Movies Galore takes a look at director Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein’s “Magnetic” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


You know something I have to give a lot of credit  to the directors over at Launch Over Productions for this next feature that directors Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein Have created in this science fiction drama from 2015 called Magnetic having been distributed by Wildeye Entertainment.

In a sense this is an apocalyptic film besides being somewhat science fiction I’m not exactly sure where to place this film I will only try to describe it in my own words.   we are introduced to Alice who has it seems has been evicted from her place of residence she lives in a world knowing that the world will end on December 31st From some catastrophic event.   In her mailbox she finds a note that tells her to go to a phone and receive a phone call. from there she is told by a phone call to go out into the middle of nowhere to a mailbox, To be there by a certain time for a message to arrive.   Before the message arrives we realized that she was taking some kind of pills she threw them away before she took the job. When she went to the mailbox she received the list to go out to a sheep farm close her eyes count to 10 and to walk to room 404.  For several days she is instructed to listen to a tape call these people that are printed out on receipts and tell them that these people have died and where to pick them up from. Not the mention that the instructions are told by electronica music I am definitely a fan of this soundtrack…

Magnetic 4

I thought it was somewhat comical That the directors would put their names as two of the people that Alice calls to inform them where to pick up their deceased. I feel like I was watching a version of Alice Through the Looking Glass as the Alice that we were introduced to is called up to be told that there is a subliminal message in the tapes that she is listening to and that is she is being controlled, Not only does Allix Mortis play the spider in Alice’s dream Where she thinks she is following a sheep but the spider, which here again reminds me of Alice in Wonderland whereas Alice in Lewis Carroll’s tale  she bumbles across a caterpillar instead of a spider, is telling her the sheep was following her, but she is also the woman behind the wig behind the controls that are watching Alice to begin with she is also the woman behind the phone call that wants to switch her place, the woman who tells her that she will need the pills in the future and also probably the person underneath the dog the sheep and the Wolf masks that are at a tea party which is fairly like the very unhappy birthday Tea Party that the Mad Hatter had happen in Alice in Wonderland.


Also even though Alice has been tasked  to trade places with the caller that had told her that she was being controlled once she found out that she was just a transferred memory, There were some moments where she was in these pod looking Contraptions that look like hyperspace pods,  she was dating some very weird nursery rhyme which I believe might have been in some older films as well. I will have to say that the knowledge of some of the weirdest sayings to be portrayed in this kind of a film is very odd and weird but for some reason it works I mean at times how fast and sing-songy the one version of  Alice sounds quite annoying. in the end The film is about magnetic transference and how a group of Sciences I believe because they knew the end of the world was coming they had decided to do some experiments with memories and transfer them to animals and in so doing it appears that they created some type of time travel which is kind of hard to catch because there is a lot going on in the film.   But from what I understand many of these scientists have already experienced some odd deaths although there are some names that were definitely quite fake according to one of the versions of Alice.

The part that confuses me is that there is a whole Cult of Alice’s that are banded together to worship this god Osiris or or Ra  the Egyptian sun god…. very mysterious it’s like this group of Alice look ailikes are trying to save her memory for the end of the world or at least the memory of mankind.

Magnetic 3

I would have to say that this film has  a very surreal visual dream like quality I’m not sure if I connected all of the dots or understood the film entirely for I believe that this film could be interpretive for someone else could have been interpreted the film entirely a different way but because it is so odd and I have seen the other films that these directors have put together I rather like it for I tend to like the strain the weird.   I will say that this is not a film for everyone but if this sounds like a film that you might entertain yourself with definitely check it out if you can this was definitely a trip worth seeing it has me confused… 

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Allix Mortis as Alice.

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