Movies Galore takes a look at director James Bickert’s second feature “Frankenstein Created Bikers” from 2016!

Written by David Strege


Now I’m going to say this before I get started I enjoyed the film “Dear God No” put out by Big World Pictures director James Bickert.  But I was thoroughly disappointed in His newest feature “Frankenstein Created Bikers” and have yet to find a thruthful review where as it seems praises were sung how great the film was elsewhere why the fuck can’t they be truthful and say the film was a disaster.

The film starts out pretty decent as some kids pick up a sexy hitchhiker being Candy (Church) as they head to a party at a lake… in a shagodelic vehicle with the shag carpeting on the inside hehe


Well Candy and Archie (get down to the pier and Archie jumps in to see sights unseen and out pops a pretty Gnarley looking Ape like creature from beneath the lake…

So we watch a few heads roll as the Creature tears after a topless running Candy whom quickly hides under the van and watches as the creature rips apart the rest of her crowd… as Jett and his gang of Motorcycle Hunters called Impalers, pull up spouting about how many times they have to tell true beliefs of God he isn’t coming to save them….

Now we’re in a titty bar run by an old guy ends of being Val’s (Risk) father whom takes over his gathered group of misfit criminals with Topless masked dancers as she tells them to put on some kitty masks and work for her in her revenge on the man who took her eye.

Meanwhile Jett and his gang of bounty hunters bring the bagged mutant to Klaus (Harvey) and Dr. Marco (McComoskey) whose working on a syrum to create a mutant Army to control, even though the mutants killed the doctors family.


As it turns out Jett (Bryant) are taking daily doses of a syrum that Dr. Marco gives them to keep them in human form. Dr. Marco grows tired of the questions and hatches a plan with Klaus to expire the bikers to rid themselves of the problem of figuring out a solution to the syrum involved in keeping Jett’s gang from being Zombie-like creatures.

Meanwhile some redneck cops are on the trail as well as they feel the biker gang is responsible for the death of the Sherrif’s pig brother.

So Klaus meets up with Val and After a talk sends her topless Cats in with Machine Guns to attempt to waste Jett and his fellow undead bikers…


Of course I’m realizing this is a sequel of sorts but it’s appears to jump all over the place as it Appears Dr. Marco saved his daughters brain to reattach her body in a way to try to save Humanity through science.

My problem with the film is there appear to be a lot of talking going on and not much action. Another issue of mine is Klaus’s accent sounds totally forced not natural, but he did seem to portray a little sadism in the dungeon.


I think the most defining moment of the film sad to say is when The oldman was driving getting a blowjob when two of the undead bikers stood in the way of his vehicle and his peckerwood came clean off inside her jaw…

Oh I feel this film was way more hyped up than it truly was but and there is a bit there was some attention put to some of the effects… with some weird asphyxiation of a relationship between Edna Marco (Brumby) as her new body is attached to herself. Battle that with an exorcism of the dead from a psychotic wielding preacher with a chainsaw…

I mean it had a good storyline but for some reason it just didn’t all mesh well in my mind.  This seemed like a great film to put my money towards as the first film was a great concept I’m sorry just wasn’t feeling the film… all the while I was wondering exactly why they kept Candy alive when she really didn’t do much but observe what went on inside the lab.


My feelings about this film are up and down parts I enjoyed parts I didn’t… as for the double disc blu ray I gotta say it looks pretty I love the title just not exactly the film not one of my favorites for the year.

Was certainly somewhat gore infested since there were a few failed lab experiments that seemed to rise to attack in the fray as well… would I recommend this film for others? Meh a one time watch is ok but I can’t see myself foreseeable calling this a favorite of mine anytime soon…

Starring Jett Bryant as Jett, Laurence R. Harvey as Klaus, Tristan Risk as Val, Ellie Church as Candy, Madeline Brumby as
Edna Marco, Paul McComiskey as Dr. Marco, Billy Ratliff as Larry, Gia Nova as
Gia Nova, Jim Sligh as Sheriff Crews, Jim Stacy as The Creature, Shane Morton as
Randal, Johnny Collins as Collins, Elizabeth Davidovich as Amber Joe, Allison Maier as Allison Chestnut, Diana Prince as Diana Prince, Nick Hood as Reverend Chainsaw, James Bickert as
Jimbo (as Rusty Stache), Megan Moore as
Sandy Stockridge, Eddie Mumma as Will Bromidey, Jessie Grainger as Archie Stalesenburg, Ki Corwell as Bobby Callowski, Chris ‘Casper’ Kelly as
Deputy Maddox, Dave Willis as Deputy Smoltz, Trey McGriff as Deputy Glavine, Bill McConnell as Deputy Wohlers, Fred Woelper as Deputy Avery, Effy Endo as
Cat Girl #2, Shana Melton as Cat Girl #4, Audrey Price as Cat Girl #5, Bryan G. Malone as Emcee, David Aboussafy as
Satan’s Own #10, Ben Bladon as Redneck #1, Phil Colvin as Satan’s Own #13, Kenwick Cook as Satan’s Own #6, Matt Flynn as Satan’s Own #4, Nathan Hamilton as Satan’s Own #8, Barb Hays as
Redneck #2, Dan Herald as Satan’s Own #12, Jason Hignite as Satan’s Own #1, Korey Jordan as Biker, Oliver Kasiske as
Mutant, Sarah Beth Moseley as Laura, Robert Rhine as Satan’s Own #15, Jon Scharer as Satan’s Own #9, Mark Schemanske as Store Clerk, Dave Skaggs as Satan’s Own #5, Peter Stolmeier as
Satan’s Own #7, Rob Thompson as Spyder, Augustus Whitiker as Satan’s Own #3.

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