Movies Galore takes a look at director Ben Wydeven’s 5th and last Short film installment in his Raven James Chronicles Vol. 1 “Mourning In The Cemetary” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Makeshift Media director  Ben Wydevon of Madison Wisconsin this is the 5th and final film in the first Volume of his film adapted from his own novel of a down trodden alcoholic who communes with spirits and helps them though he does not entirely want to…

Its been four years since the death of Benny’s Father, having run the bar his father ran since… he still feels his presence…. Not only does Raven see and hear his father but he also doesn’t want Raven to let him know of his presence….

Benny, because of his car crash has been beginning to hear voices and noises not unlike that of spirits and it is in the Cemetary… where he has asked Raven to come with to speak at his fathers Grave…

In this film the story comes full circle and I feel that these films made of several journies and tales of Raven James was a fantastic start for an indie film maker.

Normally I’m not technically a fan of CGI but I think that for what it’s used for in this series I think that the effects have been done extremely well… I’m glad to have been a small part in helping fund this last installment… but I’m sure this won’t be the last we see of Raven James as his journey has only begun…

I think that Daniel Harris is and has become Raven James and Joshua Paffel makes for a decent Sancho of sorts as Benny.

I haven’t really found fault with any of the films now this film is scary and it ends on a positive note or does it?

I’d definitely recommend this series of films as I think it’s unique and I as I think I’ve said I hope to see more. Enjoy!

Starring Daniel Harris as Raven James, Joshua Paffel as Benny Cavoto, Kevin Croak as Mickey Cavoto, Jim Porter as
Lead Paramedic, Frances Goglio as Paramedic #1, Naomi Bielefeldt as
Ambulance driver, Greg Hudson as
Headwound Ghost, Paulina Kababie as
Spanish Ghost, John Gordon as Police Ghost, Brandon Grinslade as Ghost man #1, Maureen Grinslade as Various female ghosts, Janet Mitchell as Hospital Ghost, Patric Pellerin as Stoner Ghost, Jessica Peterson as Hippy Ghost, Grace Wagner as
Pregnant Ghost, Tony Zirngible as Zombie Ghost.

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