MGOM Vs. Brad Twigg Interview on Ghoulish Tales…

Written by David Strege

Hello Movies Galorians,

Being as this is my first Interview I am to return to the grounds of a review I did on anthology film called Ghoulish Tales from 2014 by Indie Horror with film Director Brad Twigg who Co-runs Fuzzy Monkey Films with Leslie Monk.

Intro MGOM: So I’m glad that you’ve agreed Brad Twigg to this interview…


A: No problem. I’m happy to do it.

MGOM: First let’s begin begin with your name, where your from, and What were your inspirations for becoming a director of independent films?

BT: My name is Brad Twigg and I’m from Martinsburg, WV. I’ve been a horror movie fan ever since I was a kid. I would watch Commander USA’s Groovy Movies and USA Up All Night and rent all the horror movies I could get my hands on at my local video stores. After being introduced to the shot on video films of director J.R. Bookwalter I was inspired to try my hand at film making. Armed with my grandfather’s video camera, I started shooting shorts with my friends and one thing led to another.

MGOM: Why did you choose horror?

BT: The horror genre has always been appealing to me. I believe that horror films are the most challenging to make and utilize the most creativity.

MGOM: What kind of challenges did you have in making Ghoulish Tales?

BT: Ghoulish Tales was a very challenging film for me. It was my first attempt at a feature film and it was made for next to nothing. I could go on all day about all of the challenges and negativity surrounding the film. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of the movie.

MGOM: Did you have a favorite scene or shot you remember that you can share from Ghoulish Tales?

BT: The end credits. Ha ha ha.

MGOM: Where did you happen to film Ghoulish Tales?

BT: We shot Ghoulish Tales in various parts of WV and MD.

MGOM: Who were your make up artists for Ghoulish Tales? And how were your relationships with them during production?

BT: Leslie Monk handled the special make-up effects and she did a great job. Meeting her was one of the only positive things that happened during the shoot. She and I became good friends and now we run Fuzzy Monkey Films together.

MGOM: How do you think your creatures or effects turned out after production for  Ghoulish Tales?

BT: Considering the fact that Leslie had never done any type of special make-up effects before the film, I think she did an amazing job. She has continued to handle the special make-up effects for my films and her skills grow with each production. She’s insanely talented.

MGOM: Did you have any problems casting? And how was your relationship with your casts and the rest of your crews for Ghoulish Tales?

BT: The casting process went pretty smoothly and most of the cast were great. I met a lot of awesome folks during the production who I continue to work with to this day.

MGOM: Is there anything else that you’d like to ad?

BT: Watch Ghoulish Tales at your own risk. It’s bad. Really bad.

MGOM: Well Mr. Twigg thank you so much for your time and for letting me delve deep inside your twisted mind!

BT: My pleasure!


Well there you have it folks from the mouth of the man himself! Stay tuned for more interviews from the director of Ghoulish Tales…


Written By David Strege

On August 14th 2003 New York City had a blackout the worst in history…

Brought to us by Renfeild Productions as Well as Minerva Pictures, Executively produced by legendary Gremlins director Joe Dante,  this tale is directed by Nick Basile.

We begin as we see Kate and Leah whom Kate has chosen to move in with in a new York flat. A steamy lesbian sex scene… and we see differences between the two imediately. Kate seems more carefree and sloppy as Leah has a job looks nerdy, and Orderly.

In any case Leah has to return home to her family for a reason and leaves Kate alone.  Kate goes out and visits where she used to shoot photos for a living and spends the day shopping.

As she arrives home she hears a knock at the door and is introduced to an unsavery looking odd neighbor by the name of John. Which there were one or two exchanges that were slightly comical between this neighbor and Kate.

Needless to say she’s invited to go to a bar where later she ends up has some drinks while all over the city there’s a blackout as she stumble home and deals with the paranoia and feelings of anxiety that amount from pure panic and of one’s lonely abstrict thoughts….

Having said most of that the way it was told was really really slow and boring.  I had mixed feelings of this film when I saw it at the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival.  I thought this was the worst choice to put first as it almost put me to sleep.  At one point Kate was snapping pictures of every single inch of the place as we realize how insane she really is I guess?

This one I’m on the fence about and just really didn’t understand not really my type of film sorry.  I guess I expected a little more than this.

Starring Whitney Able as Kate, Alexandra Breckenridge as Leah, Michael Eklund as Benoit, Brandon Sexton III as John, Benny Ash as Avi, Redman as Marco, Eunice Ahn as Model, Steel Burkhardt as Sean, James Dinonno as Bouncer, Kristopher Thompson-Bolden as Marcel, Anita Valentini as The Bag Lady, Rose Wartell as Yogi.


Movies Galore take a look at indie feature “Test Group: Fear For The Living” directed by Albert Roberts, David B. Goodwin, Ginger Paige, and Keith Bailey from 2015 featuring all war vets!

Written by David Strege

Last November of 2015 I was searching the Web as I normally do, when I came across a zombie film from an independent label by the name of The Other Side of Georgia Productions, Inc, so I ordered a copy being as it was only 10 bucks at the time and it arrived in late January along with a few cool posters…

As delved deeper into this film I found out it wasn’t directed by just one person or two people but four, David B. Good, Albert Roberts, Ginger Paige and Keith Bailey.

From 2015 Test group is letreally about a group of people who volunteer for a new drug being tested by Bio Gen to help them deal with their aniceties and depression.  Each there for different reasons… A Waitress named Lyla whose husband was laid off of work….a student named Lucas Benett who’d heard this place was doing a study for antidepressants and depression… Stephen Bishop a father to help his daughter suffers from depression wife died, Mary Atkins a working class mother who smokes suffering from depression… Carl Avondale a grease monkey there for the money… Rachell Dowling a receptionist for a law firm referred due to her mild paranoia and anxiety issues…
The film begins in an elevator where it looks like a woman of high ranking is yelling at something that they can’t get in as you hear a voice saying…. it wasnt supposed to be like this… I thought I had covered every contingency plan… I was wrong…
Doctor Wells is in charge of conduction the interviews and monitoring the experiment that under the guise of Antidepressants experiment is secretly funded by the government and there are things the good doctor doesn’t know that bothers him…


Basically like found footage we see the various players in the experiment go through stages of what appears to be turning them into the undead…

Outburst of anger, vision improving and even cigarettes makino Mary Atkins feel sick…

These patients are on the verge of an outbreak… and once there done eating their city then their coming for you…

I think this was a different kind of zombie film from the ones were used too, as the infection is spread through a contained situation.  As I feel that the government has actually done experiments on human being especially with the Agent Orange epidemic during the Gulf War.  These are very average people and though all are in it for the money, you can see these folks have lives and experience the pain in becoming what they didn’t know was happening.


You can also see the other side as far as the government is concerned… its like they don’t really care that they’ve made these people they’re guinea pigs for a mass contagion and letting it take effect in the community and then claim indifference…

My only problem is that it is probably a taste on the slow side so it is a slow horror film as its basically logging the things happening to the individuals.

What I do want to say is there is definitely some humor in the film as there’s a moment Mary Atkins in her mutated form says some pretty funny statementS on food… no comment.. hehe

In any case there is definitely gore aplenty in this slow to arriving at the Bloody action moment zombie film.

I’d recommend Test Group to horror fans but like I said it is a slow procession to watch as there aren’t many action parts up til at least a little over half the film but I enjoyed it.  I’m not going to grade this film as I believe that’s degrading and really up to the viewer.  It’s a film you could either loved or hate and I enjoyed it… by the way I heard there’s an experiment in the paper again… I wonder if we should check it out…

Starring Hammer Abinacer as Christoff Naziri, Tae-LA Actress as Vivian Kimbral, Shelley Alexander as Mrs. Bettylou, Jared Allman as Dr. Martin Wells, Jos Amorin as Trina Martindell, Tari Ayana as Tesha Godard, Christy L. Bailey as Mariel Huppert, Denise Bailey as Rebecca Dowling, Keith Bailey as Galen Ozment, Kinsley Bailey as Katie, Jaden Baker as Charley Sheffer, Jayla Baker as Rubye Sheffer, McKinley Baker as Gracie Sheffer, Taylor Baker as Soldier Kelsey Sheffer, Tymille Baker as Rachell Godard, Cheyenne Banks as Tiffani Smithson, Corrie Barrios as Shopper #2: Jessie, David Barrios as Mac Helsley, Dylan Barrios as Johnny, Temperance Barrios as Sylvia Rollins, Trystan Barrios as Paul Rollins, Benjamin Baxter as Kevin Dorkwald, Keegan Beard as Daniel Tremont, Cierra Belle as Mia Free, Daniel Belle as Mickey Wilsey, Shon Berry as Dr. Kirkland Faraday, Sara Bess as Mall Elf 1: Rene Clarke, Jermaine Bigelow Jr. as Todd Frankson, Jamiyah Bigelow as Tenisha Frankson, Jophiel Bigelow as Thomas Frankson, Robert Biscardi as Bio Gen Officer Ron Chandlerman, Ben Bladon as Sean Conners, Benter Bock as Jeff, Doug Bock as Glen Dorkwald, Igor Bondaruk as Soldier Adalberto Theriault, Courtney Bowman as Viviana Tosi, Sandra Bowman as Suzette Macky, Stan Bowman as Bell Ringer Santa, Sara Anne Bacero as Juanita Gonzalez, Blake Bragg as Kyle Rodgers, Gunner Breed as Mark Shultz, Austin Bridges as Lee Buczek, Evan Bridges as Randolph Buczek, Mckenzie Brittain as Krissy Jeder, Samantha Brown-Parks as Dr. Sam Brown, Amy Bucchino as Amberlea Felowin, Jeffery James Bucchino as Steven Bishop, Carisa Burkhalter as Nurse Ermelinda Felton, Johann Burkhalter as Danny Felton, Wolfgang Burkhalter as Mickey Felton, Hayle Cain as Mandi Suisa,  Jayden Calhoun as Jackson Fritz, Saliya Calhoun as Caleb Fritz, Cameron Campbell as Kaylee Atkins, Christa Beth Campbell as Maggie Bishop, Leslie Campbell as Petra Coombs, Jim E. Chandler as Marshal Dahl, Damian Michael Chase as Doug Jennings, Mandy Christian as Alisa Gorton, Kimi Clay as Sylvia Browning, Johnny Klontz as Billy Warsham, Cindy Collie as Amanda Holley, James David Collie as General Manning, Timothy Scott Collins as Ethan Mathewson, Dawn Compton as Dr. Patrica Goodwell, Ian Cook as Chadwick Burleigh, Jacob Cothren as Branden Sharpe, Michael Curtis as Chad Calley, Ondie Daniel as Mary Atkins, Ellana Deckner as Carlise Osborne, Dawna K. Dempster as Nurse Barb Dettrich, Kimberly Marie Diaz as Helen Rigby, Courtney Dill as Ronna Crowell, Liz Dolar as Nurse Mariela Saito, Jayson Duckett as Carl Avondale, Suzette DuPuy as Maria Gonzalez, Brendon Earp as Lucas Bennet, Emma Elliot as Denise Parks, Erin Sterling Elliot as Beth Parks, Karen Ellis as Candy Jessup, Jennifer L. Emerson as Dr. Kathy Bourne, Tim Everett as Angus Maclean, Zoe Fason as Jamie Murphy, Morgan Faulks as Chrisy Chesterson, Justina Fileccia as Jo Piland, Valerie Jean Freeman as Jill Clarke, Arie Fry as Brandon Claiborne, Barie Fry as Frannie Claiborne, Yvonne Fry as Sharon Rose, Memo Garcia as Phillipe Hernandez, Adam Gates as Gary Dowling, Alysse Gilbert as Lynell Waterford, Annette Gilbert as Venice Waterford, Isabella Gilstrap as Nell Frazier, Mia Gilstrap as Norene Abbate, Tony Gowell as Dr. William Jefferies, Jevocas Green as Marco Renault, Jamie Griffin as Dr. Julia Carter, Manuel Gulke as Steve McLeroy, Joshua Hailey as Garry Land, Suzie Haines as Karen Stryker, Miracle Head as Cyndi Linderfelt, Catie Heeter as Rachel Atkins, Nick Heeter as George Ringo, Mathew Hernandez as Tom Fords, Darin Hicks as Lemond Desmond, Rikki Hufford as Kerrie Dorkwald, Ray Hurley as Dr. Adam Tomlinson, Chad Huskins as Officer Daniel Billings, Amima Jhai’Nae Hyacinth as Lydia Clogering, Aeryn Irwin as Stephani Tremont, Morgan S. Jackson as Tatyana Stephensen, Justin Janes as New York/ General’s Bodyguard, Summer Jefferson as Lisa Anderson, Anisa Nyell Johnson as Captain Jade Marks (as Anisa Johnson), Michelle Johnson as Dr. Lucrecia Portalatin, Philip J. Johnson as Bill Saterfiel, Tim R. Johnson as Robert Bellamy, Robert Jones as Eddie Shultz, Pablo Jumper as Bio Gen Officer John ‘Hoss’ Radgeirr,Shannon D. Keith as Judy Ringo/ Horde Zombie, Bill King as James Murphy, Eric Rick Kline as Mr Andre Anderson, Nicole Knight as Tiffany O’Leary, Wallace Krebs as Postman Wesley Wallace, Terry Land as Dr. Gina Green, Lisa Lee as Clair Murphy, Andrea Leigh as Nurse Sally Kirschner, Lea Love as Mia Levondowski, Steven Luangra as Jay Duncan, Marcenae Lynette as Felicia Waters, Amey Lynne as Nurse Micheline Delorea, Trayce Malachi as Osvaldo Godard, Elijah Marcano as Scott Cole, Tommy Mares as Augustin Santiago, Eva Markle as Nurse Angie Bensin, Amanda Martins as Chief Ann Bennett (as Amanda Harmon Martins), Ru Martins as Gregory Parks, Haley Mason as Sara Poe, Yvette Mathews as Jazzy Bates, Taylor Mawajdeh as Tiffany Nash, Aiden Oliver McArthur as Young Todd Hunter, Bill McConnell as Columbus Reynold, Lori McConnell as Latoya Norris, Mac McKleroy as Professor Mac, Skylar McNamee as Ken Dahl, Carlota McWhorter as Bella Warn, Aiden Meda as Alejandro Frensesca, Mikayla Meda as Aryana Frensecha, Billy Melfi as Ken Dorkwald, Emily Menia as Vannessa Schlenker, Michael Mercaldi as Justin Wocheck, Gordon Meyer as General Hamond, Annika Mitchell as Mokzi Romanov, Ava Monger as Alisia Kott, Ashia Moreno as Bio Gen Officer Tatyana Saunders, Samir Mujcic as Nikla Bazhanov, Craig S. Murphy as Officer Bobby Rollins, Tim Naddy as Major Benjamin Winters, Wayne New as Tim Satterthwaite, Morgan Newman as Edwin Quintanilla, Krissy Notes as Lila Murphy, Amy Allyson Oliver as Kara Hunter, Keesha ‘miss pink’ Oscar as Head Nurse Coreen Gilden, Ginger Paige as Scarlet O’Shaughnessy, Craig A. Patterson as Jeff Boulder, Scotty Paulk as Wilton Salvo,Liam Peeples as Sylvester Florian, Theresa Peeples as Nurse Meggan Ferreri, William Peeples as Dr. Noah Sizer, Alan Phelps as Officer Robert Macky, Charles C. Pinckney as Bob Shultz, Brian Pinderski as Tomas Vandersmit, Eric E. Poe as Roman Pate, David Poppe as George Dowling, Dyana Postelle as Marline Dellinger, Patrick Postelle as Paul Tremont, Scott Prichard as Officer Marcus Cole, Tracie Prichard as Nurse Lavonne Blumer, Ann Primeau as Jayme Tildernash, Matt Pruett as Curtis Nath, Andrew Rafalski as Oscar Hamond, Shana Rafalski as Nurse Dana Hammond Albert Roberts as Smoking Zombie, Gianna Rodes as Alessandro Buccheri, Nevada Ruiz as Justina Finch, Isabella Saenz as Wendi Rasberry, Jacob Samedi as Darin Coleman, Greg Sample as Jaden Kimberl, Noah Sampson as Emanuel Abila, T.J. Sanson as Dr. Gina Green, Zonia Santander as Shirl Gendreau, Meredith Scafidi as Tiara Eggert, Chris Sepulveda as Mall Santa, Michael Short as Todd Hunter, Kathy O. Smith D.C. as Candis Miesner, Kevin C. Smith Jr. As Arden Miesner (as Kevin C. Smith Jr. D. C.), Kevin C. Smith Sr. As Lance Stenson, Kaitlyn Paige Smith as Bianca Miesner, Stella Smith as Jenice Capobianco, Andrew Sparks as Grant Shaw, Tatem Spearman as Sandy Anderson, Kayla Starnes as Zena Appleton, Donna Rose Stewart as Gloria Dorkwald, Eric Stricker as Claudio Carlock, Talia Symone as Wai Godard, Linda Ruggiero Taber as Dr. Madelyn O’Connor, Nicole Tanner as Jeni Hackbarth, Preston Tanner as Tod Hackbarth, Amber Thrower as Octavia Spencer, Jessica Tilsner as Hilda Lahti, Tracy Tolliver as Officer Barbara Deveraux, Patti Traylor as Cindy Billings, Nicolas Elizeo Valdez as Hector Gonzalez, David L. Van Tassell Ramone Fabret, Tina Vandever as Leslie Peepels, Tyler Vandever as Josh Peepels, Melissa VanGorder as Jennifer Vanderbeldt, Julia Vasi as Julie, Kent Wagner as Farmer Zeb, Chase Wainscott as Ronnie Atkins, Brandi Warlick as Danyelle Rooney, Finn Warlick as Jayce Rooney, Maggie Warlick as Kate Rooney, Charlie Nadine Watts as Officer Ligia Seibert – Elevator Cop, Henry Webb as Allan Tancredi, Joshua Webb as Timothy Tancredi, Maryjane Webb as Creola miers/ Super Zombie, Pamela Webb as Sandra Tancredi, Justin Williams as Craig Larkin, Quentin Williams as Morgan Thornhills, James Wojnowski as Dr. Jeffrey Coleman, Tina Woolbright as Shela Leber, Adrianna Nani Worley as Sylvie Penderton, Tiree Worley as Emory Drakes, Missy Young as Alleen Surprenant, Anastasia Zivic as Dr. Shannon Patin.

Movies Galore takes a look at Jose Mojica Marins cult Brazilian classic “At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul” from 1964!

Written by David Strege

 After I delved deeper into the recesses of the Horror film makers behind a nice splatter anthology called “The Black Fables” aka as “As Fabulus Negras” I find myself fascinated with this cinematic film my brazilian freinds have aprized me of in the heart of Brazil from 1964.  Brought to us by Jose Mojica Marins known by his alter ego as Coffin Joe.  Also known to probably be the first true horror film from Brazil…

Being in his native tongue of Portuguese it is enlightening that I was able to come across a very limited Trilogy boxset from Fantoma Films.

This first film follows the story of Ze do Caixao known later as Coffin Joe.  I love the whole creepy vibe for starters we see Ze for the first time speak of blood and its significance… we then have a gypsy giving an enlightening warning that by midnight not only will we hear this tale but if we’re still watching by its midnight she will indefinitely be taking our soul as I’d say she speaks to us all of our doom…

Ze is also the funeral director of the small village he lives in so we see him attending a funeral before we see him arrive where he lives.  As it is a holy day where meat isn’t to be eaten Ze makes sure he finds meat to eat for he is far from holy.  Lusting after his freind Antonio’s Woman Terezinha, Ze becomes a man possessed to further his blood line to hell or be dammed.  Devil or no he kills his freind Antonio and possesses Terezinha.

But even so the gypsy curses Ze and Prophecizes to Antonio and Terezinha that death awaits them…

As Terezinha learns the death of Antonio and after her brutal rape from Ze to seed her and continue his blood line… she hangs herself.  The townsfolk find out that Ze was behind both deaths and we are lead to believe Ze de Caixao is frightened to death of the possibility of the devil possessing his soul…

To me this was and is what film making is all about it had a story, a plot and to me an edge dangerous violence and tone that wasn’t the case in hollywood.  Life is truly brutal so are people I believe that in a way this film has brought about and become Brazil’s own version of the boogey-man except now he has a story, a place a dwelling whence he was born.  But even the boogey-man was around alot longer.

I think when Ze contemplated and we saw interacting with the qypsy and even when he claimed let the devil come hell invite him to dinner… just the w as y he acted uncaring of anyone with those long nails unkempt and top hat… along when he gets angry his eye veins crack…

This film will be forever imprinted in my memory and is now in my top ten films of favorites and importance in cinematic history.

I recommend for all horror fans to check this film out first if you want to begin on your brazilian path to horror… It is followed by two sequels and a few films that involve Coffin Joe…


Starring Jose Mojica Marins as Ze do Caixao, Magda Mei as Terezinha, Nivaldo Lima as Antonio, Valeria Vasquez as Lena (as Valeria Vasquez), Ilidio Martins Simoez as Dr. Rodolfo (as Ilidio Martins), Arildo Iruam, Genesio de Carvalho (as Gene Carvalho), Vânia Rengel, Graveto, Robinson Aielo, Avelino Morais, Luana, Leandro Vieira, Antonio Marins as S. Francisco, Mario Lima, Eurípedes da Silva ( as Eurípedes Silva), Luiz Goncalves, Carmen Marins as D. Joana ( as Carmem Marins ), Cicero Paulino, Waldomiro Franca, Cardoso, Jonny Gregio, Jose Vilar, Suzy Barros, Tomas Sabastiao, Iko Galdine, Laura Duarte, Claudiana, Renato Melo, Almir Barbosa, Raul Malentaqui, Eucaris Moraes as Velha Bruxa ( as Eucaris de Morais ), Geraldo Bueno ( uncredited ), Laurindo Luarelli as Ze do Caixao (voice)(uncredited).


Breaking and Entering

Written by David Strege

Directed by Benjamin Fingerhut, this is an amazing documentary and comedy of a program set up for drummers and their incredible dreams of speed.  Boo McAfee has inspired many men, women and drummers across the nation with his unique system of record breaking speeds.

I think th at what Boo is doing for his community is great espespecially for the young. Keeps the youth out of trouble on the straight and narrow.  Competition can be fun and I think it’s really drawing alot of attention for musicians to be the best they can be as well.

If you havent seen this documentary see it.  Well worth seeing the inspired get inspiration. As there are many different world record is gathered at each and every one of these events… enjoy!

Starring George Hood as Himself – longest static spin cycling marathon, Michael Kapral as Himself – fastest Marathon While Juggling Objects, Steve Spalding as Himself – Grape Catcher, Ashrita Furman as Himself – Holder of the most world records in the Guineas Book, Paul Tavira as Himself – Grape Catcher, Boo McAfee as Himself – Longest Drumming Marathon, 738 hours, Zach Warren as Himself – Joggler, Stuart Claxton as Himself – Guinness World Records Chief Adjucator, Chris Camp as Himself – Most Bull Whip Cracks in one minute, 222, Jan Piotr Krutewicz as Himself – Worlds Smallest Telephone as (Fr. Jan Piotr Krutewicz), AL Gliniecki as Himself – Most Cherry Stems Tied with Tongue in 1 minute, 12; In One Hour 911., Johnny Rabb as Himself – Most Drumbeats played in one minute, 1,026, Wilson Casey as Himself – Longest Radio Trivia Broadcast, 30 hours, Michael Kettman as Himself – Most Basketballs Spun Simultaneously, 28, Robert Specs as Himself – Most Dominoes Toppled, 111, 111, Fran Capo as Herself – Fastest Talking Woman, 603 Words per Minute, Ed Shelton as Himself – Most Phone Books Ripped in 3 minutes, 55, Tina Shelton as Herself – Most Phone Books Ripped in 3 minutes, 21, Bob Hatch as Himself – Loudest Finger Snap, 108 dbs, Ron Sarchian as Himself – Longest Punching Bag Marathon, 3 hours 3 minutes, Narve Laeret as Himself – Most Concrete Blocks in one minute, 1,026, Chao Lu as Himself – Most digits of Pi Memorized and Recited, 67, 890 digits, Todd Taylor as Himself – Fastest Banjo Player, 210 Beats Per Minute, Preston Baccus as Himself, Preston Boros as George’s Trainer and Bike Shop owner, Arden Chapman as Himself, Scottie Christie as Himself – Guinness world records Adjucator, Linda Clover as Herself – Largest Twine Ball Caretaker, Christina Flores as Herself, Dianne Kapral as Herself Michal’s Wife, Maureen Kapral as Herself- Michal’s Mother, Moira Kapral as Herself – Michal’s Sister (as Dr. Moira Kapral), Raymond Kapral as Himself – Michal’s Father ( as Dr. Raymond Kapral), Eddy Konteil as Himself – Stationary Bike Rider, Paul Krueger as Himself -SMU engineering professor (as Dr. Paul Krueger), Kathy Lewendowski as Herself – Costodian of the Log Book, David M. Smith Sr. As Himself – Human Cannonball, Denise Spalding as Herself, Ed Spalding as Himself, Molly Spalding as Herself, Scott Spalding as Himself – Steve’s Brother and Grape Thrower, Warner Tars as Himself.

Movie Galore Does a time warp and looks at Luis Llosa’s 1989 scifi action film”Crime Zone”

Written by David Strege

Directed by Luis Llosa with Concorde and Empire Pictures this 1989 futuristic sci-fi film was Executive produced by Roger Corman and Associate produced by David Carradine who also stars in it as Jason.

In a distant future where all crime has been eliminated years after a plague almost wiped out the planet.  The only civilized state of Solei run by a fact government of soldiers bent on controlling it’s citizens in either it’s regime or the House of Pleasure.

Helen is an entertainer where you can buy only fifteen minutes of sexual pleasure and Bone and recently unemployed from Huber nation Gardens a cryochamber factory and ex gang Member of the Fuck-ups, are about to meet under desperate guise of getting out of Solei and into Froudan.

Creon is leader of the Fuck-Ups, and also freind of Bone but each clash over Bones chosen new romance forbidden by the law to love or cause crime.

Helen and Bone are given a promise to be helped out of this shit hole if they steal information on a small disc of Froudan supposedly to Jason a man they soon learn is a recruiter of criminals in a state of none to cause havoc.

On the run Helen and Bone must commit more crimes for their mysterious provider as it seems Jason has intent to invent crime once again in a game of cat and mouse.

Also to create matters worse Creon is invited in on the premise he will also get what he wants if he’s willing to do anything to do it.

Now through out the film Bone had a freind named Alexi who ended up being a pilot before the plague.  While being chased by Jason and a group of vigilante soldiers of Solei they hatched a plan to steal a copter and make their own way to froudan.

But they didn’t take unto effect that the information they stole in their first robbery was that they were all the victims of a plague created to scare them into that fascist existence they were escaping from to begin with… that Froudan was destroyed years ago and the radiation was the cause of the so called Plague Zone…

Now I know this was at the tale end of the corny 80s sci-fi films of its time. But all this time I remembered David Carradine role.  On the one hand he seemed like the good guy but on the other hand he was capable of evil as he played the Devils advocate to this Bonnie & Clyde type couple. It’s enjoyable to a point and an oddball situation where nothing was what it seemed.

Anyone who was a fan of science fiction action 80s of this time period would enjoy the nostalgia of watching a blond Sherilyn Fenn in this post apocalyptic controlled world.

Starring David Carradine as Jason, Peter Nelson as Bone, Sheridan Fenn as Helen, Michael Shaner as Creon, Orlando Sacha as Alexi, Don Manor as J.D., Jorge Bustamante as Hector ( as Jorge Garcia Bustamante), Alfredo Alvarez Calderon as Cruz ( as Alfredo Alvarez Calderon), Francisco Giraldo as Police Chief, Clare Beresford as Police Woman #1, Diana Quijano as Police Woman #2, Carlos Banuelos as Condom Seller, Roy Morris as Judge, Brayton Lewis as Prosecuter, Gerald Powell as old man, Guido Bolanas as Police Man #1, Tim Dallman as Policeman # 2, Raymond Waldrom as Truck Driver, Andres Dasso as General #1, David Killerby as General #2, Jeanne Cervantes as General’s Wife ( as Jeanne De Cervantes), Erika Stockholm as General’s Neice, Linda Veltze as Fund Center Teller, Luis Orrutinier as Laughing General #3, Alfredo Salazar as Fund Center Guard.

Movies Galore takes a look at Wisconsin director Corey J. Udler’s “Incest Death Squad” from 2009!

Written by David Strege

2016-03-21-15-56-42-1110357471With and introduction by Loyd Kaufman… I was thankful that Derrick Carey  the man behind Screaming in High Heels documentary and many other accomplishments was able to help me out with a digital copy of this hot mess of a film from 2009 a Shalenn Production Directed by Cory J. Udler from Wisconsin also one of the directors behind Hole in the Wall anthology.

Filmed in Wisconsin, Shane and Jay are up from Schaumburg fishing on a lake in Wisconsin Shootin the shit when jay I-spys a hot chick in the blades of grass so they work up the courage to invite her to a party thinking they score or get laid. She on the other hand suggests an altogether different plan to have the party right there in the grass.  Out of no where a large bald looking man smashes both of them over the head with large Lobsterclaws and sticks both of them up there asses declarin it a justified homicide…


Loyd Kaufman is seen again as Mr. Reemburg shouting at a group of people in an office center of town… that he wants stories about deadhookers in bathtubs, dumptrucks as Aaron Burg walks in he shouts for them to get out. Aaron asks for his new assignment.

Aaron is sent to find a story so he drives quite aways to Thousand Pines, Wisconsin as he stops along the way to ask directions he’s warned against going there.

But as any journalist bent on pursuing a story he pushes on and arrives at the 4 Winds Motel as he has reservations there for a week.  Andrea Stein who runs the motel for the summer seems to hit it off well with Aaron and the two begin a relationship of sorts…


Meanwile we see Jeb and his sister Amber on their farm as she shows him her newest piece of art…

Jeb and Amber Wayne had been brought up in the ways of the Lord their Lord mind ya and Aaron is about to stumble upon their killing spree in the name of God on an incestial escapade to rid themselves of the evil in men that even look and want Amber in any sins of the flesh kind of way…

Aaron goes in search of the local bar for a few drinks.  Is hit upon by Amber but refuses her advances politely. He then sees Amber advance on two other patrons and intices them away… and Aaron with his investigative curiosity follows…

Now as I’ve reviewed some other films of Ron Fitzgerald an illusionist from Chicago I’d like to say he played a small part as a man from the bar unfortunate to only have such a small role but I thought I’d mention him as I enjoy his roles extremely plus he’s a Chicago actor being so close to wisconsin…

Aaron find his way onto the Wayne family property and as he watches Amber and Jeb murder one of the men in front of his eyes as Aaron watches Amber and Jeb fuck each other as well as continur to hack and Stab their victim…


Aaron makes a noise and is found out by Jeb so as punishment expects Aaron to kill the second man and join the family as Amber asks her brother if Aaron can be her husband/man.  Aaron isnt allowed to leave and is to continue the family mission to kill just like them for the lord…


I’m not going to tell everything but I enjoyed this sick twisted tale spun by Cory J. Udler of Wisconsin.  Having worked with Ted V. Mikels on 2 of his scripts and a documentary, as well as Loydd Kaufman of Troma having branched out on his own I think helped him grow as a director.  As I feel this film is a local fan horror favorite and as its out of print has its own cult indie following.

This first installment spun a tale of murderous mayhem for a spiritual calling to a T and well… they say keep it in the family…

I recommend this film for all fans of horror and leave it up to you to decide whether you want to join the family mission… enjoy!

Starring Tom Lodewyck as Aaron Burg, Greg Johnson as Jeb Wayne, Carmela Wiese as Amber Wayne, Melissa Jo Murphy as Andrea Stein (as Melissa Murphy), Darwin Sampson as Jay Eastman, Michael Brania as Shane McNamara, Scott Rawson as Dutch Mason, John Sable as Tony Broomfield,  Tom Running as Bartender, Andy Schatner as Jacob Meyer, Andrew Webster as Jerry Langford, Lloyd Kaufman as Mr. Reemburg, Billy Childs as Randy, Jamie Fletcher as Johnnie, George Kosana as George, Elske McCain as Elske, Sarah French as Scarlet (as Scarlet Salem), Ron Fitzgerald as Ron, Sean Cain as Sean, Claire ‘Fluff’ Llewellyn as Fluff, Christina Beller as Barfly, Kato as Erik, Greg Polcari as Larry, Linda Church as Bar Couple, Brandon J. Wells as Bar Couple, Rebecah Neitzel as The Gatherer, Shannon Udler as Kitty, Ron Mackay as Chino (uncredited).


Written by David Strege

Hailing to us from Gatorblade Films from 2013 is a short film found on the Sleaze Box director of Sean Donahue’s Joe Vampire dvd extras Agrizoophobia.

A phobia can be the fear of anything really from spiders, to darkness to paranoia of ceilings and other proposterous thing.  You’d be surprised the objects or humans people are afraid of…

But Agrizoophobia is the fear of any animal as we are about to witness…

Three freind’s get together Jill, Doug and Tommy to go camping in the outdoors… there was supposed to be a second girl but it wasn’t meant to be…

On the way Doug mistakenly mispronounces kumbaya as they head into no signal territory…

Next we see they’ve set up camp around a fire.  Doug is eating a hot dog and finds out that’s it’s a veggie hotdog and starts getting visibly sick so Tommy take him off into the woods and tries to tell him animals only attack when they are provoked.

Meanwhile Jill is back at the tent preparing for bed while she hears a howl… as we see Tommy being chased by what once was his freind Doug now werewolf as we see his guts torn apart…

Jill comes outside the tent thinking Tommy is goofing around as she herself is attacked and mutilated…

I enjoyed this little short though I think Tommy’s attack could have been shown in a little lighter light to show more brutality than the sounds and shadows portrayed.

I think Sean was going towards a gory gruesomeness as the moral of the film was not that Doug was afraid of animals but you yourself should be…

I’m no longer going to grade films from now on as I think it’s degrading as Im going to leave that up to the next viewer.

But I’d recommend it for other horror fans to remember if they watch Joe Vampire to remember to watch the extras… enjoy.

Starring Lexi Balestrieri as Jill, Chris Cavalier as Doug, Morgan Middlebrook as Tommy.

Dead of the Night


I had the chance of meeting this director of this 2013 horror comedy by the name of Robert Love with Barking Shadow Productions a very nice man.  He does voice overs with a really cool game company which I shall not name for anonymity. Filmed in wisconsin…


As a girl runs through the backwoods of Wisconsin chased by an unknown Assailed we watch an infomercial from a prosser Horace Baskom as he puts on the creep factor like a horror host spouting off about werewolves and vampires… he explains about his latest monster being man… then breaks in about his newest book Monsters, Monsters Everywhere…

Meanwhile Detective Paige Marshall and her partner are transporting a mob hit man named Elias Carver to an undisclosed location.  On the way a Mr. Deeds is carrying the girl we saw running on his shoulders so Marshall stops to help.

The girl and Mr. Deeds both escape and disappear after a small scuffle. Mr. Deeds curiously threatened his mistress would get revenge…

Continuing on her way with her partner to a safe house she gets chewed out but her Captain Redick, (whose also her lover… but they keep up pretenses for cover) and they lock up the prisoner for now…

Meanwile the professor we saw from the ad in the beginning? His wife Mrs. Baskom pops in to see the Sherrif for the specific act that his number one deputy ran over her pussy… that’s right… cat. Shortly after the professor has mysteriously disappeared… presumed dead…


Bad goes to worse as Paige and and Elias who turned out to be an assassin for hire that’s been alive for years and happens to be immortal as they have to team up against a now punk looking hulk of a demon possessed deputy Lowry, a man immortal that can be controlled by an ancient stone, a minion Army of cult activist monks for hire, and a wife that wants to trade a soul for the husband that wants to enslave the world… a group of unlikely mifits must take a stand…


I know the three strongest characters in this film was the possessed hulk of a deputy turned badass bald enemy, Elias Carver and Paige Marshall, the rest of the actors were stiff in their roles though I enjoyed the Sherrif Quinn sputtering over the conversation of the runover animal and the part where the two monks were stopped and joking about the fact they were pretty much there for the money. As well as maybe the FBI briefing and the way the detectives acted all against each other at first…

I could tell it was supposed to be a comical satire of gritty detective work having to do with the supernatural and meant to be a bigger block buster than the corny spoof acting it portrayed.

But in all honesty I think the director really tried but finding good actors these days on a small budget is hard to do.  I almost think for Mr. Deeds Rob could have done a voice over with his own voice as I feel Mr. Deeds voice was way to high to pull off the evil man he was portraying.


This all being said I believe this is his first feature and I did enjoy it I’m going to give his film a 4 out of 5 star rating as I did see what he was trying to do with the film a d afee wathing it a 3Rd time the bad acting was start in to grow on me.  Ultimately I feel on a whole his best actor happened to be the professor in the beginning.  Oh I’ll buy it if it ever came to dvd it’s another one of those forgettable bad hokey acting it grows on you… the sound was great the theme was excellent.  Altogether nice job Mr Love and crew, I think the cast at least had fun… I will give him credit for character names though if you notice Capulet, Montague and Tibalt are Shakespeare names fucking brilliant…


I think Rob had some great luck finding his Immortal Highlander Elias Carver think he has a screen image he could use again… plus I think the dialogue between Elias and Marshall is great!

Starring Morgan Boland as Paige Marshall, Jeff Skubal as Elias Carver, R. Peter Hunter as Mr. Deeds, Nicole Marie Koski as Mrs. Baskom, Ned Keitt-Pride as Deputy Lowry, Jordan Peterson as Mike Rennick, Aaron Baht as Greg Lange, Tabb Alex Patz as Wesley Windsor III, Tim Uttech as Max Simmons, Molly Bern as Bonnie Lee, Arnie Swekel as Sheriff Quinn, David C. Daniel as Horace Baskom, Ashley McHose as Anna Quinn, Arthur Noble as Bill Frehley, Christopher Elst as the Bodyguard, Caleb Zart as Jonah Drake, Laura Peterson as Gina Miles, Brian Rapp II as Andy Howser, Rob Matsushita as Donnie, Chad Grote as Radio Preacher, Jano De Leon as Agent Montague, David Stewart as Businessman in the Hallway, Joe Skubal as Agent Paris, Allyn Weber as Agent Prospero, Sarah Marty as Agent Capulet, Matt Pinkston as Agent Tibalt, Jeff Sturdevant as Agent Valentine, Ste Cork as The Stranger, Sheila K. Robertson as Janice, Terry Davinroy as Tony Mannuchi, Eva Nimmer as as Special Agent Desdemona, Alexandria Odekirk as Special Agent Ophelia, Jon Haus as Vampire Victim, Kayla Mock as Werewolf Victim.

Knock Knock

Written by David Strege

Directed by Maxence Rapp in Paris, France from 2015, this Horror short played that the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival April 9th 2016.

Rose unwrap an Antique mirror that says on its back:

She laughs and says she knows how it’s done and goes and grabs a hammer then knocks twice on the wall to gage where to hang the mirror… this was not the spot… Rose glanced around the room looks at the mirror finds a spot she thinks would be great, looks at the mirror and says Knock three times right? And knocks three times…

Suddenly there’s three knocks at the door… opens the door and there’s an old looking box sitting on the floor… no one in sight.

Soon as she puts the box down three more knocks… from a different door.. three more knocks behind her through the wall… three more knocks through another door… three more knock from a closet with no doors… until…

Now this was a film submitted to the Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Festival and I’m glad I saw it.  It’s a slow building suspense film of paranoia and fear.  With camera angles and sounds we feel the fear as the with desperation she just wants to find the source… you should listen and follow directions I feel is the moral of the tale…

I’m going to give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating as I feel this film could have won the best short film of our festival as it definitely drives a wedge of unknown into your mind about what really was in the box… recommend for all horror fans… enjoy!

Starring Claire Morin as Rose.