Movies Galore looks at Texas director Billy Pon’s debut feature film “Circus of the Dead” from 2014!

Written by David Strege


After being disappointed in how badly James Bickerts “Frankenstein Created Bikers” was probably the first project I’ve been disappointed in putting money towards (in my mind so far “Dear God No!” was so much better”, there’s a light at the end of when I purchased Bell Cow Productions director Billy Pon’s “Circus of the Dead” from 2013 along with its Companion short film “Doll Boy” from 2010.


After seeing Bill Orbisett Jr. in Werewolf Rising and Coyote I think in the character of Papa Corn he pulls off a great horror Lead character with humor being the villain.

The film begins I believe where the short film left us at least I think it does as the man with the expensive watch is brought to the big top tent where Papa Corn dresses the man up as a clown and as part of their act for the night bears the man along with his group of derelict clowns.


Doll Boy is back along with Noodledome the Clown, Jumbo, Mister Blister and many others as Papa Corn Zeros in on a man a husband and Wife, Donald and Tiffany Johnson and their two children.


Papa Corn has Donald (Randall) give him their adress under false pretenses and since the Wife Tiffany (Ryan) is cheating on her husband while the kids are in school unsuspecting gets attacked, killed along with her lover and the children get kidnapped… Donald comes home gets knocked unconscious and under the psychotic ramblings of Papa Corn is forced to go on a killing spree under the guise he’ll see his kids again…


I think that Billy Pon has definitely created an entertaining side of the carny way of life I know many people have actually reviewed this film already I don’t care I love to say my own opinion.  Using some song lyrics for lines I think that this was a film I can watch again and really enjoy… certainly has some gorish scenery for those with a Splatter fetish I mean how many clowns can you say smoke?


I think the reason why this film stands out to me is Billy Pon is not afraid to use innocent looking children… to get his horror point across…

Ultimately I enjoyed the film was darkly humorous and recommend for the horror enthusiast to certainly check the film out.

Starring Bill Oberst Jr. As Papa Corn, Parrish Randall as Donald Johnson, Chanel Ryan as Tiffany Johnson, Roger Edwards as T.C., Brad Potts as Trooper Weaver, Tiffani Fest as Rose, Ryan Clapp as Noodledome the Clown, Rusty Edwards as Mister Blister the Clown, Mike Williams as Jumbo the Clown, Jed Duesler as
Brandon, Travis Steele as Detective Roper, Steve Brooks as Steve the Coroner, Jordan Bell as Alyssa, Madi Lane as Hillary, Kyle Mueller as Pepe the Mime, Sergio Gracida as Doll Boy, David Chacon as Joe, Roy Shuck as Pa Skullit, Nictoria Strong as
Sally, Chris Duesler as Jerry, Eric Juarez as
Kirk, Adri Millan as Pam, C.B. Barbee as
Franklin, Patrick Ryan as Muscle Car Dad, Connor Garcia as Muscle Car Son, Carl Beery Moore as Gene, Lonnie Nichols as
Lonnie, J. Gordon Lunn as Troy, Maija Johnson as Vera, Amber Gray as Flo (as Amber McDonald), Kristin West as
Investigator West, Barney Welch as
Investigator Whitmore, Adrian Everage as
Officer Everage, Lee Ankrum as Morgue Assistant, Michael Shields as Theatre Janitor, Candace Kita as Reporter Linda Ito, Bill Warren as News Anchor, Catherine Daniels as News Anchor, Stephanie Rivas as News Anchor, Esau Ramirez as Circus Worker Juan / Skeeter the Clown, Scott Timms as Circus Worker John, Sparky Hollowell as Circus Worker Sparky, Aaron Cox as Circus Worker Cox, Pamela Justice as Cotton Candy Vendor (as Pam Justice), Vitale Justice as Cotton Candy Vendor, Marcus Koch as Circus Ticket Taker, Holly McElyea as El Corazon, Gaeb Ramirez as El Calavera, Anthony Gutierrez as El Valiente, Amanda Iley as
La Madre, Christian Wilkinson as La Arana, Shawn Black as El Cerebro, Tabitha Walton as Closet Hostage, Baylee Bennington as Closet Hostage, Kyla Downey as Closet Hostage, Rainy Green as
Cell Phone Torture Hostage, Velvet Pinn as
Clown Trailer Hostage, Elizabeth McLellan as Cheerleader Hostage, Lauren Van Zandt as Cheerleader Hostage, Jessica Thomas as Cheerleader Hostage, Gabi Lujan as Witch Girl, Annette Marquez as
Police Officer, Raul Gonzalez as Police Officer, Craig Goodson as Police Officer, Casey Reed as Police Officer, David Lara as Police Officer, Mitch Upchurch as Police Officer, Christine Plunkett as Ringmaster, Star Plunkett as Trapeze Artist, Cole Plunkett as Circus Performer, Jesse Plunkett as Circus Performer, Jeffrey Plunkett as Circus Performer, James Plunkett as Circus Performer, Allan Smith as Circus Worker, Aaron Hallmark as
Circus Worker, Kenny Smith as Circus Worker, Jackie Smith as Circus Worker, Adrienne Martinez as Talk Show Host, Mario Zavala as Talk Show Security, Adan Zavala as Papacito, Carly Capra as Cry-Baby, Heather Francell as Mary Annette.

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