Movies Galore takes a look at director Tom Nagel’s short film “The Hitman” from 2013!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Steel House Productions director Tom Nagel (later of Clown Town) is a short film about a talkative Hitman…

A Hitman (Erickson) is out burying a victim, middle of the desert this hitman begins talking to his victim (Frankenstein) …. whose bound and gagged, starts talking about his wife, his problems and the victim appears to get through to him as with nods and hmmm mmmm’s seems true man can understand his mumblings.

But just as he though everything was fine…. The Hitman continues his job…

I thought this was actually kind of humorous and not often you get to see a film in one location and make it work with just two men and a camera…

You don’t expect a Hitman to just start getting emotional and having a moment like a pep talk or like your speaking to your therapist it just isn’t done hehe.

I enjoyed the film though short it was and wanted to see more… if that says I enjoyed the film then I recommend for you to check it out it’s on YouTube openly at the moment…

Starring Eric Paul Erickson as The Hitman, Andy Franzen as Harvey.

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