Movies Galore takes a look at director Emir Skalonja’s feature film “Jericho” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Foxtrot Productions director Emir Skalonja whom brought us Flesh of My Flesh and The Plague is a as he calls it a neo-noir western action film not unlike Sin City and films of this nature…

My assumption as to his title probably stems from the Bible where a city fell to the ground after circling it 7 times to the ground.  But Ryan Jericho (Nemi) is a force unto his own.


Jericho has retired in his mind as one of the world greatest criminal assasins.  Not because he wants to snitch or rat his employer’s out but because he has fallen in love with a woman. So Jericho wants out and to settle down.

Holmes (O’ Hear) in his line of business nobody leaves his employment you either kill or leave in a body bag so he sends some goons under his employ after Jericho’s woman and kill her.


Ultimately this is a revenge film in black and white for the most part.  I want to say I liked it a lot but the first goin with the glasses he wasn’t really a believable bad guy.


Don’t get me wrong I loved the story,  loved the other characters I just feel the actor was a little bit more like an “Office Space” version of Roy Orbison than anything else.  I think the new technique Emir was using where red blood splatter appeared each time someone was shot definitely wasn’t bad at all.

This was certainly a change a good direction for him I feel. I did in the end enjoy watching the film and I love watching this director’s visions come into play, I see where he’s going with his films and I like his energy. I think the indie world has to keep a watch on this director for I feel he is on the rise.

I definitely recommend this film to all you Independent film lovers out there definitely check this film out you can find it on through its Facebook page.

Here is its Trailer!

Starring Mirela Ajdimovski as Natasha, Tyler Cheman as Todd, Brandon Czerwinski as Talon, Katherine Fudge as
Kick Girl, Nikko Gabayan as Kung Fu Guy, Jacob Hodgson as Informant, Michelina Houlihan as Psycho Girl, John Karyus as
Begging Man, Fattie King as Chain Guy, Robin Lalisse as Leather Jacket, Joshua McDonald as Tryst, Lori Dolan Meyer as
Guard, Will Nemi as Ryan Jericho (as William Anthony), Michael O’Hear as
Holmes, Bill Smith as Thug with Machete, Jimi Voelker as Brick.


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