Movies Galore takes a look at director Pedro Florencio and Fernando Alle’s short film “Banana Motherfucker” from 2011!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Directors Pedro Florencio and Fernando Alle in 2011 from Spain under Clones production the same production team that made “Papa Wrestling” and “Blaaaaargh!” at the time before it was picked up by Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman is a short film how six travelers were trying to find an ancient cemetyary to film their monster movie, but by disturbing the dead unleashed an ancient curse that spread to the rest of the world… for one thing this dude’s bug eyes almost make the film entirely lol


Through an unlikely adversary banana’s start killing in a splatter-fest that pays tribute to Indiana Jones and Jaws in a hilarious bamboozle epidemic… i think the effects were fantastic and funny, over the top but shitty at the same time making it spot on a total blast.  The acting was definitely b-ish but went with the flow of it’s craziness.


I very much like this film it has a sense of humor and I think gore enthusiasts if you haven’t seen this film should seek this out i definitely recommend it for all to see.  you’ll never look at another banana the same way…

Starring Mario Olivier as Realizador, Pedro Florencio as Camerman, Luis Henriques as Claquetista, Miguel Plantier as Monstro, Fernando Alle as Merdas, Ana Lucia Chita.

Brad Twigg’s “Wrestle Massacre” for 2018 is open once again to finish production says Movies Galore!

Written up by David Strege


Because I am one of the producers behind this project… this is the next project by director Brad Twigg of Funky Monkey Films who brought us Milfs vs. Zombies and Killer Campout among others…..


The film is based on a segment in a short film that was basically part of his first “Frames of Fear” anthology and stars several hall of fame wrestlers including The Cuban Assassin the film stars Richie Acevedo (Outsiders), Rosanna Nelson (MILFs vs Zombies), Rene Dupree (Former WWE Tag Team Champion), Julio Fernandez (Killer Campout) and features WWE Hall of Famers Nikolai Volkoff, Tony Atlas, Jimmy Valiant and former NWA Tag Team Champion Manny Fernandez.


WRESTLEMASSACRE follows Randy, an awkward groundskeeper who is obsessed with professional wrestling. Longing for a sense of belonging with grandiose dreams of becoming a wrestling superstar, Randy is only met with abject humiliation and alienation. A brutal shaming at a local wrestling school coupled with a bizarre encounter with a demonic stranger pushes Randy over the edge and lights the spark for his blood lust.

Donned in wrestling gear and armed with homicidal rage, Randy sets out on a blood soaked rampage to punish those who wronged him. With each ghastly kill, Randy takes a trophy from his tormentors to add to a wrestling title belt crafted from human flesh. The only hope of putting an end to his reign of carnage lies with Becky, an understanding client who is one of the only few to ever show him kindness.

You can even buy cut off nipples lol so please check out the campaign for us see if you can get some random pieces from the set and buy a copy of the film thanks ahead of time and the Support! You have two months left! Now there are many of you I have helped out if you know anything about indie film making you put back into the community from those you’ve helped out whether it be a review or helped fund your film unless you want one less backer please support if you can… it’s time to scratch back I don’t ask much…

David Strege


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Movies Galore takes a look at director Michael Wade Johnson’s short film “Ovulation” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


So this is a short film brought to us by Faux Pas Illinois director Michael Wade Johnson from 2013 who brought us such films as Candie’s Harem, Brimstone and God’s Hostage…  is about a relatively young lady who is having trouble having a child with her boyfriend.

The beginning of the film has two couples describing having children after having troubles of their own, I’m assuming artificial insemination. Azura is obviously pressured by her mother to have a grandchild but there also is some information about Azura’s guy that is keeping her from having a child as well.


In the midst of an argument she accidentally kills Simon, something doesn’t smell right with his ex wife’s story so she ends up ironing out the details… not only that but her sister tells her she just got pregnant and ultimately she goes on a psychotic killing spree till she gets herself knocked up… i actually think she looks better in dreds… Azura…


I’ll tell ya something it is a weird slasher short but it definitely is a little humorous how mental women can get about having a kid… but would they necessarily go to these extremes.  I thought the acting was relatively decent and the idea unique I’d definitely recommend that if your looking for something to watch that’s short and not bad a watch besides to catch Lynn Lowry as the mother of the intended mother? who can beat that. I enjoyed the film for what it is.


Starring Mandi Johnson as Azura, Lynn Lowry as Azura’s Mother, Chelsey Garner as Ivy,
Willy Adkins as Simon, Colleen Elizabeth Miller as Regan, Jason Sullivan as Morgan, Michael Wade Johnson as Dedric, Deann Baker as Babysitter, Leah Uteg as Flora, Anita Nicole Brown as Chole, Michael Schmid as Demetrius, Lacey Nicole Montgomery as Ingrid, Ernest Douglas Nichols as Frey (as Ernest ‘Ernie’ Douglas Nichols), Marcus Bradford as PSA Guy, Quentin Martin as Miller – Bar Patron, Lisa Covarrubias as Heineka – Bar Patron, Renee Sebby as Bar Patron, Jose Sanchez as Bar Patron, Anthony Cooney as Bar Patron, Denis Mulvihill as Bar Patron, Thomas Mulvihill as Bar Patron, John Praznowski as Bar Patron, Grazyna Kuciel as Bar Patron, Samantha Tongol-Verdaguer as Bar Patron, Nora Kinnally as Bar Patron, Brian Neal as Bar Patron.


Movies Galore takes a look at Director Yan Kaos’s Short films “Killing In The Name of Love”, “Moon Blood: Blessed are the Sick”, and “A Ceremony In Blood: The Call of Cthulhu” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by French Canadian director and distributor Yan Kaos of D.I.Y. productions is actually another cut of his “Necromance: A Love Story” which aside from being a new edit is clearer and he definitely does not use older film to tell this story of a killer who drugs, ties with Barb Wire and then drags of to mutilate… in a leatherface-like outfit…


This cut he did in black and white and in color on a 2 disc set he farmed with pictures from the film he’d printed himself and I think that this cut goes to show his editing skills to a certain degree… plus i think for gore collectors it’s nice to have something physical.

I think the gore enthusiasts would enjoy seeing this cut whether’s unique or not only time will tell… as this is the part of Necromance’s that Yan is Specifically in…


“Moon Blood: Blessed Are The Sick” is another cut with art work by I believe Yan Kaos himself from D.I.Y. Productions and you could basically call this a highlight of his film “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death” with a difference of watching the moon turn blood red along with blood puking and that bowel movement that made a tattooed dead girl shake vehemently with an upside down cross and satanic symbols in the… an interesting cut at best a cool title and some art work… as this cut was what the film was before it turned into “Blood Orchestra” and was originally supposed to be called “Food Poisening” but he thought he’d failed in making it so he used it this cut in his film “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death.”


More put out for the collectors appeal so definitely you whom are gore enthusiasts it will appeal to you… the imagery is still sick and demented so like I said more for the collector for sure…


“A Ceremony in Blood: The Call of Cthulu” is another cut from French Canadian D.I.Y. productions distributor and director made from a specific highlight taken from his “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death which was a bonus film on his reb=ndition cut “Moon Blood: Blessed Are the Sick” where we see the moon covered in black as a hooded man disembowels himself as a ceremony takes place at dawn, and as it is suggested my imagery and guttural sounds, sacrifices his organs to bring Cthulhu into human form…


If I had not seen Blood Orchestra: Cacophony of Death” I probably would have been more sickened. There is one added scene where a book laying next to a crucifix is either being pissed on or bodily liquid of some sort gooping onto some lit candles but to the gor enthusiast i think it would be liked.

All in all these are not bad cuts of their films it was different to see some of the films differently.  Honestly I just like them for the titles but If your a collector and like this type of film… definitely search it out to find them…

Movies Galore takes a look at director Yan Kaos’s newest gore film “Meat Butcher 2” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought o us by French Canadian director and Distributor Yan Kaos of D. I. Y. Productions… a man normally known in the indie field for his gore short films is a full length feature sequel to his 2009 short film “Meat Butcher Baby.” I say first true feature length as I don’t consider Yan’s “Necromance: A Love Story” to be that long of a feature as it is 41 minutes and 24 seconds long but it is considered the length of a featurette in some areas of the world it is a feature so technically this is his second full length feature but I consider this his first true length of a feature… in my mind a feature is 60 minutes or longer…


Again here the film has images of death, victims in peices, an aborted fetus in a meat grinder…. but even besides the grossness of intestines displayed on some of the victims… there is some video footage taken of the same ruins we see in Blood Orchestra where we see a place of beauty littered by human waste and that honestly sickens me worse than the brutal killings an mutilation as we see the butcher strangle a victim.

It’s almost like he filmed the trash to answer exactly why the butcher kills, because humanity has no respect for mother nature… as well as graffiti… its truly a shame that this world has come down to the people have to tag an mark up everything to ruin it.

As it turns out there is a small twist and an end to the butchers reign and it all happens because of a twin to the second victim… now I will say this again wasn’t my type of film but i like that it seems like all the short films and this film are some what connected.  Like each time Yan films a short or a feature it furthers his story line…

I will say the baby’s corpse getting grinded was rather sick and demented but thats just what kind of sickness you’ll get when you watch a Kaos film… ultimately I’m not sure why I enjoy seeing these films I did like Blood Orchestra better than this film but I’m glad the Butcher had an end in a way, even glad Meat Butcher Baby had a sequel.  I think the gore enthusiasts into torture, blood and death will enjoy this feature and I recommend it for those types of people other that that not bad on the random imagery in the beginning definitely has a place…

Starring Nemesis Bathory as Second Twin, Nekro Val Bundy as Dead Girls Flashes In The Intro (as Nekroval Bundy), Yan Kaos as The Butcher.

Movies Galore takes a look at Canadian director Yan Kaos’s “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony In Death” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by French Canadian director and distributor of D.I.Y. Productions Yan Kaos of “Wron Dose Bad Reactions”, “Meat Butcher Baby”, “Necromance: A Love Story” and “Le Vueve Noir” is almost a full feature of madness and chaos of self mutilation an demons called “Blood Orchestra: Cacophony Of Death” from 2016.

I have to say the art on this peice of sickness is fantastic don’t you think? But the film involves a hooded figure in some kind of a demetia state, self mutilation, eating of ones own intestines under a full moon, including an abortion with a crucifix and the madness that follows the sounds of death… including a man who brushes his teeth to death…


I will have to say this film was Yan’s most vividly graphic film to date and I think his masterpiece if i can call it a masterpiece for their is definitely alot of moonlight,  I love the old ruins that he filmed in between the gore and being able to film that fondue skull was brilliant. I also think that there was a touch of tribute to Paolo’s Salo, or the 100 days of Sodom as there was a woman who was having a bowel movement even in death that animated her to life some pretty sick shit but somewhat intense to see a dead body animated by a bowel movement WTF…


In anycase I think the gore enthusiasts again will love this film not really a storyline or plot but random thoughts of madness that apparently were caused by a demon that is coming for us…  I think that Yan is definitely getting better at his craft making this more of an arthouse film… now on this film even though it’s snuff it’s killing, its death and sick as fuck I’ll recommend this film for people to see if only to see the madness in the film at least once…


An Image master at his best I think this is actually my favorite film of Yan’s even though not all of his films are my kind of tastes I love the titles and the fact he’s got a following in the underground world…

Starring Nemesis Bathory as Dead Skin Mask Girl / Bloodbath Psycho Girl, Yan Kaos as Necronomicon Reader / Mutilation Man 1, Betty Moreau as Tatooed Girl, Fred Otis as Blood Puker.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Yan Kaos’s feature length film “Necromance: A Love Story” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by D.I.Y distributor and french canadian director Yan Kaos under the pseudonym Nekro Kaos who brought us such short films as “Wrong Dose Bad Reactions” and “Meat Butcher Baby” films this film about a love with death…

I believe this is filmed on some older film but a woman makes some coffee apparently drugged then falls asleep while a masked man wraps barbed wire around his intended victim, strangles her then drags his victim down the hall to continually stab the fuck out of the victim.  I’m not saying it’s beautiful to see as I don’t entirely enjoy torture or death of this nature but what interests me is how far a film maker can take murder and killing to the extreme to make you wonder if it’s real.


Now there was a child’s head that you could tell was fake the the killer had brought to taunt his victim but in indie films you have to have some sort of imagination to get what he was trying to portray…

My assessment is that there is a first part the love of murdering the victim, the second part is after the body decayed the killer threw on a pig looking mask and danced with the decaying, formless, body as a necromantic is someone who has sex with the dead is portrayed…

Though this isn’t my cup of tea entirely, I can see that Yan considers this to be a form of art,  there is a lot of taboo about the subject of necromancy… I happen to know a lot of people who enjoy watching people get tortured and mutilated and I think this is kind of an homage to films like Jorg Buttgereit’s “Nekromantik” duology from 1987 as the film has quite a cult following…


I believe the victim put on a decent act of death with the film itself definitely being on the weird gore side which I believe that the gore enthusiast will love. I’m not sure I’d recommend his films if you are faint of heart or don’t appreciate independent films but definitely think you should seek this film out at least to watch once.  I enjoyed watching it for what the film is… I will continue to watch this sickness… for in ways I love watching the things he films and in a way i’m against killing hehe…

Starring Nekro Val Bundy as The Victim, Nekro Kaos as The Killer, Nekro Scatagorphobic as The Necropheliac.