, Chris and Evan are college kids unawares of their surroundings as an infection spreads where kids and people they know in their small town are eating each other and infesting their own Gaming Center: House of Heros…

My biggest problem are the boys do an excessive amount of walking at one point but ultimately they hole themselves up in Marcus’s Apartment and get drunk….


When I first watched this short film months ago I wasn’t sure what to think but I’m kind of a fan of Marcus’s murderous energy lol at least in his dreams…

Perfect example of fucktards oblivious of the outside world yet somehow find their inner hero…

Not bad for his first film but there were a few slow moments like I said… but these guys are very relateable but they certainly seem to find sick things to converse about… not only that but Marcus’ roommate Nicole was bitten and starts to turn into one of those flesh eating undead laying on the lawn…

Ultimately it’s almost better off to be…

I enjoyed this second time around though these zombies look more like joker with BatmAn but it’s certainly got some nice splatter moments…


Starring Drew Schuldt as Marcus, Dale DeVries as Chris, Jordan Brown as Evan, Sam Warnke as Theo, Mary Manchester as
Emily, Dr. Kickbutt as Himself, Nicole Grumbeck as Nicole, Scott Dercks as Driver, Jason Baer as Zombie, Claudine Bonneau as Zombie, Nathan Bowie as
Zombie, Joey Brown as Zombie, Colin Crowley as Zombie, Paul Crowley as Zombie, Kyle Fischer as Zombie, Scott Garrity as Zombie, Jacki Higgins as Zombie, Ryan Kinderman as Zombie, Elizabeth Kinsman as Zombie, Jeniifer Kohler as Zombie, Wade Lallemont as Zombie, Eric Leitl as Zombie, Lee Marohn as Zombie, Jake Martin as Zombie, Brittney Olson as Zombie, John Pata as Zombie, Jessica Phaffenroth as Zombie, Jon Powell as Zombie, Keri Rasmussen as Zombie, Danielle Riemer as Zombie, Leah Rockweit as Zombie, Jason Ryf as Zombie, Koran Ryf as Zombie, Amanda Schreiber as Zombie, Tony Seraphine as Zombie, Tauno Stark as
Zombie, Eric Stykel as Zombie, Peter Van Linn III as Zombie, Coree Van Thiel as
Zombie, Eric Van Thiel as Zombie, Michael Waltenberry as Zombie, Max Wasinger as
Zombie, Charlie Wilheim as Zombie, Arthur David Williams Jr. as Zombie (as Dave Williams).

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Dane Keil’s dystopian Silent short film “Aeternus” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


Dane Keil I think as a young director is a rising individual that shows his creativity to a flying tee.  If you haven’t heard of his previous works they have All been short films by the names of “Xenophobia”, “Creative Differences”, and of course his “Potatoes from Outer Space! trilogy.


‘Aeturnus’ brought to us by Long Tall Sally Films, shows his love of Silent films and the black and white silver screen film era as well as German Expressionism dealing with shadowy imagery almost lost to modern day film viewers.

A creation wakes up in his creators lab also his bedroom alone to the books of his master where he finds a key that open a chest to the last message left by said Creator…

Dane captures a moment of knowing his only freind and companion his Master is dead he is alone…


So the creation decides to cook up an idea to create his own female creation…  from his Masters idea of life… but also in creation there is curiosity of the differences between life and death….

I feel ithis was a film almost in honor and Danes own story of Frankenstein but also a romantic love story that sadly shows emotion (Aaron Dunlap) who plays the creation shows much emotion and reminds me of David Lynch’s Eraserhead in the portrayal of displays of sadness and happiness…


Ultimately this is a treat to see and feel Dane made it his own tale… well done!

Starring Aaron Dunlap as The Creation, Kirsten Ehlert as His Love, Al Julian as
The Master

Movies Galore takes a look at Director Mark Borchardt’s short film “Coven” from 1997!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Mark Borchardt filmmaker and actor from Milwaukee, whom is most well known for the documentary American Movie in 2004 through his own company called Northwestern Productions in 1997. Mark Borchardt has also acted in such films as “The One” – 2001, “The Devil’s Muse” – 2007, “Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever” and “Modus Operandi” from 2009, “The Amateur Monster Movie” and “The Hagstone Demon” from 2011 among others… including most recently Melonie Gartner’s “Two Rivers” Short film as well as its sequel Where The Great Spirits Live which I’m sure the film community can’t wait to see…

Coven is about a writer named Mike (Borchardt) a man struggling inside his own dreamworld where he’s running from what we don’t know…

The film begins as Mike is having a vivid dream. He wakes up and talks to his speed pills as if they have a relationship… and in a sense they do… Ultimately he goes with a freind to check out a self help group when they really are members of a satanist cult….


For one thing at the time of its release Mark I feel got a hell of a lot of bad press from social media and for a film that became somewhere between have good and almost now reached a cult status here in Milwaukee I feel that this film is underrated in its experimental look at a detrimental look at a man only seeking guidance…

We have tough issues to deal with every day and I think Mark touched on a spiritual level a belief that everything is not what it seems and sometimes there is no help when you truly need it.  This is the message I feel he portrays in one of his three directed films.  It’s a shame that he only acts in movies and doesn’t direct morefor I feel he had or has a talent for subversive Experimental film making and will forever be connected with American Movie even though he absolutely hates talking about the film and wants nothing to do with it as it sorta puts Mr. Borchardt in a bad light which I will talk more about American Movie when I do my review of it.


Coven isn’t a fantastic film, but it’s certainly entered into my mind as an artistically creative film that showed some underlying  undertones of talent as I’ve said that possibly could have given both to more but society booed and shook its massively biased head at this film and makes me angry that film makers can in fact be ridiculed by critics that seem to think they are the voice of the world you have to let film makers grow and cultivate whatever creativeneness they have not nip it in the bud.


I certainly enjoyed finally watching Coven from start to finish I hope that you all will give Coven a chance of you come across a copy… enjoy!

Starring Mark Borchardt as Mike, Tom Schimmels as Steve, Miriam Frost as Sharon, Tommy Dallace as Doc McCoy, Robert Richard Jorge as Goodman, Sherrie Beaupre as Daesa, Jack Bennett as Group Member, Mark Nadolski as Group Member, Scott Berendt as Group Member, Barbara Zanger as Group Member, Donna McMaster as Group Member, Mike Schank as Group Member, Cindy Snyder as Group Member, Nancy Williams as Group Member, Wayne Buboise as Group Member, Kurt Poth as Elevator Doctor, Robert Smith as Doctor, Kelley Cork as
Patient, Betsy Schaefer as Nurse, Brian Smith as Nurse, Damien McLaughlin as
Speed Dealer, Ray Kilzer as Liquor Store Proprietor, Mike Badem as Bartender, Geoff Fieldbinder as Bar Patron, John Wilhelm as Bar Patron, Jeremy Stevermer as Tall Guy in black robe, Brian Stodola as
Big guy in black robe, Bill Borchardt as
Old Man in Dream (uncredited).