Movies Galore takes a look at director Nick Box’s Grindhouse features and his Bible Cunt Trilogy!

Written by David Strege

Nik Box

So a while back for some reason I got into a director by the name of Nick Box of Dead Good Like Films Only I ran into him on a 4 film feature set which goes by the name of 21st century Grindhouse volume one:   God told me not to…. but I did it anyway Distributed in about 2014. So because I got into his films by this set I will work my way through describing the films involved in this set and the various forms of his Christsploitation Trilogy With its various names and releases.

The first film on here is called Brutal Jesus and the House of Wasted Youth filmed about 2010. In this short feature we have actor Steve Newton dressed up as Jesus in a shot on video slasher Massacre mixed with Punk and sound in a Grindhouse kind of fashion as we see the figure of Jesus walk down the sidewalk of some street and get let in by  a house full of young men who are gathered together getting stoned and high and God knows what other drugs that they are wasting their lives with.

Basically a man gets invited into a building in Manchester where one by one each of the characters in the house are killed either by choking, poisoned and anyone that gets in Jesus way whether friend or roommate or neighbor we are Witness to a Mass Slaughter…

I do like how the film goes into black and white to show that the group the same group that this Jesus Christ  figure goes about and kills was actually a man who was a Christian and he just liked to spread the good news and seems like a down-to-earth and innocent man.   when this group came up on the man he was all about spreading the good word and they were basically saying there is no such thing as Jesus Christ or God and mocking the religion and then they beat the crap out of him and left him for dead.   What we see is the delusion of what the man turned into being whether or not he was the actual Christ or not we will never know in a sense this is also play it off as a found on footage kind of film as well.

I felt that this film was very, very slow and the fact that this had sort of a Grindhouse feel to the film And there’s something I like about me Darkness that the character of Jesus Christ brought in a sense this is kind of an anti-christian film because what Christ teaches us if you are a Christian or a religious person of any sort they tell you to turn the other cheek but this man’s face was so brutally kicked in it’s like he had  a Michael Douglas falling down and just snapped…

The film had a  variety of different colors involved there were moments that the Christ figure were in shades of red lighting Which made it feel or seem like he was talking to a higher cause. I do think that some of the actors could have put a little bit more enthusiasm like when he was strangling one of the victims over the stairs and he recognized who he was and told him not to kill him I think that this actor could have emphasized his plea’s  quite a bit more but other than that I feel like this was a very strong message to the kind of people who would just hurt people for the sake of hurting people in the sake of the Innocent. If this sounds like a film that you would definitely watch that I suggest that you seek it out for your own amusement.

Here is the trailer:

Starring in Brutal Jesus and the House of Wasted Youth: Nik Box as Guy in Park 1 (as Nik Box), Ben Brett as Ben, Alex Dawson as Gang Leader / Radio Presenter 1, Will Finlay as Will, Matthew Fitzpatrick as Fitz – The Junkie, James Green as Jay Green, Martin Hodgkins as Bish, Helen Maenad as Topless Girl, Robbie Mills as Robbie, James Moult as Jimmy, Steven Newton as Jesus, Johnnie Rogers as Johnny, Annie Von Flange as Anny – The Smackhead, Sam Wahnon as Guy in Park 2 / Radio Presenter 2.

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