Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Sykes feature “Mad Jack” from 2001!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Vista Street Entertainment’s director Brad Sykes brings us this film about his Psycho “Mad Jack.”

The film begins with music and we are introduced to Jack (Wareing) who slightly looks like a cross between Iggy Pop and a blond Doctor Daniel Jonas from Days of Our Lives as he’s smoking a cigarette and apparently remembering a woman who either left or abused him.  Next we see him in a hotel allowing a lady of the night to undress him as he starts getting rough she starts to fight back as it appears he strangled her.

Meanwhile a couple Peter and Angel who’d just got married are driving along the same road  Jack is as it looks like they almost hit eachother, I think Jack acts stunned and more hurt than he is as they take him in and into town.

Things escalade as Peter gets jealous over how nice Angel is treating Jack even though it was Peter who almost hit the man.  Peter almost hits Angel and I think that’s when things slightly change a little and they realize things aren’t going to be all rain or shine.

Meanwhile Jack hitches a ride and ends up at the same restaurant the couple stops and eats at and it seems the touches and glances Peter gives Angel reminds Jack of someone else…

It would seem that quiet Jack has a power over women as even the house cleaning staff at the cheap motels undress for him as he can’t seem to stop killing.

Jack just seems to rub Peter the wrong way but there definitely seems like there’s a trust issue between Angel and Peter.  Ultimately Peter gets jealous, hits Angel which pushes her towards Jack who ends up having an obsession after stabbing Peter will Angel leave with her life?

I’ll be honest the film didn’t have the greatest audio in the beginning but there were definitely some moments in the film that were bloody enough for that kind of drifter slasher kind of film.  But this was one where the flashbacks make you almost feel for the character of Jack’s for if you love someone and they love you they should never cheat of you…

Though I don’t understand why Angel would have allowed Jack to try to kiss her if she was truly in “love” with Peter as she said she was…

Ultimately this film was entertaining although I expected a few more bodies to have piled up Jack played Jack well… though Wareing seemed more like a surfer dude whom preferred body building…

This also showed that you don’t need a ton of cast members to pull off a Kind of Hitchhiker type slasher…

I’d definitely recommend that you who are horror fans check this feature out it wasn’t half bad… though I wish Angel had more aid a chest on her a lady who looks like a boy just isn’t natural there has to be at least some tits to grab for my liking… up to you in the end…

Here’s the trailer:

Starring Angela Ford as Angel, Mark Overholt as Driver, Christopher Rydman as Peter, Jack Wareing as Jack, Jeff Whitaker as Gas station attendant.


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  1. Reblogged this on Jack Wareing Films and commented:
    Mad Jack was originally titled ‘Spring Heeled Jack’. Then it was released in Europe as ‘Road Kill’. Then when that title was legally taken the film became: ‘Mad Jack’ Now, I actually have grown to like/appreciate the movie more now some years removed. Respect. Peace to all



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