Sometimes you have to be picky Movies Galore Says as we take a look at Director Stephen Folks Debut Picture “The Orange Man” at Leggless Corpse Films from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Directed by Stephen Folker of Stephen Folkers Films and produced by Chad Armstrong’s Legless Corpse Films in 2016.

This film was a laugh riot like Old Dogs meets the Commen campy slasher with some good ol’ homeboys from down south!

It was fresh and entertaining… But I might as well tell you about it…


Crazy Pete just so happens to be an orange seller that’s just down on his luck everyone in town feels he’s weird the locals at Julie’s café in this sleepy town doesn’t seem to except his oranges the local town folk seem to reject his claimed fresh oranges and doesn’t seem to be understood.

Crazy Pete has had enough and decides to get even.  First he goes after the owner of Julie’s Cafe for rejecting his oranges….

Gerald is an office man and watches as his wife leaves him for another man. He’s obviously a an old school corny sales man selling that his business has taken over 40 acres of orange trees.


Recieving divorce papers Gerald decides to call his buddies Wilbur, Jimmy and Reggie to go off on a camping trip exactly where his ex wife was enjoying a trip of her own but they have a run in with the local orange picking man Crazy Pete.

Now these guys only know of the Orange Man by an urban legend known as Peter Walker being 30 years ago…

These older guys are a laugh riot just old freinds who just want to cheer their best bud from his divorce and you can’t forget Reggie and his blatter problem peeing all over missing the urinal lol


My only vice is the last scene was purposely I feel written in for the actress who played Gerald’s new Girlfreind. As I feel she had a small part and you have to keep everyone happy.

You have to love the comradry and brotherhoodedness between all for I think they also had fun being involved in this kooky project.

Definitely campy with a little sex and death by oranges! Hehe recommend for all horror fans enjoy!


Starring Ben Rollins as Peter Walkins aka The Orange Man, Dave Juehring as Gerald, Thomas Ely Sage as Wilbur, Jim Plovanich as Jimmy, Glenn Harston as Reggie, Trena Penson as Deborah, Robert Kemp as Roger, Elle Winchester as Fat Lady, Susan Wynne Lunning as Susan, Sue Cook as Barb the Waitress, Jim Nieciecki as Bill the Customer, Jim Brockhohn as Dale, Steve Couch as Farmer, Michael Banks as Doctor McDonald, James Schmedding as Gas Station Clerk, Weston Ford as Country Boy 1, Hudson Ford as Country Boy 2, Harry Walker as Diner Patron, John Mutum as Diner Patron, David M. Miller as Diner Patron, Justin Claus as Office Worker 1, Chuck Dorsey as Office Worker 2, Brian D. Wallace as Derek, McKennan Scott as Restaurant Patron 1, Jo Vasquez as Restaurant Patron 2, Joshua LeFebure as
Restaurant Patron 3, Cory Sellers as
Mother outside Restaurant, Jack Sellers as
Boy outside Restaurant.

One Comment

  1. LOVED this Goofy, Campy “horror” film, where, by the 1st killing scene you already feel an attachment toward the 4 main characters–the 4 buddies who’ve gone on a camping/fishing trip in order for the main character, Gerald, to feel better after being served divorce papers!! My husband & I, who both Love quirky films like This One, at the end of this movie Immediately looked online to see if Any sequels had been done?!! Regretfully, we found none!!😰!
    If you like quirky, B-movie style, Goofy comedies with some gore, some sexual content & lovable, hilarious main characters who joke in a crude manner at times, do slapstick comedy at others, but are sweet natured at the core, you’ll enjoy this movie & wish for a sequel like we do!!



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