Movies Galore takes a look at director Charles Webb’s feature “The G-String Horror” from 2012!

Written by David Strege


I actually first came across the title of this film while watching Ghost Adventures as I was a faithful watcher of the show as Ghost Hunters itself was a joke these guys when The went out to their locations went to piss some spirits off to do their investigating and I feel got more recorded on film than just one recording here or there…

The film is brought to us by California director Charles Webb from Global Amusements LLC as he films inside the haunted Market Street Cinema which was used as a strip club at the time but in 2015 was Set for demolishment for an 8 storied building. But was used for the world premiere for the film “Dirty Harry.”

Part documentary and part re-enactment Webb interviews people in and around that knew about paranormal activity that surrounds the history of the historical Market Street Cinema.

Apparently much of the staff, strippers and patrons have experienced seeing figures, shadows, faces and shimmers of smoke… Webb is saying that originally he started out as this being filmed as a documentary, then actors and actresses to portray the enactments of murder that have happened…

Also the appearance of a local Psychic Lady Zee (Lamb) having visions of being a showgirl and having been on a tour inside the place herself, whom has invited over a young man under the guise of wanting to be a film maker to be an intern under Webb until he disappears…

Also a scarred figure that is often seen watching the dancers… but one of the main spirits is this “Baby Doll” (Talonz) she was a stripper that was apparently taken to the basement by a few guys as one of the men had recieved a knife for his birthday and decided to stab her a few times but “Baby Doll’s” body was never found.

My thoughts are by the end of the film it’s hard to determine which were truly facts and which were fiction as some of the acting I know was staged According to Webb the ghosts were not following the script and were showing through on his actors…

It is kind of a creepy theater but this wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be I suppose if you wanted to see a few nude characters and suggestive of how haunted the place was sure.  I’m not sure I’d entirely recommend the film as it was somewhat boring but here’s my thoughts on it…

Starring Ed Bowers as The Janitor, Genna Darling as Red, Mike Gleason as Big Mike, Debra Lamb as Lady Zee, Trevor O’Donnell as Sean, Natasha Talonz as
Baby Doll.

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