Movies Galore takes a look at director Christopher Ambriz’s feature film “Dark Blood” from 2000!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Night Creature Productions director Christopher Ambriz brings us a shot on video vampire film from 2000.

The film begins as a man is looking for directions on a stormy night… another man is standing outside his place as he notices this storm he goes in to tell his freinds Billy, Brain and some others…


Meanwhile… the first man as we find out his name is Lupis, runs into an ample breasted young woman named Katherine on the street as she shows him a coffee shop he leaves, the arrives at a home where another young woman is sleeping.  We find out this man is a vampire as he seems to control her into letting him cut her arm and suck her blood.

Next day a couple of Brain’s freinds were walking by Lupis when one of them through something at him and he vanished. Turns out that the girl John is infatuated with Katherine, is hanging out more and more with this new guy Lupis and their certainly getting it on hot and heavy in a private section of a local arcade. In what looks like a Red Lobster, weird.


After spying on Katherine and Lupis, John finds out Lupin’s a vampire and quite possible he has seen too much… all I can say for a small micro budget film is this Jae Flores that plays Lupis seems to play a bad ass vampire rather well as he turns the freinds one by one of Brain’s into the undead.


The sound isn’t the greatest at spots, the volume is somewhat low on some dialogue but I will say the moment of catching these lightning and thunder storms for shots was rather a smart thing as they are natural storms.

After Billy was turned into a Vampire to do Lupin’s bidding is when some comedy moments began not bad on the make up either so I have to say rather enjoyed this film… though slow in its attempt I think horror fans may enjoy this feature if they give this film a watch.


I recommend that you seek this film out if you can.  There’s definitely some bloodiness involved. Enjoy!

Here is the Trailer:

Starring Christopher Ambriz as John, Jae Flores as Lupus, Ryan Hunts as Billy, Michael Cantu as Brain, Claudette Charo as Katherine, Sylvia Bolster as Val, George Carroll as George, Courtney Randolph as

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