Movies Galore takes a look at director Matt Jaissle’s “The Necro Files” from 1998!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us and presented by Todd Tuersland and Threat Theatre International Inc. Productions but directed by Videvil’s Matt Jassle from 1998 is this underground love with the dead micro budget gore comedy.


The film begins as a young woman takes a shower as she is being watched by a masked man, the lights go off as our masked killer corners this nude woman, proceeds to handcuff her, rapes her as he stabs her.

Meanwhile two cops are called to a scene of a rapist as the killer was noticed.  Back at the residence where the nude woman was stabbed we see this man shirtless, and mutilating this corpse while eating the flesh off of her slowly bleeding body.


On the account the rapist had raped and killed one of the two cops sister the two showed up at the scene only to be agravated into killing this canniballistic psychopath.

A Group of hooded satanist are gathered in a cemetery about to sacrafice the baby that was born of one of the rapist’s victims to reassurect the psychotic rapist himself. In peeing on the fetus a zombie rises from the ground and rips the mememer of the member of the the cult’s leader right off and eats his way around.


The two idiots on the other hand that escaped decided to summon a demon to counteract the risen dead rapist that their sect had brought back and it just so happens to be the spirit of the dead fetus…  in a sense it is comical that a Zombie with a boner goes around and kills while still raping and creating a gore fest… ultimately it comes down to a shootout between the two cops detectives Manners and Sloane and the idiots that tried to counteract their evil doings…

Honestly this wasn’t bad for it’s completely gruesome story line,  the effects are brilliantly bloody but the oversized penis and the fetus on a string chasing people was definitely over the top but made it all the more humorous.

The music somewhat reminds me of a techno version of the music behind Lucio Fulci’s Zombi. There is definitely nudity with some campiness… I think you gore enthusiast’s out there though obviously rape is not a laughing matter this still will satisfy at least from a splatter fest practitioners eye would enjoy.

For some reason I enjoyed this film after seeing it a few times it grew on me… just the fact you can see this fake fetus floating around on a string… haha

I recommend this film even though it has definite violence,some scene’s with a blow up doll and the acting was hokey but in all the right places, I can see watching this film again from time to time. Up to you in the end but I enjoyed it’s raunchy ride. Not a film for everyone but definitely comical and cheesy enough.

Here’s the trailer

Starring Steve Sheppard as Detective Martin Manners (as Steven Sheppard), Gary Browning as Detective Orville Sloane, Christian Curmudgeon as Jack, Jason McGee as Barney, Theresa Bestul as Shower Girl, Jenn O. Cide as S&M Amazon, Dru Berrymore as Camping Girl (as Drew Burymore), Anne R. Key as Doll Lover, Todd Tjersland as Lord of the Satanites, Jonas Arke as Fan Man, Jeff Nelson as Bondage Boy, Isaac Cooper as Logan, Larry Gygax as Satanite (as ‘Scary’ Larry Gygax), David Bramwell as Satanite, Sak Cameron as Satanite, Todd F. Baker as Satanite, Dora Taggart as Maggie, Akira Enomoto as Satanite, Matt Jaissle as Frank – Police Dispatch (voice) (uncredited), Jessica Roulston as Shower Girl (voice) (uncredited).

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