Festering Frank is back in Director Brad Twigg’s Anthology sequel to “Frames of Fear” in “Frames of Fear 2” from 2017!

Written by David Strege


Brought To Us by Fuzzy Monkey Films director  Brad Twigg Is the second Anthology in his Frames of Fear franchise where we have festering Frank hosting a TV show wrapped around three or four tales  and in this instance I do believe that there are short films from director’s Nathan Hine, Mike O’ Mahoney, Jim Roberts, and John Ward…


In “Wraparound” this follows a killer that seems to be going around and beginning to kill off the people on their way or already together watching the television show Frames of Fear with Festering Frank….

In “The Last Days of Livermore” directed by Nathan Hine,  A man and woman drive to a cemetery apparently because the man was giving up remembering her but what he doesn’t realize is that he isn’t alone…


In “What’s Wrong With Mom” directed by Jim Roberts, Two brothers end up getting a call about their mother on a property that I believe is up for sale their mother is really sick and is trying to hide exactly how bad she is. The Brothers decide to spend the night and when their mother is found in the hallway just standing there not saying  a thing something is wrong…


In “Axemas” directed by John Ward, In a locked storage facility a group of friends decide to spend the night and have a little bit of a Christmas party in one of the units for the places off and deserted at night, plus with one of them having worked for the place they don’t think anyone will notice. but there is some one else in there with them someone with a red suit galoshes and a gift of death for Axemass…


In “Don’t Try This At Home” directed by Mike O’ Mahoney,So three kids end up being left home while a mother goes out to go get groceries and they stick in a movie to watch while she is gone and it gives us the title of Bliss. In Bliss we have a couple we assume our married who have gone out on a date night and the husband or boyfriend just so happens to have a couple of pills that his brother or cousin has given him.   at first his partner says no but after convincing her that it takes more than one to have a reaction she agrees.

What we see is that they both arrive home and the babysitter tells them that once seeing them she called her father for a ride and the two begin to make out and then take it into the bedroom as it looks like they have some wild sex in bed,  blowjob and all and afterwards visiting their child in its crib… what really happens is entirely a different story for she wakes up next to her husband who has a knife in his chest covered in blood… as for the children watching this little Fiasco there is an expression on their face that is pure what the WTF as the mother returns from her grocery run and find the two older kids in a predicament of mayhem as they both point to each other and say “He Did It!”


I like to think that George Stover  has brought to life this Horror Host character that can be quite corny of Festering Frank and in this role kind of reminds me of like Grandpa from The Munsters for he does seem to have that creepy mentality down.   If I had to talk about the strongest short film here I like to think that it is Axemass because that was a really strong short film that border lines on being a Christmas Slasher and I like the little bits of humor that Nick seemed to say after killing each victim.  

If I had to talk about the more artistic of the films I would have to say It would be in The Last Days of Livermore for that Cemetery in which she kept going back to because he was haunted by his girlfriend or wife or lover or whatever she may be that he cannot go on without but that Cemetery was Serene and the waning hours of the day…  my only thought process is that when dude shot himself it originally looked like it was coming out the side of his head but the wound well that wasn’t the side of his head that was his forehead but regardless it was a very believable death and I like that there was an over-the-top Gore affect played across.

If I had to talk about the most gross film I would have to say It would have to be What’s Wrong With Mom?  for it is here that we See a transgression of a virus that has turned their mother into some what of an undead creature and in the end I was getting an Aliens vibe  where we see the guts coming out and a possible virus creature coming out of her stomach. I would also like to say that the creature effects On the deterioration was awesome.

If I was going to say something about the best actor involved in the whole  project I would have to say the man playing Nick in Axemas I think you really got into the mode of his Killer Instinct once everything was said and done.  If this ontology sounds like something that you would definitely watch then I suggest that you track the film down for it is soon to be getting a third installment and you might want to get a copy of it before it goes out of print.   I certainly love these VHS/ SOV styles of anthologies and am looking forward two more from this director. anthologies also allow other directors to get their work out so Bravo to going out and attempting to help get some of these directors films and their talents shown in such a creepy way.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Ashley Campbell as Sarah (segment “Axemas”), James Costa as
Bum (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Lindsey Cruz as Liz (segment “Axemas”), Joya Dawson as Alicia (segment “Wraparound”), Miranda Dudley as Dead Body (segment “Axemas”), Heather Green as Mindy (segment “Wraparound”), Jesse L. Green as Killer (segment “Wraparound”), Andrew Hall as Man (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Nathan Hine as Man (segment “The Last Days of Livermore”), Dakota Jade as
Babysitter (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Kamiko Kawada as Linnea (segment “Axemas”), Brianna Keegan as
Little Sister (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Kayla Lander as Woman (segment “The Last Days of Livermore”), Stathi Loizos as Eric (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Dakota Lynn as Zora (segment “Wraparound”), Demaris J. McManus as Mother (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Mikey Anthony O’Brien as
Lee (segment “Axemas”), James F. Roberts as Dr. Wilson (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Jim Roberts as Mike (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Karen Roberts as Mom (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Nathan Scott as
Chuck (segment “Axemas”), John E Seymore as Nick (segment “Axemas”), Tommy Sihavong as Thief (segment “Axemas”), Cori Silver as Sarah (segment “Wraparound”), David M. Sitbon as Father (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), George Stover as Festering Frank (segment “Wraparound”), Michael Andrew Thompson as Michael (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), Patrick Ryan Thompson as Ricky (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), James Tomasch as Hank (segment “What’s Wrong With Mom”), Loretta Vendetta as Woman (segment “Don’t Try This at Home”), John Ward as
Tenant (segment “Axemas”), Dillon Weishuhn as David (segment “Axemas”).


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