Movies Galore takes a look at three short films from the mind of director Michael S. Rodriguez!

Brought To Us by MSR Studios which is in fact run by director Michael S Rodriguez I bring to you three short films from his Twisted mind that I wanted to describe and share with you because recently I wrote up a documentary involving Gora Chand Saha  called Gora: The Man and the Legend directed by Heidi Moore which was an interesting documentary about this man from India who had had no acting experience but was really serious about getting into the film business and somehow along the way Mr. Rodriguez said okay and fulfilled this very excited an animated man’s dream as he was so thankful for getting a part no matter how small.   now I had said in my review That because of how animated he is it was hard for me to take anything that he was saying seriously but I believe that that is exactly how he talks, over annunciating everything and making it seem like in a sense things are an adventure to him so in a sense he is telling his story of his life but spending it into an Arabian tale of his own… When I looked up what Gora had been in that he had been so excited about it turns out that he was part of Michael S Rodriguez’s  short film Night of the Sea Monkey: A Disturbing Tale from 2013.

Night of The Sea Monkey

So the film begins during what we believe is the Cold War as  President Reagan is on the tube we have a family of O’Connor’s a mother and a father and  three children one older boy Clay, one younger Toby, and a teenager girl Audrey And Toby the youngest asks his daddy if he can buy a sea creature for a dollar 25.

So the child does and 6 weeks later an envelope shows up.  After doing everything right a feeding and following the instructions Toby gets frustrated and his mother dumps the sea creatures down the kitchen sink So in a sense this is getting a Alligator 80s kind of vibe. You can tell that Rodriguez knows how to tell a story for shortly after his mother flushed the sea creature down the sink his father,  told him a story of why they never have pets, About a Pit Bull Terrier named Tibby who had the unfortunate incident of being accused of attacking an old bad of a neighbor so he had to take the dog into the woods tie her up and shoot her himself…


Meanwhile the family is grandmother played by  legendary scream Queen Lynn Lowry is on her way over for dinner.   while the father was telling the story it would appear that the sea creature Grew  from the telling of the story of mishap.

this is when things start to go wrong  Grandma O’Connor is making suggestions about grandbabies from Audrey and little Toby wants to play Checkers with her and even though the mother wants little Toby to help her with the dishes grandma makes a point that that is the woman of the houses responsibility and tells little Toby to go set the board up.   meanwhile Clay the older boy is supposed to escort some ladies to a party and Audrey makes the excuse that she is supposed to meet up with a man for a protest when it’s really to get out of the house and Shag…


When mother O’Connell walks into the kitchen and over to the sink she sticks her hand inside the water and gets bitten, she’s thinks nothing out of it and goes back over to the water and what looks like tentacles rise up out of the water and suck her right down into the synk… when little Toby walks in.    while this is happening Grandma O’Connell is watching what looks like an infomercial and several TV shows which star Gora that man from India that I mentioned earlier, drama, and a karate movie while Grandma seems to be Having a ghostly conversation with dead gramps… we then see what looks like Audrey preparing herself after she’s taking a pill for a Lover’s embrace when it looks like she was attacked.   Finally the father gets out of the shower and is told that the mother has been attacked by the sea creature and that it has grown into something big and something scary and who knows who else that it hasn’t eaten…


I really like this film as well It has an ice buildup a great little story line and characters that act lunatic like all the  right recipe for a really bad but so good be ish kind of movie. I love that the acting I loved the creature. This was an all-around fun film.  if this film sounds at all like something that you would enjoy then I would say definitely seek the film out if you can find a copy and I certainly would recommend this film to other horror fans as well. I like that much of the creature is suggestive the two red eyes underneath the bed Sheets  was a classic move.

Here is the trailer:

Starring in Night of the Sea Monkey A Disturbing Tale: Lynn Lowry as Grandma O’Connor, Joe Mannetti as Don O’Connor, Rob Edwards as Sheriff, Caitlin Herst as Audrey O’Connor, Tyler Gallant as Johnny, Stacie Stocker as Carrol O’Connor, Pat Giglio as Deputy, Sean Laguna as Toby O’Connor, Richard ‘R.J.’ Markham as Clay O’Connor, Gora Chand Saha as Henny Ben, Ronald Reagan as Himself (archive footage) (uncredited).

Lamb Feed

Working with Deep Murder Productions with his own Studio Michael Rodriguez filmed at this short film called Lamb Feed in 2014.   We have a man who is driving and talking on the phone with his significant other as he is breaking up with her even though he is the one with the infidelity problems… because he is so busy talking on the phone he does not realize in the dark that someone has put a piece of wood with spikes in the road  apparently to stop being vehicles…


So the man gets out, realizes that he has a flat,  finds the piece of wood that gave him the flat and begins to walk.   soon we see a video surveillance camera except from of you that would probably be from the person behind the camera whoever it may be. Now as  he stumbled along he found himself in front of an abandoned building and walking somewhere around the corner from this building he ran into a character by the name of Reverend Wicker played by Michael Wainwright who told  the young man that he was expected and that there was a party going on that he calls the Lamb Feed where while there a character introduced himself and spoke of something called the yearning this character is the Reverend’s  Pa and is none other than the legendary sadist Arch Hall Jr. he definitely pulls off a creepy vibe.


Given some kind of hallucinatory drug in a drink on his way in so young man starts to see images love sex violence and other imagery that can only be depicted as some kind of Madness as he joins some women on a dance floor and as he becomes more drugged a crowd begins to gather around him and one of the women goes away and comes back dragging a man in Chains known as the butcher played by Robert Allen Mukes who also played in one other fucked-up family cannibal film called House of a Thousand Corpses.  I think he was there to be big and bad and mean looking like one ugly son of a bitch, there to be a presence and a name. Ultimately the young man was chained up and became apart of the celebration.   

I really enjoyed the short film it’s not exactly a feature and it’s definitely got more suggestive Gore and definitely has that play on Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Herschel Gordon Lewis’s Blood Feast going on with a Twist of  the fact that this man that they were sacrificing was kind of a dick So in a sense you almost want him to die. I like the fact that they brought one old-school player and a few names into the mix and I wouldn’t have minded seeing more from these deluded townfolks.  

I am absolutely addicted to films that are Unapologetic even though the director apologized if he offends anyone I believe that this short film kind of went No Holds Barred I would have to say that this is one of the better short films that I have seen that have some what of a Grindhouse feel to it and anyone who is a horror fan that is out there should definitely seek the sperm out if they can find a copy. I will recommend this film to see if you have not.

Here is the Trailer:

Mukes as The Butcher, Tyler Gallant as Johnny Law, Michael Wainwright as Rev Wicker, Meghan Chadeayne as Lana, Scott Geiter as Narrator Gruesome Hertzogg, Artour Pagosian as Dreadlox, Kaci Hansen as Barmaid, Melanie Robel as The Fiance, Catherine Miguel as Jump rope girl, Luke Church as Mitchell Barnes, Luke Church as Mitchell Barnes.

Terror At Station thirteen

The third film that I want to discuss is called Terror Train at Station Thirteen filmed in 2017 somewhat recently… The film is set in the future of 3017 Out in deep space…

A system on a ship has detected a problem with the cargo bay doors So they must stop and  at an abandoned Post On Halloween night…

We have a captain what seems to be his first mate a few crew a cook and a ship scientist the captain being still on the  control room or Bridge, it doesn’t seem like much of the crew hold any kind of respect for him but they have found a creature that might have been clinging to the cargo bay doors it seems to be dormant and  laying on the table looking like it’s got some kind of a shell with tentacles lying around. The scientist makes a claim that it may be possible that the creature could solve hunger possibly in some 3rd world country so it could be a major breakthrough if they studied it.   


While the crew and the scientist we’re arguing about what to do the creature became alive and sent out its tentacles killing three of the crew, I was told by the director beforehand but this was  his Ode to films of the like that Rodger Corman might have made and Aliens and I believe that he was right that this definitely had a Sci-Fi send up to films like Alien for that film really had an impact on how Science fiction  creatures in horror films really look. now the short film was definitely done on a moderately low budget. I did feel kind of a slow pace but the pace did pickup in the end though really short I don’t think it was a bad creature effect that was portrayed I mean I wish it could have been just a little bit longer so that we could see what happened to the crew entirely but again here with everything was suggestive, and I do like that there was no real happy ending that it left you thinking that there were no survivors.   Out of the actors I will remember the woman who played Winger the most for the way she looked in the end, I will also remember the way the cook. Died but the rest of the crew except for the scientist will remain to me background characters.


I do on the one hand I believe that this short film could be worked on Into a possible feature But I don’t really think that this film was made to be more than  the length that it is for I do really believe that it is definitely heavily influenced by that of Aliens. I thought the background wasn’t too bad I know that the ship was at least the outside was CGI and what looked like space those were a little corny but you have to remember that this is a small budget and enjoy it for the ride that it takes you on.   I enjoyed the film for what it was and I hope that other fans of this genre will take that into consideration when they are viewing this film. Again if this sounds like a film that You would entirely watch them I suggest that you seek the film out if you can of course this film may still be making the festival circuit but regardless it wasn’t a bad film and you should cut him some slack it looks really well for the low budget that it was.

Here is an Outtake from the Film:

Starring in Terror At Station Thirteen: Jonathan Tierstan As Captain Strike, Lian Langford as Winger, Tyler Gallant as Dr. Welch, Tino Zamora as Trux, Cesar Ramos Zamora as Rico, Lonnie Pelley as Rogers, Ben Montoya as Mother.


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