Movies Galore takes a look at director John Borowski’s docudrama “Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation” from 2007!

Written by David Strege


I’m actually nervous about writing a review  on documentaries because I haven’t done many of them but I want to explore new areas of review territory and I think John Borowski’s documentaries were a perfect place to start because they are shot so well and explained in such detail I don’t want to mess up.

In my HH Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer review I actually did some of my own research not to try to overshadow his information more out of trying to understand serial killers myself and tried to describe how I felt about the documentary in Albert Fish.  I’m going to try describe it like I normally do a regular with the information that I have on hand while watching.


Brought to us by Waterfront Productions director John Borowski from what I understand originally he’d set out to try to make a feature but when that became impossible in finding the clout and collateral to do so he had the interviews and the knowledge he had on hand and set about to create this Documentary on Albert Fish in 2007.

Firstly the film is Narrated by Tony Jay as we learn that Albert Fish has been called the Gray Man as being a child rapist, Sodomist and Cannibal Serial Killer in the State of New York.

A kidnapping of a ten year old girl named Grace Bud in 1928 is where the film fully begins…  on December 13th 1934 six years later Albert Fish was arrested at the age of 64.

Apparently Fish had sent a letter of confession to Delia Budd the mother of Grace Bud I can only imagine how it was for one of her other children to read for her the letter of his killing little Grace Budd than eating her. I think Harvey Fisher As the Voice of Albert was perfect for he had the devious careless disinterest that I think played well for his voices and I think helps reach the Audience as he describes the things Albert does…

Albert fish had used an Alias Frank Howard and posed as a Painter from a wanted ad originally going out there to hire one of the Budd Boys as an Apprentice.  When he arrived a look at Grace and her Tom Boyish looks changed his mind and on the pretense of a party in town, took Grace with him at the initial resistance of Delia’s Mother.

Thanks to the adress on the envelope of the most vile letter that was merely only crossed off this led to an Employee of said company that lived where Albert takes residence before him and together with Detective William King devised a sting operation and Arrested Fish moment after he’d come to collect some mail.

Now Fish had also sent Lurid  letters two different women who advertised in a local newspapers and want to add or employment classifieds I feel that this documentary explains in full detail how sadistic Albert Wish really was.


Outside of the documentary I found out that Albert fish head actually boasted of killing over 100 children and had made statements claiming he ate a child from every state now whether he’d  killed, raped or had some kind of relationship with we don’t know. His stories just kept changing and no one could really discern much truth from his constant returning to lying.  For the crime of murder in Grace Budd, Albert Fish was sentenced to the electric chair.

I think I have said before I think the director of this documentary John Borowski has found a way through interviews and voice actors as well as some role playing and symbolical references to reach an audience on the emotional level and in a sense brings us to knowing and feeling what the Killer might as dealt as well as the public outcry and the investigations behind the capture of such creatures as Albert Fish, and H. H. Holmes…

Deemed otherwise as “The Werewolf of Wysterly”, “The Moon Maniac”, “The Brooklyn Vampire”, and “The Boogey Man” Albert Fish is certainly not the man you want to live next to if your raising a family… he was said to have placed 28 needles inside his groin for self gratification and was prone to whipping himself even made a board with nails a crude way to punish himself… his eldest Son found himself making proclamation’s over and over that he was God on a hill outside their home…

Ulltimately this was a film I could follow and I enjoyed watching and learning about Albert Fish for though I’d heard of him before I wasn’t as interested in finding out more information on Fish before this Documentary I myself have been obsessed to know more…

Not only does he use a forensic specialist he brings in criminologist profilers to explain what might have been behind the man and what his thought might have been… at the time that is…

I certainly recommend this film for those interested in finding out more about Serial killers it was very informative and hard to believe at times there are people like this born everyday but there are…

Starring Oto Brezina as Albert Fish, Joe Coleman as Himself, Bob Dunsworth as
Fredric Wertham M.D. (voice), Harvey Fisher as Albert Fish (voice), Derek Gaspar as Young Albert Fish, Nathan Hall as Kedden, Cooney Horvath as Jesus Christ, Tony Jay as Narrator, Katherine Ramsland as Herself, Donna Rawlins as
Mrs. McDonnell (voice), Garrett Shriver as
St. Sebastian / Isaac, Kasey Skinner as
Grace Budd, Ronni Trankel as Grace Budd (voice).

Movies Galore takes a look at director Tom Nagel’s short film “The Hitman” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Steel House Productions director Tom Nagel (later of Clown Town) is a short film about a talkative Hitman…

A Hitman (Erickson) is out burying a victim, middle of the desert this hitman begins talking to his victim (Frankenstein) …. whose bound and gagged, starts talking about his wife, his problems and the victim appears to get through to him as with nods and hmmm mmmm’s seems true man can understand his mumblings.

But just as he though everything was fine…. The Hitman continues his job…

I thought this was actually kind of humorous and not often you get to see a film in one location and make it work with just two men and a camera…

You don’t expect a Hitman to just start getting emotional and having a moment like a pep talk or like your speaking to your therapist it just isn’t done hehe.

I enjoyed the film though short it was and wanted to see more… if that says I enjoyed the film then I recommend for you to check it out it’s on YouTube openly at the moment…

Starring Eric Paul Erickson as The Hitman, Andy Franzen as Harvey.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Anthony Cooney’s Short Film “Leaf Blower Massacre” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Working with El Hombre Pictures and T-Nasty Productions is director Anthony Cooney with not an axe, not a chainsaw but “Leaf Blower Massacre” a short film from 2013.

As the film begins we see shots of trees as a young child sits in the window playing with his toys…

Twenty years later a couple is walking out from a movie as some creep in a motercyle helmet and army surpluss uniform attacks them with a leaf blower gotta love how some pudgy dude is flailing his arms running from his girl as her teeth get knocked out…


Riding a Bycicle to mow this dude down he tell him he’s gonna blow him better than his girlfriend ever did and kills him with the blower…

Meanwhile a poker game is going on where it looks like the same man who’d gotten killed is in a cowboy hat with what sounds like the looped beginning of Jesus Christ Superstar music is playing in the background…


This just gets more comical by the moment as one of the guys goes out takes a piss outside while talking to his woman and once again the Leafblower man strikes again… The girlfriend gets mad and comes down to investigate she gets wacked over the head and wakes up to the Leaf Blower guy saying you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Now I like when a short film gets to a point this was a fun little film to watch it was entertaining… the character is something that can be built upon as I know there is a second film being made to continue the story…

I think I’m certainly going to enjoy more from this odd slasher tale can certainly see the humor in the film and look forward to more…

For those into short films and to the horror enthusiast I certainly recommend you check out this underground indie film if you can.

Starring Anita Nicole Brown as Nicole White, Shavar D. Clark as Shavar Jennings, Anthony Cooney as Bobby D, Martin Sean Cooney as Baby Sal, Patrick Anthony Hozjan as Pat, Miguel Perez as
Jose, Karla Shaw as Bobby D’s date, Mariel Taren as Stepha.


Movies Galore takes a look at director James Bickert’s second feature “Frankenstein Created Bikers” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Now I’m going to say this before I get started I enjoyed the film “Dear God No” put out by Big World Pictures director James Bickert.  But I was thoroughly disappointed in His newest feature “Frankenstein Created Bikers” and have yet to find a thruthful review where as it seems praises were sung how great the film was elsewhere why the fuck can’t they be truthful and say the film was a disaster.

The film starts out pretty decent as some kids pick up a sexy hitchhiker being Candy (Church) as they head to a party at a lake… in a shagodelic vehicle with the shag carpeting on the inside hehe


Well Candy and Archie (get down to the pier and Archie jumps in to see sights unseen and out pops a pretty Gnarley looking Ape like creature from beneath the lake…

So we watch a few heads roll as the Creature tears after a topless running Candy whom quickly hides under the van and watches as the creature rips apart the rest of her crowd… as Jett and his gang of Motorcycle Hunters called Impalers, pull up spouting about how many times they have to tell true beliefs of God he isn’t coming to save them….

Now we’re in a titty bar run by an old guy ends of being Val’s (Risk) father whom takes over his gathered group of misfit criminals with Topless masked dancers as she tells them to put on some kitty masks and work for her in her revenge on the man who took her eye.

Meanwhile Jett and his gang of bounty hunters bring the bagged mutant to Klaus (Harvey) and Dr. Marco (McComoskey) whose working on a syrum to create a mutant Army to control, even though the mutants killed the doctors family.


As it turns out Jett (Bryant) are taking daily doses of a syrum that Dr. Marco gives them to keep them in human form. Dr. Marco grows tired of the questions and hatches a plan with Klaus to expire the bikers to rid themselves of the problem of figuring out a solution to the syrum involved in keeping Jett’s gang from being Zombie-like creatures.

Meanwhile some redneck cops are on the trail as well as they feel the biker gang is responsible for the death of the Sherrif’s pig brother.

So Klaus meets up with Val and After a talk sends her topless Cats in with Machine Guns to attempt to waste Jett and his fellow undead bikers…


Of course I’m realizing this is a sequel of sorts but it’s appears to jump all over the place as it Appears Dr. Marco saved his daughters brain to reattach her body in a way to try to save Humanity through science.

My problem with the film is there appear to be a lot of talking going on and not much action. Another issue of mine is Klaus’s accent sounds totally forced not natural, but he did seem to portray a little sadism in the dungeon.


I think the most defining moment of the film sad to say is when The oldman was driving getting a blowjob when two of the undead bikers stood in the way of his vehicle and his peckerwood came clean off inside her jaw…

Oh I feel this film was way more hyped up than it truly was but and there is a bit there was some attention put to some of the effects… with some weird asphyxiation of a relationship between Edna Marco (Brumby) as her new body is attached to herself. Battle that with an exorcism of the dead from a psychotic wielding preacher with a chainsaw…

I mean it had a good storyline but for some reason it just didn’t all mesh well in my mind.  This seemed like a great film to put my money towards as the first film was a great concept I’m sorry just wasn’t feeling the film… all the while I was wondering exactly why they kept Candy alive when she really didn’t do much but observe what went on inside the lab.


My feelings about this film are up and down parts I enjoyed parts I didn’t… as for the double disc blu ray I gotta say it looks pretty I love the title just not exactly the film not one of my favorites for the year.

Was certainly somewhat gore infested since there were a few failed lab experiments that seemed to rise to attack in the fray as well… would I recommend this film for others? Meh a one time watch is ok but I can’t see myself foreseeable calling this a favorite of mine anytime soon…

Starring Jett Bryant as Jett, Laurence R. Harvey as Klaus, Tristan Risk as Val, Ellie Church as Candy, Madeline Brumby as
Edna Marco, Paul McComiskey as Dr. Marco, Billy Ratliff as Larry, Gia Nova as
Gia Nova, Jim Sligh as Sheriff Crews, Jim Stacy as The Creature, Shane Morton as
Randal, Johnny Collins as Collins, Elizabeth Davidovich as Amber Joe, Allison Maier as Allison Chestnut, Diana Prince as Diana Prince, Nick Hood as Reverend Chainsaw, James Bickert as
Jimbo (as Rusty Stache), Megan Moore as
Sandy Stockridge, Eddie Mumma as Will Bromidey, Jessie Grainger as Archie Stalesenburg, Ki Corwell as Bobby Callowski, Chris ‘Casper’ Kelly as
Deputy Maddox, Dave Willis as Deputy Smoltz, Trey McGriff as Deputy Glavine, Bill McConnell as Deputy Wohlers, Fred Woelper as Deputy Avery, Effy Endo as
Cat Girl #2, Shana Melton as Cat Girl #4, Audrey Price as Cat Girl #5, Bryan G. Malone as Emcee, David Aboussafy as
Satan’s Own #10, Ben Bladon as Redneck #1, Phil Colvin as Satan’s Own #13, Kenwick Cook as Satan’s Own #6, Matt Flynn as Satan’s Own #4, Nathan Hamilton as Satan’s Own #8, Barb Hays as
Redneck #2, Dan Herald as Satan’s Own #12, Jason Hignite as Satan’s Own #1, Korey Jordan as Biker, Oliver Kasiske as
Mutant, Sarah Beth Moseley as Laura, Robert Rhine as Satan’s Own #15, Jon Scharer as Satan’s Own #9, Mark Schemanske as Store Clerk, Dave Skaggs as Satan’s Own #5, Peter Stolmeier as
Satan’s Own #7, Rob Thompson as Spyder, Augustus Whitiker as Satan’s Own #3.

Movies Galore looks at Texas director Billy Pon’s debut feature film “Circus of the Dead” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


After being disappointed in how badly James Bickerts “Frankenstein Created Bikers” was probably the first project I’ve been disappointed in putting money towards (in my mind so far “Dear God No!” was so much better”, there’s a light at the end of when I purchased Bell Cow Productions director Billy Pon’s “Circus of the Dead” from 2013 along with its Companion short film “Doll Boy” from 2010.


After seeing Bill Orbisett Jr. in Werewolf Rising and Coyote I think in the character of Papa Corn he pulls off a great horror Lead character with humor being the villain.

The film begins I believe where the short film left us at least I think it does as the man with the expensive watch is brought to the big top tent where Papa Corn dresses the man up as a clown and as part of their act for the night bears the man along with his group of derelict clowns.


Doll Boy is back along with Noodledome the Clown, Jumbo, Mister Blister and many others as Papa Corn Zeros in on a man a husband and Wife, Donald and Tiffany Johnson and their two children.


Papa Corn has Donald (Randall) give him their adress under false pretenses and since the Wife Tiffany (Ryan) is cheating on her husband while the kids are in school unsuspecting gets attacked, killed along with her lover and the children get kidnapped… Donald comes home gets knocked unconscious and under the psychotic ramblings of Papa Corn is forced to go on a killing spree under the guise he’ll see his kids again…


I think that Billy Pon has definitely created an entertaining side of the carny way of life I know many people have actually reviewed this film already I don’t care I love to say my own opinion.  Using some song lyrics for lines I think that this was a film I can watch again and really enjoy… certainly has some gorish scenery for those with a Splatter fetish I mean how many clowns can you say smoke?


I think the reason why this film stands out to me is Billy Pon is not afraid to use innocent looking children… to get his horror point across…

Ultimately I enjoyed the film was darkly humorous and recommend for the horror enthusiast to certainly check the film out.

Starring Bill Oberst Jr. As Papa Corn, Parrish Randall as Donald Johnson, Chanel Ryan as Tiffany Johnson, Roger Edwards as T.C., Brad Potts as Trooper Weaver, Tiffani Fest as Rose, Ryan Clapp as Noodledome the Clown, Rusty Edwards as Mister Blister the Clown, Mike Williams as Jumbo the Clown, Jed Duesler as
Brandon, Travis Steele as Detective Roper, Steve Brooks as Steve the Coroner, Jordan Bell as Alyssa, Madi Lane as Hillary, Kyle Mueller as Pepe the Mime, Sergio Gracida as Doll Boy, David Chacon as Joe, Roy Shuck as Pa Skullit, Nictoria Strong as
Sally, Chris Duesler as Jerry, Eric Juarez as
Kirk, Adri Millan as Pam, C.B. Barbee as
Franklin, Patrick Ryan as Muscle Car Dad, Connor Garcia as Muscle Car Son, Carl Beery Moore as Gene, Lonnie Nichols as
Lonnie, J. Gordon Lunn as Troy, Maija Johnson as Vera, Amber Gray as Flo (as Amber McDonald), Kristin West as
Investigator West, Barney Welch as
Investigator Whitmore, Adrian Everage as
Officer Everage, Lee Ankrum as Morgue Assistant, Michael Shields as Theatre Janitor, Candace Kita as Reporter Linda Ito, Bill Warren as News Anchor, Catherine Daniels as News Anchor, Stephanie Rivas as News Anchor, Esau Ramirez as Circus Worker Juan / Skeeter the Clown, Scott Timms as Circus Worker John, Sparky Hollowell as Circus Worker Sparky, Aaron Cox as Circus Worker Cox, Pamela Justice as Cotton Candy Vendor (as Pam Justice), Vitale Justice as Cotton Candy Vendor, Marcus Koch as Circus Ticket Taker, Holly McElyea as El Corazon, Gaeb Ramirez as El Calavera, Anthony Gutierrez as El Valiente, Amanda Iley as
La Madre, Christian Wilkinson as La Arana, Shawn Black as El Cerebro, Tabitha Walton as Closet Hostage, Baylee Bennington as Closet Hostage, Kyla Downey as Closet Hostage, Rainy Green as
Cell Phone Torture Hostage, Velvet Pinn as
Clown Trailer Hostage, Elizabeth McLellan as Cheerleader Hostage, Lauren Van Zandt as Cheerleader Hostage, Jessica Thomas as Cheerleader Hostage, Gabi Lujan as Witch Girl, Annette Marquez as
Police Officer, Raul Gonzalez as Police Officer, Craig Goodson as Police Officer, Casey Reed as Police Officer, David Lara as Police Officer, Mitch Upchurch as Police Officer, Christine Plunkett as Ringmaster, Star Plunkett as Trapeze Artist, Cole Plunkett as Circus Performer, Jesse Plunkett as Circus Performer, Jeffrey Plunkett as Circus Performer, James Plunkett as Circus Performer, Allan Smith as Circus Worker, Aaron Hallmark as
Circus Worker, Kenny Smith as Circus Worker, Jackie Smith as Circus Worker, Adrienne Martinez as Talk Show Host, Mario Zavala as Talk Show Security, Adan Zavala as Papacito, Carly Capra as Cry-Baby, Heather Francell as Mary Annette.

Movies Galore takes a look at Texas director Billy Pon’s short film “Doll Boy” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Bell Cow Productions director Billy “Bloody Bill” Pon is a short film Slasher showing us that Texans have what it takes to create another urban legend…

We see a yellow van driven by we don’t know it yet but are introduced to Noodledome the Clown (Clapp) as he drives the van to a deserted factory we hear bangs of people inside the van.


As it turns out a group of people have been kidnapped assuredly and are thrown into the darkness of this abandoned factory not before one of the women in the groups child gets left behind… in the van…

Soon it becomes apparent they are not alone in the place as one by one they are picked off by a sledgehammer-swinging man in a mask that looks like a China doll.


There are definitely a lot of screams from the actors… and actresses a lot of dum moves like why would you move from there you were fine type of feels. I think this location was great for the film as it was slightly old and a lot of small spaces the people could hide in.  Not only was there a group of people brought there there were two teenagers who came to investigate the place as well and somehow ended up on the run from Dollboy (Gracida) as well…

There had definitely a gore factor and I think the fact that one actor kept complaining about where his watch was was priceless… in the end I think this idea was fresh certainly a fun Splatter fest, you could certainly look forward to some of the people dying as sometimes they run around and act so totally stupid you are just hoping for them to die…

I do like the fact that some of the props and music are somewhat older… like the phonograph with the Edison like music going on in the back ground… the random older Mickey Mouse cartoon playing in the back ground a sense of timelessness…


Ultimately I enjoyed this film was slightly longer than some short films I’m used to so it’s almost a small feature in its own right as well as slightly slow but I thought it was unique and certainly a must see if your also going to watch Circus of the Dead filmed much later.

I recommend if your a horror fan or film maker certainly check this short film out… this is the feel I think you want to give to your audience. Enjoy!

Starring Jed Duesler as Brandon, Venus Monique as Venus, Dominic Lopez as
Mr. Newton, Heather Francell as Lorie, Raul Gonzalez as Raul, Adrienne Martinez as Angela, Shawn Black as Sean, Ryan Clapp as Noodledome the Clown, Sergio Gracida as Doll Boy, Samantha Ankrum as
Abigail, Drake Ankrum as Franken-Boy, Angelina Zorilla as Dead Girl, Shawn Black, Raul Gonzalez, Adrienne Martinez.

Movies Galore takes a look at Chicago documentary Director John Borowski’s “H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer” from 2003!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Waterfront Productions documenterist “John Borowski” brings us this mastery of film making of the worlds first known serial killer Mr. Henry Howard Holmes.

Born Herman Webster Mudgett on May 16, 1861 in Glimanton, New Hampshire to Levi Horton Mudgett and Theodore Page Price. Mudgett the middle child of five was the product of a farming family and a direct descendant of English settlers is mostly known as H. H. Holmes, otherwise known as the “Devil in the White City” is the first man to have been documented as a serial killer in the modern sense of the word as it may be.

Having Confessed to 27 murders, 9 of which were proven it was said that he was accused of committing over 200 murders in a sense and fashion becoming part of urban legend and pulp fiction fantasies.

As it turns out H. H. Holmes Married three times to three different women all the while Still being married to the other two the first being Clara Lovering in June of 1878 in Alton, New Hampshire whom bore him a son Robert Lovering Mudgett in Loudon, New Hampire whom later became an accountant and a city manager in Orlando, Florida.

At the age of 18 Holmes entered the university of Vermont in Burlington but soon took a disliking to the school and dropped out but later in 1882 entered the university of Michigan’s Department of medicine and Surgery under a Professor Herdman which according to rumors didn’t always use legal means of Cadavers in his Anatomy Classes which makes me wonder if this professor is where the stories of Burke & Hare Derive from.

After Graduating in 1884 Holmes moved to Mooer’s Fork, New York but left quickly when a boy disappeared, moved to Philadelphia got a job as a Keeper at Norristown State Hospital but left after a few day and then got a position at a drugstore Philadelphia but here a boy died after taking medicine from the store.

Holmes Denied any involvement and it is shortly here after before he moved to Chicago that he changed his name to Henry Howard Holmes probably to avoid the creditors that he’d already scammed before.

In 1886 while still married to Clara Holmes Maried Myrta Belknap in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in August of 1886 arrived in Chicago. On July 4th, 1889 Myrta and Holmes had a daughter Lucy Theodate Holmes later becoming a school teacher.  During the several weeks after marrying Myrta, holmes filed for grounds for divorce.

In Chicago Holmes meets up with a fellow university alumni a Mr. Holton and His Wife Elizabeth’s drugstore on S Wallace Ave and 63rd street in the Englewood Neighborhood and Dr. Holton hired Holmes on the spot, realized Holmes was a hard worker and eventially Holmes bought the Store from them over time.  Several history books Allege that Dr. Holton was an aging old man and that Elizabeth and her husband actually disappeared but as it turns out this was a fabricated fiction.


In any case Holmes purchased a vacant lot across the street from his now owned drugstore and began building on credit a two story appartment building that was to be a hotel for the Chicago World’s Fair that became known as Holmes “Murder Mansion.” It is said that Holmes had actualy sold human skeletons to universities across the nation for money and was quite successful in the business which is almost close to taxidermy but you get my drift…

John Borowski’s Documentary touches on many of these aspects of his life and more so as I feel that he chose well on the presentation on documents, forensic evidence as we here the opinions of Marion Caporusso with the Illinois State Police. As well as some voice actresses and trolls playing to bring us this morbid but factual tale of H. H. Holmes to our perspective.


For it is described that Holmes met up with a one Benjamin Pitezel while working at a Chemical Bank on Deerborn Street, a carpenter with a criminal past who was actually selling a coal bin that he’d invented at the time.

it is said from here on in that Pitezel in a sense became Holmes’s Creature and as thick as thrives devised the rest of the building of his Castle that had hidden rooms, doors that led to nowhere and a vault which he’d built the rooms around to keep from paying creditors for the materials. As well as several scams including that of Pitezel’s faked death that actually turned into his real death which involve Chloroform and a fire. Which was claimed as being a suicide at the time.  There was also according to Borowski’s Documentary a relationship with Pitezels family meaning his wife and five children which Holmes slightly doted on.

It was also alleged that in his “Castle” in Chicago he had torture rooms that he’d brought his victims to to torture and Kill but there really was no evidence found of anything on the property as it apparently was subject to a a partial fire.  It was said that on the night of the fire two men were seen running into the building between 8 and 9 at night and a canister of gasoline was found later on the back porch.  The insurance companies were quick to sue as they believed the fire to be caused by arson and pressingly Holmes left Chicago in 1894.

According to the information Borowski provide’s in this documentary he tells Pitezel’ widow that Benjamin is still alive and hiding out in London while he takes her three oldest children traveling with him including  Pitezel.  Nellie and Alice in detail write back to their mother weekly that they miss home but the letters never reach her mother and soon her children are never seen from again until Holmes is arrested later and confesses to leaving their bodies in the basement in a chest on one of his abandoned properties.

While in Chicago, holmes had actually entertained and had aparent affairs with three women the first a wife of neighbor Ned Connor’s a one Julia Smythe that began working in the Pharmacy’s Jewelry store connected to the Still being built hotel connected to the Apartment referred to as the “Murder Mansion.”  When Connors found out he left and Smythe got sole custody of their daughter Pearl.  Julia and Pearl disappeared the Christmas of 1891.  In May of 1892 another suggested Affair began with a Emiline Cigrande and disappeared that December.


 In early 1893 a one time actress Minnie Williams met holmes reportedly in an employment agency and hired her as a Stenographer and she accepted the job also reportedly having and affair… able to persuade Minnie to transfer the deed of her property in Fort Worth, Texas to a one Alexander Bond an Alias Of Holmes and later an Alias of pitezel’s a one Benton T. Lyman.  Minnie’s sister Nanny came to visit in July writing to her Aunt she was to accompany her “Brother Harry” to Europe but neither Minnie nor Nannie were seen alive after July 5th 1893.

On January 17th 1894 Holmes married Georgiana Yoke I bet Denver Colorado and was arrest in July of 1894 for the first time on the charge of selling Mortgaged Goods in St. Luis, Missouri.  It was in prison Holmes stuck up a conversation with a one Marion Hedgepath a train robber on a twenty five year sentence and promised him 500 dollars to point him in the direction of a lawyer who could be trusted with his scheme a certain Jeptha Howe in practice with his brother Alphonso who thought his scheme was brilliant to fake deaths for insurance money 10,000 was a lot of money at that time. Due to his mistake of not making good on paying Hedgepath was Holmes mistake otherwise his arrest might have taken longer.

So it seems Holmes was used to traveling within a three ring circus after mudering Alice and Nellie he accompanied Wife of Pitezel and lived with his third wife at the time while traveling with the three children all the way to Canada while living only a few blocks from his Residence him and his third wife Georgiana lived not knowing of her husbands affairs.

In October of 1895 Holmes was put on trial for the murder of Benjamin Pitezel found guilty, and sentenced to death.  On May 7th 1986 Holmes was hanged to death at Moyamensing Prison not showing any fear or depression, his neck didn’t break but slowly strangle to death and pronounced dead twenty minutes later.

Though I also looked into other sources for this review their is much I didn’t tell and some that wasn’t portrayed in Borowski’s Documantary but I don’t believe all of it had to be told though the film was very informative the way that it was filmed made me want to know more of his story.

Altogether this was a greatly told narrative very informative and I believe there was knowledgably told in a way that many could take interest in it wasn’t like a lecture but drew you in got down on your level and as a documentary you have to be able to explain things in a way people can understand with out talking at you and putting you to sleep and I think he achieved that audience grabber where it certainly will not put you to sleep.

I certainly recommend this film for other students and film makers as I think his material was fresh and film lovers to check out as it is very enlightening as to whom H. H. Holmes really was. Enjoy!

Starring Tony Jay as Narrator (voice), Harold Schechter as Himself – Author ‘Depraved’, Thomas Cronin as
Himself – Criminal Profiler, Marian Caporusso as Herself – Programs Section Chief – Illinois State Police Forensic Science Center, Ed Bertagnoli as
Chicago Police Officer, Cary Callison as
Chicago Detective, Willy Laszlo as
H.H. Holmes, Rachelle Villarreal as
Alice Pitezel, Audrey Welling as
Castle Victim, Beka as Carrie Pitezel (voice), Tom Ciappa as (voice), Sarah Mills as (voice).

Movies Galore takes a look at director Jeremy Todd Morehead’s feature film “Easter Sunday” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


So Camp Motion Pictures decided to take and put director Jeremy Todd Morehead’s Easter related feature “Easter Sunday” from 2013.

Douglas Fisher was known as the Bunny Man Killer as he was executed on Easter night for running around killing his wife in a lighted up homemade bunny mask as he became the stuff of urban legend.


Fast forward 24 years With Jeremy as he’s bought a new phone to videotape his band, also supposed to be taking his wedding vows with his wife Amber who may kill him yet for buying something so expensive before their wedding date…


In any case turns out Jeremy’s Key Board player Ryan Tate just so happens to be the son of said Douglas Fisher after a practice Ryan’s girlfriend ends up with a spiritboard straight from a voodoo man of sorts to commune with the dead.


The freinds decide to call upon the spirit of Douglas Fisher… unbeknownst to them another man has called out to ressurect the man to wreak havoc once again.

We see some cool CGI effects as the spirit board lights up with a little bit of lightning… and then the spirit of Doaglas Fisher possess’ Ryan’s body…

Ultimately this film is a slasher where obviously no one gets out alive…. Jeremy and his freind Freddy make this film by their high pitched screams of girlish type screaming making them almost scream queens in their own Nature.


There are some majors actor appearances that also somewhat make the film enjoyable like Robert Z’Dar from Maniac Cop playing Sherrif Atkin, Ari Lehman who plays young Jason in Friday the 13th plays the Postman who called out for the Ressurection of Douglas Fisher, and Edward X. Young who normally acts in James Balsamo features, as the drunken sarcastic exorcist Priest Angus Bradley

Thing is the resurrected bunny man tries to be funny buts ends up spitting out half corny lines that even the Leprechaun “Warrwick Davies” could say better…

All in all I’d say it has a clever story line, great dress up with the grindhouse feel and some interesting character additions to the films portfolio but it slightly dragged and disappointed myself a bit was expecting more.

But if you enjoy this kind of storyline and a mask that’s so obviously fake a three year old could probably slap it together for ya great have at it… like I said there were parts that were somewhat entertaining but it failed to entertain me the entire way and I’m not picky when it comes to loving stupid films normally hehe

Starring Robert Z’Dar as Sheriff Arkin, Jeremy Todd Morehead as Jeremiah, Ari Lehman as The Postman, Jason Delgado as
Ryan Tate, Jon McKoy as Jacob, Travis Morton as James, Bryan Bohn as Frank, William L. Bozarth as Mancuso Vernon, Jon Dearth as Streaking man, Lelah Delgado as First trailer girl that dies, John Fabian as Squirrel watcher, Valerie Foos as Barbara, Christine Galbraith as Mrs. Fisher, Kim Gunzinger as Katie Vernon, Danielle Hansohn as Kristin, Jeff Howell as Jogging man, Anne Morehead as
Amber, Russell Ray as Ash Loomis, Angela Russell as Nancy, Paige Taylor as Devin, Edward X. Young as Angus Bradley.

Movies Galore takes a look at director Charles Webb’s feature “The G-String Horror” from 2012!

Written by David Strege


I actually first came across the title of this film while watching Ghost Adventures as I was a faithful watcher of the show as Ghost Hunters itself was a joke these guys when The went out to their locations went to piss some spirits off to do their investigating and I feel got more recorded on film than just one recording here or there…

The film is brought to us by California director Charles Webb from Global Amusements LLC as he films inside the haunted Market Street Cinema which was used as a strip club at the time but in 2015 was Set for demolishment for an 8 storied building. But was used for the world premiere for the film “Dirty Harry.”

Part documentary and part re-enactment Webb interviews people in and around that knew about paranormal activity that surrounds the history of the historical Market Street Cinema.

Apparently much of the staff, strippers and patrons have experienced seeing figures, shadows, faces and shimmers of smoke… Webb is saying that originally he started out as this being filmed as a documentary, then actors and actresses to portray the enactments of murder that have happened…

Also the appearance of a local Psychic Lady Zee (Lamb) having visions of being a showgirl and having been on a tour inside the place herself, whom has invited over a young man under the guise of wanting to be a film maker to be an intern under Webb until he disappears…

Also a scarred figure that is often seen watching the dancers… but one of the main spirits is this “Baby Doll” (Talonz) she was a stripper that was apparently taken to the basement by a few guys as one of the men had recieved a knife for his birthday and decided to stab her a few times but “Baby Doll’s” body was never found.

My thoughts are by the end of the film it’s hard to determine which were truly facts and which were fiction as some of the acting I know was staged According to Webb the ghosts were not following the script and were showing through on his actors…

It is kind of a creepy theater but this wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be I suppose if you wanted to see a few nude characters and suggestive of how haunted the place was sure.  I’m not sure I’d entirely recommend the film as it was somewhat boring but here’s my thoughts on it…

Starring Ed Bowers as The Janitor, Genna Darling as Red, Mike Gleason as Big Mike, Debra Lamb as Lady Zee, Trevor O’Donnell as Sean, Natasha Talonz as
Baby Doll.