Movies Galore decides to book a Sparring partner in director Sean Meehan’s short film “Total Performance” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Bokk Productions and Cross River Pictures director Sean Meehan I actually thought this film was going one way but it ended up doing a total reversal and surprised me…

Corey Sweeney (Berner) is an actress auditioning for roles but it’s not entirely your roles that you would think…. the film begins on an apparent date between Corey and Tim Madson (Conroy) where it apparently went well as Mr. Tim recieved a kiss at the end of the evening…

Not everyone auditions for roles as say to argue with someone or to help someone break the bad news to someone how they really feel…


Now I enjoyed this film immensely but there’s one thing that sucks out like a sore thumb.  When Corey is on her date with Tim she refers to herself as an Actor when because she’s female she is an Actress not an Actor.  To me this was a major mistake either on the Actresses part as a possible mistake? As it’s possible they only did one take it’s possible she said Actor instead? All I know is it just stuck out.

Other than that Timothy Cox plays a supporting role as a person who wants to fire his employee… hehe

I’d say this was a comedy/ drama of sorts and would reccomend for short film lovers out there but as I said there is a perspective I think of a possible script error… but was very entertaining…

Starring Tory Berner as Cori Sweeney, Steven Conroy as Tim Madsen, Caitlin Berger as Annie Heron, Anthony Rainville as Rafi, Timothy J. Cox as Walter Baron, Paul Locke as Bruce, Phoebe Kuhlman as
Lauren, Lauren B. Nelson as Susan, Anthony D’Amore as Waiter, Nicole Trauffer a Woman Auditioner.


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