Movies Galore takes a look at director Sergey Khodich’s “Gialli” from 2015!


Written by David Strege


So once again I am returning to a distributed film by Legless Corpse Films with a film by the title of  Gialli by Ukraine director Sergey Khodich filmed in 2015 with Extreme Pestilence Films. Having been behind the music of Alex Wesley’s Zombie Infection which is a Russian zombie splatter film among a few other films… after being with Legless Corpse Films it went on into David Sterling’s films that he streamed for sale and from there I don’t know…


As the film begins to men apparently meet in secret when is a writer for a series of novels we’re apparently he has killed off a female character in one of his stories they mention a controversy among the writer saying it was either his best idea or his worst to do so… The other man who had met with the writer set there on the bench where he had met the writer and shortly thereafter we see on a red screen a woman and high heels is approaching we see a camera angle with just her legs and the sound of her heels… she is wearing a mask whoever she is…

The man as soon as she walks by gets up and starts to follow her… After a short distance, The figure that we think is a woman turns and pulls out a blade and repeatedly stabs the man in the stomach until he is dead…


Meanwhile the writer has returned to where he apparently lives and begins to  type on a typewriter it looks like it’s an old school typewriter too, after a little while he gets a phone call form I believe his publisher and as it turns out I believe that the man that the writer had met was one of his readers. His publisher is asking him about whether he has started a new novel or any project since he has already written three books and he suggest him to start and finish his fourth or at least is pushing for another sequel. The writer is frustrated because he is in a contract and he does not think that the publisher realizes that he is a writer and thinks of his feelings so he is obviously under pressure to write this new book.


It would appear that the writers friend is a  Sculptor of many different strange statues and that the writers agent is a wood carver but the writer goes to his friend for advice and when he does his Agent shows up and seems to get a little jealous and violent with the front because he thinks that the writer has the chance of a lifetime writing these stories but because of what he did with the last book he thinks that he should not just kill the woman off like he did otherwise you will lose his readers and he will lose him. Shortly after the agent and the friend come two words between each other, the agent leaves leaving the writer and his friend behind as his friend tells him that he is weak and that he should follow his heart.

after the writer has left the film goes into a green screen that we see the same figure of a woman in a mask and a hood as she comes towards the front with a blade and this time she mutilates and cuts this friends neck as we see this figure cut his heart out…

Meanwhile the writer goes to the local library where he meets a young librarian Which he begins to hang out with and in a sense becomes his Muse for his new novel since he is determined not to  write the sequel that his publisher really wants him to write.


The first thing that I want to say about this film is actually in the negative this would be a totally different film if the subtitles weren’t so crappy a lot of the words are misspelled and I know that the language is in Russian but someone should have had better English skills when typing out what they were saying. I do like that Russian director Alex Wesley showed up as the crazy fan that wrote a Manifesto of sorts that he was coming after the writer because of the ending that he had left the main girl off with…

There was a moment that probably could have been cut out as well when the rider and his friend were smoking they were smoking a little bit too long I think but other than that I really liked the gore factor in here it’s like that this wasn’t just about everyone dying this was kind of a statement that the fans did not like the ending so much and the writer just wanted to move on.   There is a line that some obsessed people cross at times And I think the actors and actresses in here weren’t that bad either it’s just that there was major issues with the subtitling that I think could have been better. I really enjoyed the concept and the idea along with the fact that each of the killings we’re just a little bit more messy as the film went on. I enjoyed the film otherwise and I think for a first effort that this wasn’t bad  in fact I could almost like it a lot for a first feature except for these discrepancies. I am glad that I own the film so if you think that this film sounds like a film that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you seek the film out for your own amusement. I was fairly entertained by the film and I hope that it gets a good resubtitling in English and I think that it would definitely find a broader audience. Definitely a decent splatter film.

Starring Marina Gavrilyk as the Killer, Andrey Gavrrilyk as the Agent, Arturo Nabokov as the Writers Freind, Vitaly Prihodko as the Second Writer, Alexandr Menasanov as the Publisher, Oleg Shupta as Seller of Typewriter, Alex Wesley as the Crazy Fan, Sergey Khodich as the Writer.

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  1. Hello, David. I really enjoyed your write up for this film. I have really wanted to see this one, and I need to get around to doing so. Thanks for covering this film.



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