Movies Galore takes a look at director Anthony Cooney’s Short Film “Leaf Blower Massacre” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Working with El Hombre Pictures and T-Nasty Productions is director Anthony Cooney with not an axe, not a chainsaw but “Leaf Blower Massacre” a short film from 2013.

As the film begins we see shots of trees as a young child sits in the window playing with his toys…

Twenty years later a couple is walking out from a movie as some creep in a motercyle helmet and army surpluss uniform attacks them with a leaf blower gotta love how some pudgy dude is flailing his arms running from his girl as her teeth get knocked out…


Riding a Bycicle to mow this dude down he tell him he’s gonna blow him better than his girlfriend ever did and kills him with the blower…

Meanwhile a poker game is going on where it looks like the same man who’d gotten killed is in a cowboy hat with what sounds like the looped beginning of Jesus Christ Superstar music is playing in the background…


This just gets more comical by the moment as one of the guys goes out takes a piss outside while talking to his woman and once again the Leafblower man strikes again… The girlfriend gets mad and comes down to investigate she gets wacked over the head and wakes up to the Leaf Blower guy saying you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Now I like when a short film gets to a point this was a fun little film to watch it was entertaining… the character is something that can be built upon as I know there is a second film being made to continue the story…

I think I’m certainly going to enjoy more from this odd slasher tale can certainly see the humor in the film and look forward to more…

For those into short films and to the horror enthusiast I certainly recommend you check out this underground indie film if you can.

Starring Anita Nicole Brown as Nicole White, Shavar D. Clark as Shavar Jennings, Anthony Cooney as Bobby D, Martin Sean Cooney as Baby Sal, Patrick Anthony Hozjan as Pat, Miguel Perez as
Jose, Karla Shaw as Bobby D’s date, Mariel Taren as Stepha.


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