Movies Galore takes a look at director Sean Meehan’s 48hr film project short film “Mallas, MA” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


So evidently this film was Produced by Fix It In Post as a 48 hour film poject directed by Sean Meehan Where Brian and Maria are Con Artist’s posing in a small town as Paranormal Investigators to take the towns money.

We see as they go and take photos of a little girl named Sydney all over town but when time comes to explain the evidence found one of them breaks down and confesses they are fake… but was it really?


I’m beginning to enjoy Mr. Cox more as an actor each time even though I know it’s him he’s able to pull off whom he’s portraying in each role. I also believe that that he can pull of that human emotion aspect of control.

Honestly though I felt this was waaaay to short I felt snubbed like I was missing part of the story. But I did enjoy this film and would recommend it for the short film lovers out there.

Starring Timothy J. Cox as Brian Higgins, Maria Natapov as Maria Synder, Eddie Nason as Eddie, Robyn Kaan as Robyn, Andrea Sweeney as Interview Host, Uatchet Jin Juch as Sydney, Nekhebet Kum Juch as Sydney.

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