Movies Galore takes a look at Texas director Billy Pon’s short film “Doll Boy” from 2010!

Written by David Strege


Brought to us by Bell Cow Productions director Billy “Bloody Bill” Pon is a short film Slasher showing us that Texans have what it takes to create another urban legend…

We see a yellow van driven by we don’t know it yet but are introduced to Noodledome the Clown (Clapp) as he drives the van to a deserted factory we hear bangs of people inside the van.


As it turns out a group of people have been kidnapped assuredly and are thrown into the darkness of this abandoned factory not before one of the women in the groups child gets left behind… in the van…

Soon it becomes apparent they are not alone in the place as one by one they are picked off by a sledgehammer-swinging man in a mask that looks like a China doll.


There are definitely a lot of screams from the actors… and actresses a lot of dum moves like why would you move from there you were fine type of feels. I think this location was great for the film as it was slightly old and a lot of small spaces the people could hide in.  Not only was there a group of people brought there there were two teenagers who came to investigate the place as well and somehow ended up on the run from Dollboy (Gracida) as well…

There had definitely a gore factor and I think the fact that one actor kept complaining about where his watch was was priceless… in the end I think this idea was fresh certainly a fun Splatter fest, you could certainly look forward to some of the people dying as sometimes they run around and act so totally stupid you are just hoping for them to die…

I do like the fact that some of the props and music are somewhat older… like the phonograph with the Edison like music going on in the back ground… the random older Mickey Mouse cartoon playing in the back ground a sense of timelessness…


Ultimately I enjoyed this film was slightly longer than some short films I’m used to so it’s almost a small feature in its own right as well as slightly slow but I thought it was unique and certainly a must see if your also going to watch Circus of the Dead filmed much later.

I recommend if your a horror fan or film maker certainly check this short film out… this is the feel I think you want to give to your audience. Enjoy!

Starring Jed Duesler as Brandon, Venus Monique as Venus, Dominic Lopez as
Mr. Newton, Heather Francell as Lorie, Raul Gonzalez as Raul, Adrienne Martinez as Angela, Shawn Black as Sean, Ryan Clapp as Noodledome the Clown, Sergio Gracida as Doll Boy, Samantha Ankrum as
Abigail, Drake Ankrum as Franken-Boy, Angelina Zorilla as Dead Girl, Shawn Black, Raul Gonzalez, Adrienne Martinez.

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